Thursday, November 2, 2017

What is Going on in the World?

Recently, I am getting so many comments and private Emails asking for my opinion on every news item that comes up. The way Jews are acting in situations mostly with protests, the way Jews are not getting along, the way the governments are handling this or that situation, the way leaders are going astray, the way Jew-hatred is building and building, the way the Zionists are taking over the world, the way the IDF acts, the way terrorists are getting the sympathy of many people especially in Israel, the great increase in sexual promiscuity, the left versus the right, the rich versus the poor, the threat of war, (this list is so long that I will end with), etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc and finally etc.

I have been answering the multitude of Emails with the same answer. If we review the absolute truth about our present world, even in Israel, we will see every situation, every news event has one common theme. This is the end of the end of days. This is the worst testing that each of us will encounter. It is called the "birth-pangs of Moshiach." The worst and most painful contractions that a woman must endure are right before the blessed event of the birth of a beautiful baby (so I am told). In our case this is the most painful contractions before the delivery of the most blessed Moshiach.

We know that there are many, many people who may think they are Jewish, but are going to find out they are Erev Rav. They will not be privileged to enjoy the delivery of Moshiach, but will instead suffer greatly and lose the tremendous world of goodness and love that the faithful, good people of this earth are about to experience.

In the same way the Erev Rav was used in Bamidbar in the first Geula, Hashem is using them as a way of testing us now. Any report of a so-called Jew not following Hashem’s ways, or even worse going against Hashem’s ways is a test for every real Jew, and even every righteous non-Jew. Hashem judges our reaction to each incident. Do we feel love for a fellow Jew that we want to help? Do we feel hatred for someone who is obviously violating Hashem’s commandments? Our reaction is noted by Hashem and is part of our own Tikun process.

When we see any article about an event happening, we need to evaluate our own Teshuvah. Hashem is testing us to see if we are handling it according to the Torah, or by our own personal and emotional flawed human opinion. Only the Torah way is the right answer for each of us to pass the test.

As an example when asked about the IDF I give the same answer as above. Everything is measure for measure a test for each of us. I have had friends and neighbors who served in the IDF. Since they were all Chareidi friends (observant Torah Jews), the reports that they came back from these individuals were very interesting. Some told me that it is possible, depending on the job they performed (non-combat), to remain totally observant according to Hashem's Torah, even having Torah study time, kosher food, Shabbos, the separation of male and female personnel, etc. Others told my how it was such an abomination and not possible for a real Jew to experience.

Who was right? They all were. If a Jew has a totally positive attitude and knows that Hashem will help during every second of every experience, the experience is totally positive. If one goes in with a negative expectation, especially after reading all the Lashon Harah prior, the experience is negative.

Hashem is running the show, and each of us has a glass that is half full or half empty. But in every case it is our personal glass and how we personally fill it. Of course, there are some of us whose glass is completely full, even some of us who have a cup that Runneth Over (Psalm 23:5).

One other aspect to Hashem’s system that needs mentioning. Are we as individuals passing Hashem’s tests or are we trying to test Hashem, chas v’shalom? If we feel that we know better than Hashem, we more than fail the tests; we get punished for our attitude of ignoring the tests and thinking we know better.

Let me discuss the biggest controversy that I receive from my dear readers. I get more readers telling me why it is OK to not move to Israel now; that Hashem will protect us no matter where we are and that the Moshiach will bring us to Israel when the time comes. This way of thinking is supported by what this Rabbi said or what that Rabbi said, but mostly because I have complete faith that Hashem loves us and would not let anyone hurt us.

This is an excellent example of us testing Hashem. No matter what the Rabbis have said or how we think Hashem’s opinion should be interpreted, it is not what Hashem very definitely is telling us. The debate isn’t whether Hashem loves us or not, it is whether we are listening to His commandments or not. It is whether we are trying to pass His tests or ignoring them.

