Thursday, July 23, 2015

Optimism is the Answer!

After many years of searching, I believe that I have found the most optimistic person in the world. This person is completely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ein Od Milvado, there is nothing but Him, and that everything that happens in this world is from Hashem for His purpose. Since we are all part of Him, we are all One, everything that exists and happens is for our benefit. So, who is this person of such tremendous faith and trust in Hashem and is seeing only the positive side of everything? It is ME (bli ayin harah)! Even when I get my eyes checked, I always go to an Optometrist, never a Pessometrist (even my spell check didn’t like that). He gives me better insight – I’m positive.

Enough of the bad jokes (they were very cornea). Why am I so happy and celebrating about 35 hours a day (it is a solemn celebration during the 9 days, but look out next week!!!). The evidence that we are getting extremely close to the happy ending, also known in my household as the happy beginning, is overwhelming. The time of redemption and the introduction of Moshiach is upon us.

My dot-connecting, the messages from the Facilitated Communications individuals (especially Ben Golden) the messages from Rabbis, Mekubalim, Torah scholars, fulfilled prophecies, events happening in the world that we know will happen right before the Moshiach is introduced, commentary over thousands of years of what to expect in the end of days, many, many comments and Emails that I have received from my excellent and very intelligent readers (yes, you), etc, etc, and one more very exciting “etc” are all totally consistent and saying the same good news (how was that for a run-on sentence?). These are messages from Hashem; and, therefore everyone is convinced “we are there.”

Am I believing that the world will not become crazier, more chaotic, more dangerous, more horrible, scarier and less pleasant in the near future? No it will be worse than that. So how can I be in such a celebratory mood? I’m glad you asked. I know with such tremendous proof that it will be everything from total destruction down to absolutely unnoticeable. I know that for every individual on Earth it will be everything from horrible suffering to I didn’t notice anything happening. I know I repeat myself, but let me sum up my over a thousand pages of blog that I wrote for the past 40 months and the over 300 page book that I wrote summarizing everything: “It is measure for measure according to how much you are living Hashem’s Absolute Truth.” I am saying the jury is in and the verdict is: “Hashem is the only way to total joy, happiness, success, prosperity and overall goodness for you and your loved ones.” There is no debate, there is no speculation, those who follow Hashem will completely thrive; those who are on their own and think they know better, will suffer greatly!!!!!!!!

I am so happy that Tisha B’Av is falling out on a Shabbos this year, for Shabbos is my favorite day of the week for celebrating. For years I have had the problem: how can I be sad about losing the Temples thousands years ago when we are so close to the time of the Third and Permanent Temple and a wonderful life of comfort and joy? The best answer I can give you is that the true sadness is not for me, but for millions (or perhaps billions) of Jews and righteous non-Jews worldwide who have not caught on to the reason for my merriment. Hashem is handing us an eternal life, that is so far from our own comprehension how great it will be, and we still debate whether we should accept this gift or bring suffering to ourselves and our loved ones. Does this sound ludicrous? Yet, many reading this now are still questioning “should I or not?”

Everybody, reading this, needs to stop evaluating what the Absolute Truth means to you and to get to work LIVING IT. Everybody, reading this, needs to talk to every Jew you know and let them know time is up, that they also have to start living the Absolute Truth or pay severe consequences. Everybody, reading this, needs to join me in a campaign to save the world, starting with yourself and loved ones. Everybody, reading this, has the golden opportunity to stop living in this upside-down fantasy world and change it to a world of truth and goodness where everyone is extremely happy and doesn’t have a care in the world. I mentioned recently that these three weeks are weeks of testing to see who is with Hashem and who is still without a clue. If you have taken on the commandments, perhaps very watered down as you learn, but are trying, if you observed a Shabbos recently or at least tried, if you have attempted to pray to Hashem every day, if you have considered a kosher lifestyle, etc, you have joined the ranks of the fortunate who will survive and thrive. Hashem is with you and wants to help – give Him the opportunity.

If you haven’t made any effort to turn to Hashem, today is the day to start. This Shabbos, which is the 9th day of Av, is a very big day to try to pass the test. Show Hashem your true intentions and love for Him by trying to do what is correct, the reason you are on this Earth, believe it or not.

