Monday, July 20, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Matos Masei 25 Tammuz, 5775 (12/7/15)


G-d, Ruler of all Worlds, begs and asks all Jews living outside of Israel to urgently come to the holy land of Israel! It won't do you any good if you stay where you are, do not trust the gentiles, the gentiles need you and take advantage of you and then toss you away. There are seven billion people in the world who are about to go crazy and harm the Jews that are not in Israel.

The economy in Israel is blooming and succeeding; it is the best in the world. Israel has all of the natural treasures of the world - oil, gold, gas, precious metals, and other materials. Everything will be discovered one after the other. The real estate is blooming; they are building stores everywhere, roads and homes everywhere. You need to invest in the Negev, West Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin. There are a million Jews waiting to come to Israel and it will continue. Another million and another million, it will not stop!

The government of Israel must be serious. If the parliament members don't stop eating at each other and playing with each other, and continue to only care about their own interests, G-d says that the government will take a huge fall!

All who are responsible for the IDF must protect them and give them full support and protection at all costs. Do not listen to the gentiles who are influencing the citizens in Israel to investigate IDF soldiers. If you do not protect the IDF soldiers, they will simply not protect Israel and will not take any risks protecting the holy land of Israel and it is a shame!

G-d is giving all of the good in Israel. G-d is calling it the land of milk and honey! When the Jews pray three times a day in a Minion, schedule time for Torah and obey the commandments, the gates of heaven will open to the Jews in Israel!

G-d's goal is to crown the Messiah as king and build the Third Temple so that the people of Israel stop suffering and the nations of the world stop bothering the people of Israel.

All of the thieves, the corrupt, conmen will be revealed, even those who care only for their own interests.

All over the world hatred and jealousy between and among nations will continue together with anti-Semitism against the Jews.

China and Jordan are going to fall apart, do not invest in China or Jordan. Open factories in the holy land. You may make less money but you will be blessed for life.

Jordan will go crazy and then end. It lives off of Israel; it is protected by Israel and afraid that Israel will close its water. The refugees are filling Jordan, most of the Syria refugees go to Jordan.

Anti-Semitism is increasing every day. All of the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Africa, and more places are going into Europe in huge numbers and are going to destroy all of Europe. Armageddon won't only be in Arab countries around Israel, but also in Europe. The refugees will eat away at Europe. The Jews should run from them so long as they still can and come to Israel. Do not go to the United States, only to Israel!

Iran continues to create atomic rockets and is laughing at the United States and everyone. It has exaggerated requests from the United States. It will not have peace with them. The great wonder is that they are deathly afraid of Israel.

Egypt is like a volcano; lava has erupted and is flowing. Blood will spill.

ISIS is Arabs within Arabs and Sisi doesn't have any power, he is in their sights. Sisi, watch over yourself, if you can.

Hamas is arming ISIS so that they don't hurt them in Gaza. ISIS will kill Hamas with the weapons that they give them. It is called falling on your swords and breaking your bows. Hamas is working around the clock, preparing 40 tunnels towards Israel, especially towards IDF bases. They want to, heaven forbid, harm IDF solders in order to regain their honor. Within the tunnels that they are digging, they have installed radar blockers to prevent the tunnels from being detected.

Citizens of Israel and IDF soldiers - If you hear a noise even suspect the smallest thing do not be silent! Report it right away to the authorities and G-d will help us discover everything.

Syria is disappearing.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are disappearing a little bit each day.

Lebanon does not want to get involved in everything that is going on.

Iraq is being erased, it has no judgment.

Abu Mazen and Hamas are in full cooperation. They are doing everything in order to take parts of Israel away. If they succeed, heaven forbid, they will continue to fight Israel, and if they don't, they will also fight Israel.

ISIS is wreaking havoc in Turkey.

Dear Jews, it is best not to go to Turkey, or leave Israel at all. No one in the world likes Jews, hatred and jealousy is spreading all over the world against the Jews.

In East Jerusalem you need to be careful, there are a lot of conspiracies run by foreigners who are influencing the Arabs to hurt the Jews in Jerusalem.

