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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayeira, 9 Marcheshvan 5778, 29.10.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, Creator of the world, leads the world and everything is in our favor. All the leadership of the Holy One, blessed be He, is in our favor. Our Father in heaven is merciful, full of kindness, truth and integrity and does good deeds all day long.

Our Father in heaven reveals step by step the King Messiah so that there will be no panic among the Jewish people and the world. He allows us to discover him and hides him. Every time He discloses the King Messiah, in Israel and around the world, more Jews are attracted to him who want to be in the redemption. There are also people, not just Jews, who object because they do not want change, as the Holy One, blessed be He, hides him. This opposition is from the Sitra Achra (the other side). The Holy One, blessed be He, reveals and conceals, until the time comes to be revealed in all its glory in Israel and in the world.

On Succoth, we recite the blessing of food: "The Merciful will let us sit in the Sukkah of Leviathan," when the Messiah and the Third Temple will be revealed, there will be no more Sukkoth. On Succoth, we sit in the sukkah, because when the Holy One, blessed be He, has no home, we also leave the house. But when the Third Temple will be built, there would be a home for the Holy One, Blessed be He, and His Jewish children.

The Leviathan is deep in the sea, its tail is in its mouth and is waiting for the time that the Messiah will be revealed publicly and use his skin for the Temple. Today, they use parchment from leather of an animal, a cow or a deer that has a beastly soul, but the Leviathan, which is under water, has no animal soul, is pure and untainted, and his skin will be used in the Temple, for special Torah scrolls that belong to the Temple. It is a special, pure and holy skin designed for the magnificent things that are needed in the Temple.

In the Holy Land of Israel, the rain will be in its time. The Holy One, Blessed is He, has no problem bringing quantities of unlimited rain, but wants His Jewish children to pray to Him and ask for rain. The Creator wants to hear His children praying directly to Him in the Land of Israel, not abroad and without intermediaries. Jews, ask directly; you will receive everything; do not seek intermediaries to mediate between you and the Creator, neither in Israel nor abroad. Abroad there is nothing; all the righteous who died abroad, their core (Etzem) Luz has arrived at the Cave of the Patriarchs, and there they stay. They need to be in the Cave of the Patriarchs so that their souls can connect with them daily in prayers.

All the Jews who settle the Land of Israel in Judea and Samaria, Binyamin, the Golan Heights, the Negev, the Arava, the Jordan Valley and the Western Galilee, you are making the Holy One Blessed be He very happy and you are blessed by Him!

The Holy One, Blessed be He, reveals all the people involved in bribery and theft, lechery and abomination, and those who do not want to work and live on the backs of others. They all are revealed, the white-collar and black-collar will all be exposed, nothing will help anyone. Every senior Jew in the Land of Israel must act truthfully and honestly.

In Noah's time, the Holy One, blessed be He, destroyed the entire world, leaving only Noah and his family and animals and plants. The Creator promised that He would not bring a flood again and would not destroy the world again, but bit by bit, the Holy One, Blessed is He, is destroying places all over the world, apart from the Land of Israel, without destroying the earth. The Holy One, Blessed is He, purifies the earth and the Land of Israel, purifies and sanctifies the Land of Israel more and more every day.

A cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel, and we will try to 'keep your souls very safe'. When the Jews in the Land of Israel are united, no one can harm them and all decrees will be annulled.

IDF soldiers should not be complacent. Do your job happily, and Hashem will be with you. Thanks to your efforts, it is easier for the Israeli people learn Torah, work, earn substance and enjoy the world. It is forbidden to harm any IDF soldier.

Syria, nothing will help them. ISIS rebels and others eat it every day, there is a permanent revolution in Syria. Hashem's hand in the matter; the curse of Hashem in Syria; the Holy One, blessed be He, does not forget the cruelty inflicted on IDF soldiers during wars.

Russia trains in Syria.

