Sunday, October 30, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Bereishis, 24 Tishrei 5777 (10/25/16)


King of Kings, G-d, loves the Jews, doesn't leave the Jews and has brought the Jews to the Holy Land in 1948 because the exile is over. The torment that Jews are suffering on the land of gentiles is over and it is time that Jews in the holy land of Israel feel independence and freedom!

Every year, G-d brings us to the time of forgiveness, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, Hoshana Raba and Simhat Torah, and starts a new and good year for the Jews so that we don't forget Him and connect with Him. Every holiday brings many Jews who repent.

Sukkoth is a holiday of joy and freedom. The people of Israel came out to their Sukkahs with confidence, joy and faith. The joy that was in the Sukkah was incomprehensible, a special joy of every Jew. G-d is doing good by all the Jews to connect them to Him.

In Egypt, they are digging tunnels. They say they are digging 10 when they are digging 20. They have created a network of tunnels. G-d, Father in Heaven, who loves the Jews, and because of them the world exists, is warning Egypt and all of the citizens of Egypt: if the tunnels that they dig under the channel is made to surprise and fight against the Holy Land, G-d will give the signal to the Aswan Dam and the waters will cover all of Egypt, Egypt will be completely destroyed!

Hamas and ISIS are in Gaza; Amalek is fighting over leadership in Gaza and Sinai desert. They want to create an ISIS state in Sinai and from there to send people all over the world.

Russia is showing power in Syria and the world. Putin doesn't care what any country thinks, he decides when there will be quiet in Syria, and when there will be peace. He is playing in Syria as he wishes, playing with the world, showing the world that he is in control, and no country is saying anything. The NATO countries think they scare Putin when they send out their ships; it is all talk. They are deathly afraid of Putin. NATO countries know that if someone pushes the button and sends a rocket to a Russian ship, Russia will erase that country with nuclear missiles.

The US is dealing with the presidency and they are talking badly about each other, not to help the US and strengthen security and the people, but to harm each other with talk about bad deeds - Sodom and Gomorra. G-d has decided who will win - the person who helps the Jews in Israel. G-d will clean that person from its shell and make him new. The president will hate the Jews in the US and banish them, and will love the Jews in Israel.

Iran is happy over all of the trouble and fights in the presidential elections in the US. They are laughing and don't know that G-d is guiding it all and that it can't do a thing against Israel. They see every day how G-d protects the Jews in Israel.

Iraq is a Babel Tower, everything is destroyed.

The people of the Babel Tower wanted to reach G-d - he destroyed them and the tower. Now they want to do it with space ships - he will destroy those too. It is a sign of the Messiah.

Turkey is being destroyed by terror. It wants to connect with Israel; it wants peace so that the Mossad will save it from terror. Israel mustn't interfere in Turkey, it is a great danger; the Mossad should take care of Israel only!

In Jordan, the king talks and talks and then is silent, always repeating the same pattern. Jordan is full of refugees that are eating away at it.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are running out of ammunition, their soldiers are being killed and they are not getting help from Syria and Iran. That is why Nasrallah sits quietly and from time to time speaks to show power and remind people he exists. He knows that Israel loves peace and he is not afraid that Israel will attack him. He fears Lebanon and Syria.

The Israeli government and citizens must not get worked up about the UNESCO decision because they are all gentiles, so what will they decide? We have our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and our mothers buried in the cave of Patriarchs and the tomb of Rachel, we have the Torah which is thousands of years old, we have proof and we have the Temple. They have nothing. All those who oppose Israel and the Jews are gentiles.

The IDF and Israeli government must look closely at gentiles with an Israeli ID; they are helping terrorists who come in from other places to harm Jews.

Armageddon and chaos is outside of Israel, G-d is bringing the ten plagues so that they obey the commandments all over the world.

Jews, beware of assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Criminals and conmen will all be caught.

