Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Conspiracy Theories

My friend Anonymous left us a comment on my post "Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukat, 4 Tammuz 5775 (21/6/15)":

Conspiracy theories are just theories without any Proof or Evidence behind them just nameless sources with great imaginations. For example, citing the Bilderberg conference as something sinister is strange. It is the private equivalent to Davos and Aspen where CEOs, CFOs, media and politicos join in on discussions about the issues of the day.
I can't imagine any conspiracies springing up from that type of forum. Until something unequivocal happens, dispense with mentioning theories. As much as I enjoy your blog, they detract from your credibility and the Rabbi's message which should be the focal point at all times.-Diaspora Ro
My response:

According to Pirkei Avos, Chapter 5:25, I am old enough to give mussar (advice, teaching moral conduct, instruction or discipline).  For years I have been very unsuccessful in doing so.  We are in a time, as it says in the Talmud, that "the old will get up for the young." There are individuals that I have tried to help by giving them mussar, and they don’t talk to me anymore.  Why am I bringing this up?  I have been researching the events of the world and what they mean to us for decades.  The biggest reason is to assure people who are willing to listen, that Jewish scriptures have guided us for thousands of years and is the only way to survive the coming horror.  The prophecies have all come true or are happening now.  The biggest problem is the world is so crazy, so nonsensical, that no one believes the absolute truth.
The world today is totally fulfilling what it says in the Talmud, Pesachim 50, that the world is upside-down and that we live in a time that everything that is happening is completely deception and lies.  The world leaders, the world governments have a very dangerous and greedy agenda and have convinced the world population that they are working on their behalf for the good of mankind.  What they tell the world is that all their shenanigans are what we need, and those who are seeing through their evil ways are guilty of “conspiracy theories.”

It is ironic that the nature of this upside-down world is that the ones causing the chaos and destroying the world are the ones who are branding the truth tellers as the “conspiracy theorists.”  When you evaluate the truth, the evil global elite are the ones who are creating conspiracies.

Living the absolute truth has never been so important – it is the ticket to save you and your loved ones from great suffering and anguish, especially as the evil ones are implementing their evil agenda.  Hence, I need to give mussar – to try to turn my thousands of hours of research into advice that could save your life.

Your statement “Conspiracy theories are just theories without any Proof or Evidence behind them just nameless sources with great imaginations.”  That couldn’t be more dangerous a statement, since it plays right into the hands of the evil ones who are planning to kill you and your loved ones.  I agree that their agenda is so unbelievable, that any rational person could not believe how horrible and evil they could be.  There were many who thought the Nazi agenda was helping Germany in the 1930’s, people couldn’t believe that their leaders were so diabolical.

Let us be more specific.  You brought up the Bilderberg Group as an example of, according to your flawed opinion you believe: “For decades the Bilderberg Group has already functioned effectively in Britain, Europe and the West as a whole as an unelected shadow government.”  To the contrary, the global agenda of the Bilderberg Group is essentially the creation of a ‘One World Company’, ‘One World Currency’ and ‘One World Government’ – in other words, a so-called ‘New World Order.’  It should be stressed that this is not a term invented by ‘conspiracy theorists’ but a mantra regularly repeated in public by numerous powerful political leaders such as Gog Bush senior, Gog Bush junior, Tony Blair, George Brown and the current U.K. chancellor George Osborne – who like the Bushes, Tony Blair and the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is also a ‘Bilderberger’ i.e. an ally or agent of the Bilderberg Group and its aims.

Anyone who thinks that the New World Order is a good thing that will help the world knows nothing about the New World Order.  The NWO is extremely evil since it starts with requiring World War 3 to bring the world population down to a manageable 500 million people – requiring 93% of the world’s population to be eliminated (yes that means “killed”).  See my post of 11 Sep 2014 entitled: The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows)  The one world government would be a Communist regime run by the global elite who would own everything.  They would own our property, our clothes, our food, everything.  We would essentially be slaves to the world rich, doing whatever they command us.  Their plan makes 1984 look like a picnic with WW2 being nothing compared to WW3.

