Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reality Check and new Nibiru Video

I received a comment that on the surface sounds very logical. The truth is much more involved. First the comment:

help April 14, 2016 at 7:22 PM

The sun is 93,000,000 miles from the earth. it is so far away that light from the Sun, traveling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second takes about 8 minutes to reach us. Now light is much lighter than matter.. So how is it that everyone is predicting Planet X which is behind the sun to get here in the next month or two or three.. You do the math..........Please explain
My response:
Nibiru is not behind the sun, but in front of the sun, which is why it is appearing so dim these days (the sun is not on it). I did the math and at about 50,000 mph (an estimate that is changing due to gravitational effects) X 24 hours a day, it would travel at about 1.2 million miles a day. It is closer than 93 million, maybe much closer. The total lack of information from NASA, observatories and other scientific professionals leaves a big vacuum in the calculation department.

Two problems to consider. One is that much debris (asteroids, meteors, rocks) are preceding it and have already hit Earth. There are sightings every day now that are, once again, being kept quiet by the mainstream media in hopes of killing us. The increase in Earthquakes (there were 71 earthquakes in the world the past 24 hours, as I am typing this on 15 Apr – there were 4 major earthquakes in the past 48 hours), volcanic eruptions (there are currently 38 active eruptions worldwide), weather craziness, earthly effects, etc are all dangerous and already happening.

The second consideration is that Hashem could put the sun called Nibiru, with its possible 7 planets with their moons that are accompanying it (also, being kept top secret by the evil ones) anywhere He wants, whenever He wants. To think that everything that is happening in this upside-down fantasy world is according to natural occurrences is naïve. Everything is Hashem, including the warnings to go to Israel, do Teshuvah, Tefillah, etc, etc, etc.

There is a tremendous danger from the evil global elite who are secretly putting into place devastating actions. The chem trails around the world, except Israel, are highly toxic chemical and biological sprayings that are killing people. Many other programs are in place that are killing many. The vaccination program, the genetically modified organism (GMO’s), the dumbing down of the population, the distractions (election nonsense, TV, sports, movies, Lashon Harah, false news, the WWW, etc), the moral breakdown of society, the financial crisis about to explode, the great increase in crime, the increase in incarceration, ISIS, many terrorist groups with many terrorist threats, the threat of WW3, mind control media, other mind control activities that we are totally unaware of, commandment bashing (gays, abortion, Jew-hatred, atheism), the food shortages on purpose, the bees disappearing, the animal, bird and fish devastation, the FEMA death camps, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the underground network worldwide for the evil ones to hide, etc, etc, etc.

Books have been written on many of these subjects that are either true or deceptions from the evil ones. Google and YouTube research is either very helpful or deceiving. For being in the age of high, fast technology, we are very much in the dark about the absolute truth, unless you read Jewish scriptures – the only source of truth.

What is going on in this world is tremendous chaos that was prophesied thousands of years ago to happen in the end of days. Anyone who thinks that things will improve is of the mindset of the Europeans before WW2. The worst is yet to come. Or, total salvation is yet to come. Should I say it again and again? Measure for measure everyone in the world is getting exactly what he or she needs and deserves. Blessings for the righteous who are turning to Hashem, chaos and punishment for those who turn from Hashem (and every shade of gray in between).

Additional point. The skeptics are still in trouble. Just because someone has not personally seen Nibiru is a dangerous premise to dismiss all the affects that it has already caused. It is like the atheist saying he doesn’t believe in Hashem, because he has never seen Hashem. I like to ask the follow-up question? Does that mean you do not believe in gravity, magnetism, bacteria, etc? They would answer: but I see the effects of those phenomena.

I rest my case. If you still are waiting to see Nibiru before you turn to Hashem, and are ignoring the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather that is getting crazier, etc, then you should stop believing in gravity, which also comes from Hashem. I know that may sound silly, but believing in gravity wouldn’t save one’s life – believing in all the signs from Hashem, and acting upon them, WILL.

