Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Is MarCheshvan the Month We are Awaiting?

Now that we feel fairly confident that 5778 is the year for Moshiach, can we narrow it down further? Let me give you a bunch of facts about this month, MarCheshvan

The Month of MarCheshvan According to the Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah)


The fact that Sanhedrin 97 falling on Rosh Chodesh, the first day of Marcheshvan. As talked about yesterday it is the most important text about Moshiach in the 7½ year Daf Yomi cycle. Falling on Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan is significant.

Rosh Chodesh falling on Shabbos meaning that the Haftarah is replaced with the end of Isaiah which is a message of the end and the time of Geula. There is also significance that Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan is on Shabbos Noach since Hashem will be flooding the Earth again, except for Israel.

Recent messages from Ben Golden, Meir, Rav Nir Ben Artzi, Rav Glazerson, etc letting us know that the end is close, or as Ben Golden put is “this is the end.”

The near death experience that was sent to me on 16 Oct:

Masa Nefesh, Part 1 by Rabbi Yosef Shani, Shlita.

The whole story of the journey of the soul, the essence and degrees of the eagle and the Exodus without an eagle - a passage from a documented journey of soul, in which the person who left the body observed the past, and saw the act of the spies and spoke with them. He also entered the Third Temple, which stands ready in the skies of the earth above the Temple Mount.

I have been trying to follow Nibiru, since its passing of Earth will coincide with the introduction of Moshiach. Once again, the amateur astronomers and scientists don’t agree on too much. One web site that I have been following is Terral03.com which has been accurately reporting and predicting of Earth upheaval, such as earthquakes. The site also claims to be tracing the location of the Black Star (as he calls Nibiru). What has been predicted in recent months is a lull period for earthquakes due to the position of Nibiru with the Earth. He has been very accurate. More importantly is his prediction of a great increase in earthquake activity in the month of November. It is due to Nibiru approaching. Are we seeing the end of Marcheshvan as a time of increasing devastation due to Nibiru? Is this another hint from Hashem that this month is significant? Here is the latest short report from Terral03 for your review (this is an update from today):

There are effects of Nibiru to watch. Besides the earthquake increase, volcanic eruption increase, more recently the oceans and other bodies of water have mysteriously changed. The vast amount of area off of beaches that have had water recede without much explanation (as an example):

 Mississippi River going dry ABOVE New Madrid Fault - Crack in ground?

Tremendous areas of wildfires; much more than usual. The most difficult hurricane season seen in decades.

Antarctica is melting faster than scientists expected

Earth's Axis Has Shifted - The Sky has Changed

Signs of the time, SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2017 : Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

There are many more effects to discuss, but the most important reason for all these worldwide changes is the gravitational and magnetic effects from Nibiru, its seven planets and millions of miles of debris. Just know with certainty that the effects are getting worse with the worst devastation yet to come (except in Israel). 

The one line that tells all is from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita. All this will continue until all the Jews are in Israel. Hashem is giving very severe messages for all Jews to come home. I do believe that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive (the 2 1/2 billion talked about in Zechariah 13:8). It is Hashem's plan. It will happen, but it is up to each individual as to how much suffering one is willing to experience before getting the message.

There are other facts that I have seen that are very indicative of the actual dates that are possible during the month of Marcheshvan. Since I am only talking possibilities, I would be remiss to quote actual dates. If the dates, specifically one about which I am excited, are fruitful, I will give my full explanation why the date was successful. Of course, if Moshiach is announced on that date, who will really care what I have to say about it?

None of this is talking about the tremendous Jew-hatred, money collapse about to happen, evil governments and leaders, great increase in medical problems worldwide, hunger due to food and water shortages, the genocide planned by the global elite to implement the New World Order, the threat of war, the threat of increased terror, etc, etc, etc. All these are avoidable in Israel since everything is measure for measure from Hashem. Hashem’s protection in Israel is also protection against people, such as the evil global elite.

This week’s Rav Nir Ben Artzi message ended with: We are at a time like in Noah's time and ark. The Land of Israel is the ark and the Jews who come to the Land of Israel are like going up to Noah's Ark, so that they will be protected and sheltered. Many Jews have repented, and many Jews will repent. Soon the Holy One, blessed be He, will appoint the King Messiah in public!


  1. The Third Beis

    Mar means bitter. Why is Cheshvan referred to as a bitter month?

    One answer is that this month has no Yomim Tovim in it.

    Secondly, the Nachalas Shivah (siman 4) says that the month of Cheshvan is based on an expression of respect reserved for a person of position, a sovereign of sorts. This is because Cheshvan initiates the series of months that follow Tishrei, which is the month of renewed Hashem's rule and celebrated the fall festivals, so Cheshvan earns the respectful title "Mar".

    What exactly happened in Marcheshvan?

    In the month of Cheshvan, the most painful decrees were declared because during that month the rebellion against the Royal House of King David took place, when Yerovam assumed the reign over the ten breakaway tribes. Since then, all such decrees occurred during that month of Cheshvan (Bnei Yissacher, Cheshvan II, ‘Yatza’).

