Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Iron Ladies of the Exodus

We welcome back Rabbi Sprecher after his siting Shiva for his beloved brother. He gave this very interesting talk on 23 March about the great women of the Exodus:

Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Diaspora Yeshiva, is not only a popular speaker and teacher, but also a dynamic thinker and writer. A student of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky and Harav Gedalia Schorr, Rabbi Sprecher was granted smicha (rabbinical ordination) by Torah Vodaath Yeshiva. Prior to his current position, Rabbi Sprecher was a professor of Judaic studies at Touro College in New York. In addition to his duties at Diaspora Yeshiva, Rabbi Sprecher writes a regular column on various Judaic topics in the Jewish Press, and lectures regularly at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected

Hashem works in mysterious ways. Trying to interpret the news and what it means and where it will take us is an impossible task. Many of my readers have been sending me news articles asking: did you see this, and what do you think it means?  I think Hashem will make sure that we can't figure it out since He wants us to just trust Him and have faith in Him, and all will work out for the best. 

There is no truth in the news -- so what is really happening, only Hashem knows for sure. Just take care of yourself by doing Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, helping others, studying Torah and doing the commandments. The rest will work itself out -- Hashem knows what He is doing; His plan is infallible. 

I believe the much more dangerous time that is coming up will be from natural disasters, not war. That is when Hashem will, measure-for-measure take care of everyone on Earth (goodness for the righteous who follow His ways and suffering for the wicked who do what they want without regard to their Creator and His instructions).

I have been asked about the too-late-date. The concept which I have been talking about for years. It didn't come from me, but from Hashem. It refers to Yom Hadin (judgment day). I’m the one who changed the name to the “too-late-date” to impress upon everyone the urgency of preparing for the day.

We are all judged by Hashem for everything we do and say. Do we get the immediate report card from Hashem on Judgment Day? Yes, and it determines the path of our eternity. We will know the level of Tikun, correction/perfection, that we accomplished in all our lives on Earth and what our destiny is forever.

All I have been saying is not to mess around with the system Hashem has set up, but to use it to our great advantage. The world situation is pointing to the final judgment and redemption being a lot closer than we think. Is it today? I don't know; but, I do believe it is the most significant day for everyone on Earth, spiritually. When the final results are known for each of us, all will be made totally clear.  Hashem is merciful and loves us, and we are in Good Hands. All we need to do is keep up the good work as we have been instructed to do in the Torah and all will turn out amazingly well. Just never forget the system is measure-for-measure – what you put into it, is what you will get out of it for all eternity.

The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing random in this world. Many Rabbis believe that if there is a final war, the war will be very rapid. Tenach hints to the concept of Hashem taking over with natural disasters, as mentioned above, making the war insignificant. The final outcome on an individual basis will not be random but, as it was in Egypt with the plagues, measure-for-measure according to the behavior of each individual. The righteous (the ones who follow the ways of Hashem) will not see suffering or even discomfort. The wicked will (use your imagination). Every one, of course is somewhere in-between and will receive exactly what he or she needs to complete his or her rectification.  It is all by design with nothing random. I have said it before and will say it again: those who think they can just blend into society, assimilate into the world population and not worry (after all armies will be protecting us – right?), are in for a big shock. When the natural disasters greatly increase, you are on your own with only, I repeat, only Hashem’s mercy and help will get you through the rough times.

Is today judgment day? Yes, every day is judgment day. Is today more significant than days before? Yes, but we will not know until we get our final redemption (sort of our report card) and we know for sure that we did the right thing, or that we were stubborn enough to defy the truth about this world. Can we still continue to grow in our ways by making changes and following the truth of the Torah, our handbook of life and in this case our survival kit? Absolutely, as long as we are still alive on this Earth, we still have opportunity to get it right. How much longer do we have to get our act together? That is completely up to Hashem and what He has planned for the near future. If the war starts today and/or the devastation of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc, greatly increases, you have your answer as to how much time you still have.

Please, please, please take all this seriously. I have thousands of years of history that has been accurately told to us in prophecy to back up my plea. I am not speculating but totally knowing and trusting the word that Hashem has given us. It is the Absolute Truth. Anyone who wants to gamble that this is not our destiny is a fool. It is so obvious what is happening in the world and where it is going. The specifics we won’t understand until it happens, after all, “don't expect what you expect, but expect the unexpected.” Just be completely reassured that we know exactly how to make it all come out favorably for each of us. Don’t fight the system but use it to your advantage. It is your eternity and the eternity of your loved ones at stake. Do the right thing and thank Hashem for His merciful guidance – you will be extremely happy about it and probably very soon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What is the Absolute Truth to Guide us These Days?


I received a comment that was too extensive to answer in the comment section, but I do believe that it was another hint from Hashem about a topic He wants me to discuss. First the comment:

ever green March 21, 2017 at 8:53 AM

Perhaps, Rabbi Glazerson is limited so some degree, but he certainly has had an impact on a great many, as well as you Rav Menachem Robinson. Your Book of Life is a best seller in Heaven among all the great books of Life, you truly have lived a life of Goodness and Kindness, a life well lived with merit, and for eternity.

I believe and feel, that the day will come that, perhaps HASHEM will reveal more and more details of what is to come and provide to Rabbi Glazerson and to yourself, RAV, the imminent events leading up to the coming of Moshiach, in order to tell all the Jewish people to leave and to come to Israel NOW!!

COULD there be an announcement, a calling, and discovery, to all the Jewish People around the world that HASHEM has said to come to ISRAEL? And that all the Jewish People and Righteous non-Jews will LISTENED to the message from HASHEM? For, there are millions of Jewish People around the world that do not know what is to come, regarding NIBIRU and ZECHARIAH 13:8,וְהָיָה בְכָל הָאָרֶץ נְאֻם יְהֹוָה פִּי שְׁנַיִם בָּהּ יִכָּרְתוּ יִגְוָעוּ וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁית יִוָּתֶר בָּהּ And it shall come to pass throughout all the land, says the L-rd, two parts of it shall be cut off. They shall perish, and the third shall remain therein.

I SENCE THAT HASHEM WILL MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT THROUGH SOME PROFOUND WAY, WHETHER IT BE THROUGH YOU, RAV, OR RABBI GLAZERSON'S TORAH CODES AND FINDINGS THROUGH YOUR WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE AND TORAH CODES. Considering the both of you and many others have reached a great many already, what about an announcement to all the Jewish people around the world??? I hope my thoughts were clear as to my question. In short will HASHEM find a way to tell the entire world of what will come through the means of a discovery, or by a person, etc? Will HASHEM disclose this or just leave this to a few?


My reply:

The final announcement is exactly what we were told at the end of Malachi, the last of the prophets.

Malachi 4:5,6
5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the     L-RD:
6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.
That is the official announcement that we await, and it is believed that it will occur one to three days before Moshiach.

Also, Hashem has already told us tremendous detail about what is to happen in the end of days and what it means to us. It is replete with details in the Tenach, the Talmud, the Zohar, the Midrash and the one source that we ignore the most, Meforshim. What is Meforshim? The English translation is exegesis, or a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, particularly what the great sages and Rabbis have said for thousands of years explaining the words of Hashem.

