Monday, July 13, 2015

So, What's Coming Up?

The United States seems to be headed towards a new Civil War. The activities that are happening are so divisive that it is looking more obvious every day that total unrest and chaos is increasing and will soon occur from sea to shining sea. What is really happening? Who is to blame; and, one must ask the question: is this so well planned that they have already set up major so-called exercises such as Jade Helm to quell the upcoming war (or to provoke it)? What is the absolute truth?

Let’s begin an analysis by reviewing areas of tension that are brewing:

Hatred of blacks, of whites, Jew-hatred, Muslim and Xtian bashing. It seems that anything that could cause hatred between people has been festering (more areas of hatred to be discussed below). Whites killing blacks, blacks killing whites, the great awakening of hate group who hate everyone, boycotting, race riots, police brutality including many killings of unarmed citizens, etc.
North and the South against each other. The confederate flag being outlawed, as if it were a terrorist’s flag.
Religious against the secular. Laws that favor secular lifestyle, throwing Hashem’s commandments out, or treating them with total disrespect. Abortion rights, same sex marriages (now legal is all 50 states), removal of ten commandments from public buildings, removal of G-d from the Pledge of Allegiance and even the Declaration of Independence, complete separation of church and state including teaching false science: everything as a manifestation of natural selection and completely by accident (no Creator allowed), Jewish traditions of Spiritual Slaughter and circumcision being frowned upon (the list of Jewish laws and customs that are being questioned could be a separate post completely), etc, etc, etc. 
A greatly stepped up movement pitting men against women and women against men. Transgender terminology being controlled by law. There are places that you can no longer say boys and girls, or men and women. They would even like to do away with separate rest room facilities – one room for both. Laws that allow boys or girls to make decisions without parental consent, such as a desire for sex change (and other such nonsense). Anything to turn men against women and women against men all in the name of freedom and rights (it looks like I broke the law in talking about it).
Education levels. Academia is having a field day in bashing individuals who are less educated. This is in the schools, workplace and anywhere else they can embarrass and humiliate others. 
The US is the most incarcerated nation in the world. There are about 3 million Americans behind bars, indicative of the lawlessness in the country. Of course any country that thinks it is alright for men to marry men and women to marry women is a deviate society which is not in Hashem’s favor or loving care. You can’t have a law abiding society that ignores Hashem’s law – the real law of this world.
The vast immigration of illegals entering the country creating a great employment controversy, welfare and medical coverage inequality. It has been affirmed that the immigration has allowed terrorist organizations to infiltrate, including many weapons. I believe this to be intentional.
Young against the elderly and the elderly against the young. This is even perpetuated by government programs that treat the elderly as though they were close to death, meaning we shouldn’t waste so much money on their lives (very much happening in the medical field, even part of Obamacare).
Rich against poor. It seems that the middleclass is rapidly disappearing, similar to what other countries experienced just before their revolutions (Russia, France, etc). There has been a very well controlled program worldwide to hurt the population financially. People losing their homes, jobs, retirements, investments, a lack of food and water, a lack of medical care, inflation, etc, etc, etc. It has all been orchestrated intentionally and those who don’t believe that are the ones who have been victimized. The worst financial crisis hasn’t happened yet, even though we have seen test cases such a Greece, Italy, Spain, Detroit (no that is not a country, but has been plagued with bankruptcy like many countries), and many, many others places (the list, once again is staggering). There is a financial crisis in the making, of which almost no one is aware. It is Top Secret and involves 208 countries. I will spill the beans shortly. Do you know that it is illegal in 37 cities to be homeless? The government took away your home and then told you not to be homeless. It is illegal to feed the homeless and is punishable with jail time. So where do the homeless go? They authorities, you know the gestapo, has rounded up many homeless and taken them to FEMA camps where they are never seen again. If you don’t think that is happening, you are naive. 
Government against everyone. It is so obvious that the leaders are only perpetuating personal agendas that satisfy their greedy desires. “Government of the people, by the people and for the people” has become “stick it to the people.”
This was by no means a complete list of areas of conflict that is turning the United States into a battleground. Unfortunately, most countries in the world are following suit. So the question that begs asking is why is all this happening, who is causing it and what is yet to happen?

