Sunday, October 29, 2017

From the Journal of Meir Yisroel, Dani18

Tishrei 5778 1

I can only tell you one thing. We are going into a deep tunnel which is going to seem never ending but in actual time it won’t be all that long. Fear is going to grip the world and there will be violence from every direction. The mini solar system known as Nibiru will also appear and change the world physically. The globes and maps that put every country in its place in our minds and in our understanding will all be changed. Where once there was dry land will be covered with deep water and the seabed will become land without water, but Eretz Yisroel will stay the same and untouched by the violence around. Am Yisroel please come back to Hashem. Leave your beautiful homes in the western world and come back to where you belong, in Eretz Yisroel where, may be, the life is a little bit difficult in Gashmius but you will be very rich in Ruchnius. If and when you decide to put your ego aside and accept totally, in the greatest humility, that Hakadosh Boruch Hu is the Hakol Yachol and say with all you heart “Ain Od Milvado”. This Rosh Hashanah will be a time officially and unofficially to realize what we are supposed to be. A time for choosing which side we want to be on, the side of evil or the side of good. Two thirds of the world will be destroyed. One third will be completely destroyed. One third will be very badly hurt and one third will be untouched for the most part. That will be the area where Eretz Yisroel is. In the future Eretz Yisroel won’t have the frontiers that it has now. The borders will be like in the times of Shlomo Hamelech. I beg you Am Yisroel, time is running out and before you know it Gog Umagog will be upon us.

Tishrei 5778 2

Its Erev Yom Kippur. We are all running around buying/cooking the last bits of food or the last things we need for Yom Kippur. Hustling and bustling around to meet the time limit when we have to change our shoes and light candles for Shabbos/Yom Kippur and start our fast and Tefillos begging Hashem to forgive us for all our Aveiros. But this Yom Kippur is very different than all the rest of the Yom Kippurs because even though we don’t really know the exact date of the Geula Sheleimah still those true Jews, with Jewish Neshomas, have started to long to greet Moshiach in a very intense and mind-boggling way. The yearning to end this long and most difficult Golus is becoming impossible to bear for all those true Jewish Neshomas. It’s as if we live only for that. Everything in our minds and hearts, in our plans for the future are centered around these few words which are, “if the world is still normal” or” if Moshiach, Chas Vesholom, hasn’t revealed himself by then.” We can make plans for the future knowing always that the wars and disasters told in the prophecies might destroy all of our future plans. The longing to end the Golus by so many people, of so many Jewish Neshomas is probably the greatest sign that we are a breath away from greeting Moshiach.

Please Am Yisroel, Daven hard in the next weeks from now until after Simchas Torah and beyond that. Beg Hashem to finally put an end to this horrific exile and bring us once more to His Bais Hamikdosh where we will again be Makriv Korbonos, bring sacrifices and feel intensely without a Mechitzah - Hakadosh Boruch Hu in His full glory.

I Bentch all Am Yisroel, every single person child and adult and even the unborn, that we will soon, very soon, greet Moshiach Tzidkainu Bimhaira Beyamainu! Gut Shabbos, Gut Yom Tov, a good year, and Gemar Chasima Tova. We should all be written in the Book of Life.

Tishrei 5778 3

I am giving you a hard time, right? I wake up feeling confused. It’s a mixture of being sad and being unbelievably excited and happy. Part of me that is sad pulls me down to the depths of depression and part of me that is happy brings me soaring to heavenly realms where I can visualize clearly the third Bais Hamikdosh and Moshiach himself.

I only can beg Am Yisroel please throw away all your superficial stupidities the things that are destroying your possibility of reaching Netzach, eternity, your Gashmius that has been trying to destroy Am Yisroel since the Yidden in the Midbar made the Egel Hazahav.

I am warning everyone that the Geula is coming very soon. Between now and then things will happen at such a fast pace that only those who can hold on to the Truth will be able to fully realize the depth of the meaning of what is happening. Cling to the Torah and Hakadosh Boruch Hu, The Hakol Yachol the Creator of this earth and all words beyond. Never lose your tight grip on Am Yisroel’s history from Adam Harishon to Avrohom Ovinu, Yitzchok Ovinu, Yaakov Ovinu, Yosef Hatzadik and the Shevatim etc. up to present times. Don’t forget that we were created so that our souls would be everlasting and that we will in the future become Hashem’s true servants without any doubt.

I can only say that those Jewish souls that achieve the greatest heights that they were brought into this world for, after going from generation to generation, being tested and being taught through trouble and Nisyonos and still reach those heights, their future /our future will be indescribable…. I don’t have words to explain myself.… It will be undescribable in its greatness, in its beauty, in its fulfillment and in its Simcha and what I said now doesn’t even come close to what will be our reward. Don’t forget my words. I don’t even know how to express my fear and worry about Am Yisroel and the future of some of our brethren who are Davka going in a totally different direction.

