Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Noach, 25 Tishrei 5778, 15.10.17

The Creator of the world, Father in Heaven and Father in the Land, was connected to the people of Israel from the beginning of Selichot, Rosh Hashana, the Ten Days of Repentance and the Holy Day of Atonement, Sukkot, Simchat Torah and Hoshana Rabbah. We have entered the year 5778, the beginning of the Book of Genesis, the best year ever to be a blessed year for all the good of the holy Land of Israel and for the Jews in the holy land of Israel: a rainy year, a year of good and healthy rain, of abundant water for agriculture and human consumption. Four seasons - autumn, winter, spring and summer - are very accurate and only in the Holy Land, a year of abundance and great repentance, and a year that all the Jews in the world will immigrate to the Holy Land of Israel!

The Creator of the world, Father in the heavens confuses the whole world. There is a spirit with a powerful angel, moving from place to place, and a spirit that can hit several places in the same second, which causes natural disasters, conflicts within and around states, volcanic eruptions, harsh winds, fires and fires and attacks all over the world step by step - ten blows in a different way everywhere. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is very, very angry at every country, prime minister and president, who wants to disturb the Holy Land of Israel, to take away parts of the Holy Land. The Creator of the world will make them suffer most severely; they will get a blow from the Angel of the Spirit, and will be hit by the ten plagues in a different way. Let them try, and then you will see what happens to the state that wants to disturb the Holy Land of Israel. All the blows in the world, all natural disasters and all the attacks and conflicts, happen because they want to disturb the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel. Another thing is that for the Jews abroad to 'fold up' and flee and come to live in the Holy land of Israel, this is the words of our Father in heaven with the Jews living abroad, with the Jews in the Land of Israel and with all the nations in the world who are against the Land of Israel.

Russia and the United States are playing and deceiving the entire Middle East, apart from the Land of Israel, they are all training in Syria and the Middle East; Russia sells weapons and America sells food, the US and Russia are playing chess in the Middle East; they want to control the Middle East, so that everyone will see that they control the world. In Israel, they cannot interfere and confuse. In the Holy Land of Israel, in the Jewish mind alone, there is great knowledge and secrets about every country in the world. Which country to discover them and which country not to. This is a gift from G-d Almighty. The Jews in Holy Land are very strong, above all.

The United States and Russia are busy with their troubles and despite everything, they want to spread their power in the world. There are talks with North Korea, with the US and with everyone. There will be no atomic attack in the world. If there was one nuclear bomb sent, there would be another hundred, and there would be no remnant of a man in the world. So there will be no nuclear bombing, there will be the Messiah and a third temple. All in all, the leaders need to get down the tree they climbed, and everything will be good.

The worst natural disasters in the world cause every country to deal with itself and not with another.

The Palestinians who claim they have no place to live, the Creator offers them a proposal, to establish a Palestinian state from Egyptian Rafah to the sea and Egypt and they will live like kings. If the tens of billions that the world throws away because of natural disasters they will give to the Palestinians to establish a state in the Sinai desert, it will be quiet for those countries. But Hamas and the Palestinians do not want peace; there will be no peace with them. Envy, evil and hate to destroy the Land of Israel. The meetings between themselves and with Egypt, is happening to receive more money, they have run out of money.

Egypt, Sisi wants to be left alone; he has trouble in his country.

Syria will continue to be destroyed and ruined and all the armies of the world will continue to practice on it. All the tests and new missiles are being tried on it, from the sea, from the land and from the air.

ISIS is doing a job that no one in the world does; they fulfill the judgment of the Creator and perform it: "Their sword will pierce their hearts and their bow will break." They multiply like ants, like cockroaches, you kill one, a hundred are born. And in Turkey, no one knows what ISIS is. Members of ISIS are radical Muslims. The Holy One, blessed be He, set apart all the Gentiles who want to fight Israel: their sword will pierce their hearts and their bows will be broken, the Holy One, blessed be He, wants nature itself to make the rectifications in this world.

Iran is more afraid of Israel than of Russia and the US. They know that Jews in Israel have the courage, bravery and power that no one has in the world, that the Jewish people have the strongest army and there is guidance from the Holy One, blessed be He.

