Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Very Exciting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Pesach, 9 Nissan 5776 (17/4/16)

Father in Heaven, Ruler of the World interferes with freedom of choice without us noticing. If we notice, if we think a little bit about what is going on in heaven and the world, we will see, hear, and understand G-d's actions in the world and what He is doing in the entire world. G-d is bringing the ten plagues, every minute all over the earth, using the forces of nature, natural disasters, earthquakes, fire, floods, harsh winds, conflicts between countries and among themselves. The Russians are mocking the US - evil is eating at itself.

In Israel, the land is developing and growing without anyone noticing. A cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel and G-d is protecting Israel, the Holy Land, from heaven.

G-d is taking down all of the Arab countries and causing harm to the security, social structure, and economy of every country that bothers Israel and the Jews in Israel.

G-d is creating anti-Semitism around the world to banish the Jews from Africa, Asia, and America. G-d is bringing refugees from Africa, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and more countries to cover Europe and the United States to banish the Jews from their homes and work, and to bring them to the holy land. If they understand now, it will be good, if not, they will lose their property, their homes, and their lives will be in constant danger.

Arab countries that almost conquered Israel in the Yom Kippur war have been fighting each other for five years. G-d is fighting for Israel! The government is not functioning - signs of the Messiah, refugees in Europe - signs of the Messiah, anti-Semitism in the world - signs of the Messiah, all of the Arab countries are being destroyed - signs of the Messiah, the beautiful winter in Israel, the real estate that is growing in the holy land, bridges and roads are being built, there is work, protection for Israel - all signs of the Messiah, preparation for his revealing!

The righteous that are buried in Israel are moving in their graves, and those in the heavens are preparing for the horns to sound, announcing the crowning of the Messiah King!

Do not belittle Israel, the holy land is G-d's first born, Israel was born first. G-d gave it to the Jews and it has everything! There is no sickness; there is all the good that man could want, the state of Israel is heaven. The sickness in Israel comes from the outside, there is work for everyone and all is good.

What is missing? Kindness, giving, joy, and G-d-fearing, these are what need to increase.

The borders of Israel are protected by a cloud of fire and   G-d is guarding from above. During the holidays and Sabbath, G-d is closer to His children.

The government of Israel and IDF must be united. There are those who think that if they are soft and do nice things to please the gentiles, they will change and support the government of Israel. The gentiles will continue to hate the Jews in Israel and the world forever, nothing will change that. The Arabs want Israel, they are jealous of the Jews living in Israel.

The rain that fell is not for nothing, it reveals the Arabs' hiding places to the IDF.

The government and IDF must not trust Hamas and the Palestinians, they are waiting for us to be complacent and then they plan to attack.

The United States is all noise, inside and out, it is empty. They are only interested in the elections and Obama is traveling the world. The US can't do what Russia can do.

Russia is always showing power and control, even against the US. They are playing the US, training and always ready for battle.

The Palestinians and Hamas are pretending to be weak so that people feel sorry for them; it is the way of the snake.

The Arabs have a lot of land to hold millions of people and they want the Holy Land. Jews, watch over yourselves, don't count on a miracle.

Egypt - nothing will help them, Saudi Arabia will eat them up. Egyptians are starving; Sisi is selling parts of Egypt for work and food. The Saudis are the worst extremists. The evil will come to Egypt from Sinai desert. ISIS and Hamas are there, there are united and their plan is to destroy Egypt. The Egyptians don't want Sisi, Arabs are like a snake eating a snake.

Syria is falling apart. You must not release even a centimeter of the Golan Heights because there will never be a country in Syria, only chaos. Watch over the borders of Israel!

Turkey has no control over ISIS and what's going on there, they are losing and ISIS is laughing at all of Europe. People don't understand that ISIS is in every country that at any second a million new ISIS members can rise. The refugees running from Africa are infiltrating Europe. Arduan agreed to take refugees and got money for that, and the refugees are running towards Europe. Even the Christians in Europe will get in trouble with the refugees.

