Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Balak, 11 Tammuz 5775 (28/6/15)

King Kings, G-d is the leader of the world, and in the end He does everything for the benefit of the Jews living in Israel, so that He can make the entire world good, holy, and pure. Despite the things you see all over the world, all of the conflicts and complications, the forces of nature, disaster in every corner, and if you think that it is strange, and if you think that G-d cannot change the world - you are mistaken. G-d can do anything, He is doing and will continue to do everything in order to purify and sanctify the world.

There will continue to be volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, strong and harsh winds, complications with planes, trains going off the tracks, and other vehicular disasters.  All of the oceans of the world are angry and waiting to purify the world.

Every country that goes against Israel and wants to take parts of the Holy Land away will be harmed in their economy, their country, and their society.

The United States is not one hundred percent with Israel.  They said that Israel is, heaven forbid, racist - racism is spreading all over their country horrifically and will continue to spread.  They will be handling their own racism all day.  When they let the State of Israel be, and when they are truly connected to it, then they will have peace and quiet.

In France there are complications and conflict, everything is getting tighter around the French.  The Muslims are not letting go and will not let go of the Jews.  The threat of the Jews in France will continue to increase and it is a shame to let Jewish blood spill.  All over the world anti-Semitism is harsh, but in France the Muslims want to make it an Arab state because most of them are from Africa.  A messenger from France came to Israel and wants to create two states, G-d sees that France is interfering with the Holy Land and is overturning France.  France will have a revolution like they've never dreamed of.  Jews, run away as quickly as you can from France, don't say that G-d did not warn you.  Come to Israel, not other countries, don't waste time on mid-stations - in the end you will come to Israel anyway, there is anti-Semitism everywhere.

G-d is saying: "Whoever touches my children, touches the Holy Land - is getting in trouble with me directly."

ISIS is doing their work wholeheartedly from all angles in order to purify the world.  From the impure comes the pure.

Russia is threatening to show its strength and not give the United States control of the Middle East.

Iran doesn't care about anything else but being a respected country in the world, a nuclear power.  It is deathly afraid of Israel and does not mess with Israel directly, only indirectly.

The Golan Heights will not be separated from Israel, they will not take parts of it away because Syria is being eradicated and there is no going back.  Syria will not rise again.  Syria cannot be redeemed.  Whoever wants to go there to help will be terminated.  There is fire and brimstone, no judgment, destruction all over Syria.

You need to beware of the Druze in Syria, they have their own beliefs.  They have families in the Golan Heights, be careful not to confront them.  Do not let them into Israel, it is very dangerous.  If each that comes in comes with five more Muslims, ISIS, Hamas or Syrian, there will be danger!  They will not be able to stop it, the government of Israel must be very careful!

In Lebanon, Nasrallah and Hezbollah are in shock.  All the good in Syria and Iran has run out for them.

In Gaza there are complications.  ISIS is celebrating there; and, they aren't making it public.  Everyone is in costume all day long and you don't know who is ISIS, who is Jihad, who is Hamas, and who is a Palestinian.  They are killing each other, you don't know who is against who, G-d is keeping them busy.

Most of the Arabs in Israel cannot be trusted; they have their own interests.  They are helping the gentiles inside and around Israel.  Don't say that nothing will happen to the Jews and the state of Israel.  There is a conspiracy around Jerusalem in East Jerusalem; they want to carry out terrorist attacks.  The blue ID is confusing, you must open your eyes.

Hamas is like a Molotov cocktail, they keep digging tunnels at a fast pace.  They are digging forty tunnels.

In Egypt Sisi is in their sights, watch over yourself Sisi.  Egypt is bubbling like a volcano about to erupt any second.

Jordan continues to receive refugees, they will completely destroy Jordan.

Turkey wants peace with Israel because their economy has gone dry.  When the Jews were in touch, they gave the Turks a good life and prosperity.  A suggestion from G-d: Jews, do not go to Turkey and do not do business with them!  ISIS is in Turkey and Arduan is silenced, he can do nothing.

Iraq is like Syria - there is no judge or jury.

All of the revolutions in the world, the Armageddon - it is not in Israel!

G-d wants the state of Israel, the holy land of Israel to have only good, to be honest and good, to obey the commandments, to learn Torah and pray.  G-d gave us a cloud of fire surrounding the state of Israel - And I will fight for you and you will work, for now He fights for us and is waiting for us to work.  G-d is saying: "Jews of the Holy Land of Israel, you are the mirror of the world, as you behave - the world will behave."

The people of Israel and the parliament of Israel must support the IDF, because thanks to them, we sleep, pray, and learn Torah, so that all of the IDF soldiers will be pure and holy!

The government of Israel must check every detail meticulously before making a decision.  Beware of acting for your own benefit, act only for the benefit of the Jews in Israel!  G-d is revealing assets, creating a good economy in Israel and not personally for the parliament members, this is only for the Jews living in Israel.  You should know, G-d grants gifts so that they will be given to His children.

The economy in Israel is the best in the world, it lacks nothing, you need only work.  The real estate, homes, lots, roads, businesses, and shops - this is the way it is and it will never stop, until infinity.