Turkey, Erdogan has lost all control over Turkey, he is seriously and terminally ill. The Holy One, blessed be He, puts him to sleep so that the world will see who Erdogan is. ISIS and the rebels rule Turkey, Erdogan suspects each time another group and kills them, and soon they will all turn Turkey into chaos, all this is happening because he belittles and looted the Jewish people living in the Holy Land.

Jordan, the King raised his hands, is under terrible pressure on the border between Syria and Jordan because the infiltrators flock en masse to Jordan. Jordan's rule is running out, the king is waiting for Trump

Trump is among the greatest sages in the world. He makes everyone feel good.

All the kings and heads of the kingdoms know that they must not deal with the Jews in the Land of Israel, because with all that the Jews have been going through since the beginning of the world, they are only increasing and controlling all the billions of people in the world, so envy and hatred. "And when they make it suffer, it will multiply and break out."

Jews abroad, immigrate now to the holy Land of Israel, it is urgent. The Creator has been asking you for many years now and you will see how much you are in danger today, a great danger to your life, you have no protection. Once hatred was hidden, it is now openly seen today.

In the Holy Land of Israel, everything is guarded and protected. The Holy One, blessed be He, promised the land of Israel to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to their sons and descendants - this is a promise of the Holy One, Blessed be He! The land of Israel, the land of the deer grows and expands, as many as they come to live in it. There is a livelihood for all, there are four beautiful seasons a year, there is the strongest army in the world and the best economy in the world.

Hezbollah, Nasrallah and Lebanon, the president of Lebanon is afraid of Nasrallah and is doing foolish things. In the end, the Lebanese president will be hurt before Nasrallah. The president of Lebanon is happy that IDF is destroying all the ammunition coming from Iran to Hezbollah, in fact everyone is happy about it. Anyone who raises an eyebrow or threatens or wants to harm Israel, his blood on his head.

Something new, from this New Year 5778 the Holy One, blessed be He, has stopped feeling sorry for the Gentiles, because they do not want to surrender; they want to destroy and harm the Land of Israel and the Jews in the land of Israel, which are the reason this world exists!

In the Land of Israel, there is a wall and a cloud of fire, the best doctors, the best medicines, and the best government ever; IDF is sacred and guards and protects the Land of Israel so that we can sleep, pray and make a decent living.

Jews, do make an effort and do not say, 'It will not happen to me.' A man who raises his hands and enters complacency and indifference loses his life. A person who makes an effort in everything, life opens to him and he is protected and saved for a long life.

99% of traffic accidents are the fault of drivers. Mobile phones and disrespectful behavior in life are causing accidents, injuries and death. Drivers who behave seriously and protect themselves will receive protection from the Holy One, blessed be He. If they despise their bodies, spirit and soul, the Creator will take their souls at that moment.

All thieves and fraudsters, zealots and bribes will be caught.

Jewish parents, keep your child from drugs, gambling, drinking and assimilation. Every mother should keep her daughter from assimilation. Many of the gentiles have very serious illnesses, and we will hear that they have been infected with the most serious disease.

The infiltrators invading Europe will never leave it and the attacks will continue.

All the Gentiles know that the Messiah is in the land of Israel, that he is a man, alive and well, with a wife and children. The great miracle is that the non-Jews sing to the Messiah and do not know what they sing. The Messiah comes to do well to the entire world, to the Jews first and foremost, and then to the entire world according to their ranks. All the gentiles are tired of suffering. The Messiah acts and works, a man with a wife and children, a simple man. In the sky they crowned him, and spiritually he has a robe and a scepter and a crown on his head. The "Yehida" that is attached to it is itself. The Holy One, Blessed be He, crowned him, blessed him with a blue cloak and gave him a crown and a scepter in his hand. During action, the Yehida is connected to the lower Messiah. The Messiah acts and works, at night does not sleep doing spiritual actions and during the day material actions. He protects and atones for all this generation. On this Yom Kippur, the Messiah took upon himself to save all Jews who are real Jews. A new year of expectation that never existed during all the years, with the revelation of the Messiah son of David with compassion!

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  1. Let's hope Rav Ben Artzi is right and there won't be another Holocaust against Jews in America. Let's hope they will realize they have to get the hell out of there before it's too late.

    1. The biggest problem is that most Jews today are not real Jews, but Erev Rav. The final status of each so-called Jew will be a big surprise, since nobody is living in reality, but living in this fake, fantasy world. We will see a very different outcome than expected.

