Monday, October 31, 2016

It is All Good News (details)!!!!

Everything is from Hashem and it is all for the good. The biggest conflict for us is: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares Hashem (Isaiah 55:8). Everything that happens in this world, in our lives is according to Hashem’s logic, His ways and His plan for us. There is nothing random, nothing by coincidence, nothing by accident, nothing by chance and definitely nothing by luck. It is all destined according to the plan Hashem has for each of us and, most importantly, what is best for us – guaranteed in writing.

I wrote a blog post last Thursday mentioning some very strange and even difficult events happening and ended each with “and it is all for the good.” Now, I would like to explain each statement with one thing in mind: “the way Hashem sees it, not us.”

To begin, I mentioned: On the 16th of October, my computer was wiped out. Even though it seemed to be a malicious hacker that did the job, I have many indications that it is all from Hashem. What exactly happened that gave me a very positive feeling that Hashem was sending me a message?

On the Shabbos before, 15 Oct, I came across some very interesting verses in scriptures that seem to be telling me possible dates for the introduction of the Moshiach. Early that Sunday morning, I did a Torah codes search of certain days and came up with some very positive results. I saw complete dates with date and month together, which is rare, and I saw the places that it was to be found in the Hebrew Bible, Tenach. I did not have time to review the verses, since it was time for my morning prayer service, but I was excited about researching these dates after praying.

After prayer, I sat down at the computer to start my research into this possible discovery when I saw that my computer died, totally not workable. Anyone else would have been very disappointed and even dismayed, but I just looked up and said: “I guess you don’t want me to find out this information.” I knew right away that Hashem was sending me a message of cease and desist (which could mean that I was on the right track, but that I was travelling in territory that I did not have permission to travel). I even got a laugh out of the idea that we do not sit Shiva on Sukkot (this happened on erev Sukkot), meaning that the death of my computer, which was like a brother to me, was not to be mourned.

Everything is for the good. This resulted in my not violating Hashem’s wishes, and me getting a beautiful new computer out to the deal, I am happy. I mentioned that the new computer was giving indications of malicious activity, and that it also was good news. The problem is resolved, but I took it as another message from Hashem not to be tempted by the new possibility.

I also mentioned that I have developed a personal medical problem, and it is very good news. Read my post of 25 Oct 2015, entitled: 

The Key to Happiness

As it mentions in the post, we receive our correction in life, our Tikun, by voluntary or involuntary actions on our part. If we do proper repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, helping others, commandments, etc (you have seen this list many times), we receive the Tikun we need for all eternity. In this time of rushing to get is all done, we need all the help we can get. Medical problems are a gift from Hashem to help us get a higher level of Tikun that we are not accomplishing ourselves.

Recently we received a message from Ben Golden, the Facilitated Communications individual, that we are not ready for Moshiach, and that Hashem is helping us in many ways to be more prepared. I know without too much thought that I still have much more work to do to be prepared for Moshiach. Do I want him immediately? Absolutely! Is it in my best interest to have Moshiach now when I know that a little more effort on my part will bring me a much better eternity? Here is where we have to stop thinking as flawed human beings, and realize the mercy of Hashem. The extra weeks of doing repentance, of turning to Hashem for everything, is worth more to me than I could ever comprehend. When I developed a medical situation, I thanked Hashem and acknowledged how much I appreciate His help. I didn’t even go to the doctor, who would be able to give me some relief in my situation, but instead I am putting up with it all with a smile on my face and with gratitude to the One Who is helping me. I know that many of you are thinking: is this guy crazy? The answer is that Torah study has taught me the ways of Hashem and how He helps us. Who am I to throw away such a gift as extra Tikun, just because of some temporary discomfort? I know what I am doing because I try to think like Hashem not a human being; I have been working on that for decades. Hashem knows what is best for each of us; I am just taking advantage of the situation.

I have mentioned that even our father Abraham, who was at a level far higher than any of us could achieve, was still tested 10 times with tests beyond our capability. Did Abraham need that extra testing? No, Hashem was giving him a gift of level of spirituality that we can’t even comprehend. The short-lived period of testing resulted in an eternity of great joy. Abraham understood Hashem’s ways and was extremely grateful for such a gift. For any of us to think that we are at a high enough level and that we are ready for Moshiach, think about Abraham, or Isaac, or Jacob, or Sarah, Rebecca, Leah or Rachel. They were all much more prepared for Moshiach than us, yet Hashem made it that much better for them.

