Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Shelach, 5775, 20 Sivan (7/6/15)

Ruler of the world, King of kings, G-d, Father of Mercy, Father of the Jews and all of the world is doing everything on earth so that the Jews will wake up, sober up, and shake of their peels (decortication - the removal of the outer layer or cortex from a structure, metaphorically -- removing the physical and being more spiritual) to come to Israel and get closer to Him!  He is also waking up the government of Israel so that they don't believe the countries of the world, only G-d and themselves.  All of the countries in the world only care about their own interests, no one cares about the Jewish people.

The rockets that were shot from Gaza; they always blame a different organization, like a new organization appears every time.  There is no new organization; they are all Hamas and Palestinians.  Abu Mazen himself and the Hamas are sending people to drag the State of Israel into war.  G-d feels pain for every rocket that falls in Israel and He protects.  You don't play games with G-d, you see miracles; you see the rockets flying and nothing happens!  They tried to ban Israel from FIFA and it didn't work; it is a miracle from G-d who intervened.  The fact that Orange took what they said back, it is G-d who interfered.  G-d is making miracles for the people of Israel every second; nothing should be taken for granted!

The whole world is nonsense.  There will continue to be natural disasters, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, heat and fire, winds and harsh storms, earthquakes; it will continue and get worse with every passing day.  G-d is rocking and shocking the entire earth only for the Jews so that the gentiles will be too busy with themselves and so that the Jews see the miracles that G-d is doing and understand that He protects them and wants only what is good for them.  Exactly like the ten plagues in Egypt, they got very harsh plagues, and now more, and the people of Israel were freed from slavery and saw the miracles and good that they received.  Today, after thousands of years, the world is "modern."  The entire world is Egypt; and, Israel is the people of Israel.  Antisemitism is increasing in the world, increasing and spreading and no one can stop it.  Jews overseas should not stay there, not even one minute, it is a waste of breathe in a land of impurity; the life of man is worth billions.  The hate for the people of Israel is from the time of Esav who hated Ya'akov.  The people of Israel are the chosen people and everyone is jealous.

The police are doing a wonderful job and need to be vigilant that civilians don't take the law into their own hands.  The police need to obey the law and be honest.

The government of Israel needs to be united, this is not a game.  Stop playing with the people of Israel, stop abusing them.  A government has been put together, unite with it.  Stop the world from laughing at the government of Israel and its parties, they continue to laugh.  The gentiles inside and around Israel are taking advantage of the weaknesses and the fights in the Knesset.  All of the laughing now will be laughed at in the end - an eye for an eye.

The people of Israel: do not protest; do not go on strike; do not learn from the gentiles!  The strikes and protests are the way of the gentiles and not the Jews.  You must speak with the government and solve all of the problems.  G-d has taught the Jews to sit in a chair around a table and solve problems with wisdom and knowledge, not force.

The State of Israel must not believe in a process by the gentiles who want peace, they are fake and liars who want to destroy the State of Israel.  Gush Katif will come back to Israel!  Gush Katif is not an opening to give away more parts of Israel - we cannot give them a piece of land.  The gentiles in Gaza and around us have enough places to live.  The State of Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world and because of the gentiles' hate they want to destroy it.

You need to support the IDF and give them everything they need.  You need to bless them and pray for them.  The economy of Israel is abundant, everything is good!  G-d does not create obstacles for the State of Israel in anything.  All of those responsive for the economy in Israel are given knowledge and wisdom by G-d, Who is making miracles and influencing the economy in the best way.  There is prosperity in Israel; you need only work.

Syria, the rebels, ISIS, Hezbollah, Turkey, Iran - everything is chaos, the Babel Tower.  They are killing each other, erasing Syria from the face of the earth and themselves.  Despite that, Israel needs to be vigilant on the border with Syria because they have nothing to lose.  They are going crazy and want to commit suicide; you must open your eyes in the air, on land, and at sea.

Nasrallah is losing power, his soldiers are getting wiped out and many are running away.  His ammo is running out and he is between life and death.  From time to time he goes on camera to remind everyone he exists.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels.  G-d will collapse them from the heavens with them inside.  G-d has collapsed and will continue to collapse tunnels filled with people.  The tunnel will collapse and bury them like the earth that opened up in the time of Korach who went against Moses.  G-d gave the order that all the tunnels that they dig towards Israel will crumble, bury them alive and they will die, including heads of Hamas and the Palestinians.  They don't understand what is happening; G-d will bury all of the diggers in the tunnels!

G-d is asking: "Just believe in Me, pray to Me, try to obey the commandments and I will fight for you and you will rest from your enemies."

Egypt is in conflict with itself, there is a quiet revolution there.  The media is waiting for action, for atrocities to report, soon it will happen.

Jordan is waiting to put all of the refugees in the border of Israel.  G-d will not allow it.  Everything will come crashing down on them; the refugees will be devastation for Jordan.

In East Jerusalem there is a conspiracy, they are looking to harm the Jews.  They come from Ramallah and Jordan and are coming in quietly.  The IDF must be vigilant, they must put soldiers dressed as civilians everywhere; it doesn't have to be a soldier in uniform, so that it is easier to find the terrorists and be less risky for the soldiers.

In Turkey people are deathly afraid of Arduan.  He doesn't want media; whoever goes against him dies.  ISIS is spreading and threatening Turkey.