    2. I don't mind if the Erev Rav die and go straight to hell, but I don't want them to be murdered by goim since it's chillul Hashem, and our enemies will rejoice for killing our people. Antisemites couldn't care less if a Jew has a real Jewish neshama or if they are wicked or righteous in the eyes of Hashem. I want the "reform", liberal traitors and the rest of the kofrim garbage to get what they deserve, but I don't want their punishment to come through the goim, unless it's from the same people they support. For example, if an anti-Israel Jew gets killed by muslims or Black Crimes Matter. That would be poetic justice. But I guess I'm not sitting in heaven with Hashem in the board of directors to decide those things.

      Regarding most secular Jews, who are not traitors, I don't want them to die and lose their Olam Habah. I want them to do teshuva and live.

    3. Trust Hashem that everyone, Jew or non-Jew, will be taken care of measure for measure. Hashem is infinitely merciful and there is no such thing as someone who deserved reward or punishment and got away from Hashem's mercy, chas v'shalom. It is an exact system.

    4. Rav Menachem, Todah rabah for saying that.

  2. Is it possible to have "real Jews" and Erev Rav in one family, among siblings even? Does being born from a Jewish mother not exclude the possibility of having a child that is Erev Rav? Is one born an Erev Rav, versus becoming one through choices made? Please don't assume that any Jew who can't make aliyah (yet) are Erev Rav because that would be grossly unfair as many people yearn and cry to live in Eretz HaKodesh but can't make aliyah immediately due to complicating circumstances. All you fortunate ones who live in Eretz HaKodesh should take the energy you expend judging those of us who can not yet make aliyah and use it to pray for your brothers and sisters' return!

    1. I don't really have an answer to your question about Erev Rav and real Jew in the same family. The Jewish soul comes from the mother in the blood at birth. It is possible for a mother to not know that she is Jewish and give birth to a Jew? Yes, since the Arizal tells us that a person who converts to Judaism because of such a strong love of Hashem, of Torah, a strong connection with Jews, a love for Israel, etc, was a Jew at birth and had to discover it during his or her life. That hints to the possibility of Jews and non-Jews being in the same family, even though they are all the same and don't know it.

      We are not allowed to judge any individual, since only Hashem knows the truth about each of us and His plan for our future.

      I have mentioned many times that our entire circumstance in life is due to us. There is no such thing as luck, chance, coincidence, by accident, etc. All that we have and all that we are is as a result of our relationship with Hashem, measure for measure, according to how we follow His ways. The one who tells me that "my circumstances do not allow me to make Aliyah" is totally unaware that he or she made those circumstances. That is by Torah and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is true from observing about ten thousands Jews and their circumstances.

      Hashem has given us a system to control our lives. When we do His will stringently, we have all that we need. When we are not as observant as we should be, and have all kinds of circumstances that we think are by chance and that we can't control, we are fooling ourselves. Most people are living this upside-down fantasy world with more excuses than good efforts. Once again, I am not judging, I am observing the validity of what the Torah has told us for thousands of years, the Absolute Truth.

      I am not saying that we can all be extremely wealthy, or extremely good looking, those are not needs those are desires. But if we do Hashem's will to the best of our ability, Hashem does not give us any testing that we can't pass. The true desire to fulfill the commandment to live in Israel is a test we can all pass, or we can make up excuses why we didn't do what was necessary to fulfill that test, that commandment. It wasn't my fault; it was circumstances.

    2. And about those who follow their Rebbe/Rabbi who says to stay and wait for Mashiach to take you to Eretz Yisrael? What about those faithful and believing sheep?

    3. "All you fortunate ones who live in Eretz HaKodesh should take the energy you expend judging those of us who can not yet make aliyah and use it to pray for your brothers and sisters' return!"

      Dear Shalomis, this above that you wrote is how it should be.
      May Hashem bless you.

    4. You mean like the Rabbis in Germany in the 1930s who asked: Don't worry, how bad can it get?

      I don't care who says what, if a person disagrees with Hashem Who is telling us it is going to get worse that Nazi Germany, THE PERSON IS WRONG; DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!

      I know that someone will ask: where does it say that it will be worse than Nazi Germany? Zechariah 13:8 telling us that 5 billion people will suffer and be wiped out worldwide. World War 2 was only about 70 million in Europe. Which sounds worse?

