Monday, November 6, 2017

Why the Holocaust – Again?

Ginno Ricci, November 3, 2017 at 5:49 AM, sent this very interesting comment that I wanted to share with all my readers, including my response.

Are you saying that Rav Yehuda Zev wasn't talking about a Holocaust specifically against American Jews?
If the 'holocaust' is to depopulate earth, it has nothing to do with antisemitism. It's against humanity in general. In Nazi Europe was much worse, because it was AGAINST US! And most Europeans collaborated to exterminate our people or didn't protest. There was a world war against the allies fought with airplanes and tanks, and a separate "war" against the Jews fought with SS, Gestapo, concentration camps, gas chambers, etc. FEMA camps have the capacity to keep at least 50 million people inside. I don't have to tell you there aren't so many Jews in the entire world.
I also think is necessary to depopulate earth... depopulate this planet from all the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, all the disgusting liberals and evil alt-righters, all the filthy perverts and wicked people in general (including many of our "brothers" in Hollywood, unfortunately). Once the depopulation is over, Hashem Yitbarach and His loyal servant Mashiach Ben David will rule over the entire world, speedily in our days, NOT some kind of global elite. Those who have the merit to be ruled by His Majesty above will enjoy an eternity full of pleasure, both Jews and righteous non-Jews.
My response:
Everything that happens in this world is to accomplish the will of Hashem. Since Hashem selected a "chosen nation" to be a light unto the nations, which means to bring His absolute truth to the world, everything that happens in this world is for the Jews to accomplish our mission. I am not saying that Hashem is causing the evil; I am saying that Hashem works His will around our will and uses every event to cause the results He wants.

Jew-hatred accompanies everything since most of the world is not interested in Hashem’s plan, His message to the world. But, as I have said many times: “if you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.”

I am going to very much oversimplify a very complicated subject, but all the wars in the past hundred years were for the purpose of the Jews and to bring about Hashem’s worldwide redemption. The Holocaust of World War 2 served as a vehicle to allow the reestablishment of Israel, the homeland of the Jews (a major step in the redemption process). The details of those killed in the Holocaust would be a very big surprise to all of us and are not necessary for a discussion here. I should add that there were five million non-Jews killed in the death camps and even the six million Jews that we are aware of included many non-Jews and Erev Rav (that should bring some controversial comments).

The Holocaust that is happening throughout the world and especially in the US of Magog is to serve the purpose of scaring all the Jews to come to safety, to come home (another huge step in the redemption process). It doesn’t mean that it is set up to kill Jews, even though there will be many Erev Rav (people who think they are Jewish, but are not real Jews) who will perish in the craziness.

The agenda of the Illuminati, or the global elite or even the Gog Bush cabal is to kill off 93% of the world population. They have put off a war, since they are counting on Nibiru to wipe out much of the world population. That has been kept Top Secret to insure that most of the world’s population will remain in harm’s way. They plan to have a Nazi style evaluation after Nibiru to see who they want as a slave for their New World Order Communist government, and who will not be needed – to be killed in the FEMA death camps. What the global elite aren’t aware of is that Hashem plans to wipe out the global elite, especially those in their underground hiding places. Hashem is controlling the entire show, but still must make everything look random until Moshiach is introduced.

What Jewish scriptures say about all Jews surviving and coming to Eretz Yisroel is a definite plan of Hashem. It is one of the biggest reasons that I have used this blog to help all my readers realize that there is no randomness in this world. Every Jew must prove him or herself to be a real Jew – it is Hashem’s plan for our survival and for us to even thrive for all eternity. I include all righteous non-Jews in this survival picture since Hashem told us that 2 ½ billion people will survive (Zechariah 13:8). With only about 13 to 14 million Jews in the world, over 2 billion survivors will be the righteous non-Jews.

Those who are skeptical are fools who are throwing away the most beautiful gift available to a human being – an opportunity to live in a world of goodness, happiness, no problems, no evil and complete truth. Following Hashem’s ways is the only answer to survive and thrive for all eternity.


  1. Great post. But the sad truth is that half of the Holocaust victims were from Poland, where there was almost no intermarriage. Polish goim would have never agreed to marry a Jew. I don't think intermarriage was prevalent in other countries either, except for Germany (around 33%? even that is low compared to America). So I wouldn't say most of the victims were not Jewish. As for the erev rav... we don't know how many of them exist. Not every wicked Jew is an erev rav. And even if you are an erev rav, you still can make the right choice and be tzadik, although it's unlikely. Dov from the blog End of Days (yearsofawe) said that most of the 6 million Jews in Israel are either reincarnations of Holocaust survivors or survivors themselves. I don't know what's his source, you can ask him.