Go to Devorim (Deuteronomy) 17:9-11 and understand Hashem's instructions. It basically says that through the ages Hashem will continue to guide us through the great individuals of the time. Hashem has given His word to us through the sages and great Rabbis up to today. The biggest trick here is for us to know who are the great Rabbis or even Rebbetzins, who have been given the word of Hashem, versus who is giving us flawed human opinion. Obviously Rabbis like Rashi, RAMBAM, RAMBAN, the Arizal, the Vilna Gaon, etc are indisputable sources to be studied in search of the Absolute Truth of Hashem. But, even modern Rabbis and Rebbetzins, such as the Chofetz Chaim, the Chazon Ish, Moshe Feinstein, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, (this is a long list including Rabbis alive today), etc who have inspired us to great learning and guidance, once again from Hashem. Who we should listen to and who should be ignored comes only with years of proper Torah study.

With that said, I know from reading his many books, that Rav Glazerson is one to whom we should listen. He writes his books with the word of Hashem as his guide.

Are the codes also to be read with great trust? Hashem wants us to do Teshuvah, Tefillah, Torah study, Tzedukah, help each other, live the commandments, etc and Hashem uses someone like Rav Glazerson to help us help ourselves. The Torah codes inspire our curiosity and hopefully inform us that we are close to the end. Inform us enough to do what we need to in preparation for our future.

If Rav Glazerson finds a message in the Torah, it is obvious that it is from Hashem. It is Hashem sparking us to do the right thing and turn to Him. Can we take the encoded messages exactly at face value that they mean precisely what they say? If it gets us to do the right thing, then Hashem's message was received exactly as Hashem wanted it to be. If the encoded message is only a possibility and doesn't actually happen as interpreted in English, but gets us concerned enough to do Teshuvah, to make big changes, Hashem's word was received correctly.

You mention that we are waiting for accurate instructions, accurate information to guide us. We are being beaten over the head with accurate instructions; the problem is we only want to hear what we want to hear. If the message is too scary, we have cognitive dissonance to turn it off, even if it could save us great discomfort and suffering in the near future.

We must use more common sense when it comes to the obvious messages from Hashem. We know that the leaders of the world along with the global elite are planning a very scary ending to implement their evil New World Order. Do underground fortresses for the elite built with trillions of our taxpayer’s money give us a hint? Do about 800 FEMA concentration camps sound like the global elite are looking out for our welfare? Does making Nibiru and all the devastation that has happened (past tense) and what is yet to happen, Top Secret to ensure the world population stays in harm’s way? Does the talk of world war, terrorist activity, crime, shortages, money chaos, etc, etc, etc sound like we are not near the end and that the leaders and governments of the world are not hurting us instead of helping us?

Yes, there are many, many signs of the great day of Hashem being close, but we could either react to the obvious or close our eyes and deny everything. We also have history to fall back on. When we study the situation in the world these days and realize that it is much, much worse than Europe was before World War 2, once again, we can either accept the truth of deny it hoping it will all go away.

The fact is, if you believe Hashem, it will all go away for Hashem’s faithful followers, and will only devastate the ones with their eyes closed – the deniers, the skeptics, 2/3rd of the world population.

Should we really worry about Korea or Iran wanting to Nuke our families? Only if we are not working hard to come close to Hashem, our only source of salvation and protection.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Torah Codes Hint Korean Nuclear Threat Could Stir Legions of Angels in Apocalyptic War

A very interesting article appeared on Breaking Israel News:
This is the actual video from Rav Glazerson about the find:

On 31 July 2016 I wrote how “Torah Codes are Very Tricky; Plus What is with Nibiru?”

I am bringing this up to not deceive you on the above video about a nuclear holocaust.

It is true that the term atomic holocaust appears one place in the Torah but with a separation of 3133 letters. That puts it starting at Numbers 29 and going to Deuteronomy 8. That is enough of a letter separation to include many other possibilities.

He found 5778 encoded in that chart, but he ignored that 5777 appears 3 times on the same chart. If North Korea is planning any type of attack, they wouldn’t advertise it a half a year in advance.

The month of Adar, our present month appears 4 times with no skipped letters on the same chart.

He found Gog, but did not mention that it appears 52 times in the Torah with a skip of only 10 letters (3 times on this chart with up to a 6 letter skip).

When you only have three letters, the statistical significance becomes very low. I don’t know if he is intimating that Korea is Magog, with its leader being Gog? The fact is: a general statement of “a country to the far north,” is found in the Tenach, and Korea, which is much more to the east than to the north, does not satisfy that statement. Since the statement in Tenach is “the far north, it sounds much more like it is telling us about United States of Magog, which if one goes exactly north from Israel, over the poll, you come to the US.

Another statistic shows that along with Gog being on this chart several times, I found Bush 9 times with no skip. If I add a skip of only 4 letters, Bush appears 700 times in the Torah.

Please, find these Torah code videos interesting, but without a statistical analysis, they are not telling us the absolute truth, merely possibilities. One thought is: if North Korea is planning a Nuclear attack on the US, that plan would be in the Torah, even if it does not actually happen, just the plan. Everything is in the Torah, but it is very tricky what it means until after the fact.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Why are the Aron's Dimensions Fractured?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

All the vessels in the Mishkan had measurements in whole Amot (cubits) - 1 Amah (48-57.6cm), 2 Amot or 10 Amot, etc. The Aron (the Ark) that contained the LUCHOT (the tablets of the 10 Commandments) was the exception to this. All of its measurements were incomplete and fractured Amot. Its length was 2½ Amot, its width 1½ Amot and its height 1½ Amot. What is the reason for this? Surely the Torah, which is the most complete and self-contained entity, should be contained in a vessel with complete and not fractured dimensions.

We can explain this with 2 different ideas. Firstly, since the Torah is Divine Intellect, it is vast, endless and limitless. In Kabbalistic terms, the Torah like G-D is called EIN SOF (the endless One). Thus, it is humanly impossible for any individual to grasp and absorb all of the Torah. The most we can hope to understand will be only a fraction of it. Thus the Aron, which represents the Torah, has fractional dimensions. The more we learn, the more we will come to realize that the Torah's scope and levels of comprehension are limitless.

One can never think he has attained all of the Torah, as there are always higher levels for one to achieve. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse for one to be complacent from doing his best to understand the Torah. This is one of the reasons of why the Aron had incomplete dimensions.

Another explanation is that we all need each other in order to achieve completeness in Torah. No one on his own can perform all of the Mitzvot. We, together as a people, complement each other and complete one another. In the physical world as well, a farmer and a grocer require each other, as well as the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. So too, the perfection of our spiritual world requires a collective national input.

Additionally, the Holy Ark was the only vessel in the Mishkan whose poles for carrying it were never removed, even when the Mishkan was stationary. Why? The poles represent those who support and uphold the Torah financially. Without them, the Torah, and hence the world, would cease to exist. Every piece in the puzzle is needed.
With regret I wish to inform you of the passing of the brother of Rabbi Sprecher in New York. I extend the condolences of The Absolute Truth and its readers.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Power of Sin

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What Is Judaism?