The changing weather, all of the conflict in the world and the forces of nature - it is all fear of G-d.  It is not usual and not easy when the crowning of the King Messiah is near.  You need to work hard so that   G-d will crown the King Messiah.  The entire world will be in chaos and conflict before the big day!

You must support the ministers of the government who are faithfully working and want to improve the culture and law in Israel.

G-d wants all Rabbis in Israel to be united, do not speak ill of anyone and do not be an example of slander.  G-d wants all of the tens of thousands of Hassidim and rabbis to be united, to save the holy land and bring forth the crowning of the King Messiah.  They want to talk about salvation and the King Messiah with full confidence.  When the rabbis, Haredi or otherwise, will have peace between them, when they are united, so will the thousands of Hassidim be united.  There will be great unity among the people of Israel and it will bring upon the crowning of the King Messiah by G-d.  They only must start doing this and the Messiah will come to light and be revealed!  The rabbis that start this will have great privilege with the King of Kings, G-d!

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  1. "There will continue to be volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, strong and harsh winds, complications with planes, trains going off the tracks, and other vehicular disasters. All of the oceans of the world are angry and waiting to purify the world." AND "They are digging forty tunnels" are very exact warnings. Leads me to believe something is going to happen next week.

    1. My posts recently about all the crazy things that are planned by the evil ones seems to be in agreement with what the Rav has been saying.

      So far as natural disasters, there are many indications of unstable areas that could be on the verge of great energy release. As an example, in yesterday's news they talked about a tremendous amount of Helium that is being released from the fault around the Los Angeles basin. This tells scientists that the fault is much deeper than they thought and that it could lead to an earthquake of monstrous proportion -- much larger than previously believed.

      The area around Yellowstone Park, perhaps the largest volcano in the world, is giving signs of instability.

      The two thousand mile fault line across the top of the Pacific Ocean is showing instability and could cause a tsunami that could devastate the entire Pacific rim.

      I have mentioned that there is an average of 35 volcanoes a year. Presently there are 41 active volcanoes worldwide.

      What is coming up that could be so devastating? When the evil ones start there evil agenda, possibly WW3, Hashem will take over with His might, and end the treachery of the global elite.

      I had a cute thought. I mentioned recently that the elite were going into their underground bunkers as if they were getting ready to bring chaos to the world. How simple it would be for Hashem to shake the Earth and bury all the evil ones in the very bunkers that they built to protect them. Talk about Heavenly Justice.

  2. yes, let be. from your cute thought to Hashem's ears (halevai)!

    1. I believe it is Hashem's plan. So from Hashem's plan to my smiling face (halevai).

  3. You might find this interesting:

    West LA fault line might slice all the way down to the Earth's Mantle:

  4. Eagerly anticipating a message on the gay marriage law that Supreme Ct. passed as well as Greek financial collapse.
    Everything carries a clear message - and in these days lots of hope too!
    Thank you

    1. The list of horrible sins (Torah violations) being committed by the US of Magog is long, and is the basis for the end of the US in the near future. See my post of today, 6 Jul 15, for further information.

  5. There was announced today a mild earthquake only 4.1 along the San Andreas fault, is it possible this is a rumbling of what is to come?

    1. There are actually many earthquakes everyday (44 occurred worldwide in the past 24 hours). When the big one comes, it will be a big surprise and not with warning. Read my comment under "What About Iran," it says a lot about what causes so-called natural disasters.

      In other words, we cause earthquakes by our very words when we do not follow Hashem's ways. This is the system that Hashem gave us; it is up to us to make it positive and pleasant or negative and dangerous.

  6. Rabbi I wanted to read your piece 'What about Iran' since IRAN and Islam have broken virtually every commandment handed down to us it seems to me there will be retribution. I will just keep the faith and hold onto hope for us all.

    1. As I have said many times, everything in this world is measure for measure. If a country is in violation of Hashem's commandments, the retribution will be exactly what they deserve. The prophetic statements that I quoted about Iran from Yoma 10 and the Yalkut Shemoni do not show favor to Iran, and are indications of great retribution that will come upon Iran.

      With Hashem everything is exact, and the only way to avoid a severe punishment is with total repentance. Judging from the agreement made between Iran and the world, there is no repentance, but more cause for severe punishment. I believe we are very close to the time of witnessing Iran's demise.

  7. Rabbi, in the book of Yehezkel 38:19, it reads of a great earthquake to take place here in Israel... Are we to expect that too to take place in the coming days? The versus following sound rather scary! What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

    1. I have talked about how Hashem will take over and shake the Earth. In Yechezkel Hashem is talking to Gog whose hoards will come upon Israel and how even in Israel Hashem will shake the earth and destroy Gog's people, while He protects Israel. Hashem can open the ground and swallow up the evil ones while protecting the ones who do Teshuvah. We saw that with Korach when the ground opened up, but yet saved his sons when they said last second Teshuvah -- Moshe emes, Toras emes, Moses is true, and his Torah is true. With Hashem everything is possible and He will destroy the evil and protect the righteous.

  8. That was amazing. I'm so happy I found this website. Baruch HaShem.