Monday, April 18, 2016

NIBIRU WAS SEEN - 5776 MARCH APRIL in bible code Glazerson

Another excellent find in the Torah about Nibiru from Rav Glazerson:
If you are unable to open it, go to YouTube:

I have mentioned that we are seeing a great increase in asteroids and meteors.  Go to this NASA website and be amazed:


  1. I work night shift and take all my breaks outside. I love to watch the stars. Since I began following the messages regarding Nibiru, I have been taking closer notice of the skies. Well, tonight I saw a meteor. I have not seen one in several decades. Now I am not sure if this meteor was the first of many to come or just an isolated fireball in the sky. I do know that for whatever reason, Hashem wanted me to see this meteor because nothing happens without His desire and participation.

    1. Asteroids and meteors are a daily occurrence. Go to: You won't believe what is happening these days (I take that back, of course you will).

  2. A Star will Rise from Jacb - 5776 Nibiru