Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukat, 4 Tammuz 5775 (21/6/15)

King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world. He guides the world and the world belongs to Him. He created the world and us for Him, and will guide the world in the best possible way for us. Every country that has ill will towards Israel or wishes to take parts of Israel away will be harmed by G-d. G-d will destroy any country that wants to take parts of Israel away and give it to the gentiles. The Golan Heights will not be separated from Israel and will not be taken away because:

Syria is being destroyed and there is no going back.  There will never be a Syria again, it is collapsing and soon nothing will remain of Syria or the Syrians - evil destroys itself.  Anyone who has harmed Israel in the past or is doing so now is getting stricken by G-d.  Gush Katif, which was taken from Israel, is not an opening to take more, heaven forbid.

The government of Israel must beware of letting refugees enter the Golan Heights - it is very dangerous. If, heaven forbid, refugees enter, there will be chaos at Israel's borders.  It will be very bad and very dangerous!  Do not say you weren't warned.

Hamas is laughing at everyone; they pretend to want peace and quiet, as if they are in conflict with Abu Mazen - it is all a dirty trick.  They are liars, con-men, and cheats!  In Operation Protective Edge, the IDF dealt them a heavy blow.  It takes at least several years to build new tunnels, accumulate weapons and ammunition, and train new soldiers, so they want to buy time so that the IDF and the Israeli government remain naive.  They pretend to love peace, but their goal is to conquer and eliminate the state of Israel, to toss us into the sea, or, heaven forbid, make us their slaves.  No country in the world will accept the Jews.  During the destruction of the Temple, G-d banished the Jews from Israel and made sure they would be accepted.  Today, G-d is asking the Jews to come back to Israel.  Don't believe the Hamas, the Palestinians, the Jihad, or any new Muslim gang that rises against Israel.

ISIS will finish off all of the leaders of Hamas, Palestinians, Nasrallah and Hezbollah, and counting.  You kill 100 of them, and 1000 are born.  The IDF soldiers must watch over themselves.  Do not believe any gentile and do not believe the gentiles in the Golan Heights.

From Gaza they send rockets into Israel so that they repent, so that people will not count on their own power and will not say that everything was created by their hand.

Around Jerusalem and Yesha, there are Hamas conspiracies.  The IDF needs to send undercover police and soldiers to discover them.  It says in the Torah "guard your souls" - dear Jews, do not be naive and do not believe the gentiles - they have no souls and those who do not have souls can behave like hungry lions.  There is no faith in the gentiles, they have a blue ID card, but they are Arabs.  Do not be naive; a great part of them is dangerous.  A naive Jew felt pity for them - he was murdered and his friend was injured.

The Arabs in Israel speak in public, saying that they want a Palestinian state so that they can give it to the Arabs around Israel.  Jews, listen to what they are saying - they want a Palestinian state for the Arabs around Israel, not for themselves!

In Egypt, the core is boiling and soon it will erupt. They are quietly fighting each other.

Iran continues to create ten atomic missiles quietly.  They are working 24 hours a day.  They are deathly afraid of Israel, because they know that G-d has chosen the Jews.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have anyone to support them.  Every shipment from Iran or other source is taken by ISIS or the rebels; and, if they aren't taken by them, the IDF blows it up. There is no chance that ammunition will ever reach them.

Turkey is undergoing a revolution and Arduan fears for his life.  ISIS is in the Turkey borders.

In Iraq it is like the Babel Tower; there is no fixing it, and the government has fallen.  ISIS and other groups are doing what they please.

In Jordan, the refugees continue to strangle it, and will continue to do so until it stops breathing.  The king of Jordan is like a rubber stamp.

In France the French Foreign Minister wants to do something dirty.  France wants to supposedly "interfere for peace" in the Middle East so that they can have peace with the Muslims in their country.  The Muslims in France bother the Jews and will not stop.  When the last of the Jews comes to Israel from France, they will bother the French.  That is why the Foreign Minister wants to come to Israel - for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Israel.  It won't do them any good, France is in G-d's sights, and G-d will strike it down.

The United States has spoken about racism in Israel - Creator of the World, G-d of Vengeance is paying them back, an eye for an eye, and letting them deal with racism all day long.

Russia is threatening with its weapons, showing the world its strength and that it is better than everyone else - they should stop threatening.  G-d can remove them from the face of the earth in one breath.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing rapidly at a frightening pace.  Seven billion people in the world are against the Jews.  Anti-Semitism in the world will stop only when all of the Jews come to Israel.

Natural disasters: fire and heat, cold and rain, snow and wind, storms and earthquakes will continue to increase and will become very harsh.  There will continue to be complications and conflict around the world, countries within themselves and between each other.

We will repeat this another one hundred times:  Armageddon is only outside of Israel, not within Israel!

Dear Jews, stay away from assimilation, alcohol abuse, drugs, and gambling.  Whoever converts must convert according to Jewish law exactly.

The entire world does not like refugees.  Every time you hear about ships that sink - it is the countries that sink them and the world blames Israel for racism and refugees.

