Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Mattos, 18 Tammuz 5776 (7/24/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d, in his mercy cleans and purifies the world. He will not forget anyone and any country on earth. After a long period and many years in which G-d shakes and shocks the world with chaos and Armageddon (not in Israel), He has stopped the wheel for all of the people and countries in the world except for Israel and the Jews in Israel. They do things in the world and are stopped; they have economic, state and social complications. The entire world has turned into a mess; the evil is fighting the evil. This is G-d cleaning the world. He is sick of the world of lies. G-d started this process a long time ago so that everyone obeys the commandments, and the Jews, above all, rule the world.

G-d is warning the Jews living outside of Israel to come to the holy land of Israel urgently. Don't think you are safe. Jews going abroad take risks; Jews buying homes outside of Israel take risks. There is no protection for Jews outside of Israel, only for those sent by the Ministry of Defense for work, and rich Jews who invest, in order to bring more money into Israel. In the holy land of Israel there is protection coming from G-d. In Israel, every Jews is protected by G-d, and still G-d says "watch over yourselves. Outside of Israel, however, a Jew must watch over himself; if it is not enough, it won't work. There is no protection from G-d.

Jews, do not go to graves of tzadikim outside of Israel. All of those who died outside of Israel come to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Israel after one year. No tzadik wants you to go to him outside of Israel; they want the Jews to stay in the holy land. There are great tzadikim buried in Israel, and the fathers, who are above all, are in the Cave of Patriarchs. A Jew, who prays three times a day, mentions Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov in his or her prayers, and there are no greater tzadikim than them. No tzadik is mentioned in the Shemoneh-Esrei prayer, only Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, our fathers. This means that you should go to them, to the cave of Patriarchs, because they are the greatest. You should also pray to G-d directly, because He is above everyone.

G-d loves His children, the Jews, and created the world to worship the Jews. G-d does not like pride. Pride ruins man and makes man lose his holy spirit and appreciation for all of the good given to him by G-d. G-d wants to give His children so that they give others, to the needy, to the Yeshiva students, and Synagogues. G-d is bringing chaos to the world, but not Israel. All over the world, except for Israel, they fight each other and have no value of G-d.

The forces of nature also strike the world, to purify it.

G-d is warning: Any country that even peeps and interferes to take land away from Israel to establish a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, G-d has sworn an oath, in heaven and earth, to strike them with plagues that they have never dreamed of on earth, terrible blows to create complications among them.

In the United States, the president who will be elected will love the Jews in Israel and will support Israel completely.   G-d will make the president love the Jews in Israel and hate the Jews in the United States. They will have a revolution and will run from there to the Holy Land. It is not strange, it is written and recorded.

Every country that is sided with the Arabs and against the Holy Land - G-d will make their lives miserable and protect Israel. "Leave my Jewish sons in Israel alone!"

In Hebron, there are still tunnels, they only found 5%. You must look in the houses and basements, there are tunnels between the houses in Hebron, East Jerusalem, and more places.

All of the rich people must open factories in Israel! Don't open factories abroad, you have been warned, you will lose it all. In Israel, every business and factory is blessed.

All of the factories owned by Jews in China, Turkey, Jordan, and more, will need to close and run from there to Israel!

China will be destroyed and go bankrupt because they are touching, taking and buying factories from Israel and want to control the Jewish mind. G-d will destroy them.

France wants to take land from Israel for a Palestinian state - G-d is taking care of France personally, they are going toward destruction and ruin.

Europe will fall economically and refugees will continue to enter.

In Turkey, they are all thirsty for blood. More people will rise to topple the Erdogan's regime. He is digging a hole for himself and his country. There will be a revolution in Turkey. Turkey will be number two after Syria. Jews, citizens and travelers, run away from Turkey! Jews in Europe, run to Israel because everything that is going to be worse in Europe will come from Turkey! Soon, there will be a revolution there and ten and hundreds of millions of refugees will go to Europe and destroy it, Europe will be dust. Jews that want to live in their delusions can wait.

In Syria, thousands are being killed every day. There is no solution, it is G-d's doing.

Iraq is the same, it is being destroyed every day and there is no one to help.

Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian state to throw all of the refugees and infiltrators there. It is waiting for elections in the US to see who wins. They can keep living in delusions with the Hamas and Palestinians.

Abu Mazen is responsible for all of the terrorist attacks in Israel, even indirectly. He is getting hundreds of millions of dollars and hiding the money with his sons; he is one of the richest people in the world.