  3. True only Hashem can know the true nature of the neshama but cannot we assess when a neshama is the Erev Rav from their betrayal of our people? It will manifest. Erev Rav are those with influence and use it to disparage and undermine G-d's Will as pertains to the Jewish mission.

    1. Very true. The only problem is when we make such a statement as Lashon Harah. Probably, it is better to be silent rather than risking a horrible mistake.

    2. You are right. It's not up to us to determine who is an Erev Rav. Hashem judges people based on their behaviour, not the way they were born. That applies to Jews, goim and Erev Rav. As a matter of fact, it could be that a wicked person has a true Jewish neshama, but a righteous person is from the Erev Rav (but they did teshuva at some point and gave up their desires/ideology to Hashem's). Otherwise how could you explain that Hashem put those souls in this world? This is a world of test. If all of them are already destined for hell, what's the point of giving them another chance in the first place? And if they don't have free will to choose good or bad, Hashem would have no right to punish or reward them in the afterlife. So they wouldn't go to hell anyway. If they have no free will, they are not judged, just like animals. Dogs don't go to hell. It's true that at some point Hashem takes away the free will of some wicked people... but that's a punishment based on their previous actions which they CHOSE to do, like the pharaoh.

    3. Well said. It is important to know that everyone has the opportunity to do the right thing. Hashem gives everyone the tools to improve, and the life experiences to use those tools. If we don't succeed in a lifetime, we get to come back for another lifetime. The only problem is this is the last ride; we either catch on and go on to a tremendous eternity, or we blow it and kick ourselves forever. It is the reason I have been screaming "don't wait and see, but do the most concentrated Teshuvah you ever did;" time is just about up.

  4. Rav Menachem, doesn't 11 Cheshvan seem very obvious to possibly be the big day? Hashem told our Mama Rachel "V'Shavu Banim Ligvulam". If it's this Chodesh....May it be B'Rachamim

    1. Any date is possible. Since there are several events for which we wait, one being "And return the sons to their borders," is it possible that is the date? You bring up a very interesting possibility of what could happen before the event I am anticipating, which is after that date.

      Hashem sends fascinating messages. Did He just send us one through Ms. H?

    2. For further clarification of the exciting comment from Ms. H, go to:

      Note near the bottom the statement: Immediately, G-d’s mercy was aroused and He said to Rachel, ‘Because of you I will return the Jews to their rightful place; VeShavu Banim Ligvulam.

  5. I can not and will not argue with you as I know you're coming from a caring and good place when you say what you say. I hear you. Sometimes one's test of emunah requires all one's strength and resolve. Perhaps it is the greatest test of a lifetime. I hear you.

    1. I thank you for realizing that I seem to be more concerned about the welfare of others than they are. History repeats itself and we have a tendency to not learn the lessons of history that Hashem is sending us.

      On a much more exciting note, read the wonderful comment from Ms. H above and my analysis of what it could mean. This may be the answer to all of our concerns, B"H.

  6. From on October 26, 2017:

    Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch: We are very close to the war of Gog and Magog - before the revelation of the Messiah!

    The Admor of Maryaminov warned 3 years ago: Civil war will break out in the US! The US will be in danger of war!

    Rav Yosef Shani: Gog and Magog in/ at the doorway!!

    Rav Moshe Sternbuch said on Yom Kippur the following:
    We need to know the reality in which we live today: we are not in an easy situation but in a difficult situation...

    “In some countries in the United States, there has recently been a huge storm that destroyed whole regions and in other countries earthquakes are happening. North Korea threatens to fight America and threatens an atom bomb capable of destroying and causing world war.

    Here, too, in the Land of Israel, the terrorist organizations hold thousands of missiles. All this is the voice of G–d crying out to us to wake up and return to Him in repentance. We are already very close to the coming of the Messiah, when we will have to go through a great war, the war of Gog and Magog. G–d is already arousing us now to repent. Right now, we are experiencing dread and fear before the Great War, which will take place before the coming of the Messiah...” (

    Haven’t we Rav Moshe Sternbuch words before? Yes! Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian [Leiv Eliyahu, Shemos (page 172) ‘וכעת בעיקבתא דמשיחא’ said the following:

    “While in London I heard from the holy Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the War of Gog and Magog will be threefold. After the First World War, the Chofetz Chayim said that it was the first battle of Gog and Magog and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be the third war...”