I wish all my brethren a Gut Yom Tov and a Gemar Chasima Tova a year of the Geula Sheleimah

Tishrei 5778 4

I don’t know what to say. Everything I say or most truths that have been revealed in the world are mostly falling on deaf ears so-to-speak. Only the Jews that don’t see and hear the world exclusively with their ears and eyes of flesh, but instead feel the Truth from inside in their souls connected directly to Hashem. Only they understand and are trying to shake off all the needless Gashmius and search day and night in every way for a total connection physical and spiritual to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, The Hakol Yachol. The tiny speck of people that realize the Truth and are trying with all their hearts and souls to push away all of the idol worshipping Gashmius that has taken over most of the world and come back to the Pashtus, to the total simplicity of Hakadosh Boruch Hu and the world that He has been creating for these chosen few to continue His goals for the next stage upward of Creation.

Who am I talking to now? The vast majority or the tiny minority??? I beg you Daven Daven Daven! Ignore the world of lies which pounds on our lust and our desires for Gashmius. Ignore all of that! Pull yourselves closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to the Ribbono Shel Olam, to The Hakol Yachol and don’t let go and don’t look back because if you fail and look back, even for one moment, your fate will be much worse than becoming a big piece of salt. I don’t think we have too much more time in order to change our ways. I don’t think we have more than until Erev Hashanah Rabbah. It’s time to make choices.


  1. Rav Wasserman responded in a letter sent from his hometown of Baranovitch, Lithuania, dated Thursday, Parshas Chukas:

    "... Mashiach will come בהסח הדעת, when we aren't thinking about him. Just as when the Jews were redeemed from Egypt, it says, 'They did not heed Moshe because of shortness of breath and hard work' (Shemos 6:9), before Mashiach's arrival, too, people will be so dulled by pain and suffering that they will be incapable of accepting words of comfort and consolation. I heard from the holy Chafetz Chaim zt"l that the end of our exile will mirror the end of the servitude in Egypt, as it says, "As when you left Egypt, so I will show you wonders [in the future]" (Michah 7:15)

    - excerpted from Rav Schwab on Chumash by Rabbi Myer J. Schwab, page 231

    Regarding the almost unbearable suffering of our people during his generation and its continually worsening troubles, Rav Yisrael Meir Kagan would repeat this pearl of wisdom from the Gaon of Vilna: The Gaon said that the long period of our exile is like a pregnancy and the exile's final days are like the final stage of pregnancy, when the woman suffers difficult birth pangs (chevlei leidah). This analogy explains why our Sages speak of "the birth pangs of Mashiach" (chevlei Mashiach) to refer to the days just prior to our Redemption, as Rashi comments on the Gemara {Kesubos 118).

    With respect to birth pangs, you often find a woman who has an extremely hard time. Her pangs are so intense that she feels she will not be able to survive them. Standing by her side, trying to soothe and comfort her, a midwife whispers: "Don't be afraid, because since the pains are getting much worse, it is a sure sign that you will be giving birth very soon."

    The Rav Yisrael Meir Kagan would say, "So it is with our generation, whose suffering has reached such proportions that we feel we are running out of strengtfi to continue. This is a sure sign that the coming of the Mashiach is not far off, because, as the prophet says in Hashem's Name, "Shall I bring [a woman] to the birth stool and not have her give birth?! (Yeshayahu 66:9).

    - excerpted from Chafetz Chaim on the Torah - volume 1, page 139, Maasai L'Melech [publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications]

  2. Cannot wait for Daniel to give us a new message and hopefully it has to do straight with the announcement of moshiach.
    As far as the craziness of the world goes, there is nothing to describe anymore and america is being hit with another tropical storm and their suffering will continue until their end! Good riddens exile and evil world and hello moshiach and new beautiful world

    1. Ben Golden has been asked: "when will Moshiach come?" His answer was: I can only tell you what Hashem wants me to tell you. He was admitting that Hashem would probably never tell him when Moshiach will come or who he is. Why? It is in Tenach that Eliyahu Hanavi will be the source and that is the only answer from Hashem (end of the prophet Malachi).

      Do we get hints from the FC individuals? Definitely. Such messages as "we are very close" is the best that they will say.

      No matter what, we still need to do a great amount of Teshuvah. In fact, if we all did Teshuvah, the Moshiach would be announced instantly. We are the biggest holdup. If all Jews would move to Israel, Moshiach would be announced instantly.

      The good news is that the world is getting so scary that all the Jews will do Teshuvah, and move to Israel soon. I don't need Dani18 to tell me that. Hashem told us thousands of years ago and it is still as true now as it was then.

  3. BH this coming Hanuka?

    1. No, before Chanukah!!! Events are already happening and have been for a while. Great increases in devastation are ongoing NOW!!!!


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