In the new year, starting from Sukkoth, the forces of nature will strike at the earth like never before. G-d wants the gentiles to also cry out "where is the Messiah" like they did in Egypt in the time of Pharaoh "where are Moses and G-d".

Leah our mother has released the top Messiah and Rachel our mother forgives and has released the bottom Messiah to work for the people of Israel; it is great relief for the people of Israel!

The joy that occurred during Sukkoth is part of the hidden light. A little bit of hidden light and look at how much joy it brought in every Sukkah for the people of Israel. G-d gave them security before accepting the Messiah! When the Messiah will come out in the open, you will see the great joy in the people of Israel! Everyone can redeem themselves in the open, with confident and joy, to obey the commandments and succeed!

There is a lot of work for the Messiah even now. He is preparing with G-d for what is going on in the world, and   G-d is also preparing him spiritually for purity and sanctity.

All of the souls of the Jewish people of Israel are looking for the Messiah; this is an internal urge that wants to be close to the Messiah king. The mothers have released the bottom and upper Messiah. In the heavens and the earth, everyone is waiting for G-d to give the signal and reveal the Messiah soon!

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  1. Shavua tov rabbi!
    Thank you for working to translate this for us I hope you are feeling better and wish you a refuah shelema b'meheira


    1. Thank you. I will be explaining more about my situation tomorrow, B"N.

  2. Encouraging words, even for us noahides... We long to see the Day HaShem will once again, Rule over all the people of the earth...thru His Holy Moshiach and the Jewish People... May it come in our day, and our eyes behold it as well... our hearts are longing for this to come soon...

  3. "the exile is over."


  4. "Leah our mother has released the top Messiah and Rachel our mother forgives and has released the bottom Messiah to work for the people of Israel; it is great relief for the people of Israel!"
    What does it mean? leah

    1. Not positive, but I believe it has to do with the two souls of Moshiach. One is in Heaven, and the other is the person on Earth who will receive the second soul when he is anointed.

  5. To the one who wrote re. the exile is over -

    There is still pain, but the truth is people who are true through and through and through have stated that Moshiach is about to be revealed immediately.
    It seems like how can one say it's over?
    There are still many in pain. Acute pain. Yet, it is almost over.
    The translation above was speaking of the general scheme of history. 1948 was a very important year in terms of one of the critical stages of the Geula Shleima. That is what was meant w/ connection to the last seconds of Golus that we are currently in.
    It's painful and it's up to us to show just how much we want the Yeshua Gedola.
    I know what suffering is, believe me. Yet, I also know that H' in His Infinite Kindness is about to Redeem all of us.
    Regarding the cruelty in the world, that too should serve as tremendous encouragement. Time is up. Teshuva can still be done until H' Decides to openly end the exile. Yet, those who have made decisions based on ulterior motives, selfishness and cruelty have their free will obscured.i have seen it in quite a few cases. People who are emeshed in selfishness and want to go into Moshiach like that will. How sad for them. People who "danced through life" to the tune of hurting others in blissful disregard will immediately see that the reality of H's World is very different than the cruelty they meted out.
    H' IS COMPLETELY GOOD. HE IS PAINED for those who were hurt by people who opted to cause pain, who made such poor decisions.
    Yet,the Golus is almost almost over. It's a situation where, for example a Surgeon expects a surgery to take 5 hours +/- and it took a few more minutes due to interruptions in the OR having nothing to do w/ the Surgeon. How very much the surgeon wants the procedure to end but there is interference that delays the process.
    We can stop the interference by doing what is right; by adding another good deed and another and another...
    I understand the pain. Yet, in general - name calling will only delay our surgery.
    In this case, after Surgery it's a life of happiness for ever and ever.
    I can't wait, yet these seconds are precious.
    For all those good people who are hurt by others' cruelty? Enjoy the last few seconds of the upside down absurdity, the seeming reality because very soon absurdity, lies, facade will cease to exist forever. So will the "power" of rotten characters and ill character traits.
    Soon those who "toiled w/ tears will reap w/ joy"...

