Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Meir Yisroel Message from Dani18

Well, what can I say more then what I have already said. Just about every day we see more difficult things happening. Somethings are very obvious like horrific terrorist attacks or horrible natural disasters like the fires in California and Portugal. But there are things happening that many people don’t notice, changes in our everyday lives that the Reshoim have initiated. For many years in Eretz Yisroel the Reshoim have been trying in every way they can to separate Am Yisroel from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Sometimes they use very subtle tactics like offering nice salaries to Bais Yaakov teachers in exchange for quietly demanding the schools to use secular textbooks and sometimes not so Frum teachers and sometimes technology that wears away at the Mechitzah that the Erlicha Yid has throughout the generations been so careful to make sure stands strong to protect his family and all of Yiddishkeit.

The Medina, first of all lowered the Kitzvat Yiladim (child allowances) to only a fraction of the money that they used to give for large families. This meant that any family over three children got a major amount of money and then they cut this down to almost nothing. They had two goals in doing this. One goal was to stop massive Chareidi births because they saw a big danger in the fact that at some point in the near future the Chareidim will be too large a population to control. They were sure that when it became too difficult for Chareidim to put food on the table for their children or to pay for their tuitions for their private education etc. they would be forced to put down the size of their families. B"H this has not been the case. They are trying in every way to come into our Frum lives, destroy our connection with Hakadosh Boruch Hu in all kinds of ways. They try to separate the “good Chareidim” from the “bad Chareidim”, the “good Chareidim”, meaning the Chareidim against the demonstrations that have been going on lately against the Giyus (army draft). They picture in their conversations in the media that not all the Frum Jews are against the army draft and even if they are against the army draft they still go to sign up in the recruitment offices. So, they are the “good Chareidim” so-to-speak. On the other hand, they picture what they call the extreme groups who demonstrate against Chilul Shabbos and against the army draft and don’t vote in elections as “bad Chareidim”. Their goal is to divide and conquer. They seem to be successful! However, I foresee, Be’ezras Hashem, in the not so distant future that many of the Chareidim who are considered by the Erev Rav as the “good Chareidim” will open their eyes and realize that they cannot sell their souls for material gain. Those Yidden have been influenced by the Erev Rav that only want their destruction as Jews and they will suddenly realize what the plan is. The plan is to destroy Yiddishkeit. What is the difference if we just take out of the Torah a few Lavim (prohibitions)? What’s the difference? Why not have same sex marriages? It’s just a little thing. Why not allow Temimusdik young people to go and join an army, supposedly a Jewish army, that is against the Torah in every way, and I won’t go through all the Aveiros that are committed every day in the so-called Jewish army. An army which encourages the most hideous Aveiros like abortions etc. which puts boys and girls together in tanks to work together closely, which puts emphasis on secularism and on Aveiros and certainly not on the Torah.

The army and the government feel they are above Torah, Chas Vesholom, and that they can let a well-placed so-called Rabbi who they control to be called the Rav of the army. But when the decision making is done its only made by complete Chilonim, certainly no one connected to Hakadosh Boruch Hu and His Torah. The Chilonim have no Torah or have a “Torah” which they manipulate for their own needs and likings. For them it’s just fine what is happening. For the Jewish Neshoma it is an abomination that cannot be tolerated. They are afraid just to leave the Chareidim alone and let them develop however they develop, because we will soon outnumber them because of our “primitive ways" of having between 2 and 18,19,20 or 21 children in one family. While we cringe at the thought that maybe our children will adopt the Chiloni way of testing out their “relationships” with their boyfriend or girlfriend by living together and trying it out plus other such activities which have been extremely common and parts of Chiloni life, but which is absolutely forbidden according to Torah.

I have given the less extreme examples of Aveiros in the secular world that for them they feel is no Aveirah. They can’t understand why we Frum Yidden really can’t let our children play with their children, or be in school with them, why we have to live in our areas and not let our children see non-Frum Jews openly with great happiness being Mechalel Shabbos plus other Aveiros. The difference with this in America or any other country outside of Israel is that they are countries of Goyim. Most of the population is not Jewish. So, the Frum Jews tend to live all in the same areas for the same reason. First of all, so we should have our Shuls and all the community things we need to survive, like a Minyan three times a day and Mikvaos in the area. Those are only two examples of the needs of every Jewish community. However, when in Chutz Laaretz you see a car going by on Shabbos you don’t think anything of it because you are so sure it’s a Goy. In Israel it’s probably a Yid and that’s what’s heartbreaking for us.