If you read my posts on the fact that Prayer Works, meaning you can have everything you want in this world and for all eternity. A positive attitude results in a very positive and happy life. If you haven’t read my book, which sums it up very clearly, and is much better organized than my 378 posts that I have made on this blog, get a copy and read it (actually, study it). If you are new to this blog or have even forgotten my over 800 pages of proof, I insist that you get my book, read it once or twice, share it with everyone you know and start living the absolute truth. The book includes many topics that I haven’t covered on this blog with the topics being much more organized and expanded. The subtitle of my book is “The Solution to All Your Problems – Guaranteed in Writing!!!” Do not take this lightly. My thousands of hours of research and observation of tens of thousands of people over a half century have provided me with proof that is unshakable.

Am I trying hard to just sell a book? At present I am thousands of dollars in the hole, since I have given away many, many books, and the ones I sold were at a price of about one third of what I paid for the book. I don’t need the money. I am trying to do the most difficult job in the world: SAVE THE WORLD; SAVE YOU!!! Your happiness and success is my pay for all this effort.
The Amazon Kindle version of the book is now available.  Click Amazon Kindle to view. Or you can buy the Ebook directly from me. Just click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the right column of this blog and you will get the Ebook sent to you by Email (but not on Shabbos). If you want a copy of the book, click on the book cover also on the top of the right column and purchase it from

Conclusion: Am I saying that this Tisha B’Av, to be commemorated this Sunday, will be a fast day and not a feast day? No, but Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, said it. I am the eternal optimist and still hopeful of a day of feasting (I definitely prefer eating to not eating). So why am I believing that we are so close and that the time for action from all of us is so vital? I believe that certain prophesies are happening now that let us know “we are there.” As an example: the end of the prophet Daniel who tells us about the 1290 days and those of us who are fortunate to reach 1335 days (which sounds like those who survive and thrive) is the most telling way of saying the date of the happy ending. I am not a prophet, but my dot connecting points to these numbers happening now. I believe I have the exact dates figured for the 45 day period within which we must get our acts together to completely prosper, or completely suffer (and, of course, everything in-between). I will not say the dates, since I can only verify my calculations after the fact. The most important message is: if you are not doing the commandments and living the absolute truth as Hashem has provided us, start today!!!” This is not speculation, the proof is extremely compelling. Please, please, please save yourself, save your loved ones and help me save the entire world – you will be so, so happy you did.

I hope to get into more details in the coming weeks, but remember this Shabbos may be the most important day of your life. Do the right thing, you will be so, so happy – I am totally optimistic, now it's your turn.


  1. For years I have had the problem: how can I be sad about losing the Temples thousands years ago when we are so close to the time of the Third and Permanent Temple and a wonderful life of comfort and joy?

    Exactly! That's why my talit has blue and gold stripes, can't greet Moshiach in mourning clothes!

  2. I retina your serious about this true happiness. There really is enough vitrious on the internet. It produces such a stigmatism in one's growth, you know. I agree with you.
    Esavatropia? Blech! Who needs him anyway? Such a myopic man.
    If we would all work on looking at the world through Hashem's lense then we would recognize that this world is changing rapidly and the those who refuse to see this will continue to stumble...
    May we heed these warnings and open our eyes and our hearts and minds to sincere prayer!

    1. I am so glad that we see eye to eye on the subject. I think you are sillier than me.

  3. "I think you are sillier than me"
    Did you mean to say to her "similar" to me....??
    I hope so!

    1. Her retort to my silly statements was very silly. Since we were both silly, I guess that makes us similar. As long as we are not secular.

      Hashem created humor and gave it to us. It is a tool of friendship to keep people happy with each other, it is a defense mechanism when many around you are discriminatory and, above all, it is a teaching tool, since people like to laugh -- it keeps their attention even with very serious subjects. Thank you Hashem.

      I personally think that if I want lead the world to complete happiness, I should lead them laughing, it is a big part of the joy of life. I have been called a Rebbe on the internet, better known as the "Webbe."

