Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shanah Tovah

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  1. Thank you for your constant encouragement. Although the bated breath turned into a deflated balloon. Yesh machar shehu le'achar hazman - it's never too late. The Torah on Har Sinai was supposed to be given on the 6th of Sivan and Moshe Rabbenu postponed it to the following day. We waited enough and let's hope "the following day" will be very, very soon be'ez"H. Rav Menachem, megalgelin zchus al yedei zakai, may you be the one to be mevaser the besurah tovah that Eliayahu Hanavi and Mashiach are on the way mamash.

    Shana Tova Umevorachat veChol Tuv
    Shalom E.