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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Lech Lecha, 2 MarCheshvan 5778, 22.10.17

The King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, reveals the King Messiah, our righteousness, bit by bit, without panic, so that the Jews in Israel and the Jews in the world, including all the people in the world, will digest it, so that there will be no panic.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, prepares all in a good, comfortable, and mildly pleasant way. Little by little the Creator will open the revelation of the King Messiah in public. The labor pains are the ten plagues that all peoples in the world receive. Because of the anger of the Creator, He gives ten modern and hard blows throughout the world, rain, floods, tsunamis, eruptions of volcanoes, fire and fires, winds and storms, earthquakes and conflicts within and between states. These are modern blows to our modern generation - severe blows to the generation. In the Exodus, the Children of Israel were few and the people in the world were few, ten plagues of Egypt - suited that generation.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, warns and threatens all nations of the world to stop interfering with the Holy Land and the Jews living in the Holy Land. The Holy One, blessed be He, gives the most severe blows, so that they will know that the hand of Hashem is in the matter. If they believe in the holy Land of Israel and the Jews in the holy Land of Israel and cease to disturb the Land of Israel, there will be peace in the world.

G-d Almighty is telling Hamas, the Palestinians and all those involved in the matter of exerting efforts for peace: There will be no peace with Hamas and the Palestinians forever, until the Messiah comes out in public and takes care of them because they do not want peace; they want to crush and destroy the Land of Israel.

The Creator tells the police, the army and the Border Police, to ignore the ultra-Orthodox demonstrations, to leave them and not to attack them until the storm passes and to follow the law of the Holy Land.

In Holy Land everything is good, there are livelihood, good water, happiness and wealth for those who want to work. Those who do not want to work are looking to quarrel and talk, G-d forbid, gossip on the Holy Land, the spies also spoke ... In Israel there is nothing missing.

If the Holy One, Blessed be He, would not have sheltered and protected the Holy Land of Israel, Hezbollah and the Syrians would have released tens of thousands of missiles in a year. The Creator blocked them and protected the Holy Land. The Creator of the Universe prevents great catastrophes from the direction of Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, the Palestinians and Iran.

The Creator has stopped pitying the Gentiles who are against Israel, because they are against the Jews and against the existence of the State of Israel.

Russia and Putin - Israel is always coordinated with them, while the Israel Air Force and the IDF are about to attack Syria, Russia keeps Iran and Hezbollah away from the borders of Israel, Putin and Russia love the Jewish people, they know that if they need the Jewish people, the Jews would help them a lot. Putin knows that all the good in the world comes from the Jews. Russia has a greater influence on the Middle East than the US. The US likes to be seen.

The Creator of the Universe chose the Jews during the revelation at Mount Sinai, saying, "We shall do and we will hear." He Chose the Jews to cultivate and develop the Holy Land.

Hezbollah is afraid of Russia. Russia warns him not to interfere with Israel, because if Russia opens the door to the IDF in the direction of Hezbollah, there will be no memory left.

The IDF follows Iran and Hezbollah every inch and cm. Israel is coordinating with Russia, the Air Force strikes ammunition and weapons coming from Iran and from all kinds of places.

Syria will continue to tear apart and get in trouble. There will be no peace and no one will help, there is no solution. Until Assad falls and is hospitalized in a psychiatric ward - maybe it will be quiet, perhaps.

Turkey is beginning to lose it, there is ISIS sitting on the back of Erdogan neck; he feels that they want to hurt him, and he is in fear and anxiety that they will kill him. Every time he has a disturbance, he starts killing groups of opponents.

The European countries have discovered that Erdogan is problematic and difficult and are beginning to move away from him. It all began during the Marmara, when Erdogan cursed the Holy Land and IDF soldiers.

Egypt supposedly wants to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians in order to get rid of them. Sisi, check what is happening in Egypt, over fifty percent of the citizens of Egypt are hungry for bread and you are their target.

North Korea, Kim learned from Trump to threaten. Both of them and the whole world are afraid of atomic bomb and everyone is talking. Best to go off the tree they climbed and all will be good for everyone.

Iraq continues to be destroyed.

Jordan does not want Hamas or the Palestinians.

A cloud of fire protects and protects Israel's borders, and yet the IDF will continue to defend the Jewish people and be alert.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels twenty-four hours a day. Listen attentively Hamas: Soon a patent will be found to destroy the tunnels.

Soon there will be a good rain in the Holy Land of Israel, for the whole winter season, good rain and abundance, good rain for the Holy Land.

Most road accidents in which people are killed or injured are caused by the use of cell phones and text messages and WhatsApp. This is not the Creator of the world who hurt people, people make mistakes.

The scammers, the bribes and the conspirators, all from the small to the big, from the religious to the non-religious will be caught more quickly than before.

In the Holy Land of Israel, the government has to remove urgently and legally all the infiltrators from the Land of Israel, they are full of very serious diseases.

We are at a time like in Noah's time and ark. The Land of Israel is the ark and the Jews who come to the Land of Israel are like going up to Noah's Ark, so that they will be protected and sheltered. Many Jews repent, and many Jews will repent. Soon the Holy One, blessed be He, will appoint the King Messiah in public!

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