Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Devarim, 3 Av 5775 (19/7/15)

Father of Mercy who has mercy for everything in the world. Everything with Him is honest and true, mercy and judgment, everything with the Creator is a just ruling. G-d has created the animals and man and has chosen the people of Israel. After purifying the world, purifying and sanctifying our fathers, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, the People of Israel came - the Chosen People whom He has chosen from all of the nations of the world - the Jews.

All of the forces of nature, fire, water, wind, earth, will act up all over the world. In the holy land of Israel nothing will happen, only good. G-d is sick of the evil in the world; He plans that this world be pure and holy, that it have kindness, that everyone be merciful and obey the commandments. This is where G-d is guiding the world now. Every day, G-d increases judgment in the world more and more, through the forces of nature, anti-Semitism, conflicts between countries and among themselves. Whatever G-d decides - that is what will be.

G-d allowed the atomic bomb to be created, not to destroy the world. If G-d wanted to destroy the world, He would have done so like with Noah. G-d uses the forces of nature all over the world, strikes here and strikes there, so that the world repents. G-d will not relent, only increase.

Jews in Israel need to understand and know the good, that G-d is protecting them, and Jews outside of Israel need to run away urgently and come to the protected and guarded land of Israel. Do not test G-d, and do not mess with Him. How brainless, without knowledge or sense can a man be and not understand what G-d is doing.

Iran - Nothing has been signed. There are objections in the United States and the world. Though they signed an empty piece of paper, we said it before: Iran does not change its plans. It does not listen to the United States and wants to do what it wants. They smile to the world and continue to manufacture the atomic bombs as usual; they just want their economy to be released. Iran wants to be powerful like Russia and the US.

The United States is proud that they signed this agreement, this blank paper. All of the countries that signed need to force Iran to stand by their instructions. Iran is deathly afraid of G-d and the state of Israel and is trying to harm Israel through Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is finished; its best soldiers are being killed like flies. All of the Muslims in the world are talking among each other: Why are they fighting each other? Ammunition from Iran to Hezbollah has stopped but they have large quantities of ammunition. Hezbollah soldiers have entered Syria to fight and are in trouble. Hezbollah and Nasrallah are keeping very heavy weapons, just in case. May they fall on their swords and may their bows break.

The IDF needs to look into the noises on the northern border; they are digging tunnels there too. Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to do something on the border of Israel to show that they still exist. The IDF must be vigilant on the borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza and all the way to Eilat. Don't be complacent. Hezbollah wants to get out and do something that will get them in the media. May they fall on their swords and may their bows break.

In Syria it is Sodom and Gomorra; they are killing each other by the thousands. Refugees from Syria are running to Greece now because Turkey is filled with ISIS, and in Jordan they have nowhere to be; it is going to explode from refugees. The king of Jordan has his hands and feet tied.

ISIS is attacking Egypt and soon will attack Hamas. There are terrible riots in Egypt and Gaza.

In Egypt, Hamas is causing great damage, ISIS and Hamas are causing destruction and rebellion in Egypt, and it is not being published. Egypt continues to lose direction and will go up in flames.

Hamas in Gaza continues to dig tunnels 24 hours a day. They are digging 40 tunnels in front of Israel and, mainly, in front of IDF bases. The government of Israel must not be delusional that everything will be fine in Gaza!

Iraq is a Babel Tower. G-d is destroying Iraq in stages because He swore He would never cause a flood again. Every country that goes against Israel - G-d will destroy it, complicate it economically, politically and socially.

They must put soldiers and police officers in civilian clothing around Jerusalem. Israel, do not believe Abu Mazen. Israel does not need to fear the United States or any country in the world.

The parties in the current government, the right-wing parties that were elected, need to be united, it is not a time for games! You were chosen by the people and need to show kindness between you. If you do not worry about your own interests, you will receive help from the heavens.

G-d is watching over the state of Israel. A cloud of fire surrounds Israel and still you must watch over yourselves. The IDF must remain vigilant, it must protect and guard. Yeshiva students must learn Torah and pray together with the people of Israel and then there will be protection and safety for all of Israel. In the holy land of Israel, Jews need to listen to G-d, obey the commandments, pray, learn Torah, and be kind. The state of Israel has the greatest power in the world, from the heavens and the earth.

There are seven billion people in the world that are jealous of and hate the Jews - how can such a tiny nation be the most powerful one in the world?! They are losing their minds. Anti-Semitism will increase to infinity, until the last of the Jews comes to Israel.

All of the Jews talking to the gentiles and who want peace with them - the gentiles will come at you first! Remember that. It is going to happen, there are no mistakes!

In Israel there is wealth, respect, and the best economy in the world. There are many immigrants coming to Israel and they will continue to come.

All of the conmen, bribers, those that care for their own interests, swindlers, and frauds will be revealed. The officials will be revealed in the media and the others more privately, they will get theirs. If they truly repent now, G-d will protect them.

G-d did not cancel 9 of Av this year so that the people of Israel feel what this holiday is, so that the Jews that fast will have another great privilege. The people of Israel must try to fast, to think and aim their thoughts at the destruction of the temple and not think about the fast and how they will fast.

G-d is purifying all of the Jews, cleaning them and sanctifying them so that no stain remains, especially with the religious ones that are the mirror of the people of Israel.

G-d does not have time to wait; He wants to publicly crown the Messiah as king.

The Messiah, king, son of David is acting and working, his prayers and requests for the state of Israel do not go unheard, it is for the protection of Israel. Jews must pray three times a day!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. Tiski le Mitswot Reb Menachem, thank you so much for your effort to translate such encouraging newsletters may we see Messiah soon! Hatzlacha with your book!

    1. Thank you. I believe that the time of Messiah is much closer than we think. I just finished a long post, that I still need to review, and expect to post tomorrow morning. I do hint to possibilities, and even I can't wait to see what I am going to say.

  2. Someone told me that Rav Kanievski openly said that Moshiach is coming after the shmita year. Is that true? Could you ask Rav Ben Artzi what he thinks about that.
    Thank you

    1. That news appeared on many blogs recently, and I believe it was verified to be true. It is not really a surprise since it says in the Talmud, Sanhedrin 97, what will happen in each year of the Shemitah cycle just before the Geula and then just after the 7th year, Moshiach will be introduced. This Shemitah cycle definitely matches the cycle information of Sanhedrin.