Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A New and Much More Dangerous Form of Jew-Hatred

I have been asked to talk about a different form of Jew-hatred that is very subtle, yet more dangerous than what we have experienced for thousands of years. We have had such tremendous proof of the end of days and the introduction of Moshiach being imminent that all Jews and righteous non-Jews should be flocking to the fold, turning to Hashem and speeding up the process. Yet there is a form of ignorance in this world that is killing it for everyone. All good news is being distorted.

As an example: there is so much proof of Nibiru being seen, getting close, causing mayhem in the world and fulfilling many, many prophecies; but, if you look at the videos and articles on the subject, they include false information about the so-called second coming of a false messiah, a false prophet and, even worse, calling him god. If it isn’t part of the video or article, the comments below are so disgusting and dangerous that every Jew who knows the truth might start to have reservations. The old expression: When something is lied about constantly, people start to believe it.

Why is this so dangerous? If a Jew or a righteous non-Jew knows the absolute truth about the imminent worldwide redemption and the real Messiah, that person is in good shape for a beautiful eternity of happiness, goodness and peace – that person is in the 1/3rd group (Zechariah 13:8). If someone living the truth can be swayed towards heresy and evil falsehood, that person may lose it all for him or herself and the loved ones involved. All lies being told are dangerous.

The more disturbing cases are when the article or video is from a Kosher Jewish source, and idolaters distort the beautiful message. Instead of helping people to reach a wonderful Tikun, in their total ignorance, they are trying to send you in the wrong direction that could result in terrible retribution – the 2/3rd group. When Rav Glazerson shows codes in the Torah, he is telling us messages from Hashem to help us. When somebody leaves a comment that the Rav is giving you proof of yushka coming, it is worse than that person killing you with a gun.

We have seen throughout history how Jews have been persecuted, tortured and killed, but they died Al Kiddush Hashem (Sanctifying G-d's Name) giving them an eternity so wonderful, it is beyond our comprehension. That is because they killed the body, not the soul. But, when they try to take away the truth from you, take away the Words of Hashem, they are trying to destroy you for eternity.

I have been asked to give details on one of the worst distortions on the web, one that has grown to such a Chillul Hashem (desecration of the name of G-d), that it could only result in destroying good people forever – I am referring to the message left to us by Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l. Rav Kaduri was a renowned Mizrahi Haredi Rabbi and Kabbalist who devoted his life to Torah study and prayer on behalf of the Jewish people.

About 100 years ago, while studying with the famous Ben Ish Chai (Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, d. 1909), Rav Kaduri was told three predictions. The Ben Ish Chai told him: 1, he would live to an old age; the Rav was about 108 (give or take, his birth year is not definitely known) when he left us in 2006; 2, he would never wear glasses, which he never did; and 3, he would meet the Moshiach. Rav Kaduri met Moshiach on 9 Cheshvan 5764 (Tuesday, 4 November 2003). Rav Kaduri left a note with his son that has the name of Moshiach encoded.

Fact: The note is for real, but is was changed by very evil sources to try to make it look like Rav Kaduri was saying he met with yushka, chas v’shalom. Here is the note with the changes:

There are two changes to the Hebrew letters (one changed and the other added) that make no sense (would never be said in Hebrew) but are needed to give a false prediction of the Moshiach’s name. The added letter does not match the way Rav Kaduri writes that letter since that letter appears about 9 other places in the note. Go to the note. Look at the third line down, the sixth letter in from the right (it is the first letter of the second word). Then look at the letter two letters after that and the letter at the end of that word -- they are the same letter. The Hebrew letter vuv which looks like this "ו" appears very differently in the other places. It also doesn't make any sense and would never have been put there by the Rav. The extra letter means that the first letter of five consecutive words spells “יהושע” Yehoshua, or Joshua.

Rav Kaduri wrote this note to 34 other righteous Rabbis, Tzadikim Nistarim (Rav Kaduri and Moshiach make up the 36 for the generation), to tell them the name of the Moshiach and possibly when he will be announced. The method of hiding the name would probably be ATBASH, ATBACH or one of many other very hidden ways of encoding information (Google it). These are methods of folding the Hebrew alphabet and/or substituting the letters. This information is top secret and would never have been given as the first letter of consecutive words. There are Rabbis who definitely know this since they were students of Rav Kaduri. One such Rabbi is my neighbor who studied with Rav Kaduri for 15 years. We live about 15 minutes from Jerusalem.

