Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Balak, 4 Tammuz 5776 (7/10/16)


G-d, Father in Heaven, continues to increase the chaos in the world, but in Israel everything is good, better than good!

There will continue to be floods in the world, volcanic eruptions, fires, winds, and earthquakes. There will continue to be tension and confusion, conflict between and within countries. Anti-Semitism is increasing every day. Jews, don't be delusional and say you can't see it, it will hit you hard with disasters and it will be too late.

You kill 100 ISIS members and 1000 more appear. There is no solution because every second new ones join. ISIS is not a country that can be destroyed; they are all over the world.

The entire world is in shock and confused, they don't know what the day will bring, there are conflicts and complications everywhere.

Africa will fall apart; the appetite comes with the food.

The refugees are conquering and destroying Europe. Millions are running from Egypt to Europe, from Syria, from Iraq, from Jordan and from Turkey.

Europe will be dust, and anti-Semitism will increase everywhere. All of the Jews must run from Europe, and not to the United States - only to the holy land of Israel!

In the US, the government will look for all of the Jewish institutions and factories; they already said so last week. We spoke about it a year ago; they are looking for all the Jews to throw them out to Israel. The gentiles are doing work to banish the Jews from Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

Jews outside of Israel, G-d is telling you: "The exile is over, there is salvation! Come to Israel. Don't make Me mad, I will not wait for you, don't try Me!"

In Israel, the economy is good, there is real estate, homes, stores, and it will continue and won't stop, not for 100 years.

Once in a while, painful things happen in Israel, some of them redeem a generation, and some are to wake the people of Israel up to repent.

All of the people who take bribes, steal, cheat, and live off of the lives of others will fall. G-d does not want to wait any longer. G-d is not letting this one go - obey the commandments!

G-d is telling the Israeli government: "No one can take from Me even one centimeter of the holy land!". The government of Israel must not be afraid of any country in the world, be strong! The IDF is strong and the Jewish mind is the smartest in the world! Learn from the sin of spies, those who spoke badly about the Israel and belittled the holy land, and what happened to that generation. Don't worry; Gush Katif will return!

All of the Arab countries, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, are falling down the drain. G-d is not letting them raise their heads, He is striking them and they will fall.

Every country or person that wants to take or give parts of Israel away will be harmed by G-d.

The people of Israel, the Jews in the holy land, must try to watch over themselves. The ancient snake, the power of impurity haunts every pure Jew to fight you.

The government of Israel must not hurry to make peace with the Palestinians. They want peace? Do it without giving land.

The head of the snake is in Hebron and East Jerusalem, in the north there is ISIS. You must cut the head of the snake and the terrorist attacks will stop.

Iran is getting blows so that they don't open their mouth against Israel. If they only think about harming Israel, G-d will strike them directly.

Syria is being erased, they are killing and being killed, and no one says anything, as usual. It will continue.

Russia is in the clouds, it is saying "I deserve everything" and does what it wants.

Turkey is in deep mud, there will continue to be terrorist attacks in Turkey. Jews, do not go to Turkey! Peace with them is not real, it is just on paper. It is peace to show the world and to send ammunition to Gaza, because ISIS controls Arduan. Jews, be careful, do not go to Turkey!

In Egypt, there will continue to be hunger. If Sisi continues to interfere to take land from Israel for a Palestinian state, Egypt will no longer exist! There will be a revolution the likes they've never dreamed of.

Jordan is waiting for elections in the US. The refugees are getting into Jordan and fighting them. Jordan is waiting for the US to keep its promise to create a Palestinian state for the refugees.

In Iraq, there is a tear between the Iraqis, ISIS, and others. Everything is destroyed there, it is a torn down Babel tower.

Lebanon is happy that Syria is being destroyed.

Nasrallah is all talk.

A large part of the gentiles in Israel with a blue ID are very dangerous! They walk freely in Israel and cooperate with the Hamas and Palestinians.

The Messiah is working and protecting the holy land of Israel. Every word from the Messiah King is accepted and happens, and you see it happen! Everyone is waiting for the Messiah; Jews are speaking openly and asking for the Messiah and the salvation of the people of Israel, so that we no longer suffer! The people of Israel are in salvation! G-d is feeling pity for the Jews, like a father pitying his children; and, He wants to save all of them so that everyone is saved. G-d is taking His time here and there, but the crowning of the Messiah King in public is near!

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  1. Great letter as always, may Hashem protect all Am Israel where ever they are and return them home speedily! Shabbat Shalom! Be holy!

  2. Hashem, please do not be upset with us Jews who are "stuck" in the gallut for various different reasons. Many of us still hope to do aliya and are preparing but it may not happen so quickly. We long to be in Eretz Yisroel but life circumnstances cause delays. Ms. AP

    1. I am not upset; I am concerned. I know that you want to be here and I know that Hashem knows your deepest intentions. I do believe that you are in Hashem's favor and care.

      My greater concern is for people who are belligerent and are saying: "we are perfectly alright where we are." This is contrary to Hashem's messages and are therefore dangerous to those who have the wrong attitude. What will happen? I don't know; I am not a prophet. But, going against Hashem's will never results in "getting away with it."

    2. Nathan said that Hashem will protect those who deserve to be protected, no matter where they are, and the reshaim will get what they deserve even if they hide inside the Western Wall. What matters is to be righteous or to live in Israel?

    3. It is the same as it was in the first redemption from Egypt, measure for measure for each individual. The difference is that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will repent prior to the end.

      Who is Nathan?