Iran is happy and dancing; they are taking advantage of the quiet that no one is against them because everyone is fighting each other.  They continue to operate 24 hours a day to create the atomic bomb - ten bombs, not one.  The great wonder is that they are deathly afraid of the people of Israel.

The United States and Russia both want to rule the Middle East, each wants to pull the strings and they are competing to see who will be more influential.

There are revolutions and destruction in all countries and no one is talking.  They only talk about being against Israel.

G-d is showing the Jews in Israel: You are one dot in the world and your strength is like the entire world, because you believe and pray to G-d.  That is why you are protected.  "Dear Jews, protect your souls and I am above you!"

Antisemitism in France is increasing terribly, it is crazy.  All of the Jews - don't even think twice, don't even wait one minute.  Don't waste a moment on foreign land, run away and come live in Israel urgently.

G-d continues to expose the con men and criminals and there will be great shame for the white collar people.  The situation has become so ugly that the people who are right are blamed; and, the people who are guilty are supported.  They lost the law in Israel and now G-d is putting things in order.

The King Messiah, son of David is in Israel, working and asking for mercy for the Jews.  The Arabs and all of the countries will need to serve the Jews.  Whoever doesn't want to do what is required of him or her to serve the Jews will be gone from the world!  The gentiles who believe in G-d and in the Jews, and understand that they must serve the Jews, and be obligated to perform their duties as Hashem wants, G-d will let them live on earth.  The Arabs and the gentiles will be indebted to the Jews -- to the Jews who serve G-d and believe in Him.  Whoever doesn't believe in G-d and whoever does not give in to Him will endure great pain and suffering.

All of the rabbis in Israel and the Torah greats will continue to go out to the public and bring people together to pray for the protection of Israel and ask for the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David so that every Jew will be under “his vine and his fig tree modestly.”

There is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel and the Messiah, son of David is praying and begging G-d to protect Israel every day!

Jews - every time you give, every time you are kind, you are saved from troubles!

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  1. Hello Menachem!!!


    I'd like to thank you for posting this message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi. I would also like to thank for his work that has helped many Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach (about Absolute Truth).

    I would like to congratulate you for the launch of his new book, hope he can contribute to many Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach, in order to help hasten the coming of Moshiach.:)

    All the best!!!

    Luiz Felipe -S.P. - Brazil

  2. Rav Nir Ben Artzi said:

    "Egypt is in conflict with itself, there is a quiet revolution there. The media is waiting for action, is to report atrocities, soon it will happen. "

    Luiz Felipe: Menachem, could you tell me what's going on in Egypt?

    As so enslaved (Rav Nir Ben Artzi said in the message)?

    I mean serve (work)?

    Luiz Felipe. S.P. - Brazil

    1. As always, I thank you for your kind words (both messages).

      Egypt is in tremendous turmoil with Hamas and other terrorist groups fighting the secular government and the Coptic Christians. It is only getting more tense, and that is why I believe the Rav is predicting a great revolution. No party is strong enough to lead or win. There is much violence that is not reported in the news.

      There is a problem that the word for servant and the word for slave are the same in Hebrew, especially the way it is used in scriptures (עֶבֶד could mean slave, servant, bondsman, serf, servitor, thrall). We are all servants of Hashem, but the Talmud talks about how non-Jews serve Hashem by serving the Jews. Hashem wants Jews to study Torah and spread His word worldwide -- the Chosen Nation was chosen to "be a light unto the nations." To facilitate our mission, the non-Jews have the job of maintaining the infrastructure of the world -- build houses, grow food, run governments, etc, etc, etc. Slaving for the Jews is an improper interpretation, it is more of serving Hashem by helping the Jews fulfill their mission.

    2. Hello!!

      Thank you very much for the explanation Menachem!!!

      B'H! :)

      All the best!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    3. In an effort to post the Rav's message quickly, I did the review about 1 AM in the morning and should have reviewed the Hebrew better. I apologize since I know that I have many non-Jews who read my blog and in no way do I ever want any disrespect on my blog, especially if it is due to improper translation.

    4. Thank you very much!!! :)

      Don't worry Menachem. I said "serve (work)", since many other non-Jews may not understand the meaning of the word waitress. :)

      All the best!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  3. Concerning this line: The gentiles who believe in G-d and in the Jews, and understand that they must be enslaved to the Jews and worship them, G-d will let them live on earth.

    "and worship them" (Can this is incorrect? The gentiles need to worship the Jews?) That’s how it reads. Is this a problem with translation? There must be a better word? Sounds terrible.

    I know that one day the gentiles will serve the Jews but to worship them? that is quite another thing.

    1. You are totally correct. The translation was not accurate. The connotation of slavery and worshiping was a misnomer. I have corrected the translation to give a much more accurate idea of what the Rav was intimating. Basically, the Jews and non-Jews have obligations to perform in fulfilling Hashem's will. I mentioned above the requirement of the Jews and the need for the non-Jew to help the Jew meet his or her obligations. The Rav is telling us that anyone who does what he or she is supposed to do, will thrive. Anyone, Jewish or not, who does not perform properly, will suffer.

      Read above, both my rewrite and my answer to Luiz in the comments, and if there are any questions, fire away.