I have commented many times that the Jews of Germany in the 1930s had the same attitude. Most of them were completely secular (more than 90% of the Jews), but if there was a Rabbi to talk to, he would have said “Don’t worry, how bad can it get? Hashem loves us and will protect us.” Yet, I interviewed Jews in Germany and survivors in other countries and they said they knew what the Torah said and how bad it would get. It is no mystery since history repeats itself over and over again. Every country we went into, we assimilated and failed. The increase in Jew-hated, persecution and even genocide was no mystery. Hashem gave everyone signs and messages of what was coming and the people scratched their heads when things got so bad. Instead of understanding Hashem’s Torah and understanding how Hashem taught us to save ourselves, they came up with every flawed human excuse and suffered. Not studying Torah and not living Hashem’s instructions is extremely dangerous; I have thousands of years of history to prove it.

In Europe there were those who truly were with Hashem and understood the warnings. They knew that they should have left Europe decades before. Unfortunately most Holocaust survivors that I interviewed were very young people who only did what their parents’ distorted opinion dictated. I have said many times that it is not just my readers who are ignoring Hashem’s messages and putting themselves in harm’s way, it is the loved ones, the children, the elderly who are completely dependent on the head of household to guide them.

But I have a completely different approach to the subject. What has Hashem been telling us, especially in scriptures that we ignore so much? The most obvious is that great devastation will be upon the Earth the will kill off 2/3rd of the world population, approximately 5 billion people. The entire Earth, except for Eretz Yisroel will see the repeat of the plagues of Egypt, and the mayhem of earthly upheaval like the time of the great flood. What are the messages that this is coming? Look out your window; it started many months ago. Even though all Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive, they will suffer greatly and lose everything – they will go to Eretz Yisroel but with just the cloths that they are wearing.

The answer that I receive from readers is “how dare I use such scare tactics.” It is so easy to blame Hashem’s plan on me or many others who are saying the same thing (Rabbis, Mekubalim, FC individuals, scientists, etc). What is interesting also is how lazy people are in checking all this information. Why should I get many requests for proof when obviously everyone I am dealing with has a computer and can do research. I am amazed at how when I use a Hebrew or Yiddish word I will get someone who will take the time to write me asking: “what does that mean?” The effort to write me a comment is more than if the reader would just Google the word in question and obtain an instant answer.

All the data about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, dangerous weather systems, floods, fires, sinkholes, chemtrails, Nibiru sightings, Nibiru effects, etc, etc, etc are all from looking it up on the web. In Israel we are not having these chaotic anomalies. My readers tell me so many times what is happening out of their own windows. Taking the time to research what is going on in the world, better yet, researching Hashem’s messages should be happening naturally. Why many readers are only waiting for me to bring it up and then questioning its veracity is beyond me. It is happening in your neighborhood, not mine.

The other day I received a very definite message from Hashem that I thought I would pass on to my dear readers. I woke up at about 1:30 AM and found that I could not sleep. Since I know that I always have a backlog of comments and Emails from my readers, I decided to get up and start my day (this happens more often than I wish to talk about). I went to do my Nagelwasser (traditional washing of hands and face when a Jew first wakes up in the morning) and found there was no water. The entire water system was off. I did not see any notice the night before which is traditional. If they are planning to work on the water supply system overnight, they tell us in advance. This didn’t bother me that much until I realized it was going on for hours. Washing, using the facilities, having a cup of coffee, etc is all part of my morning routine unless one experiences no water. After three hours, B”H the water returned. When I later talked to friends, I realized that we were warned of pipework being done between the hours of midnight and 6 AM. I just missed the announcement.

Why did I see this as a message from Hashem that is worth repeating here? One of the warnings that is happening in the US is the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse, an EMP attack on the US. I have seen articles telling of how the Pentagon is getting ready for such an attack. The most suspicious source is North Korea, but I have no doubt that the global elite, who are trying to greatly reduce the population of the United States, would perform another false flag operation and blame it on someone else. An EMP attack could disable the continental US by eliminating all electrical and electronic sources. With no electricity there is no continuance of life in the US. With no electricity, the water pumping stations would fail and no one would have water available in their houses. With no vehicles, since all cars, trucks, etc would be disabled, there would be no food replenishment. It is predicted that 90% of the population would perish. How long? I have seen many estimates, but it doesn’t make any difference since the looting and killing of people for survival would happen within days.

My three hours of no water without knowing why made me think about the possibility of a terrorist attack that caused the water outage? After, I realized it was another message from Hashem demonstrating how helpless we can become if suddenly we had no electricity, no backup systems and no grid transfer possibility.