  4. Heh heh heh.....
    Excellent article- dvrei chizuk. Here's a scary one or perhaps it is actually ok that I think this way: Iran just ordered 100 Russian planes that are fighter planes that can refuel mid air more easily etc....
    While on one hand that is scary, on the other hand it tells me Moshiach/geulah is even closer.
    I pray for the safety of all those deemed righteous and able to change -do teshuvah. I pray for the death of evil and for a new world full of good and peace to arise THIS day- THIS year.
    Oh and yes, it is possible that I'm sillier... :) (My husband would be so proud- I'm using his jokes. ;)

    1. First of all, read my answer to the comment from Mr or Ms. Anonymous above.
      Anonymous July 23, 2015 at 7:42 AM. Yes we were talking about you, and I apologize if we got into any Lashon Harah, chas v'shalom.

      Everything that is happening in the news is a sign of Moshiach, and is all good news. So far as who is in danger and who is safe, that is completely up to Hashem based on who is with Him and who is not. I am totally optimistic that Hashem has everything under control and that everything is for the good.

      The seriousness of plagiarizing humor though, that is a questionable act. So my question is can I plagiarize some of your hubby's quips? I just thought the way you were egging my on, it was no yoke. Don't try to scramble that message. Just kidding, I'm-a-let you try.

      By the way, I do find a lot of the news of today very comical. If people are scared, than it must mean that they are on the verge of doing Teshuvah, and the joke is on them. Hashem works in mysterious ways.

      If we had seen a movie about thirty years ago about the story of what is happening in the world today, we would have laughed at the producer and said that is not realistic, it is science fiction. Yet, we live this nonsense every day, take it so seriously, until we realize that the Producer is Hashem for the purpose of straightening out our lives. How to turn a tragedy into a comedy.

    2. I apologize, I have trouble giving short answers.

  5. Reb Menachem and Leah, ow, ow, OW! My hubby has the same sorts of jokes. I usually take them for groaners. They hurt so good!

    1. Congratulations, it sounds like you married well. Humor in a marriage is very important even if it hurts. But your husband being named Groaners is unusual. Is that a Russian name?

  6. Ah, yes, of course, there is no loshon hora here- no worries. My husband has told me on many many occasions, 'Yes, please use my humor." He loves it. No yolk!
    Very recently I made these funny quips and had them laminated for "use" at the Shabbos table. They are statements like, "Warning! You are stepping in to a joke!" "Eye rolling is acceptable" and "Help me, please!" I put them on popsicle sticks and when he says a joke at the table, I slowly ever so slowly raise the appropriate statement and we all have a good laugh. He lovvves it! So, no worries
    So, Reb, on the sunny side up of things, yes Hashem is in control. Agreed.
    Everyday new things abound and we must have emunah and increase it everyday. IS it easy for me? Nope. Am I trying? Yes. I speak to Hashem everyday and explain to Him what is in my mind and my heart and ask Him to help me to have greater emunah and that I love Him and trust Him and thank Him for His watchfulness in these matters.
    Kol tov

    1. This reminds me of an incident that happened recently at our synagogue. It was Shabbos and we wanted to give a particular guest an aliyah.

      The Rabbi asked: What is your name?
      Guest: Sarah bas Moshe
      Rabbi: No, what is your name?
      Guest: Sarah bas Moshe
      Rabbi: I don't understand.
      Guest: You see, we have had a lot of trouble in the family so we have put everything into my wife's name.

      That story was absolutely not true.

  7. Oh, hysterical!!! Too funny, though


  9. Shalom Rav,
    Do you hv any idea whether pope Francis plays role in enftimes?
    I heard he announce resign next month.
    Thx Rav. Hasheem bless you.Shabbat Shalom

    1. I do not have any specifics for an individual as the Pope.

      Since the book of Ovadiah is specific about the end of Edom, which for thousands of years all Rabbis agree it refers to the Romans and Xtianity, I would say he will be unemployed in the near future even if he doesn't resign. Anything additional pertaining to him an the end times would be speculation, which I like to avoid.

  10. May we see the Moshiach very soon.

  11. OK thx Rav. Hasheem bless you