Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Answer to an Excellent Comment

I received this excellent comment that I thought needed more than a short answer:

Anonymous July 12, 2015 at 8:03 AM
L'kvod the Rav.
Thank you for everything that you do for this blog and more.
Much appreciation.
Just going through a down moment and I was surfing older posts. It looks to me like there were other key times where events in the world were escalating and geula was likely to be imminent and yet we are still here now with a world falling apart all around us. Trying to be so hopeful and davening/yearning for Geula B'rachamim for all of us like never before however there is that niggling voice saying we've been here before/seen promising events that were leading us to the light before etc. and time keeps moving forward and no Geula yet....
I do understand that it is a process and all events are keys to bringing us to the finality of it-it just seems like it will continue to take so much time.
Please understand that I'm not trying to be disrespectful or invalidate anything - it's just a feeling that I'm hoping those that are greater/wiser can address.
Thank you so much.
Bas Yisroel

My response:

You are absolutely correct. Hashem has given us an opportunity many times in many generations to bring on the Geula. We even know that there is a potential Moshiach in every generation. Jews were convinced after WW2 that we had seen the worst possible horror for the Jews, and then when we re-established Eretz Yisroel, many were convinced that those were the final events needed to bring Moshiach. Again, after the 67 war when there were no Arabs left in Israel, that was a very good possibility for Geula. Instead we invited the Arabs to return.

As you are saying there were many times when it looked good and didn't occur. Why? Because Hashem told us conditions to bring Geula, and we didn't behave. He told us "When all the Jews do Teshuvah; He told us when the Jews observe two Shabbatot in a row; He told us when we stop fighting amongst ourselves and started helping each other." This list can go on, but the message is clear: every time we had the opportunity to save the world and ourselves, we blew it and told Hashem: "not yet, we are still building the golden calf." You get the idea.

You are probably aware that Moshiach will come early, if we are deserving, or in its time, if we are not. We have never as a people been worthy, but every scripture passage and commentary that tells us when the end will be (the last possible time for Moshiach), tells us it is now. That list is so long, and has been covered for the most part on my blog and many other blogs; we are here and it is time.  If you doubt that, then you are part of the problem, since another condition is that we all have faith in Hashem and are truly turning to Him for help.  We are not waiting for Moshiach, Moshiach is waiting for us.  He is here and ready to be crowned as Rav Nir Ben Artzi and other Rabbanim have told us.  We just need to tell Hashem: we have had enough of this crazy upside-down fantasy world, WE WANT MOSHIACH, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will we see all the Jews do Teshuvah? Absolutely! The world is getting so scary, even atheists will look up and say “HELP!!!” One word of Teshuvah, where every good person, including all the Jews will turn to Hashem as a last resort. Then Hashem will say: "you finally caught on, here is Moshiach."  I am preparing a post with more details about world events and why they are indications that we are at the end.  The information is so extensive that it really leaves very little doubt about how close we are.

It is all good news, since it is from Hashem.


  1. The paperless money is more efficient. Don't worry everything will be just fine.

    1. I beg to disagree. A paperless money setup is the most manipulative way to cheat and steal funds from the public.

      I am not worried since Hashem takes care of His faithful. But, the public that is unsuspecting of bank shenanigans should be more than worried.

    2. What if Jade Helm comes and goes without any martial law. Then sheviis comes and goes. Then Obama leaves office and hands it over to the new Pres. Yes, America declines and becomes a less pleasant place but nothing radical happens. Would you be surprised?

    3. What if the sun doesn't come up tomorrow? The plans of the US of Magog doesn't make any difference, but the prophesies of scriptures that have been totally correct for thousands of years is our only concern.

      What will happen for sure is Hashem's will. He is the accurate source, not me, not political annalists, not military prognosticators, not Alex Jones, etc, etc, etc.

      Are you looking at what is happening in the world and seeing a bed of roses, when their is only the thorns from the rosebush? What is coming up is totally unimportant. What has happened already are messages from Hashem that we need to totally turn to Him for what is coming up. If you are looking for an excuse not to do Teshuvah, you are hurting yourself, your loved ones and anyone who reads your excuse. Please, please, please get out of the upside-down fantasy world and get with reality. What is coming up will be absolutely nothing to the righteous of the world, and complete horror to the wicked. I encourage everyone to be on correct side and live -- no excuses needed nor wanted.