Take note that we just commemorated Shabbos Hagadol the Shabbos before Pesach. The Haftarah for Shabbos Hagadol just happens to be Malachi 3:4–24, which is the prophecy of the coming of the Star of Righteousness that will heal the righteous and do away with the evil ones. It ends with the famous announcement of Elijah the Prophet just before the great and awesome day of Hashem. It also happens to be one of the places that Nibiru is encoded. More messages from Hashem?

A dear reader, who happens to be about 20 minutes away from  me in Israel, sent me this short video of Nibiru.  It starts out with lens flare but the closeup clearly shows Nibiru at about 10 o'clock to the sun:

 This is on YouTube if you can't open it here:
I thank my reader for this submission.  He included some instructions for anyone wanting to take a picture with a phone:

This was taken on Fri, April 15th at around 2PM. I purposely move my phone around to demonstrate it's not a Camera flare.

I think anyone who wants to see it on their smart phone, the steps are simple:

1. Go to the Video on the phone camera
2. Face it to the sun
3. Zoom in to the max and let the picture adjust
That's it.


  1. Elyiahu ha Navi, zachor letov! (130x)
    Shavuah tov,
    Ve pesah kosher sameah!
    Toda rabba.

  2. Miss Appreciative:
    There is an old joke that goes "I always wondered how the ball gets closer and then it hit me" or "I always wondered how the sun rises and then it dawned on me"
    Some people may only realize that "Nibiru" is upon us when it actually affects them directly.
    Don't mean to sound so callous - it's just that Rav as you try so hard to help all of mankind go in the direction of the truth - you can only bring a camel to the water, and cannot make him drink. If one doesn't want to believe or see the happenings all around - you can shine brights in their face and they won't see it.
    Gutte Voch to all of Am Yisroel.
    Gut Yom Tov to all.

    1. When you started with "an old joke," I thought you were talking about me -- I have been called that.

      I was once told by a very prominent Rabbi that you can spend 50,000 hours with some people and they still won't catch on to the truth about this world. This blog has proven that to me.

      "You can only bring a camel to the water, but you still can't make him Kosher." Some things just don't happen.

    2. Oh me again.. comment i wrote before were not approved and i did not write anything wrong..
      just good things.

      this centepede better desappear..
      good bye...

    3. I have posted all the comments that I have received on this blog post. If someone posts a comment that doesn't appear, write to me by private Email and we can find the problem.

    4. But cannot do that... as you get too too many emails.. so its of not any use.
      Anyway.. forgive me.. if..... You can..
      Its just that around me no one thinks that we are living in last days as also a lot of of the Jewish world. too. I am not a Jew.. but was trying to follow the right path.. Just get many times turned away.. so will just wait out alone what happens.. Que Sera.. Sera..
      Wish people around me stopped to think of all that is happening.. most think i am foolish or whatever... any way.. Que se... what ever.

      thanks for the help you gave..

    5. I experience the exact same thing in the observant Jewish community. No one believes the truth about what is happening in the world. People have the ability to turn off reality if it is too uncomfortable, or not according to our flawed human logic. It is called cognitive dissonance. Defined as: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. It is actually a gift from Hashem that allows us to grieve a loved one and then continue on in life after such an emotional loss, or it allows a woman to have another baby even after the tremendous pain of a previous birth convinced her "no more," so I am told.

      We have the ability to soften the blow of reality. Unfortunately, it also can lessen our response when more is needed, such as believing the world as we know it is about to end, and that we must prepare by turning completely to Hashem. It is so much easier to deny the end chaos that is coming, even though we may be in great danger. The danger, of course, is averted be accepting reality and Hashem as one's protector.

  3. The cognitive dissonance of which you speak does allow us to continue with our daily lives even when we realize that every day may be our last. One has to be blind to not see that something big is coming up and coming up very soon. It seems as if many people feel that something is coming but they have no clue as to what is happening and seem to be trying to get the most out of this life right now and anyone who stands in their way had better watch out. Those who can see what is happening still have to live out each day as normal. We still must go to work, pay bills, mow the lawn, and feed our families as if life will go on forever, yet we see that life will be changing very dramatically in the very near future.