I used the word “sinister,” but I actually don’t even have a word strong enough for such evil.  What have been the accomplishments of the Bilderberg Group in the past?  To name a few big money makers (after all, that is the bottom-line agenda), the 1973 oil crisis that caused a great increase in gas prices, the attack on Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people (they took over their oil fields and made a fortune along with the financial gain from war), world hunger (it is very well documented that feeding the world costs and does not make money), their involvement in 911, terrorism, ISIS (which started its Caliphate after last year’s BG meeting) and many more that I need not go into.  Everything that is happening is for the purpose of structuring the world for the NWO, their final goal.

What does the Torah say about such evil?  Eliminate Amalek!!! When we find it so hard to believe the level of evil, we wind up honoring Amalek, chas v’shalom, letting the evilest people on Earth of the hook.  Their certainly is enough in Jewish scriptures about the evil Gog and what he has planned for the world.  Knowing who Gog is, and knowing that he was a former US President who was elected to serve the people, makes it extremely difficult to believe that he could perpetuate such horrors.  Knowing that he has the present President of the US of Magog working for him is also impossible to believe.  The man in the White House is not liked, nor is he considered doing a good job, but that fact that he is trying to start WW3 for his boss, Gog, that is impossible to buy.  If anyone thinks that Jade Helm, FEMA camps, the economic treachery (exploding as you read this with the events in Greece), Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, TSA, the NSA surveillance, racial tensions, same sex marriages, unemployment (more like 23%, than the lies of the government), Obamacare, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (a very dangerous program that is almost completely unknown), police brutality, underground bunker and road network, the dumbing down of society, the obesity level (encouraged by the evil ones), the Iran crisis, the Iraq crisis, the Syria crisis, the Ukraine crisis, ISIS, etc, etc, etc, are destroying humanity, while Gog and his cabal (working through the Bilderbergers) have convinced you that they are trying to help the world.  Even worse, anyone who is against any of these programs must be a conspiracy theorist.

I obviously can’t even scratch the surface of the craziness that is happening, but as I have said before, Hashem is using all this craziness to prepare you for Moshiach and Geula. How so?  By making it obvious that no leader or government is solving world problems, the people of the world are turning to Hashem with one word of repentance: “HELP!!!!!”

So what is coming up that I felt it so important to discuss this topic at this time?  First, let me talk as a dot-connector and speculate.  I have mentioned that it seems very ominous that the 4th of July comes out on a Shabbos and just happens to be the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of the three weeks leading up to Tisha B’Av which also comes out on a Shabbos.  During the three weeks, Jade Helm begins one day after Rosh Chodesh Av, which begins the final nine days leading up to some of our most difficult days in Jewish history (including the loss of the two Temples on the 9th of Av).  We also are approaching the end of the Shemitah cycle.  We are in the 7th year which according to Talmud, Sanhedrin 97, is the time of war.  This is much more involved than I can detail here, but is Hashem giving us very vital messages that the end of history, as we know it, is imminent?

Even if what I just speculated does not come to pass, as I am anticipating; it is still in concert with the messages from all our sources, who are hinting to the same devastation.  Rabbanim, Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals, even secular news sources and, most important of all, Jewish scriptures (another very detailed list of prophecies) are all saying the same thing.

Let me be totally clear about a message from Hashem that is no speculation at all.  This is the final testing before Moshiach.  If you fear that going to a 4th of July event is putting you in harm’s way, you should realize that the much more dangerous aspect of the 4th celebration is the violation of Shabbos (I never stressed the tremendous importance of observing the Shabbos on this blog but it is covered in my book).  Driving to a picnic, eating non-kosher food, not praying, improper dress for Shabbos, etc, etc, etc are violations of Hashem’s commandments that are far more devastating to a Jew than a terrorist attack – they are a loss for eternity.  Of course, an attack at such a function may be the wake-up call from Hashem to tell you of your failure to keep the Holy Sabbath day.  Get the message?

We are not in a time to speculate as to whether we should follow Hashem’s way.  We have had years of messages, worldly events and obvious proof that the only way to survive and thrive is turning to Hashem.  I have certainly given enough proof for the past 39 months on this blog and also with my book that skeptics and people who say: “let’s wait and see,” are total losers who are sealing their fate and the fate of their loved ones with suffering and devastation that could last forever.