It is fascinating to me that if one is ignorant of Hebrew, since it is obvious that the note has been doctored, and if one is ignorant of Jewish scriptures, it is very easy to fool the public into thinking that Rav Kaduri said yushka is the Moshiach. Unfortunately, there are many videos and articles expounding this evil lie. I have yet to hear from one individual, and I have challenged many, who could tell me any place in scriptures where yuska uses the name Joshua, in Hebrew Yehoshua.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is dangerous. By the way there are more Christians converting to Judaism or becoming Bnei Noach these days than ever in history. The truth is obvious -- Yehoshua is not in the note and yushka has never called Joshua. Lies, all in the name of Jew-hatred.

The Moshiach is definitely here already, living in Jerusalem and has already been anointed in Heaven. He will be anointed on Earth soon. The 2000 year old debate no longer exists -- the Moshiach is not yushka and Rav Kaduri verified it, even though he is not here to defend himself.

We are told in Jewish scriptures the possible names of the Moshiach and yushka is definitely not one of them. Who is he and when will he be announced? I don’t know – I said it is top secret. There are many indications that it is imminent (I have a Rav Ben Artzi message for this week, being translated that may give you a surprise answer).

Go to the real Bible, to the book of Obadiah which tells of the end of Edom. Edom is Christianity. That is a definite fact which is easily proven, and we are very close to the prophecy being fulfilled -- guaranteed in writing from Hashem. Don’t be fooled by evil idolaters who want to destroy you forever. Learn the absolute truth and live it, it is much better for your health – physical and spiritual.

For thousands of years, the world has used the Jews as scapegoats and blaming us for everything that goes wrong in the world. The big difference now is we have a far better way to advertise the hatred. The web, TV, radio, availability of articles, books, etc has made the dangerous distortion far easier to disseminate. It will all end soon. The only concern that I have is that there are good people who are not so educated in the absolute truth and could go astray by this distortion. Don’t be fooled by the ignorance of the world. You have the choice of being in the 1/3rd group who will survive and thrive for eternity, or the 2/3rd group who are doomed to great suffering and throwing it all away. It is our choice.

Another excellent find from Rav Glazerson:

"A Star will Rise from Jacob - 5776 Nibiru in Bible code"


  1. Menachem,

    There is nothing new about this form of anti-Judaism. Xtianity can only thrive at the expense of demeaning Judaism, its theology, tenets, precepts, etc. The Messianic concept is strictly a Jewish one that has been usurped by gentiles so that their "saviour" gets a second chance because he failed the first time. Once our Moshiach is announced the gentile world will decry him as the anti-ChXSt/false messiah because they can't accept that Judaism gave rise to their religion and may have more validity. It goes beyond simple anti-semitism. It's about whose religion is the true religion. Only Hashem can make that clear through Moshiach once and for all. --Diaspora RO

    1. The biggest point that I was making is how much easier it is to kill Jews spiritually, and how subtle the effort. We can reach thousands of Jews so effortlessly, like never before, and with much greater disrespect for Hashem and the people He created.

      There is much more that I could say about it, such as how the web is so easy for the coward. I have had debates with idolaters that would result in them saying things they would never say to my face. I would offer to call them or Skype them and that is when I never heard from them again. 99% of the people who write belligerent comments on a topic are totally uneducated ignoramuses on the subject. So why am I so worried about them spouting off such nonsense? I know that good people will be reading their comments, and possibly believing what they say. Now I am concerned.

  2. Thank you ..Thank you.. Todah raba.. Rav Menachem..
    i was happy to see this new update. As far as I am concerned, I believe all that you write and help us so many, who are not Jews, to learn the Truth of Hashem

    I know becauce Pesach is so near, there will be fewer postings. But probably all postings and blogs will end, if Mashiach appears.
    Yes very little time left, and i am way down in doing teshuca, have to get very serious and catch up.
    Sometimes i feel like a useless being.. no i am not. i know,. but have to strive to get to some level where i shall be worthy to be there to greet Mashiach. May those i love be there first before me.. Amen.
    To all the Jewish world, i wish each and all a Happy and Peaceful Pesach, i wish that to all Noahides too and all those coming to know Hashem..
    May we all merit to see Mashiach Amen and Amen.
    Rav.. bless you and all your family.. thanks once againg for you have done for so many of us.

