Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kabbalistic Secrets of Sukkot, and Some Excellent End Times Advice

A very interesting video from showing how we are in the process of going form Judgement to a time of mercy:

With that may happen during Sukkot one would question are we not experiencing the end of the end? Is this week going to be the worst of the chaos in the world resulting in the message that Hashem sent to us through Menachem the Facilitated Communications individual:
Listen, this is serious. We don't have much time. The truth is, the time is finished; now we're going over to another era. By the end of the holidays, you won't be able to recognize the world; it has been a clear process.
Yes, we are probably in our final days of doing Teshuvah. Make the absolute best of it. Be with Hashem this week in every way you can. This will probably be a Sukkot to remember, like no other every experienced in world history. Let us enjoy it and come out as happy as can be. Let this year’s Simchat Torah truly be just that a Simchat Torah.
Please read an excellent post on Tomer Devorah:

Parashat Ha'azinu 5777 - Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Every Jew should realize how extremely important it is to be doing the commandments and improving the way we do the commandments – time is definitely running out.

But there is a very important message from Rabbi Winston that is not being said outright. His message about how non-Jews complain that they did not get the 613 commandments alludes to the fact that every non-Jew has been given the seven Noachide commandments. Being very stringent about those seven is as important to our Noachide friends as the 613 are to the Jews. It is what Hashem wants from each of us, and now is the time to do our best. It is the best way to come closer to Hashem, and get the best Tikun for our eternal life, no matter who you are.


  1. Shavua Tov, Rav,
    Thank you for your post, always helping so many of us , Hashem bless you Rav.

    May Mashiach come now... doing what i can regarding teshuva, keep falling .. but trying my best to start again, and will keep on.. till Mashiach is here, now, Thank Y-u Hashem.

    Thanks again Rav..

  2. The secret to end times:

    1. “A single congregation (of a shul) which is meticulous in maintaining sholom amongst their community can merit bringing the Moshiach. Thus, the coming of the Moshiach is in our hands!
      (Shemiras HaLoshon II, end of chapter 7 'והנה לפי'.)

      "The salvation of the Jewish people rests on unity during times of trouble" (Belze Rebbe, quoted in Eim HaBanim Semeicha, chapter 1, page 111 in English edition; see Tanchuma, Netzavim 1; Bamidbar Rabbah 11:7 and Tanchuma, Shoftim 18).

      "If Jews would commit idolatry, the Attribute of Judgement would not touch them if there would be peace and unity among them" (Tanchuma, Parshas Tzav 7; Sifrei, Parshas Nasso 42; see also The Power of Speech by Yehuda Cahn, page 209).

  3. The Gemara (Rosh Hashanah 11b) says, “In the month of Tishrei, they are destined to be redeemed once more.”

    Only time will tell.
    The Midrash tells us that G‑d told Avraham, "If atonement is not granted to your children on Rosh Hashanah, I will grant it on Yom Kippur; if they do not attain atonement on Yom Kippur, it will be given on Hoshanah Rabbah.”

    Yeshayah (58:2) says, “They seek Me day [after] day.” The Gemara (Yerushalami, Rosh Hashanah 4:8) explains that these two 'days' refer to the day when the shofar is sounded (Rosh Hashanah). To which the Zohar (Vayikra 31a) states, "On Hoshanah Rabbah, Divine Judgement is executed, as it says; “...On the 7th day of the Sukkos Holiday; i.e: Hoshanah Rabbah, the judgement of the nations of the world is finalized. Sentences are issued from the residence of the King. Judgments are aroused and executed on that day."

    In addition, on Sukkot we are judged regarding how much rain will fall in the upcoming year (Rosh Hashanah 16a). Thus, on Hoshanah Rabbah, the final day of Sukkos, this judgment is finalized. Considering how much our well-being and economy depend on bountiful rainfall, it is clear how important this day is.

  4. One of the bloggers I read, Vox Day, uses Game Theory (what Israel Aumann won the Nobel Prize in Economics for) to "predict" (he claims it's just an analysis, but it's an interesting one) that Putin could invade Ukraine on Hoshana Raba. That would be the harbinger of the actual End Game for real.

  5. Thank you as always Rav for your insightful posts.

    Rav Kessin recently gave a very interesting shiur (video link below) explaining how there's no doubt that we're in the end of times. He touched on the elections in America and talked about Donald Trump, which sparked a thought that I wanted to share to get your thoughts on.

    We've anxiously awaited if Moshiach ben Dovid would be revealed in 5776 as we've learned about, whether through prophetic signs, Torah codes from Rav Glazerson, dot connecting that you have done, etc. After watching Rav Kessin's shiur, it occurred to me that perhaps MBD was actually revealed last year to the world.

    We know Donald Trump's gematria is 424, the same gematria as MBD. We also know that Trump has continuously shared his unequivical support publicly for Israel (and even recently following UNESCO's decision, once again emphatically said his administration would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel). While other world leaders refuse to. Do you think it's possible that in fact Trump, although not the MBD we expected in 5776, fits the profile and whom effectively could usher in MBY / MBD?

    Chag Sameach