Let us get to the bottom line of all this evil craziness. I have mentioned several times the agenda of the rich, greedy, evil global elite (Gog Bush, his cabal, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, etc) who are trying to start World War 3 to kill off 93% of the world population (approximately 6.8 billion) to set up a one world Communist government with a one world currency – the New World Order. Everything I mentioned above falls into the purview of this evil agenda and the ignorance of the world population is helping them succeed. Jade Helm has a much more profound mission. It is a well-organized step to control the population who rebel against any of the plan of the global elite. In other words, those who fight the system can be taken to one of the FEMA death camps never to be seen again. It worked for the Nazis. If that sounds extreme and very harsh, consider yourself catching on to the evil plans of the global elite.

Are all the conflicts mentioned above enough to get the entire country even other countries protesting and becoming subversive enough to risk such punishment and annihilation? Two answers. One is the people know so little about what is going on that they have the same attitude as the Europeans in the 1930’s: “How bad can it get?” “Our leaders wouldn’t do that to us, would they?”

If you think that the above is not severe enough, than let me give you the second answer. This is known by almost no one and therefore could easily be accomplished. 208 countries in the world are about to revalue their money in what is called the Global Currency Reset. This means that these countries will go from a useless monetary system like the Federal Reserve Note, FRN (which is called Fiat money and has the same value as Monopoly Money) to a commodity backed Treasury Reserve Note, TRN. That means that your money will be backed by gold, silver, oil, etc and actually have value. This sounds great. Right? Yes, until the governments tell you that your present money has to be exchanged for the new money, but at about 30 cents on the dollar. After all, the new money is worth much more than the old play money. If someone has, let say, one million dollars in the bank, the bank will exchange the money for the new currency and give the individual $300,000. They just stole $700,000 from that citizen. This ploy will allow the global elite to steal trillions and trillions of whatever currency people have. This will probably include pension funds, retirement funds, mutual funds, stocks, probably Social Security, property values and other government retirement programs. When the banks are closed and people can’t even get their money – maybe even to the point of people running out of food, water, utilities, etc, do you see mass protest, mass arrests, mass looting, civil war, mass chaos and literally the end of society as we know it?

Will this happen? It is brought down in scriptures that in the end of days we will not have a Prutah in our pockets. A Prutah is a coin that, I am guessing, is worth about one hundredth of an American penny. The message is clear, we will be broke. It is also brought down that like the first redemption from Egypt, we will be very wealthy (we left Egypt with all the spoils). Who will be rich and who will not have a Prutah in his pocket (or even have a pocket)? Those who had faith in Hashem and left with Moshe had the wealth – those who thought they knew better and didn’t want to leave, died in the plague of darkness. History will repeat itself. Follow Hashem and have it all, or follow Gog Bush and suffer unbearably.

What is the solution being provided by your elected leaders? Kill off most of the world population and commence with the New World Order – the global elite owning everything and the world population being their slaves to do all the work. If you can’t believe all this and think that my analysis is an exaggeration, put yourself in the category of the Europeans who said the same thing about the Soviet regime taking power or the Nazi Reich taking power or many other empires throughout history that performed for the good of their leaders with no regard for the people. The problem is this is the worst attempt in history – far more sinister than any past takeover and with much more efficient technology to get the job done.

Now the good news. That is not going to happen. Why? Because Hashem has already told us in scriptures his plan to bring the world to the world of truth, happiness, goodness and love. No more evil. The evil ones will all be wiped out. How? The Earth will shake, the volcanoes will erupt, the winds will blow, the floods will happen, the storms will happen, everything will be to help the righteous survive and thrive and do away with the evil. How close are we to this happening? Jade Helm starts this Wednesday (yes, the day after tomorrow), the Global Currency Reset is done, according to my contact in Washington, the chaos is happening worldwide.

We are not waiting for this to start, it is well under way. My suggestion for Jews and righteous non-Jews (he is going to say it again) “turn to Hashem.” The big difference is that this is no longer a suggestion. It is imperative and anyone who is skeptical and thinks he or she will wait and see, consider yourself in tremendous danger – time has run out.