    1. Something that is not so obvious is that righteous non-Jews can be hurt more than Jews when it comes to deceit and lies. If a Noachide reads a very negative comment on the web, he or she can wisely dismiss it or at least investigate its validity or lack of validity. But, if a non-Jew is living with the lies, family, friends, neighbors, etc, that is much, much more difficult.

      I realize that I live in an environment of no TV, very little radio and much more controlled internet (my son for instance has a Kosher internet provider that filters out the filth). My grandchildren are never, and I do mean never, on the web. The computer for my son, which he uses for business, is not in their home. Their education is books, which are all from Hashem. Most cell phones used in this city are Kosher phones, once again, restricted (Email is possible, but not the web).

      I have some good news for you sc. The wisdom that you share with us is a very high form of Teshuvah. When you write words to help others, that is exactly what Hashem wants from you and it does more for your soul than you could imagine. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for this. Whats the changed letter?

    1. I am not really sure what the intention is but it looks like the expression in Hebrew בענין הד"ת של משיח was altered. The dalet was changed to a resh or the resh was changed to a dalet. If it is a dalet it could mean About the words of Torah concerning the Moshiach. If someone tried to change it to a resh, it could mean About the religion of Moshiach. There are other possibilities which maybe someone could help me figure.

      Also a ראשי תיבות, ר״ת - (roshei teivot) - acronym; lit. heads of words, meaning look for the first letter of consecutive words, which Rav Kaduri would never have done.

      There is a good possibility that the Rav was telling the Tzadikim in code what to look for, but it would be beyond any of us. To take a very difficult code pattern and turn it into a very simple one just to deceive the world would have come from an ignoramus, not the Rav.

  4. Those who wish to steal Jewish souls will do so out of their love(their love for their idol)and they will love you to death. I am fortunate that I left that life, and I am even more fortunate that I have had an excellent teacher who has been giving classes on Countering X-tian Missionaries.

    Tonight is the one night I wish I had brought my Tanach to work with me so I could read Obadiah, but once I get off work, I have something constructive to occupy my time.

    As for those who make anonymous nasty posts, people will allow their very basest character to come out when they think that they cannot be found, but they forget that Hashem sees everything. One reason that I do not hide my identity is to help me guard my words. I know that I can easily be found, so I try to keep the words as sweet as I can in case I must eat them tomorrow.

  5. I'm just curious how you know Moshiach is in Jerusalem? I have no doubt he is here but couldn't he be living elsewhere in the country? Thank you.

    1. We were told by several sources years ago. But, for me personally, I know Rabbis who know the Moshiach, and even where he lives.

    2. We were told by several sources years ago. But, for me personally, I know Rabbis who know the Moshiach, and even where he lives.

  6. Thanks for the commentary on the note. I agree that he is in Jerusalem, though the one I speak of who has been identified by the Heavens, completely witnessed by rabbi's of all normative sects of Judaism, had never met R Kaduri. I certainly would like one of your rabbi's explain how this person was identified by the Creator and how they drew their conclusion to the statements that they made their claims about. In my opinion, I know who the person was who judged Esav (see Ovadiah 1:21)and I know the witnessed heavenly events that followed. The only one who could successfully judge Esav/Edom would be.....? That would then answer the question of the note. I will leave it at that, but I hope you can elaborate a bit more of the rabbi's proof as to who the person is. Many regards.

    1. I have no more information than what I have already put out. I know Rabbis who were students of Rav Kaduri and verified that he met the man who will be crowned Moshiach, as the Ben Ish Chai told him.

    2. I have no more information than what I have already put out. I know Rabbis who were students of Rav Kaduri and verified that he met the man who will be crowned Moshiach, as the Ben Ish Chai told him.

