Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just a Quick Note of Encouragement

Many of my readers have sent me articles about the imminent release of Jonathan Pollard, B”H. It is interesting how in the name of Jew-hatred the US of Magog has decided to wait for his parole date of 21 November (with such humanitarian consideration that, because it is a Shabbos, they changed it to 20 November – I’m touched).

Why not release him today, this week, soon? The global elite know that they are trying to start World War 3 and that, like every other lie that they tell, let us say one thing and mean another. They know in the near future the release of a Jew who has been illegally and immorally incarcerated for three decades is going to be the least of the world’s problems.

So why am I calling this “a quick note of encouragement?” Because, it has become totally obvious that Moshiach will be announced by Tishrei 5776 at the latest (from scriptures, from Rabbanim, from the Facilitated Communications individuals, from many messages from Hashem, from my dot-connecting, etc, etc, etc), that Jonathan Pollard will be in Israel months before the date announced by the evil ones. Notice, I said “by Tishrei,” meaning anytime between TODAY AND ABOUT TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!!! Jonathan Pollard will be here soon and I hope to meet him – he is my hero, which is what the Gog cabal was trying to avoid.

My first writing:
At first they decided to release him, but with the contingency that he remain in Magog. That, I believe, has been changed since they think that it won’t make any difference once they get their war started.

Revised writing:
I just saw in the totally evil news that Jonathan Pollard must remain in Magog five years after his parole -- it's the law?  More Jew-hatred.  I guess they are afraid that any money he makes during those five years, that they may lose out on his taxes.  I don't know why an individual who illegally stayed in Magog for three decades has to stay another half decade, unless they read my blog about him being a hero -- they just can't allow that.

Hashem’s plan is that the release of Jonathan Pollard is part of the Geula, will happen soon with his return to his home, Israel. Therefore it is great news – not the news from the evil Jew-hating media, which is controlled by the evil global elite, but the Heavenly edition of the news from the true Controller of everything. Thank you Hashem.

Note:  If it seems that I am making light of this, it is only my very positive attitude that Hashem is running the show, not evil sub-human beings.  It is all good news with a happy ending -- I read the book.


  1. I reckon that no government is going to be able to resist the request of Mashiach to deliver Jonathan Pollard home safe and sound. May he come quickly and establish G-d's kingdom on earth in Yerushalayim, as has been the purpose of creation all along.

    Thanks for the original prognostication, i"y H!

    1. When Moshiach is crowned King, there are no more governments. Only Hashem in in charge through His servant, Moshiach, and all His servants, us. When the Yetzer Harah is removed from everyone, no one is going to do anything other than the will of Hashem.

  2. Why would the Sanhedrin write to Obama and the Pope* that they will be judged in Tishrei if the Sanhedrin would have any doubt about Israel's redemption by that time ?

    That is another sign of our imminent redemption by end of Tishrei.

    1. I am not familiar with these statements from the Sanhedrin. I am sure they are totally aware of the coming of the Geula by Tishrei.

      I am also totally sure that Hashem will take care of Obumer and the Pope. In fact there are many statements brought down in scriptures that already tell us their fate. Hashem has it all covered, not to worry.

  3. Keeping Jonathan Pollard in America is just another term for house arrest. They don't want him accessible and they don't want him to be able to talk freely. There are those in Israel also who want him to keep his mouth shut.

    1. I agree, except that he would have plenty of opportunity to talk in the US. I also believe after three decades he probably has nothing to say.

      I read that they know that he would return to Israel as a hero with great fanfare, and the immature Jew-haters are bothered by that.