Judaism is not a religion, there is no such word as “religion” in the Jewish Bible. Why? Because, the text of Judaism, the Torah, is the 'Eternal Truth.' When the Messiah comes and those of the nations that remain will all know that there is ONLY Hashem and no other, Ein Od Milvado; for the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.

Religion is a belief system made up by people. There are approximately 4200 religions in the world, but only one system that came from the Creator; therefore, it is not a religion.

Decades ago when I became a Torah Jew, people said to me "it looks like you discovered a new way of life." I used to answer: "No, I discovered life itself." When you start living the truth, the reality as it was created for the people of this Earth, you are not in a belief system, but a system of knowledge. I don't believe in Hashem – I know He exists. I don't believe that Judaism is life – I know it is beyond a shadow of a doubt; and, I have infinite proof to justify my knowledge.

Let me try to explain the most difficult, deepest concepts about this world and the system we live under. What I am about to tell you is so deep that I can describe it, but I don’t have any comprehension of what I am saying. Why? Because it is beyond human comprehension and I happen to be a human being.

This world and the life we live on it are all an illusion, they don’t exist. What you see in front of you right now is Hashem’s imagination. When I have told this to people in the past, you know the human types, they like to pound on a table and say: This is real, this is not an illusion!!!! I like to ask those humans: do you think a Being of Infinite Intelligence can’t fool you and that you know better? This is what I meant by hearing something but not comprehending it. It is beyond the capability of our frail human brains to grasp the reality. It definitely is our reality, as Hashem has given us.

The details as to why Hashem even made such a world I have already covered. Go to my post of 4 May 2012 entitled “This Explains It All,” and save me the trouble of having to repeat it here.

So, since Hashem made such a world and as I explained in my 4 May post “why,” what is Judaism? Hashem designed this world to help us perfect ourselves, and He gave us the instructions on how to do it. He chose a nation that would remain small in number and would go throughout the world to be “a light unto the nations.” In other words, he chose the Jews to pass on to the world His instructions on how to use this world, how to live in this life, how to be totally happy and successful and, the best part of all, how to maximize our good fortune and happiness for all eternity.

I Googled Judaism and got this definition:
Judaism is an ancient monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text (part of the larger text known as the Tenach or Hebrew Bible), and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud.
Of course, they should have left out the word religion, but it is curious that the basis for Judaism is the text, the instructions from the Creator of everything. We live in a world and Hashem gave us a Handbook of Life as instructions. He created a system called Judaism which consists of the people He chose to help the people of the world by bringing the Handbook to everyone. That means that it is not just for Jews, since even the seven commandments of Noah are from the Torah, the Handbook of instructions is for all 7.5 billion people on planet Earth.

Most people on Earth (actually just about all people on Earth) believe that everything is random, by accident, by coincidence, by chance, by luck, etc. Just about no one can fathom the idea that Hashem gave us a system that allows us to control our destiny and even events that happen. There is no randomness, only the collective actions and words of the people on Earth and what it causes. It is one of the reasons that the Earth is in such horrible condition – we don’t know the system, or know how to use it.

Those who believe in Hashem, even if it is through idolatrous ways, like a false messiah or believing that he is His only son, believe that Hashem created the Earth and stepped back to watch it all. The fact is we are all children of Hashem because we are all one. When we say the Shema we declare that everything is One, ein od milvado, there is nothing but Him. I have said that the biggest miracle of this Earth is that we experience separateness even though we are all one; it is all part of the illusion. Exactly where an electron is in an atom is where Hashem wants it to be. That electron is Hashem and is completely where Hashem puts the illusion of an electron. If you have a fly bugging you, that fly is exactly where Hashem puts it. There is nothing random at all (another beyond human comprehension concept).

However, we are given a system that allows us to influence what happens. As an example: I have mentioned that prayer works. When we say Tehillim, Psalms, for the sick, we actually have a system where we can change the DNA of the sick person to affect healing (see my post of 24 August 2015, entitled "Prayer Works"). Everyone thinks the system is: we pray to Hashem and He decides whether to heal the person. Hashem never decides anything. He gave us to ability to accomplish things, but we don't know how to, such as proper prayer. We just give it lip service and lose out on all the benefits that prayer offers. If done correctly, prayer always works!!!

Another example: we are not waiting for Nibiru, Nibiru is waiting for us. Hashem set up a perfect system to bring the worldwide redemption, Moshiach, the Third Temple, the return of the exiled, the resurrection of the dead, etc, etc, etc; all we have to do is follow His instructions and it happens. All of us instead use our flawed human logic and believe: when Hashem decides, it will happen. Totally wrong!!! When we catch on to the system, consider it all done.

Why am I telling you this now? Even though most of you will tell me: I already knew that, you are not teaching me anything new. The big difference between now and the time of the Messiah is that now we live in a physical, fantasy world of falsehood. The upside-down world (I have mentioned so many times) described in the Talmud (Pesachim 50) is our daily experience. The time of The Messiah will be a time of truth, a spiritual existence, and therefore all made up religions in the world will no longer exist. When the good, righteous people of the world (and that is all that will remain) do not believe but KNOW of the One Living G-d, everyone will KNOW and LIVE the Absolute Truth. They will not have to be taught such feelings – it will be as natural as our fantasy world is to us today. Hashem will no longer be hidden and everyone will know beyond a shadow of a doubt: “Ein Od Milvado!!!!!!! – There is only Hashem.”

I've heard people say isn't it enough that I am a good person, do I have to do all of Hashem’s commandments too? Let me give you an analogy to try to put everything into perspective. Let us consider that this world is a giant corporation and Hashem is the CEO, the Big Boss, Numero Uno. Would we ever say to our boss at work “isn't it enough that I am a good person, everyone around here likes me, I help increase morale, do I also have to do all the work that you want me to do? That is also a system of reward and punishment. Do a good job and get raises, promotions, a bigger office, who knows what. Ask the boss that question and the only raise you get is the raise off the premises. The entire system of measure-for-measure is: do what the Boss asks of you, and the reward is beyond belief. Doing the commandments is for our benefit. It is the way to survive and thrive in this world. If you think that a Jew keeping Kosher or observing the Sabbath is not necessary in this crazy world, you have completely lost the message from the Boss and will find out the hard way when it is too late.

One last note on the subject, we do not perform Hashem’s will for reward, but strictly out of love for Him and the fact that it is our ticket to a happy and successful life. Hashem gave us a precious gift by teaching us how to use this world and maximize the benefits of this life. Our joy and peace of mind will come naturally and to make us so happy that we can’t stop thanking Him.

Those who develop the feeling now and start living the absolute truth before the Messiah is announced, will be the happiest people of all. Jews and righteous non-Jews who abandon the fantasy world of today, the total nonsense that is happening in the world (it is obvious to see), will experience the total happiness and peace of mind NOW, and will not have to wait for the time that the Messiah will lead the world (actually Hashem leads everything, the Messiah will just be His servant on Earth). You and your loved ones can have “The world of truth – the world of total happiness, now.” Why wait?

You will find out soon how sound this advice is, and how Hashem will change your life to total goodness and happiness. Just follow His instructions and it is yours – guaranteed in writing. You don’t have to be Jewish to benefit from the tremendous advantages of Judaism. Time is running out, learn and live the Absolute Truth now, you will be so happy you did.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Project Black Star Overview

Getting information about Nibiru, where it is and when it will be at the closest approach to the Earth has been nearly impossible. The many amateur videos on YouTube are very contradictory and very unscientific.