  3. Rav Menahem, I have been so blessed to find this amazing blog. As a result, positive changes have been added to my level of observance and i find here - like so many grateful readers - the strength to move forward with emunah. However, most yid have not been "lucky" to have found your blog nor have they heard warnings from any Rabbis like Rav Artzi. Durind Tamuz Gimel I asked by Rebbitzen what are we all doing here in the diaspora. Should we not go to Israel right away as Moshiach is at the door? She said that the captain is always last to leave the ship and how could they with so many yid still needing assistance? Over here in North America there are no Rabbis saying that we must urgently return to Eretz Yisroel. This is a fact. How could Hashem be upset at diaspora yid when our leadership is not guiding us at all that it is time to return? Now forgive me but I am a bit confused....With Much Gratitude, Ms. AP

    1. People are like the web. You can find justification for any opinion, right or wrong, on any subject. When we are getting so many messages from Hashem including the Tenach that tells us that we must be in Eretz Yisroel in the end of days, why are we even listening to flawed human opinions?

      If we want a precedent from history to rely on, let us look at all the wonderful Rabbis in Europe in the 1930's who just asked the people: "How bad can it get?" I believe you will find throughout history bad advice that went against Torah.

      Why would that happen? The simple answer is that people who were stuck in the same position, "this is my home, my job is here, my family and friends are here, my life is here, etc," tend to justify their mistakes with false logic. After all, misery likes company. How bad can it get? is an understatement for the world outside of Israel today.

      Believe Hashem, trust Hashem, follow Hashem and don't let any person tell you otherwise, no matter how great they are and how wonderful their intentions are.

      Humans: you can't live with them, and you can't live with them (that was not a mistake).

  4. I have a very interesting question regarding the NWO.It is said that they are amassing armies, building bunkers, installing cameras all over to watch us, listening to our conversations, etc...If their plan to kill billions of people is successful, how are these vehicles going to operate. I mean all the plants that produce electricity will cease to work since no one will be operating them.

    1. It is much more complicated than I could cover here. They are not amassing armies, they are using the existing military forces of many countries, especially the US. Much of their nonsensical agenda is hidden in the US defense budget. Bunkers are complete and starting to be occupied. Spying on the citizens of the world has been ongoing for decades. It is the disclosure of Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower.

      Their plan to kill billions of people will be completely controlled by Hashem. They are hoping that Nibiru will do the trick, but have WW3 in mind as well, a nuclear holocaust.

      Hashem will make sure whatever happens will effect the evil of the world, and spare the righteous. If an EMP burst is employed, it too will be controlled by Hashem.

      Nothing to worry about, unless you are one of the evil people that Hashem plans to eliminate.


    1. Thank you. That is good enough for a post, and I did.

  6. What does this mean? Link to article? "In the US, the government will look for all of the Jewish institutions and factories; they already said so last week."
    Thank you

    1. I have no specific information other than: Hashem uses everyone and every event to complete His will. Whatever happens, Hashem will be behind it, and it will be for our welfare. We may not understand what or how things are occurring, but have complete faith and trust it is for the good, B"H.

  7. Please pass this message to the Rabbi, Jordan seems to be the next big show. There is some guy by the name of Mudar Zahran that is said to be Jordan's next ruler, he is a Palestinian Jordanian Moslem who seems very pro-peace with Israel. Some even claim he is of a Jewish mother. Please ask him about that guy and what should we expect to happen with our Jordanian neighbors.

    1. Very interesting but, I am not in contact with the Rav.

      More importantly, all will be done, Moshiach, Geula, the Temple, the return of all the Jews and the lost tribes, Nibiru, etc, long before any change in command in Jordan. Whether Jordan will even exist soon is a more interesting question. We are in for gigantic changes before the end of 5776.

  8. Russia is in the clouds, it is saying "I deserve everything" and does what it wants. What is wrong is that Russia is so said and what it means to do what he wants, it is not so! As if the non-Russians in Syria today Israel had had problems in the north and would be fought in Lebanon and in Syria against LIH! Therefore, there is nothing wrong with Russia did to Israel, and is not going to do as far as I know it!

    1. I don't fully understand your comment. I don't believe that we know exactly what Russia's relationship is to Israel or any other country.

      I did much research when I was in the Army about the relationship of the US to Israel. When I went into classified documents to which I had access, I saw a completely different picture than what was in the public domain. It felt like I was investigating a different country. Nobody knows the truth about the political or military agenda of any country, only Hashem knows and will use it to affect His will. That is all that I need to know, since everything Hashem does is for the good.

  9. Hi Rav, one question that has nothing to do with the post: What was the top charge you achieved in te army? Thanks

    1. I retired a Major. The details about only making it to Major are very interesting and definitely from Shamayim.

      I was having trouble being promoted, since I was a missile officer, which the Army had too many. There were no slots available for me, and because of money cutbacks, I was separated from active duty 3 1/3 years before retirement.

      I thought this was devastating until I found out Hashem's plan. I was working for a project manager's office at the time doing research and development on a particular radio system. When I got separated from active duty, I was picked up immediately as a contractor in an engineering position. I got a raise in salary (that is how the government saves money, they take me out of uniform, and give me a job that pays more). The more important sign from Hashem was that after I was removed from active duty, orders came in for me to go off to the Gulf War. Not being on active duty, the next officer on the list went instead of me. He did not do too well. This was the second time something happened that kept me from war. I was drafted into the Army to go to Vietnam and something came up putting me with our fighting boys in New Jersey. I know exactly Who shaped my military career, keeping me out of war twice.

      There were many other advantages to what happened, which is too lengthy for here. The more important thing was that I stayed employed with the military as a civilian, and was able to go to retirement as a reserve officer -- all a gift from Hashem.

      There is a Torah lesson in everything that happens to us.