Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When is Moshiach Going to Be Announced, Already?

I mentioned that I have been getting many more private Emails these days than comments to be printed. I often get the question: When is Moshiach going to be announced? Here is a recent answer I gave to one of my dear readers (expanded):

There are two ways for Moshiach to come: if we are deserving, he comes sooner, if not, in its time. It will happen “in its time” (Isaiah 60:22), predetermined from the beginning of creation. This ultimate ketz (time for the ‘end’) is unconditional: it does not depend on Israel’s merit, as it is said, “For My own sake, for My own sake, I will do it…” (Isaiah 48:11); “I wrought for My Name’s sake that it should not be profaned in the eyes of the nations.” (Ezekiel 20:9) (which is the end as Hashem has designated). There were so many times that were possible in history even within recent years, but obviously we were not deserving.

“5776 is in its time, the end.” There are so many proofs from scriptures, from the Rabbis, from the Mekubalim, from the FC individuals. But Nibiru is the greatest proof of all. I have found Nibiru encoded in the Torah 414 times with a letter separation of 200 or less, and an additional 47 times if it is spelled with an additional yud. They are all in significant places and have 5776 encoded with them (all the places that I have checked; I didn't check them all).

The most exciting prophecy in the Torah is from Parashat Balak (this week’s parashah) where Balaam tells us of the coming of the Star of Jacob. The one verse that is so meaningful to us for this discussion is Numbers 24:17 which states:
17 "I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter-bearer has risen from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine all the children of Seth.
The commentaries for this verse are fascinating and should be reviewed:
17. I shall see him, but not now. Balaam spoke about the very distant future of the Jewish people, the time when the final Messianic redemption would come. Thus, his entire series of pronouncements encompassed four periods in Jewish history: in the Wilderness (23:7·10); their impending conquest of the Land (23:18-24); their period of greatness after conquering the Land and their surrounding enemies (24:3-9); and now of the End of Days (Ramban).
A star has issued from Jacob. Though speaking of future Jewish kings, Balaam spoke in the past tense, for it is common in prophecy that the prophet "sees" the subject of his speech as clearly as if it had already taken place.

The star is a king, and the scepter is the royal power to overcome opposition and bring everyone under his sway (Rashi). This Jewish king will defeat the nobles of Moab as well as the entire world. Seth was the son of Adam and Eve who became the ancestor of all mankind, so that the children of Seth are all the people on the face of the earth. The identity of this "king" is the subject of dispute. According to Rashi and lbri Ezra, it is David, the first great conqueror among Jewish kings, who was victorious over Moab (II Samuel 8:2). As noted above, however, Ramban interprets this entire passage with reference to Messianic times. According to him, Messiah is called a "star" - more likely a shooting star, or meteor - because he will have to flash across heaven, visible to the whole world, as it were, to gather in Jews from their dispersion. At that time, Moab will not be spared, even though the Jews of Balak's generation were commanded not to conquer Moab.
The conclusion to the Star is that it is Moshiach, and that it will “flash across heaven, visible to the whole world.” This prophecy was said about 3288 (my calculations), and the RAMBAN gave his commentary of the star being Moshiach about 800 years ago. Stating "I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near” is correct being 3288 years ago. But, stating 800 years ago that the star is Moshiach and that it will “flash across heaven, visible to the whole world” is miraculous. To have a description of Nibiru from a Rabbi 800 years ago and equating the event with the coming of Moshiach gives me chills.

All is falling into place for these events to occur. The fact that Nibiru, 5776 and Moshiach's name are encoded in these verses and that I have many, many proofs from many sources that the time is now, is also very reassuring and gives me goosebumps (that was the least technical term that came to mind).

I once wrote a blog post "Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected." I have heard recently from several very good sources that all this will happen as a big surprise, and not when we think it is going to happen. Even Nibiru could show up today, if Hashem says so. It is definitely soon. There have been new messages from Ben Golden and Daniel that are talking about the star, the craziness in the world, the Moshiach and the final worldwide redemption being soon. These messages are from Hashem. Along with all the prophecies that will happen at the time of Moshiach, which are definitely being fulfilled these days, WE ARE THERE!!!!

Is it today, this week, next week? As I said "Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected." I noticed that both the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av fall on a Shabbos, which means they cannot be fast days this year. The normal procedure is to fast the day after. Will we, or is Hashem giving us anther hidden message about the announcement of Moshiach? It is curious that Parashat Balak, this week, is followed by Parashat Pinchas, next week. Pinchas is believed to have come back as Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the prophet), the prophet who will be telling us that Moshiach is imminent (I believe also anointing Moshiach as King). Are we getting more hints from Hashem?

I mentioned a few months ago that the month of Sivan was not encoded in any significant place in the Tenach. The Hebrew month of Tammuz is very prevalent. With a letter separation of only 10 letters, I found 32 places that it exists. If I expand the letter separation to 100 letters, I found 386 places. I have not done a review of where these findings are, or if I extend it to specific dates what I may discover, but it still seems very reassuring that Hashem is giving us so many hints to the big day.

Of course this means that we have even more work to do as individuals. This is not a wait and see time, this is a “what we can do to bring the absolute best eternity to us and our loved ones.” This is the cramming for the finals. We are getting close to receiving our lifetime report card. The more I cram now the better the final report. Don’t waste it. This will never occur again, ever. We all have the opportunity to set ourselves up with the best of everything for eternity. Whether I am talking weeks or days, it is obviously the end.

Something else that I keep getting questioned about is: what can we do to help us through the difficult time that we are experiencing, including the upcoming devastation of the Star of Jacob? My answer is the same that I have been saying for the past 52 months. Turn to Hashem, follow His very definite instructions and the tremendous future with the best possible report card is yours and your loved ones. I know, I repeat myself, but did you get the message, yet?


  1. So excited I can hardly contain myself! Thank you so much for this chizuk, I really needed to hear it again today!

  2. Besides of doing teshuva, keep mitzvot, learn Torah and do acts of kidness, you should also prepare gold and food to do some hishtadlut and survive for two weeks (makat choshech? per Zohar). Obviously you need food that does not require electricity or gas unless you have some kind of gas container that's independent of the gas that's runs into our homes. But the main thing is to come closer to Hashem and to want to do His will.

    1. What you say is very good, but as long as you are bringing up the first Geula, when we left Egypt, there are additional details to mention.

      I have said that the first Geula is prophecy of the Geula we are experiencing now. Hashem is consistent, so it is brought down that events including Hashem's total mercy will be seen again. Just a few examples include our leaving Egypt very wealthy, our receiving our food from Heaven, our receiving water from rocks (and the well that followed us through the desert); all our needs were taken care of.

      This continued as long as we completely had faith in Hashem. When did things go wrong? When we built the Golden Calf, we didn't trust the report of the spies, we complained about many things (which was mostly the Erev Rav doing the complaining).

      We have the same situation today. Israel is economically sound, we have such abundance that we are exporting a tremendous amount, we have water, including desalination that is being used more and more, etc. Those who follow Hashem completely are in need of nothing. Those who complain the most are the Erev Rav.

      The miracles that are coming, however, are beyond our imagination, for those who are doing Hashem's will. Those who are not, you fill in the rest of that sentence. Everything in the first Geula was measure for measure, and now it is even more obvious.