Thursday, July 30, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Va’eschanan 11 Av 5775 (27/7/15)

Ruler of the World, Father in Heaven gave the people of Israel another 9th of Av and postponed it by one day in order to tell the people of Israel that He is with them, making things easier for them and softening the 9th of Av and turning it into a holiday. The purpose of the 9th of Av fast is so that G-d forgives us for our sins and lets us build the third Temple. The fast is like the pain of a baby asking his parents to give him what he needs. The fast of the His children, the Jews, is so that they don't forget G-d.

The third Temple will never be destroyed! Because before the third Temple, G-d will crown the Messiah as King; and, when there is the King Messiah in the world, no one can destroy the third Temple! The first temples were destroyed because there was no messiah in the world crowned by G-d. Moses was like a Messiah, but he was not crowned by G-d.

Very soon the crowning will happen, sooner than you think! After the crowning of the Messiah as King by G-d, the third Temple will be built and it will never be destroyed. This is the generation, this is the time! Every Jew has faith in G-d. The King Messiah is in every generation, acting and working in secret until G-d crowns him, and then his acts are known in public.

The cries of the Jews can influence G-d to immediately crown the Messiah as King. Jews in Israel and abroad must fight against the agreement between the United States and Iran. The people of Israel must resist and pray that there won't be an agreement because the US signed too quickly, and it is still not final. If they give up and there is an agreement, it will go to all nations, not just Iran. The US signed an empty paper, something you cannot say, so that the Russians don't control the Middle East, so that the Iranians don't go with the Russians. But the Russians are not stupid. In order to control the Middle East they started to connect with Arab countries, and the United States' agreement is for nothing. The US wanted Iran to be theirs, but if the agreement happens, heaven forbid, the Iranians will go with Russia and all of the Arab countries will be under Russia's control. The United States will look like a fool from all directions. It is better for them not to go through with the agreement. The American government wants there to be two countries and that must not happen.

Hezbollah and all the Arab countries are laughing at the United States because of the agreement, it is all deceptions and cheating from Iran.

In Iran, they continue to deceive, cheat, hide and laugh at the United States. They are not fools; they know that the US is making this agreement because they are afraid that Iran will go with the Russians. Iran is already with the Russians, secretly. Iran continues to create the atomic bomb, but it will not fight against Israel. Israel must stay vigilant, don't trust anyone in the world, only G-d and yourself.

Nasrallah is like the Evil Haman, dancing and singing so that they say he is leader. Every shipment of ammunition from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah goes to the rebels, ISIS, or the IDF.

ISIS is doing their job "by the book." They continue to cause trouble in Egypt, some are being published some aren't. ISIS is fighting very well.

The rebels are doing their job well.

Armageddon will not be in Israel! It will be only in Arab countries, and soon in Europe. G-d is creating conflict between them, and there is never going to be a cure.

In Turkey, Arduan wants to be proud and in control, then ISIS came. ISIS wants to break the Turks and they are handling Turkey excellently.

Syria is being erased, everyone is running away from there; it is chaos, Sodom and Gomorra.

Syrian refugees are not only taking over Jordan, but Greece as well!

This is a G-dly act that Europe will fall and cry out. G-d will bring down all of Europe, remember this. G-d is vengeful, He does not forget any country that has harmed the Jews or the state of Israel, be it decades, centuries or millennia ago. G-d is taking revenge, surgically taking care of them.

Jordan is bursting with refugees, there is no food or water; it is surviving thanks to Israel. If Israel does not help, they would all die. They are living in Jordan like sardines and the king is also in bad shape.

In Gaza they continue with the tunnels, digging forty tunnels. The plan is to reach army bases and surprise and kidnap IDF soldiers, heaven forbid. That is their revenge.

Iraq has no head and no tail, they live on air, and don't know what the day will bring.

Whoever doesn't believe in G-d and mocks will soon repent.

Anti-Semitism in the world increases every day and the gentiles are filled with hate, evil and cruelty. They want to take revenge on every Jew living abroad. All of the Jews supposedly helping the Arabs will be harmed first by the gentiles, and it will be soon. The Jews living abroad must come to Israel urgently. Why wait until you are forcibly banished and everything you own is taken away from you?! The economy all over the world is getting worse every day; and, in Israel, only in Israel, the economy is the best in the world! There is prosperity because G-d is running the show. Jews in Israel are the source of the blessing.

In Israel there is prosperity. There is land and work for even a hundred million Jews. All is good. Real estate in Israel will continue to grow even faster, homes will be built to house the millions of Jews that need to come. Whoever studied a profession and doesn't find a job will switch professions, do not wait for a miracle.

All parliament members, right and left, will come together in their opinions. You were chosen to protect the land of Israel and not to appear on TV for publicity. You need to serve the state of Israel! If you don't serve, the government will fall. There is G-d in heaven and He is watching.

