Monday, June 22, 2015

The Obvious Truth (revised)

I was thinking about changing the name of my blog and maybe even my book to “The Obvious Truth.”  When I began this blog 39 months ago and definitely when I started the book version 22 years ago, I could only tell you what was in scriptures and what will be coming up in the future.  Only after events occur is it possible to verify that prophesies that we have known for thousands of years are Hashem’s absolute truth.

We have reached a point in history that most of the prophecies in scriptures already have happened or are happening as we speak.  We are at a point that I need not speculate on what it says in scriptures, but only need to tell you to look at the world around you, and be totally amazed and confident that Hashem’s word is the Absolute Truth as it is happening.  It has become so obvious, that I should start calling it the Obvious Truth, B”N.  If you are still skeptical about what it says in scriptures, then you must have your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears.  It does not take a genius to verify the truth any more – it is so obvious, it will bite you if you are not seeing it.  Unfortunately, it will more than bite you, it will ruin you and your loved ones if you are still not convinced that the only way to survive the very near future is by turning to Hashem.

Why am I saying the very near future?  All the sources that we have been following have been totally consistent about what is coming up – the Facilitated Communications individuals (Benjamin, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel), Rabbis, Mekubalim and even me, the dot-connector.  The number of terror attacks, the wars, the obvious efforts by Gog with his cabal, the Bilderberg Group, the new World Order, the Illuminati, Jade Helm, the FEMA concentration camps (turning out to be death camps), military buildup worldwide, etc.  I am not even talking about the other predicted events, the economy, the weather, natural disasters, greedy and inefficient leaders running despotic governments, etc.  It was all prophesied and it all came true.

Let us get more specific.  Although I am not a big fan of Alex Jones, this video is a good summation of what is happening now and is due to happen (I have seen verification from many sources and only using Alex Jones as a summation):

The most disturbing aspect is that the global elite had their Bilderberg Group meeting 11 to 14 June and all of a sudden they are fleeing the danger area – leaving the US or going into their underground maze of bunkers and roads.  We are getting very definite information from those who are causing the world mayhem as they flee harm’s way.  It is looking so obvious that they believe WW3 is imminent, that Jade Helm is not a practice exercise of any type, but the beginning of a takeover and control of the people to initiate the very evil New World Order.   Everything that we have talked about for years is happening.  There are so many events happening; and, of course, they are not to be seen in the media which just happens to be controlled by the global elite (actually they are in the media but with total fabrication of their meaning).

What should we do about it?  I know I repeat myself; the time has come to completely turn to Hashem.  I decided to be more specific this time with Hashem’s instructions.  Let us do a quick review.  If you think you know exactly what to do, please read the following anyway – I find almost no one is living the absolute truth completely, meaning everyone needs improvement, including me.  I will do this completely in English to avoid confusion.  I will then follow with a very specific request.  First the review:

Repent your sins.  This does not means words alone, but actions.  Saying that you know you should keep all the commandments is useless – doing all the commandments is vital, and the only way to repent.  That means, if you do not keep kosher, start.  If you do not keep the Sabbath, start.  None of this is lip service, this is action needed to survive.
Prayer.  If you do not pray three times a day (talking to the men, if possible with a minion), putting on Tefillin and Tallis (once again men), start.  This also is not lip service.  It is knowing without any doubt that you are standing in front of Hashem, Who knows your every thought even before you voice it.  You can’t fool Him with improper intentions.
Study Torah.  Hashem wants us to live Torah and all the commandments.  Obviously, you must study your instructions in life to perform them.  This is truly and completely your guide to life and the only way to do Hashem’s will.  If you are not sure where to start, I highly suggest my book which is over 300 pages of confidence building information, and a guide of how to start, even what to study.  This is the key to happiness and success.
Charity and helping others.  If you think that you are in good shape and couldn’t care less about others, Hashem will make sure you are not in good shape.  We are all in this together as the Chosen Nation.  Only with unity and a true love for your fellow Jew do we all succeed.  Hashem is watching you and knows better than you your intentions.  If they are selfish, Hashem will be selfish to you.  Once again, not lip service but truly feeling the pain of others and wanting to help.
If you are new to these ideas, remember “Hashem does not judge you by what you know, but how you grow.”  If you have been observant all your life, please, please evaluate your performance and improve – you have much to improve, just do it.

My last request.   If you are still a skeptic and don’t buy any of this, pay attention in the near future to what you and your family are going through.  If things are getting very scary, even treacherous and it is becoming so obvious that you and your loved ones are in trouble, change instantly.  Hashem is testing you and, for your own good hitting you over the head with a taste of reality.  There is nothing random in this world.  If you think that you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are greatly deceived and don’t have a clue as to what is happening.  Hashem will give you, measure for measure, exactly what you need to survive and thrive.  It is up to you to catch on to the obvious truth or to fail completely because you think you know better.

The time has come, the final testing is here.  The world is not the same and never will be as it was.  The obvious truth couldn’t be more obvious.

