Thursday, October 27, 2016

It is All Good News!!!!

In the past week and a half I have seen so many positive events, including personal events, that it will take me a good 10 to 15 hours to document it all and report it here.

On the 16th of October, my computer was wiped out. Even though it seemed to be a malicious hacker that did the job, I have many indications that it is all from Hashem. Since everything is from Hashem and it is always good news, it would take me a while to explain how such a thing would be good news, but I will try (by early next week, if it is still necessary to explain, B”N).

I bought a new computer; received it yesterday and have already seen indications of malicious activity again. Once again, it is all good news.

I have developed a personal medical problem that is keeping me home bound, and it is very good news.

There is so much happening in the world, including many disasters, and it is all good news.

I have also received Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, messages that I have not yet translated (or received the translation), and it is all tremendous news.

There are more very troubling things happening, that once again is all good news.

Even though it will take me hours to setup my new computer, I plan to start today documenting all the craziness that I am seeing. It will take me quite a while (yet to be determined), especially how all these seemingly problematic events mentioned above can be such good news. The important thing to know is that everything that I am saying is such an indication that Hashem loves us, is helping us and is telling us we are close to the end. I know you have heard that from me many times, but I repeat what I said a couple of weeks ago: WE ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL THE DELAYS; WE ARE NOT READY FOR THE HAPPY ENDING, HASHEM IS HELPING US TREMENDOUSLY IN THIS VERY SHORT TIME OF WAITING AND HE IS LETTING US KNOW VERY DEFINITELY THAT IT IS ALL HIS PLAN AND THAT IT IS ALL GOOD NEWS!!!!!!
Additional note:
I now have a backlog of over six hundred Emails on three different Email accounts
 to review . I have very little time to review them and I greatly apologize for not giving you the attention that I should. I must confess that about 90% of all the messages that I am receiving, I have already covered in previous blog posts. I know that since I have written over 1,300 pages on 604 posts, it is sometimes difficult for me to even find the place that I have covered information, but I encourage everyone who has a question to use the search block at the top of my blog and attempt to find the answer. This would eliminate many of the Emails that I am receiving, and would give instant answers to questions that you have.

I thank you for your patience, or at least the appearance of being patient, but I will try to accommodate all Email requests as quickly as humanly possible, B”N.


  1. Rav Menachem,

    I just was learning mishnayos Negaim in seder Taaros. I've gone through very rough times, and so, went over to my laptop, and looked up to Shomayim and said to Hashem! "Haranee Os L'Tovah!" I look and find your blog, and you used the same term I asked Hashem with, "It's All Good News!" I looked back up to Shomayim, and said: "Thank You!"

    Great to hear from you again!

  2. Baruch Hashem!!

    So good to see, Absolute is back online again, I and I am sure a lot of your keen readers have missed you.
    And yes, all happens for a reason. B'H.

    And Rav, you being back at this particular time again, is also because Hashem said 'yes'

    Hashem bless you and grant you good health. May you be 100% back in your health, and please also take time to rest.

  3. Welcome back!
    Thank you for all your time and effort
    Refuah shelema!
    bezras Hashem may we soon see the tremendous goodness of geulah , and recognize even now the tremendous goodness Hashem does for us!

    Thank you very very much. May you be blessed with Kol tov- in a seeet and revealed way!
    M freedman

  4. First and foremost I want to wish you a refuah shelaima (& for your computer as well :) Secondly I just want you to know how much I admire your Emunah and Bitachon, it is something I deeply envy. May we all merit to possess an unwavering and complete Emunah in Hashem and his ultimate goodness.

  5. You are so encouraging!!! Thank you.... you remind us to stop looking at the "negative"... but realize it is positive... Baruch HaShem for watching over us so closely... He is so Good, and His Goodness endures forever....

  6. Although I am new to your site, I am attuned positively to it.
    I wish you well with your health and look forward to your wisdom and interesting articles

  7. Welcome back and refuah shelemah bimherah (a speedy recovery) to you and your computer.

    Shalom E.

  8. Glad you are back! We all missed you I can assure you. The same kind of wonderful things have been happening to us one after the other. Thank you, HaShem, and please continue to bless Rav Menachem, Your "main man" on the job down here!!

  9. Refua Shelema & good luck in all you do. A good & sweet year!

  10. Rome

  11. This is a bikur cholim visit via the computer. may Hashem grant you a speedy refuah shleima, and may you feel good, and have a good healthy winter. All the best

  12. Refuah Shleimah!! and I surely missed your posts!!!

  13. nibiru

  14. Breathing a sight of relief now. Refuah Schleima and Shana Tova Umetukah! Do you realize how much you were missed by all of us? So much news about Russia and NATO... I think that the other shoe is about to drop. Russians posturing aggressively and NATO responding in kind. Just when i thought that the world could not get much crazier, the news from The (UK) Telegraph, CNN, etc...about the unveiling of the Satan 2 missile. Overall, Putin does not like Clinton and is fed up with most of Europe. I think that shortly after or possibly before the US elections we could see some unsettling developments. Let us pray for peace and understanding cause it looks bad. Hashem help us all please. Ms. AP

  15. Bh
    We are very happy to hear from you, please give us the name of your mother to pray for your speedy refua shelema?

    1. My mother's name is Rivka. I thank you for the thought, but it probably is not necessary. My situation is not life threatening. Saying prayers for a sick person is usually done when something is more severe.

      I hope to be writing about my situation on Monday and you will understand more about why I am fine, and don't need prayers.

  16. Good Erev Shabbat, Rabbi. I Pray that you will have a complete and speedy refua shlema. You mentioned in your opening letter, that you think your computer had malicious activity. May I please ask you...would you possibly consider switching to a Linux operating system, other than Windows? Linux is much more secure.

    1. I thank you for the suggestion. I will be explaining my situation tomorrow, B"N.