  7. I will answer the "religion" of the mashiach. Written Torah/Tanach based. Closer to the Karaites than the Rabbinates. This I know has had the rabbi's talking up a storm in the last few years. I know this from people who are in contact and they relayed this discussion to me of their great concern. Though rabbinical Judaism will have influence, many things will be corrected. I can promise the xtians and Muslims will not be so happy that God has already identified the person in Israel. Again, I hope you can relay how the rabbi's know about this person and how they have concluded it is him that we await. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hashem named Moshiach during the days of creation, before He created Adam and Eve. Since the soul of Adam returned as King David and will return as Moshiach, we know who Moshiach is spiritually. Moshiach is much more miraculous and spiritual than a simple man that got picked. After he is introduced we will understand more and realize that our flawed human logic of today can't comprehend the truth about all this. The world is about to change and become something that we can't understand. Any questions we have about the subject now would be fruitless, since we only think in the physical realm and not the spiritual.

    2. Hashem named Moshiach during the days of creation, before He created Adam and Eve. Since the soul of Adam returned as King David and will return as Moshiach, we know who Moshiach is spiritually. Moshiach is much more miraculous and spiritual than a simple man that got picked. After he is introduced we will understand more and realize that our flawed human logic of today can't comprehend the truth about all this. The world is about to change and become something that we can't understand. Any questions we have about the subject now would be fruitless, since we only think in the physical realm and not the spiritual.

  8. I think that we just have to hold on to our emunah (and our hats) and stop asking so many questions that we know we are not going to be answered to our satisfaction. Let's bring some chassidus to this scenario....Why are we trying to use our flawed human logic to make sense out of something incomprehensible? Where did the universe start and when? How old is Hashem? Have you actually seen or physically touched a neshama lately? No, i dont think so. We love Hashem and trust him. Then, where is our bittahon?Let us trust him completely with our hearts as well as with our undisciplined minds. Our tati in heaven will ensure that soon all Kolel Yisrael, Righteous Gentiles and Noahides will be living in a world of peace, justice, lovingkindness and Torah. Let's clear our minds of all troubling thoughts - tough order but not impossible - and refocus on our golden geulah which is knocking at our door. Much Love to All and Pesach Sameach! Ms. AP

    1. Actually we do know many answers, since the Torah has the answer to everything. We just think we know better, as you said our flawed human logic is very limited in depth.

      As an example: Where did the universe start and when? The big bang happened on the Temple Mount. When? 15.34 billion years ago. That is the Torah answer. Science is getting close, but hasn't arrived yet. How old is Hashem? Time is an allusion that doesn't exist. Hashem created time for our reference, He is not in the allusion of time, so age is irrelevant and undefined. I could go on and on with this subject, but I will wait, since Hashem will explain it all after Moshiach is introduced, soon.

  9. Ms. AP.. your comments are just so logical.. and make a lot of sense.. Thank you.
    And as Rav Menachem says: soon.. soon all will be clear when Mashiach is here, which will be (please Hashem) soon.


    Ms.AP a beautiful Pesach Sameach to you and yours and it comes also with lots of love..:)


  10. Hi,

    The BIG MYSTERY is who are the forgers of the note?

    Rabbi Kaduri left the note with his son. Surely the son did not openly disseminate this note. So how did the Xstians get hold of it?
    Is there a traitor at work here?

    Surely the simplest way to combat the forgery will be to circulate the original note?



    1. The note was written in 2003. It was placed in an envelope, which the son held until the Rav's passing in 2006. On Pesach of 5766, 2006, the note was made public. It was in the news and even on the Rav's website. Anyone who wanted to make a copy had the opportunity. Doctoring is very simple with computer graphics. Once the forged version went viral on the web, the original meant nothing. It would be easy to say that the doctored one was the original, and the original was the doctored copy. Even if Rav Kaduri, the son, came forward, he would get nowhere. The lie greatly perpetuated becomes the truth in the eyes of the Jew-hating public.

      I have written comments on the YouTube videos with very definite information and, of course, who would believe me. I will not disclose some of the names that I was called.

      The only answer to this test is to turn to Hashem. He will bring out the truth in the near future, and all will be good. Just remember the perpetrators are members of the 2/3rd group; they are desperate and rightfully so.

      One caveat: I have researched to try to come up with the original note, and it is completely obscured. We are not in the world of truth yet, this is just one example.