One of our dear readers connected me to a source that sounds more professional and believable. They seem to be one of the best sources for tracking this phenomenon due to the accuracy they have experienced in the past. Here is a video explaining their research. It is technical, but seems to be accurate and a source to continue to watch:

I am still in the process of reviewing all the material presented on their website, so I do not have a final review to give at this time. If you wish to join me in the review, go to:

There is an update video that Terral made on 9 Mar.  It is more technecal than the above video but has much information interspersed in the 44 minute report.  You can view it at:
This also was sent to me by a dear reader -- very interesting:
Fish living by the Dead Sea- Prophecy of Ezekial Unfolding

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Sleeping Nation

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

The Talmud in Magillah 13 states that when Haman targeted the Jews for annihilation, he said to Achashverosh, "Let us implement the final solution to destroy the Jews." Achashverosh replied, "I am afraid of their G-D, lest He do to me what He did to my predecessors, Par'o and Nevuchadnetzar." Haman relieved the king of that fear when he said, YESHNO AM ECHAD, which translates literally as, "there is one certain nation."

The Talmud explains that Haman was telling the king something much more strategic and profound. Not only YESHNO AM ECHAD, "there is one certain nation," but rather "YOSHNO AM ECHAD," "there is a sleeping nation." Haman slandered the Jewish People by saying, "they have been negligent of Mitzvot. They are also divided and divisive by constant infighting. They are asleep at the wheel as to what is important and what threatens them."

Haman's accusations sound frighteningly and eerily similar to our current political situation here in Israel. Iran, Hezbola and Hamas have over 100,000 rockets and ballistic missiles aimed directly at us. But we are occupied with how many cigars our Prime Minister has received as gifts.

In Haman's time, the Jewish People were vulnerable and on the brink of destruction and extinction, because they were asleep to the danger facing them. The Jews of Shushan were oblivious to what was happening around them. They didn't take the threats seriously, and didn't stand up for their right to simply exist.

Haman, like so many of our shrewd enemies throughout Jewish History, had a keen understanding of our weakness. Haman understood that going about our business as usual, vicious political infighting, living with our eyes closed, exposes us and makes us particularly vulnerable and susceptible to attack.

Haman recognized that the Jewish people were YOSHNO AM ECHAD, there is a nation that is asleep at the wheel. All he had to do was to continue to lull the Jewish People into a false sense of security, to breed complacency, and apathy. And at that moment Haman could accomplish his goal of exterminating and destroying the Jewish People.

So how did we survive? What spoiled Haman's plan? Why did we ultimately triumph over Haman that we are still here, the superpower of the Middle East? The answer is simple - Mordechai and Esther, two heroes who stood up and like an alarm bell, rang and rang until they woke up our people from their practically comatose sleep.

The Purim message and lesson for us and our time is that we must unite, be alert, and remain one step ahead of our enemies with G-D's help.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Purim

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg: 

Shaken, Not Stirred: Purim   

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tanit Esther 5777 part 2 - Esther - Is Sin a Virtue?

Please watch the second part of the double feature delivered yesterday, 9 March by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, shlita, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The fast of Ester 5777 part 1 - Amalek - How to Make Enemies

Please watch the first of a double feature delivered today, 9 March by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, shlita, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva.
Again, I thank Rabbi Sprecher for a very inspiring talk. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Very Exciting Video: PURIM - Be Happy with your LOT!

In recent months I have been reading the writings of Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, shlita, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva. I am so impressed with his writings that I included them several times on this blog. A few days ago I got curious enough to investigate this Torah scholar, and found that one of our dear readers knows him well. I obtained his phone number and called him to find a very exciting, friendly individual that I wish I had met years ago. I felt so warmly received that I got off the phone feeling like I was talking to a friend that I have known for many years.

Why am I telling you all this? I had called him to ask permission to show some of the videos that he had made over the years, especially the one on Purim that he videoed this week. I have seen so many videos and read so many words of Torah about Purim that I questioned: what could I learn new? To my great surprise, I was overwhelmed with learning very new aspects of Purim in the same way that the Rabbi’s writings were a breath of fresh learning air for me. The most important lesson for you to pay attention to is not the message of Purim but learning a lot about yourself, your life and the way you are in this world by design from Hashem.

Watch this video in its entirety; don’t miss a word; it is well worth your time (I have already watched it twice, and have learned each time):

I wish to thank my new friend, Rabbi Sprecher, for this very enlightening talk. I have plans of putting other videos from him on this blog, which I am very anxious to watch.

I also started a review of his Yeshivah to find a very beautiful source of learning. I will give more information about that soon, since I anticipate all the Jews of the world being here soon. I hope to expand his program to cover tens of thousands of new Bochorim when they get here. Bochorim are young unmarried men: youths; specifically: students in a Talmudic academy — called also a yeshiva bocher (singular).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Tetzaveh, Shabbat Zachor, 7 Adar 5777, 5.3.17

The Holy One, Father of the entire world, good and beneficial, give anguish to the righteous to redeem the generation because the soul of a righteous can redeem tens of thousands of Jews. The Holy One gives anguish to the righteous so they will pray and cry to Him to atone for all Jews. Because some Jews do not understand and believe in the Holy One, mainly for the Jews living abroad; they supposedly believe in the goyim, G-d forbid, and this makes the Holy One angry.

Goyim that ingratiate themselves to the Jews are doing so purely out of interest and for their own good, not for the benefit of the Jews.

The Holy One asks the Jews, sons of Israel, that they should ask for everything directly from Him, and also from His messengers, He has in Israel. The Jews must ask the Creator's messengers, mercy for Israel and the Jews.

The Holy One says to all righteous: your crying to Heaven is tearing up and cancelling persecution of the Israeli people; we all must cleave to the Holy One and ask Him to anoint The King Messiah.

From Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Creator judges the world as He does on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. In the month of Adar there is a lot of happiness, and happiness will redeem the sorrow of every Jew.

The Creator wants all the Rabbis and the Jews in the Holy Land to raise their eyes to the Holy One and pray so He will have mercy on all Jews and reveal the King Messiah!

The Creator asks the Jews in the land of Israel and the greatest in the Torah to pray so the Jews abroad will stop assimilating and come to the land of Israel to settle the Holy Land.

Hamas wants to provoke Israel to start a war. May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken.

In the Gaza Strip there will be confusion and they will kill each other.

Turkey, ISIS and all kinds of helpers are helping to destroy it, and Erdogan is busy killing the traitors. A revolution in Turkey will be, whatever they will do, there will be a revolution.

Europe, Millions of refugees and infiltrators will desecrate her, make it Muslim, young, old and women are coming. Europe's mistake is that they think the refugees belong to the Palestinian issue in Israel. All European countries must understand: there is no relevance; this is the Hand of Hashem acting for the conquest of Europe. The land of Israel is a small country almost invisible on a map and this has nothing to do with Israel.

Antisemitism will be severe not only for Jews, it will also spread to the Christians, because they hate more Christians than Jews.

In Russia and the U.S., people are living covertly. A lot of them are spies, each country is sending them.

