Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Proof

I have mentioned that I have various sources in the US and Europe that have given me an inside look at world activities.  More importantly, how these sources have verified conclusions that I have reached due to decades of research.  One area of research that I have mentioned numerous times is the fact that Gog Bush Sr. is Gog, mentioned in Tenach, and that the US of A is Magog.

There are several posts that I made over the past three years giving the results of my research.  The two most telling were:

This past week I received a message from one of my sources that was very reinforcing about the statements I just made above.  This source is a very prominent lawyer in the US who has been greatly involved in high level legal matters stemming from the evil cabal of Gog Bush and his henchmen within the erratic government of the US.  The lawyer has been in contact directly with the White House, specifically Obama, with Queen Elizabeth who is also a victim of the shenanigans of Gog and his cabal, and with the Vatican who is a further victim in this evil plot called the New World Order.  The evil that is being perpetrated by the global elite is preventing 208 countries in the world from resolving major problems.

I will not mention the lawyer’s name, since that would immediately cause me to lose him as a source.  If you were to hear all the names of very high level individuals that he has been in contact with, you would have complete confidence in his messages.  The problems that he has caused the miscreants have prompted his need for body guards.

The message received last week pertained to matters that are not important here, yet.  But the following wording was included that I thought would be of interest to my readers:
Just for the record, I'm as sick and tired, as all of you, about the inordinate time lapse that we have all endured. However, it turns out that the 'cabal' was much more deeply entrenched around the world, especially the western world, than anyone fully appreciated; additionally, the cabal has been willing to do anything and everything imaginable to delay the coming dénouement (the climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear – final results) in hopes of wholly avoiding it (this is pertaining to many events that would be beneficial to the people of the world, but contrary to the plans of the global elite). They are responsible for "9/11," which is finally beginning to come to light; they are responsible for the fact that Washington, D.C. has operated our Republic as a corporation for the last 150+ years; they are responsible for hiding all of these facts from you; they are responsible for ISIS; they are responsible for attempting to ignite WWIII; and, they are directly responsible for much, much more.
There is no mystery with this lawyer, for he has been battling these miscreants for decades including court sessions that he has endured to try to make right what is very wrong and dangerous in the US and the world.

The biggest problem as I see it is that Jews tend to honor Amalek out of disbelief.  As an example: I have talked to many people over the last 14 years about the truth about 911.  It is so difficult to believe that our own government would be so evil to cause such a horror just to get into war, actually to make much money.  Viet Nam was another false flag operation that lasted ten years, killed close to 58 thousand military personnel, killed many more Vietnamese, was a war that was never intended to win or help the US, but served its primary purpose: to make the industrial complex, the global elite, a vast amount of money.  Good people can’t fathom the level of evil that their elected officials display, even to the point of disbelief.  But, to continue to re-elect and support such individuals out of ignorance is extremely dangerous and very contrary to Torah.

The presidential election that is coming up next year is full of evil individuals who are secretly working to help the cabal institute WW3 – the plan to eliminate 93% of the world population and effect the New World Order.  Don’t believe what you read in the news about candidates.  In fact, don’t even pay attention to their lies and deceptions.

Any time that is taken away from Torah study and doing mitzvot is wasted time and counter-productive to your personal needs – working towards Tikun.  Get away from the fantasy of our times, and turn to the reality that Hashem wants you to live, you will be much happier with the outcome.


  1. Interesting to note that last year, just after the annual Bilderberg Group meeting, ISIS began their extended reign of terror. This year the group just closed their meeting this past Sunday, and there are several very questionable events coming up. It is looking obvious that the planning meeting that just ended, if they have their way, will result in the worst man-made devastation the world has ever seen. Of course, Hashem has other plans.

    This weeks Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, message hints to possible upcoming horror. Stay tuned for further developments, but meanwhile turn to Hashem and secure your protection from whatever Gog has planned.

  2. I don't vote in American elections and never will again

    1. Good policy. The last American President that I voted for was Clinton, and I have been doing Teshuvah ever since. In the Israeli election I wanted to do a write-in for Moshiach, but instead I just casted my vote with Hashem. Moshiach is slated to win the next election -- I am working on this week's Rav Ben Artzi message and it looks good.