The United States also wants to be in the Middle East and demonstrate strength. The Holy One, blessed be He, embarrasses them; He chooses Trump to defend the borders of Israel, and constantly people are rising up to slander and invent things against Trump. All those who go against him, the Holy One, blessed be He, reveals all their acts of deceit, bribery, theft and adultery. The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not love those who do evil to the Jews in the Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel, a small place in the world, is the navel of the world, is the heart of the world and is air to breathe for the whole world. Roots are sent to the whole world. Thanks to the Jews who live in the Land of Israel this world exists.

The Holy One, blessed be He, descends Himself and takes care of all the nations and people against the Jews and the holy Land of Israel; He does not send messengers, He Himself descends! Angels are sent to help the IDF soldiers, with every Israeli fighter pilot there is an angel next to him.

The Holy One, blessed be He, is hitting the nations and the world with ten severe blows of natural disasters and floods, fire and rain, tsunamis of rivers and streams, earthquakes, accidents of trains, airplanes and cars and conflicts. All the disasters and conflicts in the entire world are all from the Holy One, Blessed is He. Everything that happens in the Holy land of Israel is not easy stuff - it is not from the Holy One, Blessed is He, man brings these problems upon himself. If a man is careful on the road and will do exactly according to the law, nothing will happen to him. If he does not care for himself, they take his soul, because the Holy One, blessed be He, has given him a soul to protect. We also need Torah study and prayer, correcting virtues and good deeds, kindness and help for others without interest.

Egypt, every time Sisi tries to connect with Hamas and the Palestinians, Egypt is in flames and he is busy putting out the fires until he understands not to deal with the Holy Land of Israel; he needs to turn his back on the Palestinians and Hamas. He is afraid.

Turkey, Erdogan is afraid of ISIS and the rebels, and many people are being executed ... Soon, there will be no alternative, it will be his turn to fall. He promised Europe to close the refugees so that they will not leave Turkey. He received a lot of money and did not keep his promise. All Europe is angry with him.

In Europe Muslims will rule, their number is growing and increasing, and the number of Xtians is diminishing.

Jordan, its king raised his hands, raised his hands, and raised his hands and lowered his hands. He is waiting for the United States to save him, waiting for Israel to help him.

Palestinians and Hamas, the Holy One, blessed be He, will not give a drop of chance for peace between them. The Holy One, blessed be He, knows that their goal is to wipe out the Land of Israel. They masquerade as poor and miserable people so all should pity them; they are like snakes. The Creator says to them: "your sword will pierce your hearts."

North Korea there are talks. There are airplanes flying around to bomb it, ships and submarines. Everyone is afraid, and they do not want an atomic war - there will be nothing. If, heaven forbid, something happens, there will be no remnant of a person. In the meantime, the talks are unnecessary.

Iran is trying to provoke Israel in a strange way, a free hatred against the Land of Israel. Ninety percent of Iranians love the Jews in the Land of Israel. There are some leaders who drive all of Iran crazy. They must check them; they are not Iranians! They came from another place; they are disguised as Iranians. They send ammunition to Syria and Hezbollah and the IDF is bombing what they receive.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are falling, falling and falling. Falling against the world and falling against Israel.

Parents do not let your child assimilate with gentiles. Jews keep your children from the age of 12, 13, from drugs, gambling and drinking.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wishes to have a bond between the religious and the non-religious, between the left and the right, among all the types of Jews, so that the bond between you will reach the golden path. This is part of the process of redemption and the revelation of the Messiah in public.

The Messiah protects the Land of Israel night and day, the Creator of the world is connected to Him and the 'Yehida’ is connected to him. Even when you do not see it, the Messiah helps every Jew who believes in redemption and the coming of the Messiah. Messiah loves everyone, right and left, poor and rich, religious and non-religious, ultra-Orthodox and knitted kippa - all of them are equal in the eyes of the Holy One, blessed be He, and the Messiah His servant. Messiah saves everyone without exception. The Messiah helps the secular to repent, The Messiah influences and teaches giving, Derech Eretz and Chesed - this is the great learning in the Torah - correcting the virtues, fulfilling the Commandments, transforming sourness into sweetness and hatred in love!

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    A TZADIK speak out, the Creator fulfil. When living the Torah, all Jews are tzadikim. Thank you for speaking out these pearls! It creates a way into beautiful reality.
    Thank you.
    Shabbat shalom!