Hezbollah is waiting to receive ammunition from Iran. The IDF must be alert and pay attention to everything.

Syria, the Holy One is destroying and ruining, erasing it from above the Earth.

Lebanon is afraid of Israel and more afraid of Hezbollah.

Jordan, the King gives to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians and Hamas to do his dirty work for him; he is still asleep. Suddenly the day will come and Hamas and Palestinian refugees will destroy Jordan, not that they aren't destroying it now.

Egypt is acting like it is with Hamas in the media. They are destroying tunnels so the world and Israel will say to Egypt 'Good work.' There is Famine in Egypt and hidden war. Sisi be strong, extreme Muslims are waiting for you everywhere.

Iran is scared that Trump will cancel the agreement made by Obama. Threats against Israel are coming from fear.

Iraq, They all fight against each other, except for ISIS which is fighting among them.

Every country and state that harms Israel, with bad language or bad talk, the Creator will hit it immediately, with natural disasters or conflicts.

Natural disasters will continue as usual.

All thieves, scammers, lecherous men and those who take bribes will be caught.

The Jews should observe the Commandments. Rather than say 'I can't believe what's happening in the world, with the Almighty Creator everything can happen.

The Holy One collects all the Jews to be the first circle!

The Messiah is acting and working.

The Messiah is an ordinary person, humble and simple, a man of G-d, he is above all. He has power that no one has! He has speech, strength and stability that no one in the world has! The Creator has plans to make him public and it will happen. Meanwhile, everybody knows for sure the person who will be the Messiah, the Jews in Israel and the world.

Happy Purim for all people of Israel; in Purim there will be very good things for the people of Israel!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Reply to an Involved Comment on BIN

The article that I posted last week from the Breaking Israel News drew many comments in the BIN comment section. Unfortunately most of them were from non-Jews who really knew very little about the Absolute Truth. I decided to reply to most of the comments since I was sending my readers there to review a very good article. I didn’t want their misinformation to be read by my readers.

All of them received my reply except for one that had so many false statements that it took me about four pages of typing to respond. I decided to bring the answer here instead and invited the one who made the comment to read it. I am not going to post his comment, but just the answers that I wish to convey to him. Here they are:

I have been working diligently for the past 25 years to help people find true happiness and a good life for them and their loved ones. My source of inspiration for all this is Hashem who told us 3329 years ago on Mount Sinai exactly how to succeed in life; this life on Earth and our eternal life, forever and ever. There is no mystery about how to live with goodness even in this evil upside-down fantasy world. My 70 years of studying scriptures has made it totally clear how to accomplish Hashem’s goodness and I have tens of thousands of people that I have worked with as absolute proof that Hashem guidance works.

Then along comes someone like yourself who did some bogus research on how I have greatly helped people (actually it has been my teaching them the instructions that Hashem gave us, meaning that is was Hashem that gave them the success, not me). After five years of my blog (over 1300 pages being read in 191 countries) and a book that is on, Barnes and Noble and other places, you came to tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.

What did you get wrong? Let us start with the money that I have made. I have spent much, much of my own money to help people. If I did a spread sheet, you would find me many thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) in the negative. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

The second thing about which you are greatly misinformed is Nibiru. Obviously you have very little or no scientific scholarship to go along with your lack of scriptural scholarship. Please tell me what is causing all the upheaval in our solar system, especially on planet Earth? The tremendous increase in earthquakes, the increase in volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather, the shift in our axis, the fact that magnetic North is now in a westerly direct, the fact that the North Star has move easterly, the vast amount of floods, fires, sinkholes, the great number of birds, fish and animals who have perished, the rotation of the moon (the man in the moon can be seen now by tilting one’s head 90 degrees clockwise), the sun rotation (the storms have also rotated about 90 degrees), the planets in our solar system are all in adjusted orbits, the increase in the ocean levels, an increase in asteroid and meteors, etc, etc, etc (this list is too long for me to continue here).

All this has happened because our sun is in a binary star system with another solar system. That system is now in our solar system and basically consists of the binary companion, a dwarf star named Nibiru, its seven planets and all the debris that is accompanying the system (asteroids, meteor, rocks, etc). All the devastation that has happened so far is due to the gravitational and magnetic effects of the Nibiru system. The hundreds of pictures and videos that have been taken and appearing on the web, along with the all the phenomena that is happening is absolute proof of Nibiru’s presence in our solar system and the fact that all is increasing is proof of it approaching. I am honored that you think I caused all this devastation by just coming up with conspiracy theories, but I am sorry I can’t take credit for Hashem’s work. If you really read my blog you would see that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is aware of Nibiru, but knows very little about it. You were giving him too much credit for the Nibiru information.

Where do I have proof from Hashem about Nibiru, what its purpose is and what is yet to occur? I am glad you asked, rather than telling me what I know and what I don’t know. If you go to the Bible (a Hebrew Bible would be much easier to show the absolute truth, but I guess we have to settle for ???), look at the prophecy in Numbers 24:17 where Balaam is telling us that in the end of days the Star of Jacob will come. It is important to understand that this star is the announcement of the Messiah. Your so-called New Testament plagiarized the idea by calling it the Star of Bethlehem, but it has been verified that Nibiru was not here about two thousand years ago. The second important fact is that Nibiru is encoded in the Torah right across that verse about the star.

Hashem has given many other proofs (actually hundreds), but I will only mention what I believe to be the most important. The end of the prophet Malachi, just before the verse telling us that Elijah the Prophet will come in the end before the great and awesome day of Hashem, it tells us (3:20) about a sun of righteousness that will come to heal the righteous and wipe out the wicked. That verse also has Nibiru crossing it since the sun is Nibiru. We also have the verse in Zechariah 13:8 that tells us that 2/3rd of the world population will be erased (the wicked) and 1/3rd will survive (the righteous). Nibiru is there also.

There are so many more verses throughout the Bible that are so clear as to this phenomena happening in the end, NOW, and they all have Nibiru encoded in the area.

As an Engineer I have many college credits in advanced mathematics including statistical analysis. I assure you there is no such thing in this world as coincidence, and that the messages from Hashem are crystal clear and very significant.

As you can see these definite messages from Hashem refer to this star, Nibiru, which is here to bring in the world of goodness and truth, the worldwide redemption, the Messiah, the third Temple, and much, much more that we were told thousands of years ago would happen in the end. But, the greatest message of all is that those who truly follow the ways of Hashem, do His commandments, live His Absolute Truth and turn to Him for everything, they will be in the 1/3rd group, which is approximately 2.5 billion people.

If I, at an age where I am required to give Mussar, wouldn’t be helping people to survive and thrive forever, I would be sinning. That explains why I have spent thousands of hours writing over 1300 pages on a blog to teach the ways of Hashem. I get tremendous pleasure in doing so, but you would never understand unless you experienced all the success that I have achieved. It is brought down that the greatest reward for doing a Mitzvah is the Mitzvah itself. I have been living that reward for decades. By the way, I am close to 73 years young and are very familiar with the Torah requirement to respect one’s elders. It also includes respecting someone who has studied the word of Hashem for 70 of those years. Age is only one requirement for Mussar, genuine scholarship to help Hashem’s people on Earth is a much bigger factor.

