Monday, April 11, 2016

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Message about Nibiru

I received a private Email from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, regarding my inquiry about Nibiru. Here is a synopsis of what the Rav told me:

Nibiru will not hit the Earth. There will be chaos and devastation from the debris that accompanies Nibiru. It will cause chaos and great upheaval on Earth, but he strongly emphasized that nothing will happen in the Holy Land of Israel. Everything will be good in Israel. The Holy Land of Israel is protected and safe; there is salvation and the Messiah who guards and protects.
Yes, he acknowledges the star approaching (even though he does not know when it will pass by). He is stating that it is not as big as many sources are reporting.
I was pleased to see that his message is consistent with the Facilitated Communications individuals. The representative in Rav Ben Artzi’s office, who forwarded this message, told me: “you can rely on what the Rav says – he has Ruach Hakodesh.” Since I feel confident that the FC individuals are getting their information from Shamayim, consistency gives me confidence in their messages.

Note: This was just a short message, that I realize could spark many questions.  I will not be bothering the Rav with questions, so I ask your indulgence to not come back with "how does the Rav feel about ....... and .......?  Thank you in advance.


  1. Appreciate you sharing that with us.
    May the chaos and devastation hit the wicked ones and may all the righteous ones cleave closer to Hashem and be witness to the Divine Light and the revealing of Melech HaMashiach now.

    1. There is nothing random in this world. All references in scriptures point to Nibiru bringing about a world of goodness by eliminating the evil. Hashem's plan is perfect.

  2. How much longer can we wait?
    He is doing the absolute perfection for us by with-holding it, but it's so hard to wait.
    When I sat down last year at my Seder, I was so sure that I was spending this one in Yerushalayim with the Korban Pesach, Moshiach, Beis Hamikdash & all of Am Yisroel together.

    1. As Rav Glazerson said yesterday and as I have said all along, it is up to us. We are not waiting for Moshiach, he is waiting for us. If one has the attitude: I have done everything correctly, why must I be held back by others? That is the wrong attitude, that is delaying Moshiach, Geula, Nibiru and anything else for which we are waiting. Hashem wants us to help each other; and, if we don't, everything is delayed.

      I have mentioned several times that in the order brought down by Megillah 17b there are two redemptions, one is a personal redemption that one can have in advance of the worldwide redemption. Some of us already have it, and will see almost no change when Moshiach is introduced. I am bringing this up because it is possible, by truly turning to Hashem and living the absolute truth as He wants us, to have it all now and not wait.

      It is available now; but we should never feel comfortable if all is good for us as individuals, when our worldly family is still struggling. We have work to do either way -- helping each other with love and caring will bring it all.