    1. The Exile being over is relative to who you are and where you are. For over six million Jews living in Israel, there could be a feeling of Geula.

      What happens when the exile is over? We return to our land. We can study Torah, pray in complete freedom, not have to worry about persecution, have all that we need (books, food, clothes, completely Torah observant communities, Tallis, Tefillin, etc). We can serve Hashem unimpeded. Have Torah schools for the children and proper Jewish education for all, have grants and stipends available to help the situation, etc, etc, etc.

      What did I just say that is not available to millions of Jews in Israel. If we can ignore the world and only be engrossed in Judaism, are we still in exile? Me, my family, my neighbors, the friends surrounding us will probably see very little change with the worldwide Geula, except that we will go to the Temple.

      Yes, there are many more great changes that will come about, but we feel so close to the real Geula, that we can say very confidently: The Exile is Over, B"H.

  6. Another earthquake in Italy near Rome.


  8. Moshiach's time just as the 15 year old secular boy Nathan with clinical death experience predicted last year at the end of Sept.

    NATO and other countries sending weaponry to Russian border

    NASA has confirmed that earth will experience total darkness for 15 days in November 2016 starting from November 15 to November 29.

    1. NASA has confirmed that earth will experience total darkness for 15 days in November 2016 starting fro

    2. I saw that announcement, but I haven't researched it. Have you seen anything saying the cause? In the past it has been stated that Nibiru will cover the sun, and cause darkness, but I can't imagine it being for two weeks. Of course, Hashem can do it for as long as He wishes without any help from Nibiru.

  9. It doesn't feel much to me like the exile is over. I want so much to be in Israel but it would mean my going alone and abandoning my family, and I am sure that cannot possibly be what Hashem expects if me or anyone else in similar circumstances. So easy for those in Israel to say "just come home," but you are not in our shoes, even if your life circumstances allowed aliya or you overcame some obstacle to do it anyway. May Hashem take us ALL out of exile soon. I can't take much more.

    1. See the answer I gave to: Anonymous October 30, 2016 at 3:55 PM above.

    2. With all due respect, that didn't answer anything for me. There are many good people still in actual exile who haven't yet been granted the circumstances to make aliya for whatever reason Hashem has decided. That is all I am saying. For us there will be big change and I am praying for a miraculous transition that will not harm our families, including off the derech extended family who don't want to hear The Truth.

    3. My answer was right on. I said that some are still in exile, and some aren't. How can one be in exile from one's homeland when one has already come home and has all the benefits of being here?

    4. Oh, I didn't fully understand what you meant. But even so, even living in Israel, the exile still goes on when things like gay pride parades can happen in Yerushalayim and there is a danger of being stabbed or rammed in the streets. Exile is exile. With Hashem's help almost over.

    5. I never said that Israel doesn't have many abominations that remind us of the exile. I stated it was possible to live completely away from the schmutz and experience a personal Geula.

      I see nothing negative in a day until I look on my computer and look at the world, including Israel.

  10. I hope the Israeli government reads this blog; and not to make fun of it, either. May these words come true swiftly in our days!

    1. The Knesset, better known as the Erev Rav, will be gone soon. We are very close based on the date that I am keeping secret and an excellent message from Benjamin that I just saw about a half hour ago. It is all tremendous news.

  11. oh, Rav, make us good non Jews and also good Noshides, happy, we also want to be included in going to Eretz Israel..
    I know many say, the whole world will be Eretz Israel, and that once a year we will go, to the a Temple to Worship, Hashem..
    Abut only Jews will stay in Israrl..?
    I want to be there, now this moment, today.. how I long for it?
    So?. what of us good non Jews, snd good Noshides, ??

    1. I have said many times that there is a good possibility that all Noachides are members of the lost tribes and will be here soon. Any righteous non-Jews who is in the 1/3rd group will be happy wherever they are. The entire world will be in peace soon.