    1. You are absolutely correct with a couple caveats to add. One is that we are feeling more comfortable because our government is lying to us and hiding the truth about what is coming up. When the Bible tells us about a star that will come and wipe out the evil of the world, but the government tells us that they discovered a planet that is still outside our solar system, they are believed. When they tell us: "don't worry," that is when we should start to worry.

      But, what could we do if the Bible is correct, and we are in harm's way and the destruction is much closer than we think?
      Turn to the One Who gave us the information in the Bible and survive. We have the complete formula to be in the 1/3 group and live.

      Accepting reality and acting upon it is a lot more prudent than believing lies coming from those who want us dead. Are you in an area that may be flooded out, meaning you want your lawn to be well mowed when the flood comes? Do you want to pay money to banks that may be wiped out soon? What purpose is there is living life as though it will go one forever when we know wholeheartedly that it is about to change forever?

      I mentioned above that the skeptic is in danger. Instead of researching the truth, they gamble on the fantasy of human logic, exactly as they did in Europe before WW2. How bad can it get?

      We have it in writing from the One Who is guiding the star and all the devastation in its wake, how to be protected and have a happy ending to this saga. We should not let our cognitive dissonance favor the government answer, the much more comfortable answer that will put us in the 2/3rd group -- there is no future in it.

  4. During yom Shabbat we walked true the place with friends going to their house to enjoy in happiness the seuda of Shabbat haGadol. Greated some passersby with SHABBAT SHALOM. What we got for answer, was so weird for being in Eretz Israel, the land of Hashem, and soon ever lasting Shabbat!!!

    "Shabbat shalom bli shabbat!"
    Was their answer.

    There is no shalom without SHABBAT!!!
    There is no Shabbat without preparation.
    There is no joy in Shabbat without full dedication 24/7 to Shabbat and the serving of Hashem.

    This is my reality, my choice!
    My people know, live, feel, exactly what I mean.
    The is no real life without SHABBAT SHALOM.

    The Light of Torah, our only reality, will shine so bright soon, that every BLI and its sources will solve in nothing.
    What a bright future!!!
    Shemesh tzedaka will shine on us to heal us from every persecution, from every pain and lie.
    I love Hashem!!! !!! !!! !!! !

    Orna Nitzevet

  5. Accepting that Nibiru is nearby and we'll see its consequences soon.....what should be done to save ourselves from it?? Is there anyway out or we should keep discussing and proving about its presence.

    1. We have already been seeing its consequences. The great increase in earthquakes especially the 5 major earthquakes within the past few days, the great increase in volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather patterns, etc, are all due to the gravitational effects from Nibiru and that which accompanies it. They will increase in number and magnitude as Nibiru approaches.

      What to do is the easy part. Turn to Hashem and follow His instructions. Do repentance, prayer, study Torah, give more charity, help others, do the commandments, etc. Hashem's protection will be for His faithful. The evil ones will be wiped out.

  6. Just a friendly reminder is you may, can you please post the details about Rav Kaduri's note. Thanks in advance.

    1. I have started a blog post on the subject and hope to have it done by mid-week.

  7. Reb, what does this mean?: huge spider in front of the foot of my bed as i woke up on shabbos gadol, remained there for two hours, then hid then, when i was studying torah facing the other side, it moved to two meters in front of my nose ... today it is still there but immobile like on saturday afternoon ..

    1. Insects are a way we are tested. If you see one on Shabbos, we are not supposed to kill it, so the test is whether we adhere to the Shabbos requirement.

      There are many possibilities as to why you continued to see it. One being that the spider is a gilgal, a reincarnation, that has completed its task (possibly being there to test you on Shabbos). If it is a Gilgal, you killing it would help the soul be released.

      This is only one scenario. It is definitely a test for you as to how you react.

    2. spider = symb.shechina like with david ha-melech three times he got saved by H


    1. Thank you Anonymous, I posted this as a new blog post for today.