There have been years that the movement for Baalai Teshuva has become enormous but now it’s going the other way unfortunately. It’s going towards assimilation, and that’s the tragedy. I’m not afraid for the future of Am Yisroel because I know that Hashem is Hakol Yachol and He is going to protect every Jewish Neshoma. I know for sure we are at the end of times and very soon we will greet Moshiach and we will see the third Bais Hamikdosh and we will bring Korbonos – sacrifices. I know for sure that Hashem will protect every single Jewish Neshoma and that no one can destroy it because every Jewish Neshoma was created to live forever – Netzach. Hashem created it this way and it can’t be undone by any human being and therefore history has proven that since the Yidden have gone into Golus the Erev Rav, Amalek, and the Edomim together with the Yishmaelim have tried to destroy Am Yisroel’s special status which Hashem gave to them. They want to destroy us out of hate and jealousy because we are and have always been the chosen people. A real Jewish Neshoma will never give in to all the tricks and violence used against Am Yisroel for the purpose of separating us from our G-d. However, that separation is impossible. Many fools thought that they could do battle against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Chas Vesholom, but it’s not possible. Hakadosh Boruch Hu has His plans. He knows the past, present and the future because He created it all. He created the earth and all that’s in it and every human being that inhabits the earth and He created all the worlds beyond and everything in existence. He created this world for His Yidden to grow and become close to Him. Even though He put the Neshoma in a body with all kinds of weaknesses in order that man should overcome his desires and rise high in his Ruchnius and his closeness to the Truth which is Hashem Himself.

This part of Creation is almost over. There will be a terrible war. The earth will be affected by heavenly bodies and much of the world as we know it will be destroyed but Am Yisroel the true, Am Yisroel will survive, Be’ezras Hashem, and live on! So Am Yisroel don’t be afraid, the end is coming, Hashem won’t destroy His chosen people but we have to show Him that we are truly with Him in every way and that we haven’t let the Erev Rav and the Amalaikim and the Edomim etc. snatch away from us our eternal souls. 

Boruch Shem Kivod Malchuso Leolam Voed!


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  2. Peru 8.4

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  4. You have to serve G-d with beauty, not only with passion. If you make riots in the street, you are causing unnecessary chillul Hashem. That's not something worthy of praise. Many Israelis who could be baalei teshuva or at least respect the Torah HATE the haredim more than they hate the Arabs because of such stupid behaviour. I have secular friends living in Israel that tell me: "My blood is less important than theirs???" Not to mention many of those talmidei yeshiva are not so serious in their learning. SOME of them protest against the draft because of laziness and selfish interests, not for the sake of heaven (I repeat: SOME of them, while others do it because they really believe is the right thing according to Hashem). It's a complex issue, let's put it that way. It's not black and white, "us or Amalek" like the autistic kids say. We are not talking about the cantonist schools of the evil Tsar of Russia who wanted the Jewish children to become baptised. Baruch Hashem there are plenty of religious units in the IDF. The datim leumim are an authentic kiddush Hashem. They show Israelis you can keep the Torah and be patriotic at the same time. And if you want secular Israelis to keep Shabbat, you give them a kiruv DVD and invite them to your Shabbat dinner, you don't make a horrible sin like spitting at them or burn garbage cans. I can't tolerate Jews who play to be Pinchas but behave like Zimri. If you want to change things in the country and defend the Torah interests, you vote for religious parties in democratic elections like Rav Ovadia Yosef Z''L said. If it wasn't for parties like Shas, things would be MUCH worse.

    But there's also a problem of ungratefulness to the country that makes possible for you to live there:

    "A warning for the Chareidi Roshei Yeshivot

    At some point in the not too distant future, when the Chareidi population will swell to the extent that the numbers of yeshiva exemptions will near 100 thousand, Israel will change to a totally volunteer army, highly compensated, as — has been the case for the last fifty or more years in the United States. And when the draft will be eliminated, the Chareidi yeshivot will become virtually empty. Chassidic yeshivot will be left with about 10% of their present numbers and the Lithuanian ones will fare a bit better with about 20 percent remaining. Many will join the army for the good pay, and most will enter the work place.

    My advice is to be thankful to the secular government for creating the yeshiva world here, and stay under the radar, because the repercussions for anti-Israel behavior will be swift in coming and will be irreversible.