It was scary but very enlightening. When Nibiru gets closer, there are effects that are going to happen that are far worse than losing electricity. The scientists are expecting a pole shift, a great change in the Earth’s axis. It has already started, but we are talking something that could happen in about a half hours’ time and cause great upheaval. Tsunamis of many hundreds of feet of water, winds of many hundreds of miles per hour, coastal areas being completely under water as much as a hundred feet in depth. What evidence do we have that this is possible? I have shown videos of how the military and government in the US have already relocated facilities inland at higher elevations. Once again, research all this and don’t act surprised that there are hundreds of articles and YouTube videos on the subject.

Why am I concerned so much about the US? Outside of Israel, which has over 6 million Jews, the US is the largest Jewish population in the world with over 5 million (the majority along the coastal regions). Europe still has millions of Jews who are facing the same horrors of weather, earthquakes, meteor and asteroid devastation, flooding, etc. The persecution from Jew-hatred (mostly from Islamic population increases) is also prevalent throughout the world and very much so in Europe.

My readers can ask me until they are blue in the face why the great Rabbis have not said much about all this (which is not true, they have, just research it), but it doesn’t override Hashem’s obvious messages that we are getting on a daily basis. Hashem is our guidance, not the words of human beings.

I never thought in my entire life that the most difficult job would be trying to help people save themselves from pending disaster. Why is the “writing on the wall” being ignored by so many. Yes, it is denial, yes it is disbelief, yes it is laziness, but mostly it is distorted faith in Hashem. Believing that Hashem will take care of us, when He is telling us through His servants and scriptures “the only safe place for Jew is Eretz Yisroel.” This is not rocket science; we instead are practicing the art of ignoring the obvious because of misguided belief, of not wanting to take the time to live reality. We are acting like human beings and believing the upside-down fantasy world to be reality. It is all an illusion to prepare us for the real world.

Why am I telling you all this again, now? Until you lose all your possessions, until the worst of the devastation is upon us, until you have the task of explaining to your loved ones why everything is gone, COME TO ISRAEL. COME HERE ON VACATION. COME HERE AND STAY WITH A RELATIVE OR FRIEND. THE TIME IS UP. We are getting reports that Nibiru is getting close, that the Earthquakes and worldly upheavals are within days of increasing. If an EMP attack occurs, there will be no planes flying; it will be too late. Even the banking system is on the verge of collapsing, which means that the rich will be as helpless as the poor (unless you are the evil global elite and think that you will be safe in an underground fortress).

Everything is from Hashem; there is nothing random in this world. The destiny of each of us it measure for measure what we have set up for ourselves. Is there still time to do Teshuvah and correct our mistakes, to help us in the near future? I am not a prophet. I only know that everything is a “when” not an “if.” It will all happen and each one of us will be responsible for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our loved ones who depend on us. Turn to Hashem for everything, not to people, especially world leaders and governments who are our worst enemies and want us dead. No matter where you are, whatever your situation, turning to Hashem with complete trust and faith is the only answer – guaranteed in writing. Is there still time? Every second counts from now until our Judgment Day – use it wisely.

Knowing that Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could every love Him, means that all His faithful will be taken care of, both Jewish and righteous non-Jews. How much turmoil we will have to endure in the coming days, weeks, whatever, will be measure for measure “what we need.” In the end the judgment of each of us will be based on what we have done and what we are doing now to correct our mistakes. Turn to Hashem; follow His perfect guidance and not only survive, but thrive for all eternity. It is our individual choice.


  1. A few years ago, I read two different stories of Jews in the Holocaust. "These Children are Mine" by Dov Lederman and "The Unfinished Diary" by Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter.

    In the first case, despite incredible hardship, the family survived intact and made its way to Israel after the war.

    The second story is just an unbearable tragedy. An entire deeply devout family nearly completely destroyed.

    Who are we to know Hashem's ways? Nonetheless, the most glaring difference to me between the two stories I noticed was this. In the first case, before the war had started, the family had made the decision to make aliyah and procured visas. They were very loosely connected to living in the land of the goyim. They were literally in the middle of their aliyah preparations when the war intervened. They benefited from astounding siyata dishmaya throughout the war (as depicted in the book). The story was ostensibly not even about how they survived the war, but that is the far more compelling aspect of it.