You may ask: isn’t Israel in the same danger, isn’t Israel one of the 208 countries to be stolen from? The answer is Top, Top Secret and literally miraculous. There are protections that Hashem has set up. Secular Israelis will feel the wrath of their material ways while the Torah community will completely thrive as never seen before. I will not say any more, but I guarantee, those who trust Hashem will be smiling soon and those who think they know better will be crying. How good or bad will each individual experience upcoming events? Yes, I am going to say it for the thousandth time (I said it 51 times in my book), it is “measure for measure” according to how much you are following Hashem’s instructions, the Torah, the Absolute Truth, the commandments. Understand, comprender, comprendre, verstehen, kuelewa, понимаете, 明白了嗎,מבין?

One further thought to consider. We are in the three weeks of mourning – a time when the worst tragedies have occurred in history for the Jewish people. I have already written that this is a three week period that should include the best Teshuvah, repentance that one has performed in this life. This is the opportunity to save yourself and your loved ones from the wrath of the evil ones who days are numbered. The happy ending is near for those who want it. Hashem’s instructions are as clear as can be and the world events are as profound a sign as could be – this is your last chance to get it right for all eternity.

I have mentioned that the 4th of July was a great test, a Shabbos, to see which Jews would finally follow the commandments – the absolute way to repent. We actually had an even spookier sign on July 4. It was the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of the three weeks. One of the tragedies that happened on that day was the building of the Golden Calf and the breaking of the Tablets of the Ten Commandments when Moshe descended from Mount Sinai. There is no coincidence that the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy is one of the Ten Commandments. You had the opportunity to not be involved with the Golden Calf, materialism, and to not break the commandment of keeping the Sabbath holy. Of course, since the Ten Commandments represent the 613 commandments that Jews are obligated to keep, it is not only the Shabbos violation that you should be repenting. This is all a definite test, the final testing, from Hashem for every Jew in the world. Did you pass or are you in trouble? Are you even worthy of Hashem’s protection from the worldwide madness? Hashem in His mercy gave us another Shabbos to try again. Did you pass this time? If not, this coming Shabbos is the third opportunity. You may gamble and think: I know better, thinking: I will be alright. Well, I am going to be totally blunt, you and your loved ones are in great jeopardy if you think you know better. Your suffering will be great.

Will you reach Tikun, the correction that you need to enjoy the happiness of the Messianic Era coming up? Yes, every Jew will. But, how much suffering you will experience getting there and at what level of happiness you will achieve for you and your loved ones? That is what you need to evaluate and decide now. Will you die in a FEMA death camp after tremendous suffering; go to be cleansed in Hell before you come back to Earth to get a lesser level of goodness and happiness? Are you aware that whatever level you achieve will be your level forever and ever? That is the choice you have today, right now. This is not speculation, but the Absolute Truth that I have been telling you for 40 months. Have you caught on yet? If not, try to make up a very good excuse for your loved ones why you failed them.

Is there going to be a nuclear war? I doubt it very much according to my research. Yes, there may be what is called suitcase nuclear devices used in some of the largest cities worldwide. These devices already are in place in the hands of terrorist cells. But the much more dangerous possibility is shutting down entire countries like the US and/or Europe using nuclear EMP devices. If you are not familiar with such a tactic, Google it and get scared (and then turn to Hashem).

Even though there are many more subjects with an abundance of details that could be covered, that is enough for now. The biggest message is: no matter what is going on, no matter what the evil ones have planned for this world, only Hashem’s will is our salvation. The thousands of years of messages from scriptures and commentary, as well as the totally consistent messages from excellent sources of today, leave no doubt whatsoever about our only path to happiness and success. Thousands of years of history have taught us that Hashem and His Absolute Truth are the only way. Now you can join Moshe into the desert for success, or stay in Egypt to suffer and perish. Remember, whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away. Use it to survive and thrive for now and forever. Guaranteed in writing!!!!


