Wednesday, October 5, 2016

So, What Really Happened in 5776? REVISED

Please accept my apology for what I am about to tell you. I had to wait until now to say this, since I didn’t know exactly when Hashem was going to reveal the name of Moshiach. The prophecy of Moshiach coming in the year following the Shemitah cycle has been fulfilled. Moshiach is here and is working very hard to bring about the worldwide redemption.

Clarification needs to happen in two areas. One is that there is no place that I was able to find that says the Moshiach will be crowned in the year 5776, just that he will be here.

Second is the revealing of his name. Here is the biggest surprise. His name has been revealed to the world, but in code. One must figure out how it was revealed.  In other words Hashem told us the name, but not outright. When his name is finally made public, everyone will ask: “why didn’t I see that, it is so obvious?” In fact I have had readers who have figured it out and mentioned it to me. I could neither confirm nor deny it, but they definitely figured it out. Two things that helped me was wording in the Torah, and even the rest of the Jewish Bible, and seeing it in Hebrew.  There are connections that I have discussed in my blog, even though it was not done intentionally to hint to his name.  Since Hashem has told us that the name will be given by Elijah the Prophet, I do request that we don't turn this post into a guessing game.  If you think you know, keep it to yourself and definitely don't send me a comment with your guess -- the comment will not be posted.

I will not say any more other than what Ben Golden said:

Yes, we are in the salvation process now, and yes it is soon, but it is a process, and we must have patience. We cannot jump into the end of redemption, since we are not ready. We cannot go through it so quickly. We will have to go through step by step, but we will see the Moshiach soon, literally, of course. And it will make it easier.
Even Nibiru seems to have been delayed, but that only proves that Hashem completely controls Nibiru and its accompanying heavenly bodies.  He will bring Nibiru at the exact second He wants, and that will be the official time of Moshiach being announced to the world.  Of course, I anticipate that Elijah the Prophet will have already disclosed the announcement (it is brought down: a day before Moshiach is introduced to the world).

Hashem, giving us some extra time now, is extremely merciful considering the advantages we achieve for our eternity. An extra week or two or whatever Hashem sees in the way of improvement, will make every one of us say later: thank You Hashem, now I understand why You gave us the extra time. What time did He give us for doing Teshuvah, asking for forgiveness and improving ourselves? He gave us the first ten day of the month of Tishrei, the most important and effective time of the year for accomplishing what we need. We will all see the great advantage of having this time for more improvement. It is a short time now, but it is a benefit that will last an eternity. Thank You, Hashem!
Since I always look for the positive in everything (it is all from Hashem, so it has to be positive), I wanted to point out a great advantage to Moshiach not being introduced and Geula not officially worldwide, yet.

I have been getting Emails stating that although they understand the mercy of Hashem to give us more time for getting it all together, they are still very disappointed at not having all their problems solved.  People with medical, financial, marital, secular, etc, problems are aware that life's dilemmas will be gone with the worldwide redemption.  What everyone is not aware of is that these problems will be solved much better if one reaches a higher level of Tikun.

The good news is: by us not being prepared and needing more work to be more ready for the end, we did not push off Moshiach, WE PUSHED OFF JUDGEMENT DAY!!!!!!!  If there is anyone reading this who can say that he or she is ready to face Hashem, and be fully judged for your accomplishments on Earth, you don't have a clue as to how unprepared you are.  No human being on planet Earth is ready for Judgement Day.  No human being on Earth doesn't have much more work to do.  We are all deficient in our efforts to follow Hashem and do His will.  The extra time is a gift of such great value that we will not comprehend it until it is too late.

Will all Jews and righteous non-Jews reach Tikun on the great and awesome day of Hashem?  Absolutely!!!!   How much involuntary correction is still needed to reach your potential level of Tikun is exactly the subject of this delay.  People who go through life and do nothing to come closer to Hashem can reach Tikun with great suffering, both on Earth and after.  One of the biggest purposes of Hell is for cleansing the individual who needed a lot of correction and didn't help him or herself.  The devastation that is coming will be the Hell on Earth to help those people.

There are so many ways that we can be helped by Hashem, but the absolute easiest way is to help ourselves.  These ten days of repentance and correction between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are a gift beyond comprehension.  Doing the best we possibly can in these ten day seals us in the book of life.  This year it is not the book of life for the coming year, it is the book of eternal life. 

We realize that we are not getting Moshiach and the worldwide Geula because we are deserving, but because of Your infinite mercy.  You have set a time for the end and it is now.  Help us to accept Your mercy as much as possible on our own merits, and not because of pity from our lack of merits.