Iraq continues to be destroyed.

Jordan's king is scared and watching over himself, waiting for the US to help him - he is delusional.

Every country in the world wants to benefit from the knowledge of the Jews in Israel. The entire world exists only thanks to Israel. Every patent invented is from the Jewish mind.

Diaspora Jews, G-d is speaking to you endlessly: there was exile, He exiled you after the destruction of the Temple and now He wants you to come to salvation, to Israel urgently! "Don't say that I didn't warn you". The state of Israel didn't start thousands of years ago, it started in 1948, and since then the exile was over! You in exile are stubborn and things will get worse.

Those who commit adultery, steal, cheat, take bribes, and live on the backs of others are being revealed by G-d in Israel and the world. G-d is revealing the officials and dealing with the non-officials quietly. The ancient snake is wounded; it is dying and losing its power to interfere with the world. Because the power of impurity is going to disappear from the world, all of the bad things are being revealed because he can't keep them anymore, he is going and disappearing! The power of purity is growing!

Jewish parents must watch over their children from alcohol abuse, drugs, gambling, and assimilation.

Passover is the holiday of freedom and joy. What is freedom? It is the choice of man. G-d is helping you obey the commandments. If you don't obey them, there are ten plagues. The choice of man on the holiday of freedom begins with Passover; in heaven, Passover starts a new year.

A kosher and happy Passover is not just cleaning the house from the inside, it is also cleaning the body, spirit and soul so that we are kosher and pure for G-d and ready to accept the Messiah!

Passover is a good holiday, a holiday of joy, a holiday of redemption and the Messiah! On Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, G-d wakes us up so that we change and are ready for Passover, so that we are worthy to see the Messiah!

G-d is taking the reins Himself! He is no longer waiting for a full awakening from below to bring the Messiah King from above. Everything requires awakening below so that there is awakening above. G-d has waited a long time for the greats of Israel to wake up, to cry out and tell people that this is the time of redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King, but they act like they don't care, it is too much for them. So G-d took things in His own hands and isn't waiting anymore for awakening, G-d is awakening things from above to below to crown the Messiah King!

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  1. What does this mean - that Hashem is taking matters into His own hands? As we have always learned - Hashem and Moshiach are ready for quite a while now.... it's us that needs to do the acting..... But if we don't(like is discussed above) than what?
    Is the fact that Hashem kind of "ran out of patience" for His creations on this earth to wake up - mean that the Moshiach will be revealed without rachamim? How much more suffering can we endure?

    1. We say in Hallel that the Heavens belong to Hashem, but the Earth He gave to us. He also gave us a free will to correct things or to mess it up. We have done a horrible job with this gift of a home, the planet Earth. Hashem knew all this, but it is part of our growth, our Tikun to try to make things as pleasant as possible. He also gave us a system that allows us, measure for measure to thrive as individuals or suffer. In other words, our suffering is on an individual basis as needed.

      One of Hashem's names that we say in prayer is Shakai. I am mispronouncing it on purpose as to not say His name in vain. The root of that name is the word di which means enough. Hashem always knew that we would get to a point that all was fruitless to continue, and that He would have to take over -- enough. That is exactly what the Rav is announcing -- the time has come, and it is very good news.

  2. Beautiful, shall Moshiach be crowned this Pesach.. Hag Pesach Sameach to you Rav. and your family and to all Jewish readers..

  3. So, I am guessing Moshiach should be introduced during this holiday of Passover. Is this fair to assume or is there a better option as in timing?

    Thank You.

    1. I am not a prophet to be able to say, however there are many indications that we are very close. Is it during Passover? I will let you know this coming weekend.

      Is the work of Moshiach continuing even without his introduction? That is for sure. The world is not what it was just a short time ago. We are seeing great changes that are very exciting, if one is a righteous person following Hashem's ways, and very scary if one is not.