There is no such thing as coincidence.  This past Sabbath was the story of Korach, who was rebelling against Hashem.  At the end of the story the ground opened up to swallow Korach and send him to Hell, but his sons in the last seconds realized the error of their father.  They shouted to Hashem that they realized that the Torah was the only truth and miraculously the ground extended out to save them.  They were stubborn like their father, but once they sincerely acknowledged the Absolute Truth, they were saved.  A strong message accompanies Korach’s leaving the earth.  It was not the end of his suffering, but the beginning.  We are in the exact same situation.  If you believe that your death, chas v’shalom, will be the relief of the pain in this world, you will be greatly disappointed to find that Hashem’s mercy will continue to give you whatever correction you still need even if it means sending you to Hell.  The fact that Korach just happened to be the portion of the Torah we read is another very powerful message from Hashem to each one of us.  The ground will open in the near future for those who do not turn to Hashem and follow His ways.  Be on solid ground – be with Hashem, it is your only obvious choice.  Guaranteed.

Note:  I have received personal Emails from some of my favorite Noachide readers.  This post didn’t talk about non-Jews, so what are the instructions for them in the coming craziness?

The same instructions for Jews apply to non-Jews.  Repent, pray, study Torah (instead of the 613 for Jews, the 7 Noachide commandments), charity and helping others.  Does helping others mean helping Jews?  Hashem wants all good righteous people to reach the happy ending coming up.  Non-Jews can definitely help their own family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc to turn to Hashem, not with heretical beliefs, but with all the instructions that Noachides live by.  It is common sense, be good and help others be good.

Are Noachides protected from the evil that will befall the world?  Measure for measure as Hashem does with the Jews.  But, Jews are supposed to come to Israel where they will receive the most protection.  How are Noachides protected when they live in harm’s way?  Hashem can make it rain on one side of the street while the other side is sunny.  Protection and help from Hashem is an individual blessing.  Each individual, Jew or non-Jew will receive Tikun as needed.  Those who completely follow Hashem and trust in His mercy are protected.  Those who do not, or are even skeptical about what Hashem will do, are in trouble.

Since it is brought down that 2/3rd will suffer (polite way of saying that they will be wiped out) and 1/3rd will survive and thrive, it is obvious that 1/3rd of the world is not the population of the Jews.  The Jews in fact are one quarter of one percent of the world population.  That leaves a lot of room for righteous non-Jews, which will be a much larger a population than all the Jews in the world.  Who might the remainder of the 1/3rd be if not the Jews?  We must account for the ten lost tribes of Israel who will discover who they are, and who will return with the Jews to Israel.  Are the Noachides in that group?  I don’t have proof, but I would say it is highly probable.

Hashem loves all good and righteous people.  The happy ending is for the purpose of getting rid of the wicked and having only the good remain.  What is the best advice for Noachides?  The same as for Jews – stay righteous, trust Hashem and turn to Him for everything.   Your future looks good, the obvious truth applies to everyone who wants it. 


  1. Please go to Shirat Devorah to see an excellent video: "A Wake Up Call."

  2. BS"D

    I think there's a pasuk in the Zohar, quoted in the Tanya, about (End of Days) the wicked will try to hide in the clefts of the rocks to escape from the revelation of the Ohr (or radiance) of G-dliness. ... really late now and didn't check the source and exact wording..perhaps can look in to that later...this hiding underground business is a near match, as if they have a spiritual premonition that their time is just about finished. Also these alternative news sources that are covering this stuff are interesting .. however it seems they are missing the main lynchpin in all of this...the ramifactions of worldwide aggression toward Israel, and the attempt to sever Yerushalaim from it (chas v' Shalom). Seen in this context, the stage is being set for a global fireworks display when that happens (coupled with push to enforce homosexual marriage across entire US by the end of this month with anticipated supreme court ruling (cometely negating a major Noachide mitzvah of establishing courts of JUSTICE, same one that decided Jerusalem and Israel are separate?!? the other week.

    It's almost as if these elite are aware of what Hashem's response will be when they throw the latest rebellion toward Him .. and they're getting Amalek knowing they don't stand a chance but their hatred blinds their good sense.

    It's all coming down. B'Ezrat H" we should be on the Right Side.

    Toda Rabba!

    - a Yid

    1. that's a better blog name, more humble

    2. Since the Absolute Truth is the word of Hashem, I don't have to worry about humility which doesn't pertain to Hashem.

  3. Hi,

    Have you considered if all these horror predictions you are making do not come to pass then you might be weakening the credibility of the Torah World?

    1. I am missing your logic considering these messages are from Hashem to strengthen the Torah in each on of us.

      It is brought down that negative decrees happen because we are not living the Torah, and not following Hashem. In other words, it we do Teshuvah, we could avert the avert the suffering and horrors that people are planing for us, and that is even on an individual basis. Those who turn to Hashem won't even notice the chaos happening, especially if one lives in Israel.

      You also need to know that none of these predictions are from me. I call myself the dot-connector meaning I compile all the messages from many different sources. The scary part is that all the sources, Jewish or not, kosher or not are very consistent. This lets us know that Hashem is the true source of these predictions to cause us to do Teshuvah and turn to Him.

      His plan is working and couldn't be more strengthening to the Torah World!

  4. And why would Hashem want to destroy roughly 2/3rds of his creation - people with souls, characters, feelings, in one fell swoop? Would that be a merciful, loving, kind ending, in the way humankind regard such divine attributes? Most people are not that evil, a considerable proportion are greedy and lustful, maybe, but most are just everyday people, your 'average Joe' say.

    1. It is prophecy in Zechariah 13:8
      8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, the word of Hashem, two parts therein [of the population] shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.