Thank you Hashem for the largest gift you have every given to the people of planet Earth.  Help us understand the tremendous importance of how to use this gift for the best results for ourselves and our loved ones forever and ever.  B"H.
TEN DAYS OF REPENTANCE - END OF DAYS in bible code by Rav Glazerson


  1. Thank Y-u Hashem, and

    thank you Rav..
    Good to have the extra time.. B'H.

    I ask a favour of those who come to this blog, if Rav you allow it, or delete it as you wish.

    A young man 58 years old, had a stroke, his widowed mother goes to the hospital and stays with him all day till late eve.
    Prayers is what i ask for this young man, his name is Lyndon, and moms name is Wanda, and they are not Jews, and i do not know the departed dad's name.
    May Hashem bless all who would be kind to send up a prayer. and i thank you all


    1. We are sympathetic to all good people, and want to help. I will include him in my prayers.

    2. Baruch Hashem,

      thank you so much Rav, may Hashem bless you and yours and all of Am Israel,
      and please Hashem,
      we do need Mashiach.. but will wait till Y-u decide the right time.
      Thank Y-u Hashem.

    3. It is so reassuring that Hashem, Who is not in our time, but sees all time, knows exactly what improvement each of us will achieve over the ten days of awe (Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur).

      I am as anxious as anyone for Moshiach, but I trust Hashem completely in knowing the exact time that is best for us.

    4. It is understood in reference to your quote "Who is not in our time, but sees all time:...yes, HASHEM sees the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE all at the same time. If Hashem punishes a person for all his sins he would commit over his life time in one instant, the person would not be able to handle this...So Hashem spreads punishment, wether it be financail difficulty, heath problem, stress in many forms, psychological, accidents,etc over that persons life time..for us to overcome, a rectification and a blessing at the same time.,and
      to everyone ,this person will also do Teshuva and Mitzvahs over his life time..For there is Measure for Measure, but a person can make mends, if a person has wronged someone in anyway, you can go back to that person and try to undo what you have done, because everything in life is accounted for, everything we say to a person,
      or if you speak Lashon Hara, has consequences, more than a person
      can know. Go back to that person three times and apologize., and make it right. To All , I briefly touched on a subject, that cannot be understood fully with out TORAH study and spiritual growth.,and certainly not by my post of a few words. Though many of you know the above on one level,
      SECOND PART OF THIS REPLY, DEAR RAV, Words cannot express,
      the longing to know MASHIACH name, Please look into the Torah
      and also ask other learned Rabbis, wether or not, you can have permission to reveal his Name to a few, Can you ask BINYAMIN, if you are allowed to reveal the name of Moshiach to a select few, have the name of that person in your mind, and perhaps BINYAMAN he will turn to you and say the persons name for you to reveal the name to. If there is any hope me let me know. It would be a gift from Hashem, should I know this truth., of yours that you hold so dearly,..Rav, Please post your e-mail,


    5. Once again, a very inspiring message. I thank you.

      My source for not revealing the Moshiach's name is Hashem. I was once told by a great Rabbi that if I know the date and reveal it, Hashem will change the date. If I know the name of Moshiach and reveal it, I will perish instantly. I don't want to test either theory.

    6. I understand, RAV, Should I need to e-mail you in the future, can you provide one for me. For I hope that Hashem can provide me
      soon with a gift that I can send to you. Thank you.


  2. G'Mar Chasima Tova, will the Geula be this year or
    G-d Forbid not this year?

  3. I meant to write will Moshiach be crowned this year or not. Thank you

    1. I saw something in scriptures over Rosh Hashanah that leads me to believe, as Ben Golden said, very soon, literally. What I saw gave me a date in the month of Tishrei, but I will not disclose it until it happens.

    2. Rav, i read your reply to annoymous at .26 a.m.
      COuld you explain to me, as i being Noahide do not know too much of anything regarding Torah, except for what i learn from you and others..
      So like if you know. then it is already someone knowing... along with some others who say they also know who Mashiach is and the time of his arrival.
      Then will Hashem say.. "Oh..oh.. now Hashem has to change it again"!
      Just wanting to know the right thing, and thank you again Rav.. appreciate you taking time to do so much for so many.


    3. Hashem would only change the date if I disclosed the date, which I won't. If I say the name of Moshiach before Elijah makes the announcement, I believe I would perish instantly. There is nothing wrong with having his name and date, as long as I keep it to myself. I only mention it here to give encouragement to my readers. If encouraging makes people do additional Teshuvah, Hashem likes that, and wants my to continue.

    4. Oh thank you again Rav...
      and this is getting very exciting, and also sort of scary, so have to now concentrate to do more teshuva, and think only good for all.. and be happy and pray pray pray and keep talking to Hashem.
      Thank you so very much. Hashem bless you.

