Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Very Important Answer to a Comment

You did not address what Rav Vaknin said: is this imminent? Is he recognized by the Gedolim? You just gave us what you always write about. There is a difference between the history of our people and an imminent warning. Please address his warning.
My Response:

I am not familiar with the Rav and cannot say how prominent a Rav he is.

So far as when, I can only talk as a dot-connector, and not a prophet.  What is happening now that we can use as an indication?  Thursday to today is the Top Secret evil Bilderberg Group meeting that is planning the upcoming worldwide devastation.  Presently the US of Magog is talking about moving more troops to Iraq.  What is the problem with Iraq?  They say it is to fight ISIS.  However, this past week I saw very definite proof that ISIS is funded and trained by Magog.  Everything that is coming up are more false-flag operations, like 911.  It will serve the purpose of starting WW3, as I have discussed.  So why are the troops going to Iraq?  The US of Magog, and what few friends they have left, has 35 military bases (some permanent) surrounding Iran.  Is it time for Yoma 10, the attack of Edom on Paras (US of Magog on Iran)?  It's looking good.  We also have Jade Helm and other so-called exercises starting 15 Jul 2015.  JH is another false-flag operation that will devastate the US of Magog while the elite run underground to their bunkers for protection.  Of course, Hashem will handle them.  When the earthquakes and volcanoes commence, it will probably bury the evil ones (that is my speculation).

There are many more details but they are unnecessary here, since everything is to scare the Jews into doing Teshuvah.  Only Hashem's plan and His wishes for us, including our survival, is what is important.  That is what I talked about above and many other posts.

What is imminent is saving the Jews and righteous non-Jews!!!!!  When?  NOW, STARTING TODAY.  I could write a book about it; oh, I already did.  But, without everyone taking care of him or herself as Hashem has directed, having information, even dates, is totally useless.  I have said Judaism is not a spectator sport.  We are the team on the field and if we don't play as a team, helping each other, we lose the game (unfortunately, it's the game of life, and it is not a game).

I have much more information but some of it is my personal speculation.  I will give one hint, since you want dates.  The 4th of July to me is one of the best opportunities for a terrorist attack on the US.  The 4th this year comes out on Shabbos, a perfect opportunity for Hashem to see who has turned to Him and who is still doing all the secular nonsense that could bring us to great suffering (Malachi at the end).

To add icing to the cake, the 4th of July this year comes out on 17 Tamuz, the start of the three weeks leading up to Tisha B’Av.  Of course Tisha B’Av also falls on a Shabbos meaning that it will not be a fast day.  The fast is put off to the next day, Sunday.  Will this year be a fast or a feast, which is due to happen in the end of days (Moshiach, Geula, Temple, return of the Jews and the 10 lost tribes, etc).  Another hint is that Tisha or in Hebrew  תשעהjust happens to be this year 5775.

There are other more startling facts that I will state at a later time since I am still researching and calculating – more prophesies being fulfilled.

The point of all this: we may be looking at our final testing of all Jews before the redemption.  Who, measure for measure has grown enough to warrant his or her Tikun and go onto the tremendous “happy ending” which is actually the “happy beginning” of the world of truth?  Who is intelligent enough to be with Hashem to reap the great goodness of a joyous and successful life?  The signs couldn’t be any clearer.  What is truly imminent is the necessity for us to do Hashem’s will.  What is imminent is to do for yourself and your loved ones, who rely on you, what is right to avoid suffering and hardship.  This is not rocket science – it is totally obvious.  Hashem couldn’t make it any clearer.

I like to talk history, because Hashem is consistent – history repeats itself.  I have talked about the first Geula when we left Egypt and how everything is repeating itself, except more miraculously.  Once again, I could write a book, but it isn’t needed, Hashem already wrote the book known as the Bible.  In fact, Targum Yonatan Ben Uziel wrote a very extensive dissertation on the repeating of ten plagues in the end of days.  He points out exactly where in the Bible each plague is prophesied and how it will be fulfilled (or how it has already been fulfilled).   It is way too detailed for a discussion here, but it is fascinating and truly teaching us the value of history repeating itself.

When one studies scriptures, it becomes so obvious what is happening and what is coming up.  But, the only important concept to glean from all this is that Hashem is directing us to our Tikun, our repairing, rectification and perfection.  We must take it seriously and used all the information to our benefit – to survive, to thrive, to succeed.  Thank you Hashem.

Note: It is important to point out that any positive prophecy, such as "we will return to Israel," "the land will produce," "Moshiach and redemption will happen," "the third Temple will happen," etc, will definitely happen (notice that some of what I mentioned have already occurred).  A negative prophecy such at the 2/3rd and 1/3rd of the population does not have to happen.   Hashem is always telling us when we follow His ways and live by the Torah, negative decrees are avoided.  The problem is we ignore Hashem’s instructions and bring mayhem upon ourselves.

The better news is that negative decrees can be avoided on an individual basis; in other words, whether you are part of the 2/3rd who are doomed or the 1/3rd who are safe and protected, is up to you as an individual.  I know I repeat myself, I know I repeat myself: If you are on the right side with Hashem you have joined the 1/3rd group – it is just that simple and no negative prophecy will affect you and your loved ones.


  1. Thank you for your work. G- d bless you.

    1. You are welcome, but it is Hashem's work for which we all need to be thankful. I am just a messenger.