Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Tazria, 4 Adar Bet (3/4/16), Plus a Special Program

G-d loves the Jews; He loves the Holy Land, loves redemption, and deeply loves the messiah. The messiah is dear to G-d, dear to the people of Israel and the entire world. G-d wants to bring redemption in mercy.
Everything that is happening in the government of Israel and the governments of the world - the heart of the king is in G-d's hands. People will protest, shout, complain, bless or won't bless - G-d says who will be the prime minister and who will govern the land. Every man has freedom of choice, with themselves and with others. 
The king's heart is in the hands of G-d - concerning the nation of Israel. The government isn't stable and won't be stable. There are ups and downs, you don't know who's against whom, people are switching sides every minute - it is G-d's doing. G-d is telling the Jews and giving signs that are very clear: the solution to all of the Jews' troubles in Israel and the entire world is to ask G-d for the Messiah!
Ask for the Messiah and for G-d to crown the Messiah King! G-d is helping the people of Israel and revealing all of the executives, religious and secular, in their wrong doings. He is revealing those who bribe, cheat, and steal. G-d wants all of the people of Israel to be pure and clean. He will not allow for there to be suspicions against any executive in the people of Israel. G-d is purifying and cleaning everyone, so that the people of Israel see and be seen. When the people of Israel redeem themselves and repent, it helps crown the Messiah King. The dates in the sky are not like the dates on earth, the holy land.
All of the righteous that are buried in Israel move in their graves, pray, beg, and cry out to G-d for redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King.
G-d is moving things and will continue to do so toward the revealing and crowning of the Messiah King, without people noticing that He interferes with freedom of choice. Jews in Israel do not realize that the Messiah is from the nation; Moses was the first and now will be the last. All of the messengers of G-d are secret. Jews need to understand that the Messiah is not something strange from the past. The world will continue as usual, there will continue to be cars, trains, and planes, but the entire world will obey the commandments completely, there will be no wars or killing, no thieves and no evil in the world - it will be gone from the world! The Messiah is guiding Israel and the entire world!
Every Jew must make an effort to be kind, giving, joyful and G-d fearing. All Jews must be united;   G-d wants everyone to be ready and not surprised. G-d is preparing the people of Israel for the coming of the Messiah!
You must stop immediately to talk about the IDF soldiers. Solders enlist when they are 18 -19 and are still connected to their parents. We must protect them and speak only good of them, they are our children, our protectors, we are alive thanks to them, we sleep and work and enjoy the world thanks to them.
Do not believe the Arabs, they have plans to surprise – they come in quietly to prepare a surprise. Do not believe the Hamas and Palestinians, they don't want peace, they want to destroy the state of Israel. They want to be given parts of Israel and then will continue with the war to take more. You must not believe in the more or deal with them. They continue to fix and dig the tunnels.
ISIS does not relent and will not relent from Europe and Arab countries, they will continue to destroy. You cannot beat them, because they are in every country all over the world, they have faith and they follow it. Within a minute, a hundred thousand ISIS followers can gather in any state in the world.
Dear Jews, you must not travel abroad! All Jews must come urgently to Israel! Anti-Semitism and ISIS have gone up to a very high level and spread across the world to harm the Jews. Jews, your place is in Israel! Business people who do business abroad will go and come back and watch over themselves everywhere, and if they invest in real estate in Israel - they will have great blessings in life. G-d gave the rich money so that they help the needy, the Mikva, the orthodox, and the temples. If they don't do it, G-d doesn't warn, He will take their money and they will be poor. When a Jew gives, he gives a gift to G-d.
In Turkey, the attacks will continue. Arduan can't do anything; if he talks, ISIS will kill him and his family.
Iran - with all of their threats, G-d is making sure that European countries will go against them. The work of the righteous is done by others. Iran is afraid of Israel, you don't mess with Israel!
There is great hunger in Egypt. The extreme Islamists want to bring the regime down and if Sisi isn't vigilant and strong, there will be at terrible revolt in Egypt. Sisi must know that evil comes from Sinai towards Egypt! Sisi must be smart and clean out the Sinai desert in stages, quietly, without making a fuss.
Syria is being erased, they cannot be lifted. There are power games, no one will give in. Russia is popping in from time to time, bombing and coming back. Syria is getting stricken, it is a mess.
The United States can't do what Russia is doing, they are busy with elections; they don't care about Arab states and don't care about Israel, only their elections.
Jordan's king is afraid of the millions of refugees eating at Jordan and trying to bring down the government. He is waiting for a Palestinian state, heaven forbid.
In Iraq there is no stability, it is like Syria only a different style.
Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't do anything because Syria is in the mud and all of the ammunition coming from Iran is being bombed en route by the IDF.
G-d is bothered and doesn't like assimilation, gambling, alcohol abuse, and drugs because the choice is in man's hands. The forces of nature will continue, fire and water, earthquakes and winds will continue to harm the earth. Jews in Israel - everything is protected and guarded! Armageddon and chaos is outside the borders of Israel.
A cloud of fire surrounds and embraces the state of Israel and G-d is protecting from above. Passover will be clean and pure, good and joyful! G-d wants every Jew to remember coming out of Egypt, that Jews believe that they are the chosen people, a special people that all of the other nations of the world need. There is no replacement for the Jews because they are the life of the earth, all of the nations feed off of the people of Israel in knowledge, creation, science, agriculture, industry, and weapons. All of the patents and inventions are from the heavens - only to the Jewish mind! In Israel there is everything! G-d wants redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King - in mercy!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
I have become involved with an outreach program that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is conducting.  The details are on the brochure below.