I have gotten many Emails recently from people who are having medical problems, financial problems, family problems, etc, etc, etc. I give you the same medicine that I am taking. Know that Hashem loves you and is greatly helping you and that the temporary inconvenience is very much to your benefit. I have not met a person yet that is ready for Moshiach, no matter how much he or she is desperately craving him. Use all this to your advantage as I am doing. You will be so happy when Moshiach is introduced and you realize how much better off you and your loved ones are.

There is so much happening in the world, including many disasters, and it is all good news. In recent days the increase in severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, weather anomalies, etc, are all tremendous news. It is all pointing to, once again, Hashem helping us and getting us to come closer to Him. I have talked about this enough times that I need not say too much more. You can look at the many comments that I am receiving from my dear readers of YouTube videos showing all this craziness. Thank you Hashem; it is very obvious that these are all messages from You to help us.

Yesterday’s Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, message was continual encouragement about the Moshiach being introduced to the world. Thank you Rav Ben Artzi and thank you Hashem for giving him the Ruach Hakodesh to pass on Your messages.

There is so much more that is happening that I could discuss, Nibiru updates, war preparation and even the added significance of earthquakes happening in Italy, near Rome (another one this morning, Sunday morning, at 6.6). There are an abundance of Bible verses about the end of Rome and, for that matter, the end of all religions in the end of days. I have written that Judaism is not a religion, since all religions are made up by people and only Judaism is completely from the Creator of everything. I know that Hashem is the only Savior and is One.
Isaiah 43:11-12
11 "I, only I, am Hashem, and there is no deliverer aside from Me."
12 "I have foretold and brought salvation and informed you; there was no strange [god] in your midst. You are My witnesses- the word of Hashem- and I am G-d."
These are Hashem’s words to let us know that all religions of the world are idolatrous. Any faith system that encourages us to worship through someone or something other than our direct link to Hashem is an abomination to Hashem. Even the Moshiach that we await is not a deity, but merely a very spiritual prophetic human being. Only Hashem runs the entire universe; ein od milvado, there is nothing else.

I know that I will probably get readers asking for hints to the date of Moshiach, since I have definitely been given some very precise messages from Hashem. Let me give some hints without saying something that Hashem would not want me to (after all, how many new computers must I buy before I catch on?).

I have mentioned that each verse of the Torah alludes to the year it represents. As an example the 5708th verse (1948) tells us of returning to our land. 19 verses later, the crossing of the Jordan, alludes to the 67 war. I used to have three pages of verses that would give you chills to see how everything is in the Torah. So what do the 5776th and 5777th verses say? Good question.

Deuteronomy 32:21 (the 5776th) and 22 (the 5777th)
21 They made me jealous by what is no god and angered me with their worthless idols. I will make them envious by those who are not a people; I will make them angry by a nation that has no understanding.
This tells us that Hashem sees that we have much to improve, to come closer to Hashem, so He has provided us with terrorist organizations to deal with, to set us on a better path and even get us to work together to solve this common problem (instead of fighting each other). This was definitely stepped up in 5776 and it therefore the 5776th verse in the Torah.
22 For a fire will be kindled by my wrath, one that burns down to the realm of the dead below. It will devour the earth and its harvests and set afire the foundations of the mountains.
This seems to hint to the devastation coming (and already happening); especially the fire and brimstone the Bible tells us will wipe out the evil in the end. The commentary talks of the mountains being in Jerusalem, especially the Temple mount. Is this a prophecy to tell us one good meteor and the Al Aqsa Mosque is history? That would help the UNESCO organization with their evil fighting of Hashem. Of course, there is probably a meteor with UNESCO written on it.

Another hint is an article that I blogged last year as an interesting possibility. It didn’t happen last year, but seems to be lined up for this year:

Two days ago, Shabbos, I once again received very pertinent messages from Hashem through several sources that I was studying. It came down to a single date that looks so perfect that I can’t imagine it not happening. I will tell you all the details after the fact, if anyone really cares at that point. All the information that I saw was with words, letters, gematria, prophecy fulfillment, etc. I know better than to look in the Torah codes (as I said: one can only buy so many computers). The most important fact is that is falls in the time-frame mentioned in the article above. That is all I will say, except that it is all good news; it has to be – it came from Hashem.