  4. G'mar Chasima Tov to you, Rav Menachem and all the of Am Yisroel. To say the simple truth - I was(am) disappointed that Moshiach ben Dovid wasn't crowned publicly before Rosh Hashana. It was my understanding from everything written that it was likely to be the case. Surely I understand that the prophecy was fulfilled and Moshiach is here. I can't see him nor do I know who he is - but he is here non-the-less. Thank you Rav for continuously trying to encourage us and help us. I also want to let you know that I'm all of 25 years old - yet as far as I can remember - of all the 25 Elul's that I've gone through - I have never had one like this one. Obviously, I could've taken even more advantage - we always somehow say that after the fact - yet, I do truly believe that I accomplished and took advantage in this month more than ever - that is good news, no? One more thing - davening for two days intensely that Hashem reclaim His Malchus on this world and restore His glory and fill His world with His name was with a stronger yearning and more tears than ever. Coming to this blog daily definitely helped to curb(don't know what the right word is) the passion. And no doubt very, very soon we will enjoy and bask in the unfathomable light - Amen. HR

  5. I have faith that Moshiach will be announced very soon and wanted to extend my gratitude to you for keeping us on track and growing in our yiddishkeit. Dates for me are meaningless but i keep hoping that it will be early this (Jewish) New Year. I must confess, since physical preparations for Yom Tov are particularly time consuming for women, i did hope for more time for teshuva. Thank G-d we got it! Hashem you are so merciful. Ms. AP

    1. I revised my blog post above to give more meaning to what is happening. Go back and read the writing in red, it should help all of us understand the date change situation.

      Even though I didn't put it in the post, I do believe that the ten days of awe are the important needed addition, and that immediately after Yom Kippur we could see the worldwide change (my speculation).

  6. Rav, Is there no-where written how much time it would be from the time that Moshiach is in E"Y to the time that he is crowned as Moshiach?

    1. It is much more complicated than what meets the eye. We have been told that Moshiach has already been crowned in Shamayim and that the crowning on Earth will come after Eliyahu Hanavi announces him. It takes a Prophet to anoint the Moshiach and Eliyahu is probably the one for the job.

  7. Thank you Rav for this; all the dots are certainly connecting. B'Ezrat Hashem the Geula comes very, very soon in peace and mercy.

    If you (or your readers) have not seen this yet, it is a must read (from Breaking Israel News). The funeral of Shimon Peres incredibly fulfilled a major prophecy about the imminent arrival of Moshiach. It is jaw dropping how what happened is exactly described in that week's Parashat (Nitzavim).

    1. The gathering of leaders and heads of tribes in Israel was predicted (many, many world leaders / heads of tribes attended his funeral, from Obama to the Pope to Abbas, princes, etc.).

    2. The Parashat described that all these leaders / heads of tribes would go to Israel effectively to acknowledge that Hashem is our G-D. Incredibly, Shimon Peres requested the song Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father, Our King) to be played - of which all these dignitaries witnessed.

    Shana Tova u'Metuka to you and your readers!

    1. Thank you for the very interesting article. There is nothing random in this world, and an event like this shows how Hashem has everything calculated to the second. After all Hashem picked the exact time for Peres to leave the world.

  8. Thanks so much for posts Sir. May the Kingdom of the Almighty replace this sick, judgmental, blame-ridden, exploitative society we've been born into. May redemption flow !

  9. Menachem,
    Are you saying that with 100% certainty you know who moshiach is?
    Remember when you mentioned that you shook the hand of someone "you thought" was moshiach?
    I am not asking for a name.


    1. There are many facts that convinced me. Here are just a few.

      His name is encoded hundreds of times in Tenach in very pertinent places.
      I know that he is a descendant of King David.
      He actually mentioned it years ago that he was the one to be crowned Moshiach.
      Rav Kaduri, who met the Moshiach on 9 Cheshvan 5764 said much about him, and it all matches.
      He is well known in Israel, and known as Moshiach by many. When you find out, you will say "Him? what a surprise!"
      The Gematria of his name is very significant.
      The meaning of his name is very significant.
      I am aware of miracles that he has performed, even for me.

      There is more, but that is enough to whet your appetite.

      Am I 100% sure? No, that could only happen when Eliyahu Hanavi tells us for sure.

      The Rabbi that I shook hands with is not the one who meets all the requirements above.

  10. Does this mean that Eliyahu Hanavi will be resurrected so he can also appear and announce? Will he be in person? Same as Moshiach?

    1. It is brought down that Eliyahu Hanavi never died, and has been in every generation. He is alive now awaiting the word from Hashem.

  11. Please I beg you dear Rabbi click on these two articles, and Post the tzaddiks name to daven for Rav Eliezer ben Etya, please don't immediately disregard please actually read quickly