Let me summarize another subject that I have covered very seriously on my blog that you are dangerously overlooking. The world right now is being run by very evil people who are interested in one thing fulfilling the agenda of the Illuminati by implementing the New World Order. The NWO is a very vicious plan to have a one world Communist government that would be run by the global elite. As part of their agenda, all the people on Earth would be their slaves to do all the work, with them owning everything. If you review the Georgia Guidestones (if you’re not familiar with the GG, Google it and get scared). The first commandment on the Guidestones is to bring the world population down to a workable 500 million slaves. The way the global elite are planning this is by a world war, if necessary, if the Nibiru devastation doesn’t satisfy their evil plan. They know what is coming and have planned for it by building a multi-trillion dollar system of underground fortresses in many countries. Once again, if you have done any real research you are aware of the evil plan to protect the rich while the poor people get killed on the surface of the Earth (they are counting on it). They have already started the killing process with about 800 FEMA concentration camps that are in operation. However, the most devastating event to come is the raining down of asteroids and meteors, vast areas of flooding, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions like never seen in history (the Bible talks of fire and brimstone raining down).

Since the global elite control the media and government organizations like NASA (Never A Straight Answer), the entire Nibiru event has been a massive cover-up. It started with NASA getting pictures of Nibiru in 1982 and the decision to make it Top Secret by executive order (number 12356). That is why the truth cannot be found in the mainstream media and not even from the scientific community (who are being help to secrecy with penalty of death). If you want more information go to my blog post of 23 Feb 2016, entitled “Let’s Talk About the History of Nibiru.”

One last word pertains to the “when” for all this to happen. Hashem told us in scriptures in many places that the year 5776 was the year of Nibiru and the worldwide redemption. At the end of the year, we were told through various sources (the Facilitated Communications individuals, mystical Rabbis, and even in Torah codes; I started with these sources decades ago and they totally meet the test of prophecy found in the Torah) that we were not ready for the redemption; that we are in much greater need of repentance, prayer, Torah study, giving charity, helping others, doing the commandments, etc. Yes, Hashem knew where we would be at end of the year, He knew what our achieved spiritual level would be, but He also knew that given more time would make it that much better for us for all eternity. We accomplished a lot last year because of our fear of the end coming, but the additional accomplishments we have achieved by the delay of the end was always Hashem’s plan. His plan is perfect and we will see that in the near future when all is complete.

You as an individual have a choice, you can help me in trying to save the world, which would include you, or you can fight Hashem thinking you know better. I am not a prophet and not able to tell you exactly when things will happen, but Hashem has given us so many signs that it is obvious we are very close. You just have to decide whether you are for or against Hashem’s plan; I think you know very well which is the best approach for you and your loved ones. I approach you as a friend trying to save your life; join me and help yourself as well as others.

If you have any more questions, I will be glad to discuss the matter further by Email:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Very Important Article: The Mishkan for Today's World. (Don't Miss One Word)


Another excellent article from by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Please don’t make the mistake that I almost did. Read the entire article. I started to read it and thought this doesn’t pertain to me. When I finished I thought this is one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned in a long time. Please read:

The main function of the Mishkan (the portable Tabernacle we used in the desert) was to offer up animal sacrifices to Hashem. For many people, it is easier to relate to the narrative portions of the Torah and Mitzvot (the commandments) that apply in our day than to those dealing with the Temple sacrifices. The last sacrifices were offered in 68CE, before the Second Temple was destroyed. So why study today those portions of the Torah that deal with sacrifices when we haven't had a Temple in almost 2000 years? The ENTIRE Torah is Hashem's GPS for ALL times.

The Mishkan Altar may be more understandable if we think of it as a metaphor for our table at which we eat every day, containing lessons about the attitude which we should have when we satisfy our vital natural function of eating. The daily diet of animal, wheat, oil, and wine offerings on the Temple Altar corresponds to our daily diet, of animal and grain products, fruits, and vegetables, that go on to our table and into our mouths.

Perhaps, the reason why some people feel uncomfortable about the sacrificial ritual is precisely because it presents our existential situation so starkly in the form of animal blood, fat, and other offerings on the Altar. According to Kabbalah it is a fundamental law of creation that higher life forms consume lower forms of life in order to exist. When a lower form of life is eaten and digested by a higher form, the lower life form is elevated in the sense of actually turning into the body and feeding the activities of the higher life form.

As human beings, our blood and fat are made up of materials derived from other, lower levels of existence, mineral, vegetable, and animal. Our physical life-functions come to 'feed and serve our higher life form which is the G-dly soul.

The Mishkan Altar and sacrificial system teach us to elevate our own blood, fat, and energy to fuel the fire of the Service of Hashem on the Altar of our own bodies. The altar fire is a metaphor for the human soul, which can only survive in the body through a daily diet of offerings, which are the various foods that keep body and soul together. Our bodies burn up the various nutrients we take in, just as the Altar consumes the sacrifices.

Our body requires tending in order to serve as an Altar for the service of Hashem, just as the Temple Altar had to be tended. The opening Mitzvah of the day in the Temple was the removal of the ashes of the consumed sacrifices. This may be compared to what is the first physical functioning in a person's day - elimination of waste to cleanse the body for the service of Hashem. Keeping the Altar fire burning was the daily task of the Kohanim (the Priests).

So too, each one of us has the task of keeping the Altar of the body, which is the digestive system, and the liver, properly working with the right nutrients in the right amounts. As Kohanim of our own bodies, our aim must be to keep the fire of the soul burning brightly daily, "As a fire offering, a sweet smell for Hashem."

The fact that the Kohen must eat from a sin offering and thereby accomplish atonement for the sinner is a wonder. So too, is the eating of the Korban Sh'lamim (the peace offerings) to make peace between man and Hashem. What distinguishes holy eating from eating solely for the sake of pure self-gratification is the motive of the person who is eating - his intention. Having the correct intention is a recurrent theme in all sacrifices. The Kohen has to have the correct and proper intention of serving Hashem at every stage in the sacrificial ritual. So too when we eat, everything depends upon our intention. Our Goal should be that our food should give us the energy to serve Hashem.

Through the Korbanot (sacrifices), the Torah is teaching us to eat with the intention of lighting our Altar of Hashem with nutrients that we can elevate to His service by using this energy to perform our Mitzvot. The blessings we make before and after eating help us to focus upon this intention.

Eating may serve as a means of celebrating, as in the case of the Thanksgiving offering. May we be worthy of offering the Thanksgiving Korban in the rebuilt 3rd Beit HaMikdash (Temple) soon in our day – Amen.

I have often mentioned how important it is that when you study Torah you should learn all topics that pertain to you as an individual. I know that everything in the Torah has hidden messages, but after reading this article I realized how much about Torah I don’t know. I am seeing this for the first time even though I knew parts of this subject, I have never seen it described this way. It is so fascinating that it encourages me to look even deeper into the subject that I thought didn’t pertain to me. Until we really know the secrets of every aspect of the Handbook of Life, which would be after about 100 lifetimes of Torah study, we should never think “I don’t need to study this.”