  1. Shalom and Shavua Tov, Rav, And WoW!!

    I had to read some parts twice... yes it is really true that happenings around the world, is Hashem shaking us for perhaps the last so many more times...
    I too have some health problems that have popped up and am scheduled for a date in Nov.. But really i do not think i want to keep it. I feel that perhaps this is the way i too should bear whatever this is, and to take it as a blessing and a repair for my soul.
    Yes, i am Noahide, but Hashem helps all of us who call on H-m.
    I too thank Hashem for many things, and now i have to thank you Rav, for the way you have helped me, as an individual, and I am sure many will say the same thing about you, how you have helped so many of us.

    May we all merit to see the day of Mashiach, where we will all have joy, and peace, laughter and no more pain... Amen.

    Rav, thank you again. for myself I always saw you as the Moses of these are times, taking us through the sand storms we encountered, sometimes are doubts, are questions, and you with patience explained and pointed out things, with so much patience and kindness, be blessed Rav, and once again I thank you.

    Hashem bless you and yours, and all of Am Israel and all good peoples of this world, Amen and Amen.
    with love.. and gratefulness.

    1. I remember your telling me about your medical situation and the time-frame that it would be taken care of. I am believing that your medical situation (and mine) will be gone fairly soon. Between the date that I am keeping secret and a new message from Benjamin that I just saw this morning, I am feeling very confident that we are very close to everything.

      Enough said for now, except to wish you and your loved ones the best of everything. Hashem loves Noachides, otherwise He wouldn't have created them.

  2. just a wee correction: the 'are' should read as 'our times.". " our doubts' and 'our questions'.
    just me old one..sometimes too quick to send off what i write.


  3. When one counts the verses in the first five books of the bible, one will discover that upon landing on the 5,708th verse, one will discover that it corresponds to the very year that Israel was re-established as a nation since the Jew's captivity in the days of the Roman Empire. The 5,708th year of the Jewish calendar represents the year 1948, the very year that Israel was reformed. Further, this 5,708th verse stunningly describes the Jew's repossession of their land. If one understands the basics of bible prophecy, one will note that a major sign that we have entered the end times is when the biblical prophecy of a regathered and re-established Israel occurs.

    Any honest thinking individual will recognize that this divinely and supernaturally orchestrated phenomenon of the year verses of the Torah cannot be by pure coincidence, but comes from a supernatural force at work. That force can only be none other than God himself.

    Here is the link:

    1. This was very interesting, but full of mistakes. First of all the 304,805 letters of the Torah was given to us letter for letter from Hashem on Mount Sinai. Comparing our Torah to the King James Version is fruitless since there are about 20,000 differences between the Hebrew Bible, the Tenach, and the KJV. Having non-Jews tell us what is in the Torah will always bring in many mistakes.

      One thing is to say that Israel was established, or even re-established in 1948 is a misnomer, since the UN resolution took away 82% of the land that included Biblical Israel. Giving us permission to go back to the real name of Israel from a made up name Palestine was a travesty since the Jews have had a continual presents in the land of Israel for about 3700 years. We are supposed to be grateful for getting back what we never lost.

      There are many other tidbits to mention but I would be writing another book to cover it all.

  4. You're right that all religions are made up by people and only Judaism is completely from Hashem. But what is Judaism if not a religion? How do you define it? It's not a nation, it's not a ritual, it's not a prayer, it's not a synagogue. What is it?

    1. It is "life" itself as Hashem gave us. It is all the information that we need to live this life, and prosper on planet Earth.

      Religion, by definition, is made up by people with a set of customs and traditions as people see it (mostly with very false and untrue instructions). Judaism is not made up by Hashem, but is the Absolute Truth about everything that Hashem created and gave us to live.

    2. Read my post of 15 Jun 2016, entitled "What Is Judaism?"

  5. Replies
    1. It is 9 pages long. I haven't even read the entire message yet, let alone started a translation.

  6. Sounds juicy. Looking forward. No pressure. ;)

  7. Dear Rabbi,
    Thank for your post, it is very promising. bezras Hashem we will see the actualization of all those prophecies in the Torah with rachamim and very soon.

    I followed the link to your post about happiness and I have a question about the ideas presented there.

    As I understand, happiness is accepting whatever Hashem gives us trusting that as infinitely wise and loving as Hashem is, He does exactly what is needed for each of us to reach our tafkid and to help us perfect ourselves.