If you still have complete faith that your leaders are acting in your best interest, even though it is beyond obvious they are not, you will be extremely sorry – possibly starting this coming weekend.  If you think that conspiracy theorists are giving you the run-around, that they only have opinion and no basis for their so-called theories, do your own investigation.  I did and what I found was scarier than what the theorists were saying.  But then I happened to be extremely concerned about my future and the future of my loved ones and friends.  I was so concerned, I wrote over a thousand pages of blog and book.  Why?  Because, Hashem proved to me and my family that the only way to happiness and success is through Him and following His ways – guaranteed in writing from the Guarantor.  Anyone who wants to argue with success instead of learning from it should be ashamed and should consider him or herself a fool.  We are not in a “wait and see” time; we already saw, and should have no doubt.

All I ask is that this coming weekend, do what is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.  I am telling you that you already bought the winning lottery ticket and you have an opportunity to cash in.  If you think that July the 4th is more important than your eternity, your lottery winnings are officially null and void.  It is your choice, but you will know in the near future you never had a choice; Hashem and His Torah are the only choice.

That is no “conspiracy theory;” that is “the absolute truth.”

You cannot change the truth, but the truth can change you.


  1. BH

    "You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you." : What a concept so tremendously strong: simple and real! Ufff...

    1. I admit I did not create that statement, but have seen it in several places recently, and thought it so appropriate for my blog. I am still researching the origin.

    2. BS"D


      Could this be?

      Two Zohar passages (http://shiratdevorah.blogspot.com/2010/11/korea-fulfilling-prophecy.html) :

      Zohar Va'era

      In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world. And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one near Jerusalem; and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy Land will not fall to the hands of the Christian nations.

      During that period of time, a nation from the "edge" of the world will be awakened against wicked Romi. And it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth. And after, G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, a "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land."

      Zohar HaKadosh:

      A nation will arise from one end of the world against the wicked Rome and will war against them for 3 months. Other nations will join in this war and will fall into the hands (of the nation from edge of the world), till all Edom will unite against this nation. Aterwards, Hashem will 'arise' against them, as it says, A gigantic massacre in the land of Edom.

      Could the country at the edge of the world in the famous Zohar pasted below (that many had been thinking refers to North Korea) really allude to Russia? Either way Russia and North Korea and China are both apparent allies with each other and with Iran now. And the many Children of Edom from the corners of the world be referring to NATO which is essentially trying to checkmate the Russian Federation now? There are pretty much daily provocations and menacing maneuvers back and forth between Russia and the NATO countries and the US since about Pesach.

      The language used in the Zohar is "awakened" against wicked Romi. Russia has been known as the "sleeping bear" and before the US Capitol became D.C. it was a town by the name of "Rome" Maryland.

      -a Yid

  2. BS"D


    Thank you Reb Menachem for keeping people's eyes and spirits focused!

    - a Yid

    1. Thank you very much, both comments look very intriguing. I do not have the time now to investigate (I like to do a thorough job on every discovery).

      I have suspected for years that scriptures is talking Rome, Maryland rather than Rome, Italy, but according to the navi Ovadiah, all of Edom will end. I will investigate further.

  3. Also , wasn't the first man on the moon a hoax by the Conspiracy theorists? You never metioned this but I think it is a piece of the puzzle.

    1. Since I watched it live in 1969, before they had such graphic capabilities; and, since I worked for GE in a building across the street from the Man Orbital Lab project; and, since I spent time in Huntsville Alabama at the Marshall Space Flight Center, and saw some of the Apollo spacecraft (this can go on for a while), I do not for one second believe that we did not go to the moon.

  4. "According to Pirkei Avos, Chapter 5:25, I am old enough to give mussar (advice, teaching moral conduct, instruction or discipline)."

    Here we go again. Yawn.

    1. What does that possibly mean? My thousands of hour of research have been very, very effective. Lives have been saved, people have been made happy, tragedies have been avoided and the list goes on. Did I do all those things? No, but doing my job, my life's mission of proving that Hashem's absolute truth, has made a lot of people happier, safer and looking forward to a tremendous future. If that bores you, then I know what we could put on your tombstone. Please don't be so inconsiderate to try to tell others that Hashem's messages on how to survive should be ignored. I hope you are not married with children. If you couldn't care less how much they suffer and die a horrible death, we do care completely about our loved ones. Please, repent your ignorant ways, the too-late date is coming up and if you don't believe that, your yawn will be extremely painful.