Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Footsteps of Angels: Yom Kippur

Another very inspiring video from Harry Rothenberg:

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I have mentioned many times that prayer works. I have personally had many miracles in my life by just turning to Hashem and relying on Him to get me through a rough situation. Within the past few days there was a very subtle miracle that occurred that went completely unnoticed. I mentioned last week that Hurricane Matthew had a strange path. It was going up towards Florida and plotted to continue to the Carolinas. Then it was on a path to turn around and go back towards Florida. The FOX network prediction even showed it increasing in strength to about 140 mph.

As it arrived at its northern most point, it changed direction and went out into the Atlantic. What caused such a change to the original path? My guess is: Prayer!!! I have seen other situations in the past that an event was due to happen that could have been devastating, and at the last minute Hashem changed the path. He knew all along the way it would happen, but we needed to be aware that by simply turning to Him, we could be out of imminent danger.

Prayer works and there is no negative decree that has to happen. All it requires is people turning to Hashem. Hashem wants us to rely on Him, and He tests us by putting us in a dire situation just to get us to turn to Him for help.

Tomorrow, a day of turning to Hashem is such a beautiful opportunity to, with full faith and trust, acknowledge that devastation is coming to planet Earth, and that the only way to survive and thrive is turning to Hashem. Is there any doubt that all this should be happening so close to Yom Kippur? Is it not obvious that Hashem is giving us a wonderful gift of a day of atonement for our sins just before we need Him the most? Could the message be any stronger that Hashem is the only source of protection from the upcoming craziness?

Let us pray as we never have, with tears in our eyes. Let us turn to Hashem as we never have with complete confidence in Him. Let us take this gift from Hashem and solve this final testing that will give us the best Tikun possible and an eternal life beyond comprehension.

Have an easy fast, and a very successful day of turning to Hashem.


  1. Toda Rabah Rav,
    Yes.. all you say 100% right.

    Easy fast to all.

  2. Thank you Rav Menahem for encouraging us along the righteous path with patience, dedication and total ahavat yisrael. Easy fast to all! Ms. AP

  3. Gmar chasimah tova. I'm alternating between excitement and fear that I may not have done enough. Let's keep trying to squeeze in more mitzvos!

  4. Rachel,

    You have achieved a lot. ..
    Hashem knows it..
    Bless you and easy fast to you.


  5. Thank you Zipprah. This is my most recent Facebook posting:

    My last post pre-Yom Kippur. Every year we daven the same things and every year the same mistakes follow. If we are not growing closer to Hashem each year, chances are we are moving further away. Stagnation is in itself no good, and usually it really is regression and not stagnation. I have taken upon myself to change many things over the past year, and Baruch Hashem, He has helped me. But that is by no means a license to become complacent. There is always more to do! Let's get started already!

    I truly believe this year counts more than any other, for I truly believe that Moshiach has to come this year, and likely very early on in this year. So this is our last chance to secure our level in Olam Ha'ba'a for eternity. Hashem is in charge. Anything "bad" that happens is either for your growth or for a wake-up call. So let's wake up before such calls are needed!

    If you are Reform or Conservative, realize that these are man-made protocols. Our oral tradition was handed down directly from Moshe Rabbenu and received from Hashem. The interpretations by our sages of blessed memory were not re-writing of any laws but just instructions explaining how they were meant to be carried out. Yes there are customs and variations, but you can't throw out or invalidate a law from the Torah because it is not convenient or "fair" in the eyes of modern society.

    If you are "modern Orthodox," be honest with yourself, and with Hashem. Do you really think it's ok to abandon tsnius or push the envelope of what YOU consider "modest enough" based on modern society's fashion trends? Do you really think it's ok to use off-color language and discuss sports and politics and business on shabbos? Society is ever more left-leaning, and if you think you're "ok" then look at your teenagers and make sure they're "ok." Because what you don't know may very well hurt them.

    I wish everyone a gmar chasimah tova and may we all reunite this year in Yerushalayim with Moshiach and everyone should experience the ultimate obvious goodness Hashem has waiting for us.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix7E96EKCO4

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