    This seems to leave out the fact of what a persons situation may be in his life. As you are currently ill, may Hashem give you a complete refuah shelema, you chose to trust Hashem and therefore you are sick AND happy.
    So am I understanding correctly that you are saying a person can be fully blessed and be poor, starving, unmarried, ill, and in all sorts of other pain - and this is to be considered a blessed life IF he trust Hashem and is happy.

    So the words your are using to mean happy, good, blessed, etc are not to be understood in the way the world commonly uses them. Rather as Hashem and the Torah describes.
    So the promise for an excellent life is really one that is in tune with Hashem and one that can deal with anything (good or bad- worldly definition)and be happy knowing it is a personalized, custom made gift from ones loving Heavenly Father, Hashem?

    Did I get the message? Or miss some important details.
    Thank you very much again, for all your efforts to help Hashem's children- all of them, find the true path of Torah and mitzvos.

    1. It is brought down: Who is rich? He who is satisfied with his lot. (Pirkei Avos 4:1) The poor person who is so satisfied and grateful for what he has is much richer than a wealthy person who is so greedy that he wants more and more -- he is never satisfied and never happy.

      Happiness comes from peace of mind. If one is so comfortable with his lot and is so happy coming close to Hashem, that is a very happy and successful person. If I know that a little discomfort now will mean an eternity of happiness and joy, it puts a smile on my face, even if I am temporarily in pain. Knowing our mission in this world and having a very positive attitude that one is making satisfying progress is very reassuring. When we study the Torah and see what the reality of this world is versus what will be for all eternity, for ever and ever, one is extremely happy to do what it takes for that eternity. When one sees the positive results being passed on to loved ones, it doesn't get any better than that.

      Hashem knows our capabilities and what we can accomplish. Trusting in Him to help us reach the highest spiritual level is peace of mind, no matter what tests we are given to get there.

  8. Yes, What Mikki Freeman says, gets me thinking too.

    Say if one had to eat, contaminated food, how could one think of that as Hashem's will?
    cause, Hashem gave us brains and eyes and other things.
    Perhaps, the food looked good, and the person might not have thought it was contaminated.. then he has to go to the doctor, to get medication, and dr's are there to help the ailing patient.
    The medications that one gets, is also because Hashem gave man the ability to make medication from herbs , which Hashem created already and other things, for man to experiment create and make medicine for relief of pain or disease.

    Perhaps i am not explaining myself too well, but how can one think everything happens because of Hashem's will?

    Most times would it not be because of our own carelessness?
    Will await your answer Rav.



    1. You have it turned around. If one completely follows Hashem, one would never have contaminated food. There is no randomness in this world, everything is measure for measure.

      Hashem's will is to help us by giving us exactly what we need. If we are living the Absolute Truth, the testing is less, if not, Hashem will help us with whatever we need to succeed.

    2. So all is good for us yes. Even a headache that stops us from davening properly. Or muchore extreme examples?

      So are we meant to say "thank You Hashem for the headache I have now. My desire is to stand and say amida, but I cannot I must lay down in the dark so I can care hope my migraine will lessen and I can care better for my family later" (just my personal small example from recently)
      Or should we push through the head pain, pray the prescribed prayers and expect Hashem to make the headache go away whenever He sees best.
      What would be doing Hashem's will at that moment?

      Whe it comes to what ziporah asked I do understand her question. I have been told that before the mistake we are in command. Meaning to do our best to do the will of Hashem including carin the best we can for our health and not ever being negligent, and after something happens to accept it as Hashem will.

      So my question sort of remains, at least regarding health.
      Do we set aside prescribed service of Hashem - tefila, chessed opportunities, Torah learning- when/if pain seems to require resting instead. Or would it be more the will of Hashem to push forward to the limit and expect Hashem to heal us for free even if we don't rest, or take vitamins or do special exercise etc

      Thank you rabbi
      I do hope you are improving-and that Hashem helps us all improve ourselves with out pain

    3. Hashem giving us a headache is a definite message to help us. He is telling us something important to correct. You mention that it may impede my davening, that is a good possibility that Hashem is telling us to greatly improve our davening, more Kevanah, not so fast, not so meaningless, whatever the reason. The headaches will stop once we get the message and do Teshuvah, improve on the action that Hashem is telling us needs improvement.