I have one additional comment. We are always looking for things in our lives to improve. That is the Teshuvah that I speak of often. Considering that our bodies are an Alter, and even the fact that our bodies are a gift from Hashem to be able to do His commandments, it gives us a new perspective about the junk food we eat. To put it bluntly, we desecrate ourselves with all the fast food, excessive sugar, salt, and fat, etc, that we call eating. It definitely means that eating properly is doing Teshuvah. Even proper exercise and sleep are ways to thank Hashem for our Alters. If we didn’t think this pertained to us, look again – I did.

Thank you Rabbi Sprecher; your article was a very important lesson for me, a very big discovery for me and a lesson that I am very happy to share with my readers.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Revered Rabbi’s Deathbed Message Invokes Angel Michael Bringing End of Days

A very exciting article just appeared on Breaking Israel News:
Revered Rabbi’s Deathbed Message Invokes Angel Michael Bringing End of Days

Please note all the desperate idolaters who continue to be misguided with their false messiah.  BIN sure attracts many comments from the Zechariah 2/3rd group. 

You may also get a kick out of my answers to these ignorant comments.  Xtianity is just about over as it states very clearly in the book of Obadiah.  I don't want one Jew or righteous non-Jew reading these misguided comments and being sent far from the truth.  Time is up, and they are obviously blinded to the real absolute truth.

Adar, Daily Simcha and Gratitude

By Yosef Stern:

The Gemara[1] says, “…When Adar begins we increase simcha, our joy.”[2]

Besides Adar, how do we experience simcha daily in a world that’s full of pain, grief and suffering etc., which keeps getting worse day by day?

1) How does one attain simcha?

Seifer Ha’Akeidah[3] says that true simcha can be attained only if three conditions are met and those conditions can be met only through observance of Torah and mitzvot:

· The action must be perfect.

· The person performing the action must have perfect intentions. Harmful motives sadden the soul, which comes from an elevated source.

· Joy results from achieving the purpose of the deed.

Therefore, true simcha cannot emanate from temporal pursuits, for they do not provide complete benefit. True joy emanates only from G-dly pursuits, in which the action and the purpose are achieved simultaneously.

2) How we speak.

As Mishlei[4] states, “A man has happiness through the response of his mouth.”[5]

What does Mishlei mean? The Tolner Rebbe of Yerushalayim explains:

“A person who merits to have a tongue that is clean and pure will merit the attribute of happiness.”[6]

3) Quotes on Simcha.

The Shem MiShmuel says, “Simcha reveals that which is concealed in the heart.”[7] Reb Simcha Bunim of Pischischa said, “Simcha, joy, provides the means of escape from all difficulties.”

The Medrash[8] states that if someone tells you that non-Jews have wisdom, believe him.

Therefore, Dr. Brian Weiss and Ralph Marston state, “Happiness in life has nothing to do with what you have; it is completely dependent on your choice of perception!” Oscar Wilde said, “Some cause happiness WHEREVER they go; others WHENEVER they go.” H. Schachtel says, “Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.” Steve Maraboli and H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said, “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.” “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness.”

Brother David Steindl–Rast, Albert Clark said, “In daily life, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” Wallace D. Wattles adds, “It is necessary, then, to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Menachem Robinson said, “Let gratitude be your attitude.”

Milton Hershey says, “One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy.” Rav Eliyahu Dessler[9] explains, “Every positive emotion stems from giving and flows outward from us to others, whereas every negative emotion revolves around taking for selfish motives.” Indeed, the root of the Hebrew word for love, is to give. In other words, “Giving leads to Love.”[10]

Abraham Lincoln says, “Most folks are about as HAPPY as they make up their mind TO BE.”

What does he mean? The Baal Shem Tov[11] z”l says, “If you rearrange the letters of the word ‘thought,’ it results in the word, 'with happiness.” When Dovid HaMelech wrote, “Serve Hashem with happiness,”[12] he wasn’t being illogical. One cannot serve Hashem naturally with simcha. One needs to put his mind in the right mood to experience clinging to Hashem. This is not always easy to do with the daily challenges that we face every day.

Nevertheless, as Rav Pam zt”l used to say, “People are always searching for the city of happiness, but they don’t realize that it is a state of mind.” Meaning, our thoughts that are formed in our mind, affect our mood, which determines how we will respond to a situation at hand. As the Chofeitz Chayim states, “Our thoughts determine our experience of Torah and mitzvot.”[13] In the words of Earl Nightingale: “We become what we think about.”

4) What’s the significance of simcha?

The Gemara says that the Divine Presence rests only among the Simcha, joy of [the performance of] the mitzvot.[14] Yet, many pages later the Gemara that the Divine Presence rests only upon someone who is wealthy.[15]

Does the Divine Presence rest among someone who is full of simcha when doing the mitzvot or someone who is rich?

Avos[16] answers the Gemara backwards: Which person is rich? He who is happy with his lot. As Victor Hugo said, “Do not educate your children to be RICH. Educate them to be HAPPY. So, that when they grow up and enter the real world, they will know the VALUE of everything in life, not just the PRICE TAG.”

The Orchas Tzaddikim[17] says something profound:

“A person achieves joy from an overwhelming sense of tranquility without any negative element. When someone fulfills all his desires, with no source of discouragement, he will be in a continuous happy state. His face will glow, his body will be sound in health and aging will advance at a slow pace. As Shlomo HaMelech said, ‘A glad heart is as beneficial as a cure.’ In addition, the Maharal states, ‘Simcha flows from spiritual perfection.’ Perfection in one’s sense of joy is actualized by a combination of constancy in devotion and initiation of fresh approaches to service of Hashem.”

5) Simcha in Halachah.

The Shulchan Aruch[18] says, “The day of Yom Tov should be divided between avodas Hashem - by davening and learning and the mitzvot of oneg and simcha through eating and drinking.” In addition, “There is a mitzvah of simcha on Chol Hamoed, as on Yom Tov.”[19] However, “The simcha on Yom Tov should bring a person closer to avodas Hashem and should not lead to levity and frivolous behavior.”[20]

6) What about Gratitude?

The Medrash HaGadol[21] tells us, “Whoever is ungrateful for the good done to him by his fellow will eventually prove ungrateful for the good done to him by Hashem.” Pirkei D’Rebbe Eliezer[22] says, “There is nothing worse before HaKadosh Baruch Hu than to be an ingrate.”[23]

Similarly, “If a person does not have understanding, it is forbidden to have compassion for him…”[24] The Steipler Gaon[25] explains, “Our Sages are speaking of someone who lacks the quality hakaras hatov.”

Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz stated, “Once a person becomes accustomed to taking from others, he is in danger of feeling entitled to all that he receives - to the point that he might seek to harm someone who refuses his request.”[26]

Here’s Albert Einstein’s theory of Simcha:

Gratitude = Happiness - ingratitude ≠ happiness - No happiness = ingratitude - Ingratitude = selfishness - Selfishness = High Ego - High Ego = Destruction of one’s soul.

Had Mahatma Gandhi been alive today, he probably would’ve said the following:

“Some people’s attitude is to have gratitude; while others have no gratitude only attitude and some are just UNGRATEFUL.”


[1] Ta’anis 29a.

[2] Since this month ushers in the time during which the great miracles of Purim and Pesach occurred to the Jewish people (Rashi to Ta’anis 29a ‘משנכנס אדר’).

