Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We are Almost There!

I have been saying for a while that with all the signs and messages that we are getting “that Geula is imminent” (Rabbis, Facilitated Communications messages, other messages from Hashem, etc), the category of proof that has been the most exciting has been the fulfillment of prophecy. I have mentioned that everything in Jewish scriptures telling us what will happen before the Moshiach is announced, HAS HAPPENED (past tense) or IS HAPPENING NOW (present tense).

There are two developing items that still remain on the list of events that have not been completed. Both of these events are brought down that once completed “the Moshiach will be announced.” Specifically, they are (1) the Midrash saying that Moshiach will be announced when the King of Damascus is no longer (the King of Damascus has the same gematria as Bashar Assad), and (2) the Yoma 10 and Yalkut Shimoni predictions of war with Persia, Iran.

Why am I bringing this up at this time? Both are in the news and are happening – possibly close to completion.

This morning I saw this article “Obama Just Declared War on Syria:”

Even though I rarely use Prison Planet as a source, this particular article could have been written by me. I have been following the activities in Syria for years. Several facts include: ISIS is helping the rebels who are fighting Assad’s Syrian regime, and that ISIS is a break off from the US created Al Qaeda. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US of Magog has trained and is funding ISIS. There were messages from Ben Golden and others recently stating the connection of the US and ISIS (that is Hashem verifying the fact).

Why is all this happening? I will repeat it once again, “the global elite, the Gog Bush cabal are trying desperately to start World War 3.” They don’t care if it happens by all the chaos in the US, the economic fiasco worldwide, the turmoil in Europe and elsewhere, the war in Syria, a war with Iran or any other horror that they can create, THEY WANT THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND THEY WANT IT TO HAPPEN AFTER 93% OF THE WORLD POPULTION IS GONE. THEY WANT WORLD WAR!!!!!

Do you think that the entire fiasco with Iran, especially the disastrous agreement, is for the purpose of peace? They are looking to fulfill the Yoma 10 attack of Edom on Paras (US on Iran) and provoke the events of the Yalkut Shimoni. Watch this short video entitled The Iran Nuclear Deal by Dennis Prager and Prager University:

This video does not go so far as saying the bottom line is the New World Order agenda. I don’t know or care whether Dennis Prager is aware of the fact. But, his analysis of evil and how we can’t fathom the fact that people can be so horrible makes it very easy for us to look the other way. After all, how could US Presidents, sworn to serve the people, be with such an agenda as wanting to wipe out most of the world population for their personal gain of power and money. It is beyond comprehension and makes it easy for them to pursue their agenda and for us to disbelieve the truth.

Of course the real truth is that Hashem is using their evil to test us and give us the Tikun that we crave. It is the answer to everything that is happening in world events. It satisfies the prophecy I wrote about on 10 September 2012 with my post: 

Another Message from Hashem

Hashem is telling us: turn to Him and all will be resolved. We need not protest, don’t write to your congressman, don’t join the army, don’t sign petitions, etc, etc, etc. Hashem is running the entire world and is the answer to all our problems and concerns.

It is your life; it is your future. You have the choice of doing it the right way or the dangerous way. Choose life, but be aware the time is now. Moshiach will be introduced any day now with sometime in September being the latest, yes that is next month. If you are skeptical, look in the mirror, point your finger at the person in the mirror and call that person a complete fool. The time for skepticism has run out.


  1. Thank you Rav.
    Trying as Noachide to do my best, with Hashem;s help may I succeed, Amen.
    Trying my best to reach out to those i know to realize the truth of our times in this sorry world.
    In the end Hashem is in charge, and that is the Absolute Truth.
    Just have to seek Him in all

  2. are you telling us that משיח will be here within the next month or two?

    1. I am not telling you that, Hashem is telling us through the Rabbanim, the Facilitated Communications individuals, Jewish scriptures and all that is happening in the world (which is due to happen just before the Moshiach is announced). Read my post of today from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita. It's a definite.

  3. I made a video, short message on Tehillim 81

    1. Thank you, I love it. I take it that you are also involved in, which also looks great. My readers should check it out.

  4. Thank you for these posts!
    Each day I look forward to another!!
    What is the 2nd prophecy that still has to unfold before the coming of Moshiach?
    Thanks again,

    1. You are correct, I forgot to put in the (2) which is the war with Iran (it has been corrected).

  5. BS"D


    From and comments there: B"H

    "A perfect setup?