      If one does not know what the meaning of the message is, one needs to study Torah to learn. It is all connected and measure for measure a help from Hashem.

      My present medical situation is exactly what I am talking about. I got the message, I am making improvements (doing Teshuvah), and solving the medical situation.

      Thank you, Hashem you are always there for us. Doing Teshuvah is the best medicine and exercise to get us in shape and make us healthy.

    4. Thank you so much for your answer. It helps me understand - I hope ;-)
      So the medicine we should reach for is the Torah and not necessarily the bottle of Tylenol
      How can we learn from the Torah what the correct medicine is for each ailment?

      Thank you again. And also again sending comtinued wishes for refuah shelema B'meheira.
      Can we have your Hebrew name to daven for you?

      Gutten Chodesh

  9. I have heard that the tests get harder, the higher level we achieve... something which has always bothered me, going back to the punishment of Moshe Rabbeinu for hitting the rock. How does this fit in with the explanation you just offered above?

    1. Hashem does not give us a test that we cannot pass. If we have a much greater potential than we have accomplished, the testing becomes more intense and more frequent. Hashem is helping us reach our potential, since this life on Earth is for the purpose of achieving the higher spirituality that we are capable of reaching.

      Hashem knows exactly where we are and where we could be. He therefore helps us all the way.

  10. I wanted to share with the rabbi and the readers that Hashem has sent me the message you have been giving though a few messengers just the
    Last few weeks. Since reading this blog post so many questions arose about acceptance vs davening to change and doing hishtadlus to bring a change from some kind of pain.

    Today I read this message from rabbi ashear, who writes a daily lesson in emuna. I think it wraps up the lesson very nicely.
    I hope it will hel the readers as it helped me.
    Thank you rabbi. I hope you are continuing to feel better and Hashem sees how you accept with great love and simcha and emuna all that He sends to you and that you should need no more pain at all.

    Rav Ashear:


    Unnecessary Loss

    A man told me the other day that he reads one Emunah lesson every day with his wife. A few days before that, they had read a quote from Rabbi Chaim Palagi that if a person experiences a loss and is able to strengthen himself like a lion to joyfully accept Hashem's decision, then he is guaranteed to get back what he lost. Perhaps the way it works is, as follows: The loss is necessary to achieve a certain amount of Kapara. However, accepting an affliction from Hashem with joy accomplishes much more, and in turn, makes the loss unnecessary.

    The man continued and said, "Last night, my wife lost a very expensive Rolex watch that I gave her before we got married. We were out somewhere. She said that the watch was feeling tight, so she took it off, and she held it. She remembered having it the entire time, but when we got home, she realized it was gone. We tried to retrace our steps, but we couldn't find it. We want to accept what Hashem did was for the best, but my wife feels that it was perhaps negligence on her part. She was careless, and that is why this happened."

    I told him that taking off the watch because it was hurting is not negligent. She tried to hold it tightly. Somehow, she took her mind off of it and it was gone. It was definitely from Hashem. When he heard this, he said, "If so, Baruch Hashem, גם זו לטובה-It's a Kapara." Over the next couple of days, he and his wife tried to strengthen themselves and wholeheartedly accept it with joy. He said it was hard, but they did the best they could.

    Two days, later, they returned home one night and parked in the same place they had parked on the night the watch was lost. He noticed his wife was looking around for the watch. He told her, "We looked here many times already." She was so confident she would find the watch, because of the way she accepted the loss, she couldn't help but look again. They started walking and noticed a little note hanging from a street sign that said, "Wristwatch Found" with a phone number. They called the number with excitement and gave the signs that it was theirs. Sure enough, shortly afterwards, they were holding the watch once again. It was found on that street next to the curb by a religious Jewish man, about twelve hours after she dropped it. He said the finder was so happy to do the Mitzva of returning a lost object. It was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem that someone would return something so expensive.

    The man then told me, "It's amazing. Right before this happened, I read the Emunah lesson about accepting a loss with joy and meriting to retrieve the loss. Hashem gave me the tools I needed in advance." Some people say, "I don't want to learn too much about Emunah, because I am afraid I will then be tested." That's not the way it works. The tests and challenges come either way. Fortunate is the person who is equipped with the knowledge to go through them properly.

    1. I can't thank you enough for such a tremendous and inspiring story. I would like to provide additional comment on it, that I would like to repeat it as a post next week, probably Monday, B"N. Thank you again.