  1. I was reminded by a friend of mine:
    All who eat the three meals of Shabbat will be saved from three things: punishment during the travails of Moshiach, the judgment of Gehinnom (Hell), and the war of Gog and Magog. (Shabbat 118a).

    With not too much effort, another great incentive to honor the Shabbat. Thank you Hashem, and thank you my friend for the reminder.

  2. Hi Rav - my understanding is that the absolute last time is the year 6000. What am i missing? i know that 5775 is crucial but also there will be another shmita in 7 years so that is also an auspicious time? The truth is Im desperate for moshiach and i already live here so im just waiting and praying

    1. Go to my post of 7 May 2012 entitled: "The Folding of History."
      Specifically, what the Zohar tells us about when events will happen. When you see that, you will see it tells us the time is NOW. That, along with all the prophesies throughout scriptures and the commentaries, tell us the time is NOW. The Messianic Era will go up to the year 6,000 with many additional miraculous changes to this Earth and the life we live; but, the actual time of Moshiach, Geula, Third Temple, return of all Jews and the lost tribes, etc is NOW. Also read my book for many more details -- it becomes obvious.

    2. Dear Absolute Truth,

      I am a former Christian who has been studying Torah for 4 yrs but am not yet in a position to convert. If I am stuck here in England, what will happen to me and my children? Must one get to Israel to be protected?

    3. I believe righteous non-Jews will be protected. To what degree? To whatever level of faith you have in Hashem. The more righteous, the more you turn to Hashem, the more He will help you. Hashem loves all His creations, and measure for measure, Jew or non-Jew, Hashem will return the goodness.

  3. Such optimistic posts!
    We will get there! We will get there! IY"H!!
    Just wondering - when you keep saying it's close, very close. What does that actually mean? Close is relative. Tomorrow could be close for some and light-years away for another. Personally, with everything going on - I try to live each day as full and accomplishing(true & real accomplishments!) as possible.
    Thank you

    1. The true optimism is the words of scriptures, from commentary and especially the messages from Hashem. You can't get more optimistic than that. Yes, we are close.

      When? Most events that are to happen before Moshiach have already happened, past tense. Other events are happening every day, that means now. What is the last possible day according to scriptures? It looks like Succos. Will things happen before that? Absolutely. This is not a one day affair even though we are told of the great day of Hashem that is coming. I am seeing very significant events happening during the three weeks. Is that the end of our testing, and we have only to receive our final report card? I think we should treat these three weeks as though it was the end. Maybe that would help each one of us to do more Teshuvah and be more prepared for an even happier ending, and maybe our Teshuvah would even speed up the happy ending. It is not for us to calculate the end, but to do everything we can to bring it sooner. Get to work.

  4. May we see Moshiach THIS year- today!
    May klal Yisrael be protected

    1. See my response to a comment from "Anonymous July 13, 2015 at 11:20 PM" above, it tells the best estimate of the time for Moshiach based on our best sources.

  5. It's not a civil war, it's just strife. Every society has this.You are looking for high drama where there isn't any.

    1. If you are paying attention to many sources who are analyzing what is happening and what is coming up, you will see that everyone is calling it a civil war. If you compare the strife of the previous civil war, in the mid 1800's to what is happening now, that civil war was a picnic.

      Let me repeat my answer given to your friend Anonymous:
      The plans of the US of Magog doesn't make any difference, but the prophesies of scriptures that have been totally correct for thousands of years is our only concern.

      What will happen for sure is Hashem's will. He is the accurate source, not me, not political annalists, not military prognosticators, not Alex Jones, etc, etc, etc.

      Are you looking at what is happening in the world and seeing a bed of roses, when their is only the thorns from the rosebush? What is coming up is totally unimportant. What has happened already are messages from Hashem that we need to totally turn to Him for what is coming up. If you are looking for an excuse not to do Teshuvah, you are hurting yourself, your loved ones and anyone who reads your excuse. Please, please, please get out of the upside-down fantasy world and get with reality. What is coming up will be absolutely nothing to the righteous of the world, and complete horror to the wicked (the level of high drama for the wicked couldn't be any higher). I encourage everyone to be on correct side and live -- no excuses needed nor wanted.