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[10] The Ibn Ezra says, “Man lives to bestow love onto others and, in turn, longs to be loved” (see Devarim 30:19). Nevertheless, love without constraints can result in a disaster, as it says, “Love corrupts clear thinking” (See Rav Schwab on Chumash, pages 327-329 and Bereishis Rabbah 55:8).

[11] i.e. Yisrael ben Eliezer.

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[23] I.e. someone who talks during tefillah not only shows ingratitude towards Hashem, but he desecrates His Name in public! (See Mishnah Berurah 151:1). See also Let There be Rain by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman and Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, pages 354-355.

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A special request for a Refuah Shlema for Rochel Faiga bas Sharnetta Eita Shendel

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Terumah, 30 Shevat 5777 (26.2.17)

The King of Kings, the Holy One, is judging all the world now. The Creator is the only one who judges and guides the entire world, who decides who will live and who will die, who will be poor and who will be rich, who will develop and who will be destroyed. He punishes whoever should be punished and enhances who should be enhanced. Usually the Holy One judges the world at Rosh Hashanah, as we read in the Musaf service of Rosh Hashanah: "and it will be decided for the countries, which for starvation and which for abondance, which for peace and which for war."But now, the Creator is judging the world at any moment. Tough and stronger floods, erupting volcanoes, fires and heat, winds, storms and earthquakes will continue. Buildings will disappear under the ground - the Earth will open and swallow parts of the world. Airplanes will get confused and crash and ships will be confused and drown, the time of games is finished! The Creator judges righteously, wanting a world that starts from the land of Israel, of free love, grace and mercy, Torah study, prayers, and of the most important of all: the observance of the Commandments.

Jews who will not come to Israel, the Holy One will not wait for them! Messiah will go out in public in the land of Israel and the Jews who remain abroad will suffer from heartache. They will be despised, debased and worthless worldwide. Anti-Semitism and hate will surface everywhere, they will be hurt badly. From eyes, ears and mouth, evil and hatred of Gentiles against Jews living abroad will be shown, because all the goyim in the world know that it's the end, the end to evil. They know that only the Jews are the chosen people, they know that the Holy One wants the Jews to control the world and the Creator will decide when to stop death in the world. The Jews will live forever when the Messiah will be known publicly.

The Creator is looking from Heaven how Jews are fighting against all goyim for foreign soil, impure, vapid and empty. The Creator says to Jews abroad: 'please wake up! Come to live in the land of Israel and fight for the holy land where I am, what are you doing fighting for foreign soil that doesn't belong to you? The land that belongs to the other side. What are you doing there anyway? Get away!' At the time of the destruction of the second temple, the Creator removed most of the Jews from the land of Israel and scattered them in most countries of the world. Because they are Jews, the chosen people, they maintained their religion and their Judaism strongly. If this had happened to another people, they would have been dismantled a long time ago and extinct. Nobody likes the Jews because they are different and it is painful for the goyim to see them succeed. The Holy Land of Israel is a world leader in every good thing.

The Palestinians and Hamas don't want peace. It is signed in their hearts to harm the Jews and expel them from the land of Israel, pure hatred. Palestinians can live in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, in Egypt there are 90 million people, so another million or two Palestinians, won't disturb them at all, but they want to harm Israel.

The Holy One says to the Palestinians and Hamas, to all States, Prime Ministers and Presidents in the world: "If you touch the Holy Land of Israel and my children who are living in the Holy Land Israel, I will hurt you in a most severe way. Jews, remember these words, and see how it will happen!

ISIS will not be erased; the Holy One doesn't want it erased. In every country in the world there is ISIS and in every country they are making troubles and complications so they will leave Eretz Israel in peace. ISIS and the Muslims hate Christians more than they hate Jews.

In Syria, there will be no truce. The media talks about a ceasefire; in reality they are fighting as usual. The Holy One will not let a ceasefire happen in Syria, so that Hezbollah will renew their attacks to fight with each other and so that they will not be able to bring arms and ammunition from Iran into Syria.

Iraq, there will never be a truce, ISIS is there also.

Turkey, nothing will help Erdogan, a revolution will be; a revolution will be in Turkey! Erdogan killed lots of persons and his people will not forgive him and give up, they are planning a surprise for him.

Jordan waits. The Jordan King gives to others to do the work of Jordan.

Egypt, authorizes from time to time to destroy tunnels in order to have calm; there is no belief in them. Nothing will help; starvation will blow up Egypt.

Who, talks improperly, speaks badly or threatens the Holy Land, the Creator will hurt them deeply. The Holy One will take care of any country that wants to harm the Holy Land and will hurt it badly.

Hezbollah has tunnels. It's hard for them to dig in rocks, but they are digging.

In the Gaza strip, there are plenty of tunnels because theis is sandy soil. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, are tunneling; they make this the most wanted activity. All are digging, old, young, wives and their children; there is work for everyone. Instead of building residential buildings looking for peace, they dig tunnels to hurt the Holy land.

The Holy One embraces and protects Israel's borders, and asks IDF to not be complacent and to do its best to protect Israel.

The Government of Israel should develop real estate and build houses, roads and shops in a large amount. Without caring about and being frighten by any state. The land of Israel is the land of honesty and truth. The Jewish right parties and the real Jewish left parties should be united and be partners in building the holy land. There is no one state which loves the Jews, so we must protect the Holy Land. The Mission of the Jews is to be in the Land of Israel, where they are protected and safeguarded. Abroad, there is no Almighty protection – zero! Only for the security and Mossad staff sent to work abroad.

President Trump does his job quietly to fix all wrongs. He doesn't like to publicize his effort; and if he hasn't accomplished something yet that he promised, he will.

The USA needs to press hard and discover documents and contract with the Iranians to smash and destroy Iran's factories.

Russia is interested only in the sale of arms and ammunition; it needs food and lots of it. Russia needs the United States and the United States needs Russia.

Iran continues to produce nuclear bombs, and is not stopping at all.

Israel must have no fear of Iran's Atomic Energy, all the world is afraid. If Iran will have bombs ready, there will be a strong threat on the world, not on Israel. Nothing will happen in Israel.

Jews in Israel and abroad need to respect and support IDF soldiers. They must not disrespect them; they are sacred for the Creator; they protect for the Creator the Holy Land! No one must know what is happening in the IDF, these are military secrets of Israel.

Parents, keep your children away from assimilation. Who is living with a goy must convert him or her urgently.

All the thieves and con artists, those living on others, and taking bribes will continue to be caught and made known. All the rich who do not do charity and kindness with the needy and don't give 10 percent, to yeshivot, mikvot and synagogues will be broke. The money doesn't belong to them; they received the money to save the Jews.

Although the Holy One took over jurisdiction, He has in Israel a man of G-d, the Messiah, who receives instructions from Him, and carries them out down here on Earth. The Messiah is doing his job based on orders from the Holy One, with humility in front of Him, without boasting and in simplicity. The Messiah's soul is working twenty-four hours a day.

We are in the final stages and we are in a time just before his being discovered in public. The Holy One wants all Jews to join him and repent. The Creator is developing and preparing the Messiah to be worthy to receive the Crown of the Messiah!

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