Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Beha'alos’cha 5775, 13 Sivan (31/05/15)

Creator of the world, King of Kings, G-d - everything He is doing in the world is so that you ask for the King Messiah to fix the world!

The United States want to give parts of Israel to the Palestinians; it is filled with complications in its economy, government, culture, socially, racism problems, floods and other forces of nature.  It will increase until they stop bothering Israel and stop interfering with the Holy Land which belongs to G-d.  It is a shame that they already took Gush Katif; it is not an opening to take more.  Quite the opposite, Gush Katif will once again belong to Israel very soon!  G-d can do anything - a small light shines on the entire world.

France also wants to interfere and give parts of Israel away.  It will also get complications in economy, government, racism, terrible protests, and the forces of nature will reign upon France.  And so forth and so forth, every country that chooses to bother Israel and take parts away from it, G-d will complicate it and erase it from the earth.  No one can defeat G-d, and no one ever has.  G-d is destroying countries and building countries.  He has no problem bringing an earthquake and swallowing a country with a billion people, He does that in one second.  So they should be careful not to mess with Israel, the Holy Land, because it is the source of life and blessings in the world.

Everything that is happening in the government, the ups and downs, will continue until G-d puts it in the minds of the parliament members, the spiritual people and religious people that they need to cry out to G-d to crown the King Messiah - now!  Neither the left nor the right can put together a government, but the people chose the right.  Arik Sharon was the last prime minister who had the power to determine what will be in the state of Israel.  Every prime minister after him sways back and forth and doesn't decide anything - the parties decide.  The government of Israel should not be afraid of any country, don't talk to them in secret; do it in the open.  The government of Israel needs to protect its youth from drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation.  After 23:00, the human brain does not function; the evil inclination takes over and pushes man to do bad things.

There is a cloud of fire surrounding all of Israel and the Jewish people of Israel to protect and guard them. You must protect your own souls.  G-d says "try to protect yourself, and I will protect you from above.” Man should not take risks because there is danger in risks.

The economy in Israel is very good; there is work and no unemployment.  There is only unwillingness to work.  The numbers being published about unemployment are from people who don't want to work.  There is work for everyone; they are complaining for no reason.  Israel is the only country in the world with a good economy, the rest of the world is in trouble.

You must not protest in Israel!  Speak to the government offices; that is how you will solve everything.

The IDF must be vigilant from Metulah to Eilat, because in Gaza they are planning something terrible to surprise Israel.  In East Jerusalem there is ISIS and Hamas; there is a conspiracy of people convincing infiltrators from Ramallah and Jordan without IDs to carry out terror attacks.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels.  80% of the tunnels that have been blown up by the IDF have been split up into more tunnels, three to the right and three to the left.

Abu Mazen pretends to love peace, it is all fake, a lie.

The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad saw that they don't get what they want by force, so they are using the "power of the snake" quietly, pretending to love peace - it is a lie.  If, heaven forbid, they give away parts of Israel, they will do what they did in Protective Edge times a million.

Syria cannot be redeemed, no one can help.  Syria has the letters of “ERES” destruction in Hebrew in its name; it will be destroyed every day until it is erased.

ISIS is doing a great job, G-d brought them into the world, because the world is now focused on them and doesn't know what to do.  Why don't they know what to do?  Because in ISIS, there are people from all places and religions.  The great marvel is that from evil, comes good, and from the worst impurity, comes good!  ISIS is redeeming the world in their own way.  They are going from place to place, laughing at everyone; you don't know who is against whom.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are getting destroyed each day, thousands of theirs are getting killed and ammunition is running out.  Nasrallah sometimes comes out of hiding to show that he is alive.

Turkey is surrounded by ISIS, and Arduan is afraid to be killed.  ISIS is increasing their hold on Turkey.

In Egypt, very soon the media will show everyone all of the big complications and problems, and Egypt will go up in flames - revolution!

Jordan is waiting like a good girl for her piece of birthday cake.  They will not live to see this moment.  The king wants parts of Israel so that he can put the refugees here.  The refugees will eat away at him and Jordan, despite the fact that Israeli is protecting him.

In the Arab villages in Israel there is a lot of ammunition; it is hard to find them, because they are Israeli citizens and can move freely.

Iran is making a joke of the United States and doing what it wants.  It has caught on to the weakness of the United States, and every time it threatens and scares the world that it gets ammunition from Russia.  The United States is scared that Iran will go with Russia because then they lose control of the Middle East; they don't care about Israel.  In Iran they are terrified of Israel.  It is not strange - it is the truth!  There are a lot of Jews in nuclear producing factories there.  All of the nuclear warheads in the world, and there are thousands; and, all of the factories that manufacture nuclear devices - it is all in the hands of the Jews, all over the world!

Floods, earthquakes, fire, snow, heat and cold, storms and harsh winds will continue to increase.

All of the white and black collars are being revealed.  The small and unknown ones are being handled by G-d in his own way.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: "Look at what I am doing in the world.  Is it not clear?  Will you not believe in me?  Please believe in me, if not now then you soon will!  So why not out of free will?!"

G-d is purifying the state of Israel and the entire world, opening the door for the crowning of the King Messiah!

G-d is doing everything that is happening in the world so that they believe in him and understand that he has the power to run the world.  G-d is entering the minds of the government of Israel, the students of the Torah and spiritual leaders, and telling them that they need to cry out to G-d, that the Messiah needs to redeem the world.  People can no longer function because they hold on to the materialism.  It is all complicated.  In the material world you cannot see what is behind the wall.  In the spiritual world, you see it from above and know how to run the world.  The satellites are an example of the spiritual world that sees everything from above.  The power of the Messiah is the spiritual world!  To run the world and remove evil from the world, to build a new world of kindness and peace, without death and with eternal life!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri" 


  1. Where does this translation come from?

    1. There is a very nice individual who works with the Rav who sends me the translation. I generally do a review for grammar, punctuation and sometimes word translation. I have done the translation in the past when this gentleman was not available, but he saves me much time by sending it to me every week. I feel more confident receiving the translation from someone who works with the Rav to make sure that I am getting the true essence of the Rav's shiur.

  2. What can one even say anymore. The world is so clearly at the edge.

    1. I am the optimist. This all means that the happy ending is close. B"H