Thursday, April 14, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Metzora, 2 Nissan (10/4/16), and a Cute Calculation

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy shows all the signs and miracles for the benefit of the people of Israel for many years. For thousands of years, G-d is making miracles, since 1948 since the state of Israel was established, He makes miracles. When the state was established in 1948, redemption started for the people of Israel and all of the Jews had to come to live in Israel! They are interfering with G-d's plans.

In recent years, we see miracles of G-d in the entire world, in Arab countries, Israel, every Jew can see that these are miracles. The miracles and wonders that G-d is making in Egypt, ten plagues and miracles in the desert, were before one king, the king of Egypt; but G-d made sure the entire world knew the King of Egypt, because they went there for food. Today, all the kings of the world, the presidents and prime ministers will bow before Israel. Despite the fact that this sounds strange, nothing is strange with G-d, salvation is a blink of an eye. Every second, He can change worlds and demolish countries, there is nothing that G-d can't do. G-d has chosen Jews! No one of the people of Israel can say that they didn't understand G-d's signs. G-d is giving signs so that everyone understands, even the gentiles understand and the Jews understand. Whoever doesn't want to understand, doesn't want to change because they want to continue to be greedy and filthy.

G-d is warning the people of Israel: Do not leave Israel during the holiday! Passover is in Israel. Passover is G-d's joy; He freed the people of Israel from Egypt to be in Israel! He did not free them to be outside of Israel. Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing every day, from now and until Passover it will increase in a scary way. ISIS is everywhere in the world, any second that can bring up 100 members in any country.

Israel is safe and protected. There is a cloud of fire around Israel surrounding the state. This is G-d and no one can harm the state of Israel. Despite that, every Jew must watch over himself. We try and G-d helps. You must not rely on any country because all of the countries only worry about their own interests. Israel must unite, the entire world is chaos and there is no one to rely on.

The IDF must be protected and we must not put fear in soldiers and make them deterred. We must explain to them what they must do and support them because G-d is protecting from above and the IDF protects from below. It is true that there are many who study Torah and many Jews who do good deeds, but we must still support the soldiers because all of the people of Israel are connected, it does not matter if they are religious or secular; we are G-d's children.

Jews living abroad: come urgently to Israel! G-d will turn all of Europe Muslim. All of the European countries forgot how to fight terror. G-d is bringing millions of refugees, hundreds of millions of anti-Semites and ISIS to banish the Jews from Europe. You are delusional if you think that all is well - everything is going to be very bad. G-d is also in the United States to force out millions of Jews living there to Israel. G-d has His ways. He is telling them: "Jews, stop angering me, come to the holy land of Israel before it is too late. The holy land is pure and holy and you are pure and holy Jews, the people that I chose. Come to Israel and live in my land, my home, beside me, with me!"

G-d is cleaning out the world, starting with Israel and the entire world at the same time. All of the people that take bribes, cheat, steal, and commit adultery - all of them, all of the officials will be revealed in Israel and the world. We spoke about this five years ago, and G-d continues to reveal them in His own way. Those that are not famous - G-d is dealing with them so that all will see and beware. This is one of the signs that the crowning of the Messiah King is near.

The economy in Israel is very good and one must try in all aspects of life: work, family, health. Do not wait for a miracle. Everything starts with G-d and ends with G-d. We try so that G-d will lend a hand and help us. Without the help of our Father in heaven, nothing will move in the world. Man can't move even one millimeter, not to breathe, not to see, to work and eat, without Father in Heaven giving His help. That is why we say everything from the bottom of our hearts "with G-d's help", "G-d willing we will do and succeed."

Check the tunnels in the north, south and East Jerusalem, they have tunnels with weapons and ammunition under their homes. The quiet now in the north and south and the tunnels in Gaza and Jerusalem is the quiet before the storm. They want to surprise us so everything is calm now.

In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah is taking advantage of the ruination of Syria and wants to steal chemical missiles from them. He wants Iran to send him ammunition. The IDF is vigilant and G-d is opening their eyes.

In Egypt, it will get worse in the Sinai desert, there is ISIS, Hamas and a lot of gangs there and they all want to bring down Sisi and his government to turn Egypt into Syria where everything is allowed. Sisi much watch over himself, if he succeeds in destroying all of the terrorists that want to harm Egypt, there will be redemption for Egypt. If he does not succeed, Egypt will turn in Syria. Despite making every effort to bring down the terrorists in Sinai, he must not foget that his soldiers in the borders of Gaza are corrupt. Sisi, watch over yourself because there is a plot to kill you.

The United States are busy with the elections and don't care about any country, they only make noise once in a while.

Russia is taking advantage of the US elections to take control of the Middle East.

Listen well: France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, and many more countries in Europe - ISIS is there and bringing terrible destruction. A large part of the refugees coming to Europe are ISIS and soon they will speak their language. It is easier for refugees and infiltrators to conquer Europe, because Europe has long ago forgotten how to fight terror.

In Turkey, Arduan knows that ISIS wants to conquer Turkey and kill him and his family. That is why he wants peace with Israel, so that Israel protects him and his family. He is delusional. There is chaos today in Turkey, Jews must not go there!

Iran can't harm Israel directly; they want to harm Israel indirectly. G-d is telling the Iranians: "You fear Israel for a reason, you know that I am there! Don't bother Israel, or Iran will be in ruin, nothing will be left, beware Iranians!"

Iraq is destroyed like Syria.