    In addition, all decrees against our people from the various regimes, as well as the giving of taxes and levies, all began in Cheshvan. The reason is that it was in this month that there was a rebellion against the royal House of David. They crowned Yeravam’s (see Melachim II 17:21) and Yeravam fabricated a Festival in the eighth month [i.e. Cheshvan]; therefore, the regime’s decrees emerges in Cheshvan.

    The Yalkut Shimoni says that Mesushelach, who was a perfect tzaddik, died on 11 Cheshvan, one week before the flood began (Bereishis 56:1 “כי לימים”). Benyamin was born on 11 Cheshvan and died 115 years later (Yalkut Shimoni,Shemos 162:9 “ויהי כל נפש”).

    On a positive note:
    In the future, when Moshiach from the House of David will rule, the Beis Hamikdash will be consecrated in Cheshvan. In this way, the sin of the Jewish people who abandoned the House of David in Yeravam's time will be rectified (Bnei Yissachar, Chodesh Marcheshvan 1:2)

    The Third Beis HaMikdosh will initiated in Cheshvan as written in Yalkut Shimoni, “HaKadosh Baruch Hu will pay back in MarCheshvan [for not having inaugurated the Mishkan in that month]” (Melachim I 6:184 “הוא ההיכל לפני שכל הפונים פונים בו”).

    The Bnei Yissacher explains:
    “... In the future era of redemption, we will crown Moshiach, the king from the House of David. The House [i.e., Beis Hamikdash] will be inaugurated during MarCheshvan and the world will be repaired.”

    In conclusion, during the month of Cheshvan, the emphasis of Israel’s avodah shifts to bein adam l’chaveiro - the mitzvos of interacting with other human beings (The Wisdom In The Hebrew Months by Zvi Ryzman, pages 219 - 226).

    With Hashem’s help, in the merit of working on perfecting our bein adam l'chaveiro, may we merit to see the Beis HaMikdosh descending from heaven this month!

  2. Regarding the axis, see http://bit.ly/2yNpD0b.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPBzFVO5zgA


  4. So, are you saying that there won't be a Holocaust in America like Rav Yehuda Zev Z''L predicted? Because he was right on the other two things: Internal strife in Arab countries and Bibi won't attack Iran (Hashem will deal with the ayatollahs like with Saddam).

    1. There is a huge Holocaust already occurring in the US of Magog. The 800 death camps are in operation as well as many, many other programs to kill off the population.

      The difference is that it is not for the Jews this time, it is to scare the Jews to get them out of there and come to our safe home, Eretz Yisroel.

      All non-righteous non-Jews will be gone soon whether by human Holocaust or Hashem's miraculous Earth upheaval. Guaranteed in writing!!!!

    2. What if they don't leave the US? Are they going to be killed by those wicked Americans?

    3. I saw a statement this past week that said all Jews will be out of the US soon. I take that to mean before the worst devastation occurs. I pray that it also hold true for you GR, my friend.

    4. Yes, of course. I'm from Buenos Aires. Baruch Hashem I have NOTHING to do with the arrogant US of Magog, although I like Trump. By February I'm making Aliyah, beezrat Hashem. I'll do ulpan with agriculture in a religious kibbutz of the Jordan Valley called Sde Eliyahu, and hopefully I'll stay there forever.

      Believe it or not, I'm not so concerned about the liberals. I'm not worried about liberals. They may hate Israel, but those who want to kill Jews in America are from the right. Very few are decent, normal and non-racist conservatives who support Israel like Steven Crowder (make no mistakes, many people support him DESPITE he likes Israel, not because of it).

      No veo la hora de que nuestro Hakadosh Baruj Hu mande al infierno a esos yanquis de mierda. Son todos unos antisemitas de porquería, con muy pocas excepciones (aquellos que merezcan ser salvados, serán salvados). Que colapsen de una vez por todas y para siempre. Me tienen podrido.

    5. There will come one day where nobody will be able to leave! All the planes will be grounded and all the borders will be sealed when everything falls apart and it will be urban warfare, martial law, chaos, wild men killing and stealing (as-if this is not happening already) but it will be bigger and worse than now and just one big mess...
      As for the real Jews, whoever can leave, get out now and who can not, [when that day comes] fill the synagogue, tend to the elders, repent and pray, have food water and all the necessities and g-d will make huge miracles but israel will be like noahs ark and whoever does not make effort to change, even israel will not be safe for them...

    6. You are missing a point the global elite are worldwide including Sudamerica. Only Israel is safe for a Jew.

      You will be here much sooner than you think.

    7. It is brought down that the remnant of Jews remaining will come here on the "Wings of Eagles." Some believe that it is metaphorical for plane, but I believe it represents something much more miraculous.

    8. I'm not worried about the global elite. They hate humanity equally, they have nothing particular against our people. My problem is with all the antisemites in America and elsewhere. There isn't so much antisemitism in South America like in the US of Magog. Believe it or not, the American people is the enemy, not the government, and not the global elite (although they are very evil). Jews in America should start arming themselves in case they can't make Aliyah before the airports are closed, not just filling up the synagogues. Jews should prepare for a battle to death, but unfortunately they are sleeping. What do you think those wicked Americans will do when there's no more rule of law? They'll turn to the usual scapegoat!

