Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Korach, 27 Sivan 5775 (14/6/15)

King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world; He wants to bring the world to a place of kindness without interest, to destroy evil inclination so that the entire world will be without it.  The Jews will be sanctified, they will be pure and holy, they will rise up in the wind and all of the gentiles left in the world will respect the people of Israel with love.

Every country that wants peace with Israel will have blessings and success in all.  Every country or head of state that wants to go against the state of Israel and take parts of Israel away will have the same fate as Korach - the earth will open up and swallow them whole.  G-d loves the Holy Land, Israel, it is His home, it is His place and woe be unto anyone who tries to touch it.  Only the Jews are worthy of living in the Holy Land!  Gush Katif, which was stolen by the gentiles, is not an opening to take parts of Israel away.  Remember this: every person, president, prime minister, or country that wants to touch and take parts of Israel away - they will be swallowed by the earth.

The entire world is going through Armageddon, and in Israel there is quiet and peace, there is protection.  A cloud of fire guards the borders of Israel and with all of that, the people of Israel must still guard their souls, and I will guard you.

Anyone who creates division in Israel will he himself be divided.  Anyone who cheats, steals, does bad deeds or bribes, will be revealed before all of Israel in the media.

In recent months, evil knows that the Messiah is about to be crowned and their armies are coming down in huge numbers in order to create conflict among the Jews, in families and married couples, between friends and partners - you need to be careful and not get carried away.  Patience is a virtue!  Blind faith in G-d is above all!

A large number of the Arabs in Israel are anti-Semitic, they create conflict, protest, spy on Israel, and transfer information to the Arabs around us.

Parliament members are in conflict with themselves, one against the other.  Everyone is fighting those who want to keep the holy land of Israel and not give parts away to the gentiles.  Parliament members must not forget that Israel is very small and the Arab's goal is to throw us into the ocean because no country will accept the Jews.

The Hamas is saying that it didn't fire.  Abu Mazen is saying that he doesn't know what they are talking about.  Everyone is acting naive; it is all fake; they are working together!

The Hamas continues to dig tunnels, prepare new soldiers and new and improved ammunition.  Hamas and Abu Mazen are one gang, they don't want peace and they never will!

The government of Israel must stop being delusional and stop fearing other countries - there is G-d, who created the world and knows how to destroy it, and how to remove certain people from it.  They shouldn't try to touch the holy land; they are playing with their lives.

In Gaza, you must keep all eyes open.  They don't want peace.

The Arabs around us and among us are bringing in huge quantities of drugs and alcohol and are making efforts to drag Jews to gambling and assimilation in order to harm Jewish youth so that, heaven forbid, four-five years from now, there won't be a proper IDF.  They can't make things work by force so they are going in the way of the snake, quietly selling drugs cheaply, alcohol cheaply, pushing to gambling and assimilation of Jewish boys and girls.

Parents need to take action; and, the government of Israel needs to appoint a minister responsible for drugs, alcohol, gambling, and assimilation - that is what we need a minister for!  It seeps in slowly and destroys the Jewish youth of the people of Israel.  Wake up, wake up, and wake up again!

In Egypt, we said there will be a revolution - it will happen!  Remember, they want to eliminate Sisi.  Sisi didn't believe anyone, they wanted to kill him.  Soon there will be a revolution.  Hamas is also working hard to breach Egypt's borders.

Jordan is waiting and expecting to get, heaven forbid, parts of Israel.  G-d is angry now; He will destroy Jordan.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.  It will be dust.  The rebels are in control and the Druze have suddenly woken up.

ISIS is in Syria, Hamas is in Syria, Hezbollah is in Syria...  It is a Babel Tower.  Creator of the world, G-d of Vengeance!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't receive ammunition from Iran.

In Turkey, G-d has humiliated Arduan because he wants to be with ISIS.  G-d brings people up and down.

Iraq cannot be saved, it will be destroyed completely.

Iran is laughing at everyone and lying to everyone in the media.  It continues to quietly create tens of atomic missiles at once.

All of the Arab countries are jealous of Israel!

The United States wants to show its power in front of Russia.  They are like a peacock and Russia is like an alligator.  Russia is working quietly and the United States is working loudly.

There is Armageddon in the world, and it will never be in Israel.

The forces of nature continue to grow stronger every day, volcanoes, harsh earthquakes, floods, winds, and storms.  Countries will continue to be in conflict within themselves and each day will get worse.

Anti-Semitism is increasing, step by step.  G-d is exiling the Jews from Europe, the United States, and other countries.

In Israel, they are preparing homes and real estate; and even if they prepare one million houses, they will all be filled by Jews.  According to the building pace, and the pace is strong in Israel, that is how new immigrants come to Israel.  If one million Jews come and don't have a place to stay, they will live in hotels - don't worry.

France: Jews, run away from France urgently!  Soon everything will be turned over and Jews will run away without being able to sell their homes and businesses - you have been warned!  France is the hottest place in the world; it is the first place you need to run away from.  Come to Israel urgently!

The economy in Israel is the best in the world.

The people of Israel need to support the IDF soldiers and not believe the media.

G-d is taking people of all kinds to heaven, because from above they have the power to help more than from below.

The Messiah, son of David, is working 24 hours a day, protecting every Jew and soon, very soon, he will start acting in public.

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  1. Thank you so very much for the posts. I await each one.
    What does it mean that the Arabs are poisoning the IDF slowly slowly via drugs and at about 4-5 years there won't be an IDF.... Will we wait that long to see Moshiach? Why will the IDF be needed once Moshiach is King? Who will we need to fight?
    Appreciate your time and response.

    1. You are asking very good questions, but I can't really say that I have answers.

      We know that the Arabs have used shady practices on our youth. If you want to hurt people, target the young impressionable members of society -- it can weaken future generations. It happened in the US and many other countries. The IDF soldiers are good candidates for decimating Israel -- socially and morally. I don't have specifics, but I am sure the ruthless terrorist group have preyed on our youth, including the IDF.

      Will we need a military force after Moshiach is announced? Since it will be a time of complete peace, probably not for defense purposes. For chesed purposes, helping people, possibly. Could that take us 4 to 5 years to settle all the Jews and lost tribes in-gathered from the world, providing people-power? I don't know, but I do know that Hashem loves to see us with achdus helping each other, so maybe. It sounds like a beautiful idea to me.

  2. How soon do you think the Moshiach will reveal himself?

    1. I have particular dates in mind that I have calculated, but I wish not to reveal them. A few years ago there was a hidden Tzadik who was asked the questions: Do you know who Moshiach is and when he will be announced? He answered yes to both questions. When asked if he would reveal the information? He answered: if I tell you his name, I will die instantly, and if I tell you the date, Hashem will change it. I am no hidden Tzadik, but I still wish to adhere to the prophecy found at the end of Daniel: the information shall remain sealed until the end.

      One thing I will say is a range of possibilities. I believe we are anywhere from a few weeks to Succos. Since Rav Ben Artzi is hinting to very soon, I am hopeful "the few weeks is correct." Of course the true answer is sooner than that.