I saw this as an opportunity to help my readers in two ways.  One is fulfilling the task of helping people as a way to do Teshuvah, strengthening ourselves and even bringing us closer to Hashem before the Geula -- a great personal advantage.

A second way is that with your contribution, the Rav will give you a personal blessing.  I have had readers telling me of illness, financial problems, family problems, problems finding a shidduch and other problems.  With the Rav's blessing, Hashem will help you.  This I have already seen, since I have referred some of my readers to the Rav and he has helped them.  A friend of mine who is in the Rav's office speaks English and volunteered to help any English speaker who wants to take advantage of the program and the Rav's blessings.  His name is Shefrir and his number is on the brochure.


  1. Why isn't he warning Jews about the star that's coming?

    1. I asked Shefrir that question today. He said he would ask him.

      I believe the Rav knows about the star, but does not have information to report.

  2. "A second way is that with your contribution, the Rav will
    give you a personal blessing."

    Why would one have to give him money to get his blessing?
    Some Rabbis have said to be careful if one takes money to pray for you. For that is not kosher.
    This seems odd, and why are you the "Absolute Truth" writer and blogger and believer of Torah and Gd endorsing this?

    1. It is absolutely from Hashem to give Tzadukah for such a blessing. I have received many blessings over decades from Rabbis and always gave a contribution for it. It is a valuable commodity.

    2. I should also add that this is a fund raiser to help many Jews. Would the Rav give a blessing to someone who did not contribute? Yes. Is it proper to get such a blessing. Not according to Hashem. We are here to help each other, not to steal from one another.

      I recently ran into an old friend of mine who told me he started to read my book and loved it. He wanted to get a copy, since he was reading a copy that I donated to my Shul. When I told him the price, he said: No, I want a free copy. What chutzpah to think my 22 years of research and writing should go to him for nothing. I have given many copies away for free, but not to someone who is not living according to Hashem's instructions.

      Do you know that Rav Ben Artzi pays an interpreter every week to put his message into English and French, just so we can have it? I have sent him several contributions to help. That is what Hashem wants from us. Since I advocate living the Absolute Truth, who am I to want free messages from the Rav at his expense?

  3. ANON - The last two comments you sent me contained Lashon Harah and negativity, of which I do not condone either. It hurts you if I post it, since Hashem knows exactly who you are. It would also hurt me to post it, as well as my readers who might believe your statement. I am not questioning whether it is true or not, I am just stating that to say such a thing is Lashon Harah.

    Please write me a private Email, so I can explain it to you.