    Many of us on the blogosphere are aware of the significance of the Persia/Edom drama as a major and final precursor of the unfolding of the Messianic process. The Gemarra in Yoma 10a goes so far as to say Ben David (Moshiach) is essentially waiting for Paras (Iran) to fall into the hands of the Wicked Romi (...)

    If the assertions about BHO being a muslim are correct then which side would he be really on Shi'ite (Iran) or Sunni (Arab)? We know he is the biggest deception ... ties to muslim brotherhood perhaps places him with the Sunnis..? If that's the case what if this Iran deal is the biggest sham and cover for Rome's plans to attack Iran from day 1? The Arabs are arguably even more threatened by Shi'ite Iranian expansion than Israel yet the US admin under Obama (Gematria 502 Edom/Yishmael) has deliberately painted Israel into the isolated corner of being the lone opposers to Iran and potential instigators to a war. The whole world is seeing this narrative. How convenient to frame Israel as the catalyst while Saudia Arabia and friends laugh on...

    We must remember Hashem makes the plans and the ultimate implementation for He gave us the script (Torah, Prophets, Tzaddikim).

    The question is, are these enemies so sinister to go along with that line of reasoning to suit their agendas? Now that's an End of Days attempt at the final solution...B'Ezrat Hashem their own end will be finalized instead.


    From a comment - voice in the wilderness at Tomer Devorah blog:

    Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv
    Without nuclear pact, president warns US Jews, America will be forced to attack Iran — and Israel will bear the brunt of the response

    ''Israel Stands Alone''
    The AR"I is cited as saying: "Gog u'Magog has the numerical value of seventy, corresponding to the seventy nations, because Gog and Magog will then rule over seventy nations, and they will all come together against Israel.

    The AR"I emphasizes another aspect that is also embedded in the verses of the prophecy and the Haftarah, that of a universal war against Am Yisrael.

    .... afterwards will come the definite redemption. [Likutei Torah, Parshat Shemot. Cited in Be'er Moshe by the Ozrover Rebbe]   Source

    Yesterday's headlines: Obama Says Israel Stands Alone against Iran Deal


    "The 70th Regular Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 70) is scheduled to open at UN Headquarters on Tuesday, 15 September 2015." -2nd day of Rosh Hashanah 5776.

    Then on Sep. 24th he is scheduled to make an unprecedented address to the US Congress at the Capitol in Washington D.C. (formerly known as Rome, Maryland). - motzei Yom Kippur.

    His name is pope Francis Jorge Mario BerGOGlio. FYI, Jorge is Spanish for George. GoG ... Ber-GoG-lio - head of the Vatican. Goes from Rome to speak in today's Rome! All Motzi Shemita!! The signs are everywhere!!

    1. I could write another book to cover your excellent post and observations. I will keep it simple since Shabbos is coming in another six days.

      The bottom line of Pres Broke Obumer is that he is part of the Gog Bush cabal and his only agenda is trying to institute the evil NWO. He is a chameleon. He is a Muslim when it is convenient; he is an Xtian if the devious plan calls for it. But it all doesn't matter.

      Let me repeat an answer I gave to an individual asking about the Iran agreement and how we should treat it:

      We should "ignore the ridiculous agreement, don't even think about it, that Hashem is totally in control." And, that goes for everything that is happening in this crazy world. All will be positive as long as we turn to Hashem, and let Him shape history for us.

      When we pay attention to such nonsensical agreements, we get involved with activities that are not needed or even counter-productive. Why? When we protest, sign petitions, notify our leaders, debate the good and evil of the situation, all these activities are showing a lack of emunah, chas v'shalom, in Hashem taking care of everything.

      When we arrived at Jericho and Hashem told us just to circle the city and that He would fight our battle, we saw very clearly how we need to follow Hashem's instructions and let Him guide us for the positive results. It has happened many, many times throughout history. When we lived by Torah, we succeeded, when we did things according to our own ways, we suffered. Unfortunately, the suffering far out-shined the succeeding.

      You can watch history for the entertainment value, especially when you know that it will all have a very happy ending (for the good people, not the evil perpetrators of the craziness). Enjoy the fact that everything that is happening was told to us thousands of years ago. "There is nothing new under the sun."

      Trust Hashem. Turn to Him for everything and don't give all the details any additional attention. Just watch scriptures being played out and how Hashem takes care of us.

  6. Something interesting I heard about Bush and Obama - George W said that Obama had all the ex-presidents in the white house and obama was showing special respect for George senior. Now Carter was there and he is just as old as George senior so age wasn't the issue.

    1. Obama is not showing respect for age, he is showing fear for his cabal boss. Of course who would respect Carter anyway?

  7. This is some cool stuff. Thank you for posting. :-)