The IDF must protect Jerusalem and its border, do not believe anyone.

The forces of nature: Every place with evil will go up in flames; there will be earthquakes, floods, winds, storms and volcanic eruptions. G-d is thinning out the impurities in the world and burning them. All of the thieves, conmen, dishonest people, and those living on the backs of other Jews will be revealed. If they repent, G-d will not reveal them and will judge in silence. If they do not repent now, they will be discovered soon, big or small, religious or secular, all will be disclosed. Whoever obeys the commandments is observant and loved in the eyes of G-d.

Everything is going to be good in the holy state of Israel! There will be prosperity! There are a million Jews coming! Israel is blooming and growing! Protection from G-d is through a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel! And we the Jews will watch our souls! We do not have anyone to count on but our Father in Heaven! Do good deeds, pray and study Torah, obey the commandments and repent.

It is after this 9th of Av.  There will be good developments for the state of Israel and the Jewish people in Israel! The Messiah is waiting for a sign from G-d to be crowned!

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  1. Help me understand how Israel can remain prosperous when our enemies boycott Israeli products? When the rest of the world is struggling economically,China & Greece bringing down world markets.. how will Israel sell its products and services and to whom? Where will investments and jobs come from? Should someone coming from France who is a doctor change jobs and become a janitor and throw his education and dreams away?

    As much as I want to believe the pronouncements of the Rabbi, the ones related to parnussa and prosperity defy logic. Help me understand...and please don't accuse me of not having emunah or not doing enough Teshuvah. I pray, have emunah and still struggle daily right here in the US where things aren't that good economically--I don't have the strength or funds to make aliya so I can struggle in Israel too. And, there are plenty of Jews like me...Diaspora Ro

    1. The short answer is when Hashem is running the show there is no flawed human logic.

      Israel is the most self sustaining country in the world. There is more talent, more intelligence, more business sechel than any other country in the world. The boycott is very minor and does not cut down on anything needed by Israelis except that it has caused a loss of jobs for the Arabs. Thank you Hashem for the boycott.

      When Moshiach is announced and we are living in the time of Geula, the world will not be the upside-down fantasy world of today. It will be a time of such prosperity that everyone will be in want of nothing. That is basically what is available today in Israel, but will be beyond belief in the near future. Hashem takes care of us extremely well.

    2. Shalom! I am a catholic but I did a one day Teshuva and it was a little hard for me since it was my first time. After that it seems that all my worries and questions are a lot easier to deal with. It seems that answers to my problems came from heaven. Yes G-d of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is always looking and listening. Hashem is in-charge of everything. I have lesser worries now and looking forward for the coming of the Messiah. Thank you Israel.

  2. Rav, but what about what RMB is asking you...

    What about the now... no money to make aliya.. he has faith... but no one is helping..
    So what can anyone in his situation do..
    What about the reality of now.. for those who are settled in Eretz Israel, and have money and all that is needed... for them it is fine.
    I hear from some who are there already, and have no jobs, and they struggle.. so how does it go..

    1. You may not care for my answer, but it is the absolute truth. There is no randomness in the world; everything for every individual is measure for measure according to what that individual needs.

      I saw the chaos starting many years ago. I confirmed in scriptures what was coming up, which is what is occurring now. My wife and I left careers, making over 100 K a year, and we made Aliyah. I believed Hashem's messages and made changes that were very involved but necessary (13 years ago). To me a true Torah Jew is one who follows Hashem and believes what He is telling us. The one who says I have to rely on my own devices is the one who is not in Israel already and facing the tremendous test of "what do I do? The answer is still and always has been, turn to Hashem.

      Anytime that I needed money for anything, I turned to Hashem and it happened. This has been going on for decades. It works. Anyone who comes to Israel with the same attitude of "me, me, me," is struggling here just as much as anywhere else in the world. Jobs are plentiful in Israel; people willing to work is something else. Measure for measure.

      What is my proof of all this? In the late 1800's things started to get worse for Jews in Europe. By the 1920's it started to get impossible. Why, when so many fled through Ellis Island, were there still so many Jews left in Germany, Poland, etc? Hashem certainly gave them enough signs including warnings in scriptures (there were Rabbaim who had no doubt about it).

      It is no different today. We are a stubborn people who misunderstand Hashem's messages. When He tells us get out of there, and we answer with: "Hashem will protect us," we have misunderstood the message and will continue the test.

      The answer still is turn to Hashem; it works.

  3. Toda Rabah, Rav,

    Al always your answers make sense.
    You have a complete faith in Hashem, Gd should bless you and your family all the more.
    As, Noachide, i struggle now and then with many thoughts, and you always have the right answer.
    Thanks again. And Shabbat Shalom to you and yours.

  4. I am a Christian and your words have helped me greatly. Thank you. May you be blessed.