    The second story is one of a deeply devout and learned family, but extremely rooted in Poland. It was a painful to read every word, because of the suffering and loss depicted. But they were not going anywhere! Even after the war, the survivors remained in Europe or went to America.

    My own personal experience has been that my (and my wife's) intense desire to live here was all that differed between us and our fellow Jews still abroad. That's it. If you want to live here, REALLY want to live here, Hashem will open the path for you to do so.

    I see that difference play out over and over. The Jews I know who are least rooted in golus my age and older have at least one child or grandchild living here, and at least talk of making aliyah. But I know many families who don't have a single child or grandchild in Israel. At best they are indifferent to aliyah, but sometimes even hostile to the idea. That was shocking to see on my recent trip.

    Jews in golus today should be making their plans now, while the times are good. Prove your intent to Hashem. Start the ball rolling. Don't take for granted that tomorrow will be like today.

    As an aside, I have two sons in Tomer Givati, one of three Charedi combat units. It is fully possible to be an observant Jew in the IDF today.

    1. Thank you for your excellent comment.

      The Torah gives us an interesting insight about why Hashem would leave people on Earth and take others at an earlier time. Chanoch was a very righteous person. He lived in the time before the flood when the people of the world were very evil. His father, grandfather, son, grandson all lived to the ages of 8 and 9 hundred years, yet Chanoch died at 365. We are told that since Hashem can see what our future will be, Hashem determines the need for us to be on the Earth or not. Hashem saw that Chanoch would not make progress in helping others since they were so evil, and that it would be detrimental for Chanoch to continue to live. Hashem’s mercy dictated that Chanoch’s prolonged life served no purpose and He took him out of a bad situation.

      Good people in the Holocaust were also evaluated for what the future would bring. If the person would go on to greater things, Hashem made sure that the person survived. If the future was only pain and suffering, Hashem gave that person Tikun and in His infinite mercy ended the suffering.

      All of us are on Earth with a mission. If we accomplish great things we stay longer. If Hashem wants an evil person to test and give Tikun to good people the evil person will remain also, but with a horrible eternity planned. Once a Jew reaches Tikun, even if young, he or she does not need this world any longer. How long we live is known to Hashem before we are born, but He also knows how we will influence the final age by our ways.

      Whether a Jew makes Aliyah or not, or at least has a great desire to, is a big influence on us accomplishing our mission on Earth and how we will get our Tikun, the voluntary way or the involuntary way. How difficult life will be is greatly influenced by how we do Hashem’s will. Making Aliyah makes it all easier for the Jew since it is Hashem’s will. Making excuses as to why we do not make Aliyah, especially since we think the materialism, the Golden Calf is better someplace else, is very counter-productive. Our short stay on Earth must be in our best interest, for the purpose of setting up the best eternity possible. Wanting to have fun and as many luxuries as possible during this short life is detrimental to a tremendous eternity. The ironic thing is that Israel is more luxurious than elsewhere, but people don’t know it and instead shoot themselves in the foot. You can have it all here in Israel, especially be closer to Hashem.

  2. Today...

    1. What are you doing in Monsey???

    2. Greater Monsey is one of our dear readers. These comments are coming from him, not from me. I haven't been in Monsey since the 1990's, even though I like the place a lot.

      Be aware that I don't have a passport, since I have no plans of leaving Israel.

  3. heat detected

  4. Rav Yehudah Ze'ev Leibowitz zt"l (the esteemed teacher of Rav Shalom Arush Shlit"a) said three things that will happen before Mashiach comes (it was long before 2010):

    1. Uprisings and infighting will sweep through the Arab countries;

    2. Bibi will not be able to attack Iran; Hashem will use other means as He did with Sadaam Hussein.

    3. There will be a Holocaust in the United States.

    (you can ask Lazar Brody if you don't believe me. So far two of the predictions took place.)