You must support the parliament members, working in good faith, who want to improve the culture and law in Israel!  They are cleaning house and doing good things for Israel - support them!

The economy in Israel is rising, blooming.  It is strong and good, there is work for everyone and if someone doesn't want to work that's their problem.

Whoever is against the G-dly process - G-d will remove them.

Because G-d promised that He would not destroy the world after Noah, He is bringing plagues, earthquakes and harsh things to hurt the countries that want to bother the holy state of Israel.

Our Father in Heaven loves the Holy Land.  This is the last generation, the last period, the last time!  G-d is striking the entire world so that they repent.  G-d wants a new world of love and kindness and the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, without evil.  It is near!

Even though we delay and delay, despair and despair; even though there are those who don't believe or think that it is bizarre that G-d will crown the King Messiah, son of David - these are the main signs!  Delay, despair, and lack of faith that the King Messiah will be crowned are signs that it is very near!  Soon G-d will crown him!

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  1. I don't want to get into words of controversy about whether Rav Ben Artzi is a Rabbi or not, but can you verify whether the Rav has Smicha?

    1. It is totally unimportant whether he has Smicha or not. The Torah tells us not to judge anyone, and definitely not to say Lashon Harah about anyone. The Rav has helped so many people. Saying anything about the Rav could only hurt Jews, chas v'shalom. Should we think less of the prophets or the kings of Israel because they didn't have Smicha? Are all the predictions coming true because of Smicha? Then we should stop listening to Benyamin, Moishela, Daniel, Menachem, etc, chas v'shalom.

  2. Hi - the translations of Rav ben Artzi are amazing

    However i find your conspiracy theories bizarre. Maybe keep the 2 separate

    1. What conspiracy theory? My blog is The Absolute Truth. The nonsense the governments are telling you is pure wicked conspiracy theory. Be more specific and I can give you absolute proof (the only thing I can't disclose is confidential and secret information).

  3. Hello!!! :)

    Because the France?! What has her spiritually (other than the Islamic danger)?!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. Much of the world and very much so in France, the Jew-hatred is horrible. Unfortunately, the discrimination and terrorism is saying to every Jew -- leave the country, the danger is growing rapidly. It is really a message from Hashem: Go home, you belong in Israel.

  4. With regards to the Evil Ones - Up to now it seems that the natural disasters, complications, tragic events and conflict around the world actually encourage the Evil Ones into pursuing their agenda rather then dissuade them from their current path, managing to never let a crisis go to waste whilst at the same time deliberately go about summoning the wrath of Hashem where other people in the world not in on their agenda are so far the only ones affected (aside from the recent incident with Kerry).

    It would be interesting to see how Hashem deals with those people who possess a pretty much Nimrodian "break a few eggs to make an omelette" attitude in pursuit of their goal.

    1. You bring up excellent points. Let us look at Hashem's plan and you will see why things are happening the way they are.

      First, let us look at the end of Malachi. I won't go into a lot of detail since I did a post on the subject 10 Sep 2012, "Another Message from Hashem"
      The basic message is how many events will look like they are favoring the evil ones, and how the righteous will question it. Hashem's message is simple: there will come a day that the entire situation will flip. The evil will be wiped out, and the righteous will thrive. Those who continue to follow Hashem, even though it looks like the evil ones are getting their way, will experience the happy ending. When the testing is over, and that is what this is all about, the righteous will receive Tikun and go on to a Geula that they can't even imagine.

      Second, throughout history Hashem has taken very wicked leaders, tyrants, and brought them to very high places before He dropped them. Pharaoh, Haman, hitler, stalin, to name very few, all thrived and felt like they owned the world before Hashem totally destroyed them and their evil plans. Gog, Obama, Putin, to name very few, will be slammed down at the end before they go to Gehinnom.

      Stay tuned we are close to the time of slamming. B"H

  5. These people are not prophets

    1. Are you sure? They seem to satisfy the test for prophecy according to Hashem's opinion (Devarim 18:15-22). The facilitated communications individuals seem to satisfy the statement of prophecy in Bava Basra 12. The other question is: what difference does it make? If they are greatly helping Jews and even saving lives (which I have evidence on the subject), who cares what they are called?

      The most important thought here is there are people who are helping the people of the world, and possibly bringing the Geula faster (which will save many lives).

    2. Who are the facilitate individuals?

      The Lubavitcher Rebbe said Moshiach will come in a good way.

    3. Facilitated Communications is the method used to talk to the individuals with Autism, severe Down's Syndrome and others that are not able to speak. I am refering to all the messages we have received from Benyamin, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel, Galia, etc.

      The introduction of Moshiach could be nothing but good. Whether he ascends from Shamayim or comes in riding on a donkey, it is still good.

  6. Besides the comment above, I received another comment regarding "conspiracy theories." I have much to say about the subject (I know, I have much to say about every subject). I decided to write a separate blog post covering the subject, but I am waiting a few more days for a particular reason that is not so obvious. By mid-week I expect, B"N, to post my information and relate it to upcoming events.

    I didn't want my friend, Anonymous, to think that I was ignoring him or her, especially since there are important thoughts to convey on the subject.