Egypt is in fear, it is giving up. Sisi is afraid; he doesn't know what will happen. He is afraid of extremists, ISIS and Hamas, who want to bring him down.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are getting smaller, they are being killed and their ammunition is finished, it is destroyed every day.

Every time Iran plans something against Israel, G-d will send them a fire that will eat them.

The government of Israel must deal with the positive things, things that protect every centimeter of the holy land. Don't be afraid of any country in the world, they have nothing to lose and we have G-d on our side! You don't need to emphasize the bad things, there is law, there is justice, and no one is taking the law into their own hands. G-d is the Judge. The people of Israel must obey the commandments, turn bitter into sweet, hate into love, thievery and cheating into justice; that is how we will kill the impurity and the ancient snake that is dying, and should now disappear from the world. The people of Israel are the chosen people; G-d chose them, and anyone that wants to be modern will fall.

All of the nations are jealous of the Jews, and the Jews need to love and thank G-d. Some of the Jews think they are equal to all the other nations. For thousands of years they have tried to destroy the Jewish people and didn't succeed. The people of Israel bring light and life to the world.

The IDF must be vigilant, don't believe any Arab country. They only care about themselves, not Israel.

All of the white collar criminals, religious or secular, all will be revealed. Repent and G-d will protect you.

Parents must watch over their children from drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation. These four things will destroy our children and youths and the future of the people of Israel. Parents don't look at this moment; look at the future and what can happen.

Jewish immigrants are coming to the holy land of Israel.   G-d is working, one step after another, destroying the countries of the world so Jews come to Israel.  G-d is doing everything according to His plan, no delays, all is on time! Above and below, they wait for the Messiah! In this generation, what has never happened before will happen!   G-d did not forget the people of Israel and will not ever forget. The people of Israel will make an effort and G-d will be with them everywhere. Dear Jews, come to the holy land of Israel urgently!

Dear Jews in Israel, repent urgently, so that you don't miss the train, heaven forbid! G-d wants you to believe in redemption and the Messiah. When the Messiah is revealed, Jews will live forever in Israel. Israel, the holy land, will rule the world, a third temple will be built, and there will be a world of peace, love, kindness, forever!

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  1. Shalom Reb Menachem. I see things more like Rav Ben Artzi. There will be US elections. Trump will very likely win.

    By the way, an interesting observation. The first message Morse transmitted on his telegraph was a posuk from Balak. "What hath G-d wrought?" Considering what the the Zohar said about that period, particularly this year (1844). I thought that was interesting.

  2. Shimshon: Maybe, it has something to do with the Industrial Revolution (1840's). It changed the world where so many inventions were invented and brought us to the modern age.

  3. How is it possible that G-d will not protect 50% of His people? This doesn't seem right to me.

    1. Hashem is protecting 100% of His righteous people; it is the evil of the world He is eliminating. That is what is says in Zachariah 13:8 and many other places.

      Remember the flood when Noach and his family were the only people worth saving, Hashem saved 100% of the righteous people then also.

    2. And hopefully, those who are starting to try to be righteous, and those also among the people who are not of the Chosen people,
      ( are those who are not Jews, just another creation of Hashem?.. and only Jews are His children.. ?)
      Given that the Jews are His Chosen children.
      But the others too are children (i hope).. though not chosen.. but do mean something to Hashem? I hope....

      Thank you Rav..

    3. of course righteous nations will be saved Noach himself was a rightous Nation
      Not a Jew

    4. We are not looking at nations, we are talking about individuals. The righteous (Jew of not) will survive. The wicked will perish. Noach was extremely righteous.

      Since all nations will be ruled by Hashem under His servant Moshiach, what nation needs to continue? There will not be any leaders of nations outside of Israel, so the nations themselves will be no more, just the righteous people.

      I heard this years ago, but I believe all of Israel, which will be much, much bigger, will now be called Jerusalem; and, all the land outside of Jerusalem will be called the Holy Land (all the land of the world). No other names will be needed.

  4. Halacha explicitly states the value of going to gravesite of a tzadik, especially prior to Rosh Hashana. Hard to reconcile with Ben Artzi's words...

    1. It is definitely brought down that we can only talk to Hashem. We can go to the grave of a Tzadik only because it is a place of higher Kedushah. The problem is we talk to the Tzadik instead of Hashem, just the way the goyim do (talking to Hashem through someone who died two thousand years ago). Talking to a Tzadik, who can't hear you, is idolatry. We go to the Cave of Machpelah or Rochel's tomb, but it always should be to pray to Hashem, not to people who can't hear us. We can pray in their merit, but to Hashem!!!!!