    Another Zeev, Zeev Jabotinsky traveled all over Eastern Europe in the mid to late 1930s. He warned the Jews of Eastern Europe from pulpits that were occasionally open for him to speak from that "Er kumt". He (Hitler) was coming! They laughed at him and scorned him. They called him a dirty Zionist as if being one was a dirty word. They were determined to prove him wrong by vowing to stay in Poland until the day that they died. "Po Lin" they would tell Jabotinsky. (Remember Lin means to lodge as in to lodge in a hotel.) "Here will will lodge" ostensibly for the next 600 years even if that kept them there way beyond the year 6000. They were not leaving Po Lin until they were brought out in a casket, buried 6 feet under in its soil, or burnt to a crisp in an Oven. And so it was. You think for one minute that I am going to change anyone's mind on this issue if the great Zeev Jabotinsky zt"l spoke from the pulpits of the synagogues of Eastern Europe, and that was their response? But YOU can make a big difference. Rabbi Alon Anava is telling Jews in America to make Aliyah, so are the autistic kids. It has nothing to do with Zionism or politics. At this point it's nothing less than pikuach nefesh.

    1. Once again, an excellent comment.

      The three predictions of Rav Yehudah Ze'ev Leibowitz zt"l have all occurred. The Holocaust is in full operation. The global elite want 93% of the world population eliminated, and the plan is well under way in the US of Magog. I am sure everyone is familiar with the 800 FEMA Camps, which are Concentration camps (more like death camps) that are in full operation and killing many. What purpose do the millions of caskets serve at these camps? Then we have the chemtrails that most people can see. There are so many poisons in those trails that the purpose is obvious. The vaccines, the medical inefficiency, the drug situation (prescription and illegal), the weather being created by HAARP, etc, etc, etc. The Holocaust is worse than Nazi Europe and much more efficient.

      Actually there were many who warned the Jews in Europe and throughout history, as there are many warning today. But, as long as people know better than Hashem, Who has been giving the greatest warnings, people will suffer.

    2. Are you saying that Rav Yehuda Zev wasn't talking about a Holocaust specifically against American Jews?

      If the 'holocaust' is to depopulate earth, it has nothing to do with antisemitism. It's against humanity in general. In Nazi Europe was much worse, because it was AGAINST US! And most Europeans collaborated to exterminate our people or didn't protest. There was a world war against the allies fought with airplanes and tanks, and a separate "war" against the Jews fought with SS, Gestapo, concentration camps, gas chambers, etc. FEMA camps have the capacity to keep at least 50 million people inside. I don't have to tell you there aren't so many Jews in the entire world.

      I also think is necessary to depopulate earth... depopulate this planet from all the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, all the disgusting liberals and evil alt-righters, all the filthy perverts and wicked people in general (including many of our "brothers" in Hollywood, unfortunately). Once the depopulation is over, Hashem Yitbarach and His loyal servant Mashiach Ben David will rule over the entire world, speedily in our days, NOT some kind of global elite. Those who have the merit to be ruled by His Majesty above will enjoy an eternity full of pleasure, both Jews and righteous non-Jews.

    3. You excellent comment should be seen along with my response by all my readers. Instead of presenting it here, I decided to make a post for early next week.

      Sorry to put you off, but the answer is too important to just hide here.

  5. two suns

  6. The Sefer Kol HaTor says that we literally will need to go to war against the Erev Rav. Do you think that that actually means to daven to HaShem that He rid us of them, or do we need to ..... There are about one million of them on the Left Coast of this country. Their voting patterns never change. Missiles from Gaza could be hitting them up the wazoo in Tel Aviv. Yet, they insist that Tzippy Livni's plan toward personal popularity by hating settlers and dismantling yishuvim is the correct response. So they are mesirat nefesh for their personal desire that the world should love them for hating settlers. They endanger Jewish lives and life here by their very existence, ours and of course theirs too, but they don't care about that because they feel popular in Europe. Perhaps davening against them is not enough. Perhaps HaShem wants the ....... part too. For any Shaba"k Jewish Unit reader, I have no plans to do ....... in the immediate future.

    1. Very interesting what you found about a war with the Erev Rav. As the Chofetz Chaim talked about the end time, he talked of a spiritual war rather than a physical one.

      I always look at the first Geula as the example for what will happen now. We did eliminate some Erev Rav, but for the most part we need to turn to Hashem Who will definitely take care of them, especially since we should not judge and decide who is and who isn't. Only Hashem knows who in this world is righteous, who is evil and who is in between. As with anything, we turn to Hashem and the situation will be resolved.