In Gaza they are eating at each other. Hamas and ISIS are stealing money from all of the countries of the world; they take some to their own pockets and some to the tunnels. They are starving their own people in Gaza, they only care for themselves.

The natural disasters in the world will continue, small and large tsunamis in the sea and rivers, winds, earthquakes, fire, conflicts between people and countries. There will be strange natural occurrences in the world and people will see that G-d is the leader!

In Passover, the Holiday of Freedom, G-d lets us rid ourselves of impurity. In Passover, G-d wants us to feel the holy land, the pain of the people of Israel who were in Egypt. In all of the holidays there is sadness and then joy; that is how it was in the time of Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen; when we came out of Egypt, and more. That is why there is a holiday, so there is joy after sadness.

Jews, you must give, be kind, be joyful and G-d fearing; this unites the people of Israel and brings us closer to G-d. G-d has already chosen the last Messiah King in this generation and will decide when he is revealed in public. G-d is telling the great people of Israel: "You on Earth are not understanding, you are ignoring that there is a Messiah working and operating. G-d has waited many years for Israel's greats to wake up and awaken the idea of redemption and the Messiah. Until now you wait, know and remain silent." Father in Heaven does not wait for them. He has stopped waiting and has starting pushing from above to crown the Messiah King, Himself!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
Something I noticed this morning. In the Torah where Yaakov has the dream of the ladder, the angles are going up and down a number of rungs corresponding to the years of the exiles. They went up 70 rungs and descended for the Babylonian exile, a number of rungs for the Persian exile.

When the present Roman exile was shown on the ladder, they went up and continued, showing that it would be a very long exile. Since the exile started in the year 68, the year the Second Temple was destroyed and continues to this year, the year of Geula (please don’t send me a comment asking how do I know that this is the year, the proof is overwhelming), I did a quick calculation to find:

2016 – 68 = 1948

5776 – 3828 = 1948

What a cute coincidence that the number of rungs, the length of the Roman exile should be 1948 years. On the Hebrew, lunar calendar, that was the year Avraham was born, and on the solar calendar, you know.


  1. The sun is 93,000,000 miles from the earth. it is so far away that light from the Sun, traveling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second takes about 8 minutes to reach us. Now light is much lighter than matter.. So how is it that everyone is predicting Planet X which is behind the sun to get here in the next month or two or three.. You do the math..........Please explain

    1. Your comment sounds very logical on the surface, but is lacking many facts. I started to write an answer and thought it important enough for its own blog post. I hope to have it completed early next week, B"N.

  2. I have come across this cute calculation, as well, but from 2018 instead of 2016, taking into account the states founding in 1948 and adding 70 years. And, I believe that Avraham was 70 when the covenant between the parts occurred, i.e., 2018. However, that would move the destruction of the temple to 70 so that you come out with 1948 years. I am not sure you have place significance on the years of 3828.

    5778 also has the interesting quality of being the half way point between the year of creation and 5778 being, also, the midpoint of Davids 70 year life. There is much more to this cute calculation that I could go into. However, in a few minutes, I shall be otherwise engaged. I would just like to say that, from my vantage point, 5778 seems to be quite significant in the process. Good day from Houston.

    1. Interesting. It is questionable about the Temple destruction. There are actually three years that could be gleaned from scriptures. The ones who talk about the year 70 are usually the non-Jewish sources.

      Here are my calculations:
      The Portable Tabernacle was dedicated in the year 2449. It was used for 479 years. The First Temple lasted 410 years. The Babylonian exile, time of no Temple, was 70 years. The Second Temple was 420 years.

      2449 + 479 + 410 + 70 + 420 = 3828 or 68

    2. Good show! You goaded me into looking it up. Keep me honest. It is something that I had figured out many years ago. I used to do all sorts of calculations for fun.

      Dovid was born in 2854 and lived for 70 years. So 35 years, the midpoint of his life, would be 2889. 2889 * 2 is 5778. Therefore, we could say that 2889 was not only the midpoint of Dovid's life, but hopefully (if not sooner) the midpoint of "this" worlds life. Cute.

      I also look up when the covenent of the parts took place, and it appears that it was in 2018HC.

      It's funny now, but when I was younger, it bothered me to no end that these were mirror dates in the xtian calendar. Now, I just go with the flow.

      I see your calculation. I think that the mishkan was used for 480 years, but I shall defer to your knowledge.

      But, I hope that I am wrong in Houston and that you are correct in Yerushalayim. May it be H' will.

    3. Thank you. I too am a calculator and it drives my wife crazy. I am always figuring out dates and any nonsense I can. I use to keep a running total of how many days I have lived; I stopped since my calculator didn't have that many digits (just kidding, I bought a new calculator).

      Speaking of Dovid HaMelech, he was born in 2854 and if you double that, you get 5708 or 1948 again.

      I always remember that Parashat Pekudei starts with:
      אֵ֣לֶּה פְקוּדֵ֤י הַמִּשְׁכָּן֙ מִשְׁכַּ֣ן הָֽעֵדֻ֔ת which means:
      "These are the numbers of the Mishkan (Portable Tabernacle), the Mishkan of the Testimony." The three words הַמִּשְׁכָּן֙ מִשְׁכַּ֣ן הָֽעֵדֻ֔ת have Gematria values (numerical values) of 420, 410 and 479 which is the number of years for the Tabernacle and Temples. For any experts reading this who are checking me, הַמִּשְׁכָּן֙ has a value of 415 but is 420 when you add the letter count (another way to do Gematria).

      Aren't numbers fun?