    1. As I said it is shocking what the absolute truth is about the Holocaust, especially the statistics. More than 2/3rd of Jewish children were in public schools, most of the Yeshivahs were closed long before WW2. You may know of the famous Mir Yeshivah that escaped Europe and wound up in China where they hid during the war. I was privileged to know two of the 350 Talmidim who made that escape. They told me plenty about how difficult it was to be Jewish in Europe.

      Most frum Jews had left through Ellis Island decades before since it was obvious after the turn of the century how bad Europe was becoming. I even heard a statistic (not verified) that as many as 50% of Jews had converted to Xtianity in certain areas, thinking that they would make them safe. When the Nazis rounded up anyone who had one grandparent who was Jewish, you know that it meant that there were very many whose mother was not Jewish, but they went anyway, no choice.

      There is another aspect that says it all. The majority of so-called synagogues that burned on Kristallnacht were actually Reform Temples. Most Jews were completely assimilated, believing that all you have to do is hide amongst the goyim and nobody will know.

      You talk of marriage, but since most of the other commandments were not followed, marriage didn't mean too much to Hashem. Not keeping Kosher, not being Shomer Shabbos, no family purity, no modest dress or hear covering, etc, etc, etc. Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l wrote: the reason people had to have their hair shaved and their clothes removed before going into the gas chambers was a message from Hashem that they did not cover their hear or dress modestly. Why would the Nazis go through such a tremendous expense to process all this extra nonsense? They really didn't know, but we do when we get messages from Hashem.

      Yes, there were some very frum people in every country who went through the Holocaust. I interviewed many both in America and during the six years that I lived in Germany. But they had to be closet Jews, hiding everything and teaching nobody about Judaism. It was much easier to get out of Europe, than to not believe Hashem when He tells us in the Torah exactly what was coming up and why.

      It is the biggest reason why I am so adamant about everyone coming to Israel now. History repeats itself and the Jews are just as stubborn now as they were in just about every country that we inhabited with the same results.

      There is much, much more to say, but I must go to morning prayer service.

    2. Nazis shaved the hair of the victims, because they made wigs of them, as is still done today, in many places.

      Same thing with all that they took.. clothes etc; etc;

      Today some cut their hair and sell for I hear.

      Hashem help us all. Amen.

    3. Not true at all. The hair that they cut and the clothes that they collected were much more of a burden than a benefit. I studied this in Germany (even have college credits in the subject of German history in the 20th century).

      Everything is from Hashem and the illogical behavior of the Nazis is no different. Some on the speeches from adolph were unbelievable. Such as him telling us we should not assimilate in their society, or him telling us how much we are into goodness, which is not the way of the world. He called himself a barbaric person and said he could not live with people who only wanted goodness for others.

      Everything is a message from Hashem even today it is interesting how much the Arabs are doing and saying to help us. Totally illogical, totally from Hashem.

    4. It's a myth that Polish Jewry was a bulwark against assimilation. They were highly assimilated by the time the war started.

  2. Shalom Rav. I wanted to urgently share with you Rav Nir Ben Artzi's weekly message for Chayei Sarah. He just gave details about Mashiach and his imminent arrival. Though this is through Google translate, the general content can still be understood. B'N HaShem will reveal him in peace and mercy. Please everyone pray that this is the case:

    - Dovid S

    1. Of course, I have already seen this. I am waiting for the good translation from the Rav's office. I hope to post it by Thursday, since I have a Ben Golden post for tomorrow and Wednesday, B"N, also with very good information.

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    1. I am very far behind on even reading all my Emails. I just saw the comment you made, and I can guarantee you there are many mistakes. Even quoting a secular person on his or her opinion about who was religious is bogus. It is like me getting giving my complete opinion on Buddhism or Hinduism. I have seen it all my life, even studied them in the 1960's and I couldn't tell you too much about who is a good one or not.

      I grew up with many neighbors who were Holocaust survivors. I didn't understand too much when I was just a boy, but when I started to study the subject, including in college, including very deep involvement when I lived in Germany, including many interviews that I did (not just Germans but many countries that were involved, obviously Poland), I got a very different picture than what people have today who only hear things or have watch bias videos. Reality is only what the Torah says about the subject and the Shoah, the Holocaust, which is completely covered in the Torah. I learned this from individuals that I interviewed who were Torah Jews before the war and managed to stay with Hashem during. It was their cause for survival. Their stories are fascinating and verify the Torah accounting of the Holocaust. Way too much info for here.

      I apologize for not answering all your concerns, but it would take me hours to write, and I do not have the time available.

    2. No problem. I understand. Thanks for your reply. Perhaps in the future we can discuss this subject more deeply... or even better, wait for Mashiach to give us the answers

  4. Thank you foe taking the time and giving continuous chizuk. In a time of such indifference you remind me of a time not long ago where people took the tome to care.
    Hoshem should give you continuous hatzlacha and brachot.

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