Greece will continue to fall, they have their pride. G-d is settling debts with every country that treated badly the state of Israel or the Jews.

There will continue to be harsh floods around the world and fire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, winds, and storms. All of these disasters will be outside of Israel and not in Israel.

Dear Jews, we are flesh and blood and in order to live we need food. But Jews also have a G-dly spirit that must be fed with prayer three times a day, Torah, and obeying the commandments - then the Jew will be complete, strong and protected against any problem in the world! When everyone does what we said here, the people of Israel will be strong and no one can hurt us.

Those who read your fortunes in coffee, tarot cards, dream solvers, and other imaginers - do not go to them! Ask directly from G-d. Do not go abroad searching for G-d, G-d is in the State of Israel and everywhere - speak directly to Him! There is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel protecting Israel and still the Jews must protect themselves.

During The Three Weeks before 9 of Av, do not speak ill of others because there is judgment in the world. The 9th of Av is like Yom Kippur, you must redeem yourself for your actions.

Everywhere around the world there will be trouble and in the holy land of Israel everything will be good. Not only the Jews will cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah as king - the entire world will cry out to G-d because they are sick of all of the suffering around the world. They will cry out to G-d in their own way to crown the Messiah as king. The Messiah is working and operating 24 hours a day in order to protect the people of Israel! Soon, the King Messiah will rule over the world himself.

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  1. How does he know "Within the tunnels that they are digging, they have installed radar blockers to prevent the tunnels from being detected"?
    AND "China and Jordan are going to fall apart"?
    If China goes, that's a huge country with a huge amt of people. What will they do?

    1. I have been listening to Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita for years. My list of "how does he know?" is very, very long. He is a Mekubal, and whether it is Ruach Hakodesh or Nevua almost makes no difference, "he knows." I thank Hashem for such individuals and how they help us.

      I know of individuals who have visited him for advice and were astounded at what he knew about these individual without them telling him. "He knows."

  2. Hello Menachem!!!

    Rav Nir Ben Artzi said:

    "Not only the Jews will cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah as king - the entire world will cry out to G-d because they are sick of all of the suffering around the world. They will cry out to G-d in their own way to crown the Messiah as king".

    Except Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach, like the idólatras will go to ask to top Moshiach?!

    As they (essavim and ishmaelim ) can claim to Hashem , if they are idolaters ?!

    All the best and Shavua Tov !!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. Hashem's glorious plan, that is happening all around us, is to take the world from one of falsehood and lies to the world of absolute truth. Everyone who survives will live the truth, since the ones who will not survive are the idolaters, liers, cheaters, perpetrators of evil, violators of the commandments, etc. Only the righteous will be left and thus the world will be a wonderful place of righteousness and goodness.

      This has been my theme for the past 40 months on this blog and my book. Those who live by Hashem's word and turn to Him for everything will be the inheritors of this wonderful world of truth. Those who don't think they need to do Hashem's will are fools throwing it all away. Now is the time to decide: are you a winner of glorious life, or a fool? It is that simple

      Thank you Luiz, I always enjoy hearing from you; you are among the righteous.

    2. B'H!!!


      Thank you so much for the words Menachem!!!

      All the best!!! :)

      Luiz Felipe - S. P. - Brazil

  3. "There are seven billion people in the world who are about to go crazy..." CHECK
    "All of the thieves, the corrupt, con men will be revealed..." CHECK
    " fall apart." CHECK
    "Greece will continue to fall..." CHECK

    "The entire world will cry out to G-d because they are sick of all of the suffering around the world. They will cry out to G-d in their own way to crown the Messiah as king." TBA (may it be soon!)

    Thanks for the reminder - otherwise, it could get really discouraging!


    1. Thank you David. Read my comment above that I gave to our friend, Luiz, for I include you amongst the righteous, and know that both of you will go on to a wonderful life in the world of truth.

      I do enjoy talking to good people, but much more importantly is how much Hashem loves His good followers.