Sunday, October 9, 2016

Message to Israel and US; Hurricane Matthew in Bible Code

Watch this very interesting video from Rav Glazerson about Hurricane Matthew:

I have talked before about how countries get punished when they decide to hurt Israel. Go to my post of 12 Jan 2014, entitled: Measure for Measure or How to Change the Weather in the US

We have also heard numerous times from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that any country or leader who wants to take one inch of Israel will receive retribution.

Recently, Israel announced construction plans in the Jewish city of Shiloh. The Arab propaganda started, that we want to build in Arab territory. First there is no Arab territory, since by international law all of Israel belongs to the Jews. But, when they tell us we can’t build in an existing Israeli city (not a settlement, since the Jews have been in Shiloh for thousands of years), Hashem gives retribution. The problem isn’t the Arabs, it is the United States of Magog, with its Muslim leader, Obumer, the UN (Unbelievable Nonsense) and the EU have all decided what Israel is allowed to do with its own land.

Hence, we have hurricane Matthew doing much damage and not finished yet. There is a path that the hurricane it taking that is against nature, even miraculous. After it travels up the East coast a bit more, it will start to turn and head south again, and is likely to strengthen as it gets completely over the ocean again. Where will it go? Hashem has His plans.

Don’t mess with Israel, and definitely don’t mess with Hashem.


  1. What about Haiti where there have been almost 900 deaths? Haiti and Israel have a good relationship. Israel has an honorary consulate in Haitis capital of Port-au-Prince.

    1. I don't believe any country has a good relationship with Israel, but only Hashem knows -- the One Who punishes. Haiti might have an appearance of benevolence after their last hurricane disaster, where Israel rushed to help and setup a large medical unit.

  2. According to International Law, the territories belong to the Palestinians.

    1. We have discussed this several times and I have presented the exact source of international law that applies. If you are so sure, please provide me with what you think is the source. Please, don't bring up the UN resolutions or the accords since none of those are binding by international law. Only a treaty such as the San Remo is official and binding. Also, the Geneva Convention can be used to show why Israel is completely a Jewish sovereign nation under the laws of the convention.

      The only thing that says that this land belongs to Arabs is the Arab propaganda that occurred in 1964 when the terrorist organization, the PLO, rewrote history.

    2. Dear Anonymous, Please watch these links, They will help you
      understand what truth is. Regarding and will always for eternity,
      The land Hashem has given to the Jewish Nation, for all times
      ISREAL, also please learn from the Torah, as to all the lands that were given to us from Hashem.

      LESSON 1
      LESSON 2
      LESSON 3


  3. How the heck is the USA hurting Israel? Is $40 billion in aid plus veto support at the UN not good enough for you? Have a little gratitude.

    1. The US has been trying to destroy Israel since 1948. Pres Truman only agreed to the UN resolution when his Sec of State told him not to worry, that there were five mighty Arab armies that were about to eliminate Israel, so he magnanimously agreed. By the way, the UN resolution did not give land to Israel, it took away 82% of the land that Israel had by international law.

      Everything that the US has helped Israel with has been military and extremely dangerous accords. Israel does not get money from the US, it gets guaranteed loans. Why? Because Israel is one of the few countries that pays its bills. The loans are given so Israel can buy the worst military junk that the US has to offer (remember I am a retired US Army Officer who knows exactly what horrors the US has imposed upon Israel). Do you know that Israel has developed far superior military equipment, that the US forbids them to use? They must use the inferior products that the US jams down their throats.

      The accords like Oslo have caused the death of over 23,000 Israelis. It has been proven time and time again that land for peace is a ploy to destroy Israel, yet the US insists.

      The US has been the basis for the training and funding of terrorist organizations worldwide, and very much in Israel.

      This comment can go on for quite a while if I covered all the terrible things our "friends" the Americans have tried. Just know that it is an absolute that Israel has no friend in the US, until it comes to the US making money off of the intelligence of the Jews of Israel, then they smile and hide their hatred.

  4. Haiti and aVoodoo Zara !

    Simple and Obvious answer, Haiti and in a lesser measure (jamaica, bahamas and cuba) are places where strong Avoda Zara is revered and considered normal. This gives tremendous power to negative forces...If they could just stop Voodoo (Vaudou) for one year they will see a tremendous change in their daily lives and blessing.

  5. It's truly amazing despite how good the Jews have had it in the goldeneye median, - the US is a wolf in sheeps skin!

  6. Dear Rabbi Menachem , I know your knowledge encompasses a very broad area in many areas , but I feel that possibly your estimation in regards to President Harry S. Truman is off base , as he was True to his word and known to be a big believer in scripture and considered to be be a decent person, especially for a politician . Have you ever read any books about President Truman ? I personally think that he
    was cut from a different quality of cloth than the politicians you find these days . He went against the advice of The State Department
    by voting for The State Of Israel . He was one of the good guys and deserves to be rated positively !
    Best regards ,
    יהושע מנביץ

    1. I agree that Pres Truman was a good president and a friend to the Jews, I liked him, but the advice of the state department was not for good reasons. Yes, they advised Truman to vote for the establishment of Israel, but only because they were convinced that Israel would be wiped out. The biggest proof was that the US would not give Israel any weapons or armament in 48. Israel was completely abandoned by its so-called friend.

      The same thing happened in the 67 and 73 wars (actually every conflict that Israel has confronted). When Israel was winning and making great gains in 67, the US told them to restrain, stop. If Israel had listened it would have been disastrous. In 73, Nixon refused Israel weapons support.

      I have even more horror stories that I learned as a US Army Officer, but it might get into classified information. The US has never been friend of Israel, no matter who the president was (or is now).


    Just unbelievable.

    1. If there is one thing that is happening in the world these days it is that the unbelievable is becoming believable. Hashem's signs are becoming more profound by the day. Even the non-believer is questioning: what is happening right in front of us?

      About 2 AM this morning I was in bed wide awake and realized a very big miracle that we just experienced, but nobody noticed. I hope to write it up today for a post tomorrow, B"N.

    2. DEAR RAV and to all, watch and listen to both video's in it's entirety. The second link involves two people who are apart
      of the Global elite, in my opinion have been arrested for trying
      to kill the person who runs the site, There are many who are targeting sites that are exposing the truth. Please watch the Below
      and if anyone wants to keep up with what is in the Skies, I suggest
      you follow the below person who does care about sharing what is to come to the world, in regards to Nibiru and it's moon of footage and pictures from around the world, second link is very important to listen to as well, Rav, please share your thoughts on the second
      link, also, Please delete the above anonymous Oct.10,2016 at 1:50am, the link he provided is not authentic and I have already
      looked into it., and I was told that the person has other video's as
      well, that are false,cgi, special effects. Please delete it. If you choose
      to and our replies are deleted as well, then please copy and paste
      my links and commentary, and after you review both links, you can create a new blog to express your thoughts on the links., as well
      as your commentary. I hope I was clear. Thank you


  8. The video of Jerusalem sky with trumpet is a fake. Nobody in Jerusalem heard it.

    1. So I have been told. I have no way of knowing what is real and what is staged. I get so many, that it is usually easier just to post them.