    Rabbi Nachman Kahana"


    1. What is going on in the world?

      Let us review the absolute truth about our present world, even in Israel. This is the end of the end of days. This is the worst testing that each of us will encounter. It is called the "birth-pangs of Moshiach." The worst and most painful contractions that a woman must endure are right before the blessed event of a beautiful baby (so I am told). In our case this is the most painful contractions before the delivery of the most blessed Moshiach.

      We know that there are many, many people who may think they are Jewish, but are going to find out they are Erev Rav. They will not be privileged to enjoy the delivery of Moshiach, but will instead suffer greatly and lose the tremendous world of goodness and love that the faithful are about to experience.

      In the same way the Erev Rav was used in Bamidbar in the first Geula, Hashem is using them as a way of testing us now. Any report of a so-called Jew not following Hashem’s ways, or even worse going against Hashem’s ways is a test for every real Jew, and even every righteous non-Jew. Hashem judges our reaction to each incident. Do we feel love for a fellow Jew that we want to help? Do we feel hatred for someone who is obviously violating Hashem’s commandments? Our reaction is noted by Hashem and is part of our own Tikun.

      When we see any article about an event happening, we need to evaluate our own Teshuvah. Hashem is testing us to see if we are handling it according to the Torah, or by our flawed human opinion. Only the Torah way is the right answer for each of us to pass the test.

  5. I feel there is lashon hara written here on the Jewish people who serve in the army. Many of the religious Jews who are in the IDF don't agree with all of the government's policies and aren't happy that it is not run according to the rules of the Torah, but they still believe that watching over the Jewish people is very necessary in these times. I believe every soldier earns olam haba from keeping us safe and they are all tzaddikim on levels we can't imagine, even the ones who don't identify with religion. They still have beautiful Jewish souls who give up their lives for the Jewish people. How can he write with no respect for this? Yes, changes need to be made but they are clearly part of the Moshiach process as is all of the beginning of the State of Israel. I understand not agreeing with the the people who run the army but the IDF is still extremely necessary until Moshiach comes! We must be very grateful!! This hurts me a lot and yes, I have lots of issues with the army here but I owe each of the soldiers my life! Yes, the Torah that is learned here protects us but we, as an un-unified people waiting to be unified, cannot leave protecting our people to just a percentage of people who learn Torah here. Everyone is needed, each in his own way. Many are extremely ignorant of Torah here and should not be labeled as sinful. Such a negative view doesn't help at all, especially not when trying to work on unity.

    1. I give the same answer to you that I gave to my dear friend Ginno Ricci above. Everything is measure for measure a test for each of us.

      I have had friends and neighbors who served in the IDF. Since they were all Chareidi friends, the reports that they came back with were very interesting. Some told me that it is possible, depending on the job they performed, to remain totally observant according to Hashem's Torah, even having Torah study time. Others told my how it was such an abomination and not possible for a real Jew to experience.

      Who was right? They all were. If a Jew has a totally positive attitude and knows that Hashem will help every second of the experience, the experience is totally positive. If one goes in with a negative expectation, especially after reading all the Lashon Harah prior, the experience is negative.

      Hashem is running the show, and each of us has a glass that is half full or half empty. But in every case it is our personal glass and how we personally fill it. Of course, there are some of us whose glass is completely full, even have a cup that Runneth Over (Psalm 23:5).

    2. "Hashem is running the show, and each of us has a glass that is half full or half empty. But in every case it is our personal glass and how we personally fill it. Of course, there are some of us whose glass is completely full, even have a cup that Runneth Over (Psalm 23:5)."

      Beautifully stated, Rav Menachem! Toda.

      As you know i am Noahide, and i will testify that Hashem is there for all.. all those who try to do good for others, with love and caring.
      Hashem has helped and is still helping me with so much. Baruch Hashem.
      Sometimes, i see my cup truly over flowing with Hashem's Blessings, love, and guidance.

      Thank Y-u Hashem.
      I love Y-u.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9iTXMTjzI0&pbjreload=10

  7. Shalom Rav. Thank you as always for your inspiring posts. Rabbi Mizrachi is giving a special shiur tomorrow in Brooklyn about Mashiach and the Geula (it will be live streamed on his Facebook page also).

    Feel free to share the event flyer with your readers should you feel it will be beneficial: https://s1.postimg.org/1cwlt4nvwf/rav.001.jpg

    Chazak u'Baruch
    Dovid S. NY