    9. Doing anything other than turning to Hashem and trusting Him completely, will backfire. Hashem is testing all of us. The ones who trust Hashem will succeed. The ones who think that they have to arm themselves to fight Jew-hatred will fail Hashem's test and suffer horribly. That sounds like Germany in the 1930's; very few turned to Hashem.

  5. Do you have a link to the NDE account of events? Thank you!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPTdqdDr10U&pbjreload=10

  6. Has Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky told all Jews to come to Israel?

    1. Many times. He is the one who says that Moshiach is at the door ready to come in.

    2. Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein (Ohr Yechezkel, Emunas HaGeulah, page 288) who states the following:

      “The exodus from Egypt liberated only one out of five Jews — and some say one out of every 50 – because all those who were bound to Egypt and did not want to depart died in the three days of darkness and were not privileged to leave (see Rashi to Shemos 10:22 ‘ויהי חשך אפלה וגומר שלשת ימים וגומר’). That is, only those who desired redemption with all their hearts were redeemed.”

      However, he adds:
      “The Final Redemption, likewise, depends upon our yearning.”

      Approximately 130 years ago, Rabbeinu Tzidkiyah zt”l wrote in the name of his brother R’ Binyamin zt”l, the following:

      “Even if a person will be alive when the redemption arrives, one will be written in the group of the wicked who do not believe and are not fit for the redemption, as we find by [the redemption from] Egypt that all those who did not believe in the redemption (i.e. yearn for it) died during the three days of darkness and did not merit to leave Egypt” (see Shemos Rabbah 14:3) [Shebolei HaLeket HaSholeim, Seider Taanis, 274 "יש מן היחידים שנוהגין שלא לאכול... ר' בנימין זצ"ל" (http://bit.ly/2nbXhVz)].

      We say every morning, “By the End of Days He will send our Messiah, to redeem those longing for His final salvation” (Birchas HaShachar “ישלח לקץ...”).

      Raise a banner to gather our exiles. We ask here that the nations of the world shall see – that it is Hashem Who is gathering our exiles together from all parts of the world (Rav Schwab on Prayer, page 468).

      Based on the words of Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein zt"l, one only needs to yearn.

      However, there is one more step:
      The Chofetz Chayim says, "If we were truly yearning for the final Redemption and waiting each day for its arrival, then we would be preparing ourselves by learning the relevant halachos, for there are many halachos to be learned and they cannot all be covered in a short time... For if it would be revealed that in a short time the final Redemption would arrive, then certainly millions of Jews would quickly learn the halachos to the Beis HaMikdosh, since at that time all of these halachos will be applicable, not only for kohanim but for all Jews, for instance, the halachos regarding eating karbonos and visiting the Mikdash... Therefore, if we are truly waiting and yearning for the final Redemption... we too should arouse ourselves and learn these halachos with all our strength" (Torah Ohr, chapter 12).

      There read Days Are Coming by Rabbi Moshe Silberstein.

      What is the sefer about? It’s an In-Depth Analysis of the Practical Halachos Relevant to Visiting the Bais HaMikdash. By studying this sefer, one is imbuing himself with faith that Hashem will redeem us. Secondly, a person should designate some type of article of clothing – i.e. suit, shirt, hat, belt or shoes etc., that he/ she has designated to wear when Moshiach reveals himself. As the Sefer HaChinuch says, “A person is fashioned by his deeds” (Shemos, mitzvah #16 “משרשי המצוה”). Therefore, saying the 12th Principle of the Ani Ma’amins every day or learning Seider Kodshim isn’t enough.

      The Chofetz Chayim does not say that Jews need to make aliyah in order for Moshiach to come.

  7. Nibiru https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIMWSKPmCGs&pbjreload=10
    (to skip see 37.0)

  8. Then why has Rav Kanievsky not come out with some kind of statement, mass distributed to our gedolei ha'dor? (i.e. like Rav Reuven Feinstein)

    1. He has and has been written up in several publications, but we should look at what is brought down about how Gedolim will be shunned and ignored in the end of days. There is very little truth in the media; this is one example.

      What is even sadder is that the observant Jewish community pays even less attention to what is happening and who says what about it.

    2. Can you provide me with a definitive links?

    3. Links for which subject? I have been answering many comments and private Emails, so I am not sure what you seek.

    4. Does this help? This was published a few years ago as an answer from Rav Kanievsky as whether or not to make aliyah but wasn't a call for mass aliyah. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Blogs/Message.aspx/6799

    5. Miriam, please provide me with a link of Rav Kanievsky stating that everyone should make aliyah.

  9. nibiru

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyyo1QQsBSY&feature=youtu.be

  11. Dear Rabbi,

    I thought you would find this information interesting: it corroborates what you have been saying about the month of MarCheshvan.


    Furthermore, I do link to this post of yours in my article; see the last item mentioned under Torah sources.

    Sincerely and Shabbat Shalom,

    Daisy J. Stern, MD