  6. 2016 Strange Wildfires and more:

    1. This video is so good, I received it from three different readers. They have been making these videos everyday since there are so many weather and other phenomena happening worldwide, just as the Rav has been saying. They are definitively increasing. The earthquake intensity is also increasing.

    2. This video is so scary. Is this what Nibiru will do to 2/3 of the world?
      Shalom E.

    3. It is only scary for the wicked of the world. It is good news for the righteous. Just make sure you are in the correct group.

    4. This video is only a small short preview of what will happen soon !

    5. I have more update to be posted on Sunday, B"N.

  7. When he says ''Jews, do not go to graves of tzadikim outside of Israel. All of those who died outside of Israel come to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Israel after one year.'' What about for the Jews outside of Israel? Does he mean there is no point davening at the graves of tzadikim outside of Israel? But my main issue here is that I would like to see a source for this statement that he makes. Do we know where he sourced this information? I have never heard of it before now.

    1. This is much more complicated than simply giving verses from Tenach (Ezekiel as an example, I am not going to say where, since you have to read it in Hebrew and accompany it with the commentary to come close to an understanding) and the Talmud (additionally difficult). We know that the departed will be resurrected in Israel. Those outside of Israel will go through tunnels underground to Israel to rise up again (that is a great oversimplification). That is the why, but not the when. If the Rav is saying that they are already here awaiting their resurrection, or even better, that they have already risen and will be introduced at the proper time, either way going to their graves outside of Israel is useless and possibly idolatry.

      Another reason to avoid praying at graves. It is definitely brought down that we can only talk to Hashem. We can go to the grave of a Tzadik only because it is a place of higher Kedushah (which it may no longer be outside of Israel, if they are not there). The problem is we talk to the Tzadik instead of Hashem, just the way the goyim do (talking to Hashem through someone who died two thousand years ago). Talking to a Tzadik, who can't hear you, is idolatry. We go to the Cave of Machpelah or Rochel's tomb, but it always should be to pray to Hashem, not to people who can't hear us. We can pray in their merit, but to Hashem!!!!!

      It is all much more complicated than I could explain here, especially how much damage we do to ourselves by not understanding what Hashem wants from us.

    2. I don't personally know of anyone who prays TO the tzadik when they go to the kever, of course we pray to Hashem. So still not really sure what he means. I have heard people say that Lubavitchers go to the Rebbe's grave and pray to him, but that is not the case. I do not know of anyone who prays to the Rebbe, they pray to Hashem only.

    3. You never heard of a person going to Kever Rochel to talk to Rochel, and ask her to help? You never heard secular Jews say that they go visit their parents, and talk to them? You never heard of anyone going to Uman to talk to Rav Nachman of Breslov (why would tens of thousands leave Israel to go there, if there are places of higher Kedusha in Israel)? Everyone knows that you can't talk to dead people? Please, it is more common than people saying that they are going to a grave, but will make sure they don't talk to the departed, only Hashem.

    4. People who pray at graves to intercede on their behalf is not to dead people (bodies) but to their holy souls (which is alive) and hovers over their graves (especially on the day of their yahrzeit and certain other times).
      Shalom E.

    5. The nefesh may be there, but the Neshamah is in Shamayim. It it brought down in the Talmud that the only way a soul in Shamayim knows about anyone on Earth is when someone new shows up, and has information about the living on Earth.

    6. MINHAG YISRAEL TORAH HU - a minhag breaks a din, especially if the minhag is followed by a big part of Klal Yisrael and by tzaddikim and religious Jews. The fact that people are and were helped throughout centuries after praying at graves of tzaddikim all over the world, including Morocco, Poland, Hungary, etc., definitely comes from the kedushah and not chas veshalom from the sitra achra, is proof that praying at graves is the right and proper thing to do.
      Shalom E.

    7. You are absolutely correct, but our discussion never questioned that. What we are asking is: are the Tzadikim still there, or have they already made the trip to Israel where they will be resurrected?

      The Rav Ben Artzi statement gives us the possibility that the Tzadikim are either in Israel awaiting resurrection, or they have been resurrected already and we will soon be introduced to them.

      No matter what the situation, if the Tzadikim are no longer in their Kevorim outside of Israel, their empty graves are not places of Kedushah that should be used for prayer.

      We have unknowns here. Rav Ben Artzi is telling us not to pray there anymore, but not telling us why. I am bringing down from scriptures the possible why. If Hashem has sent the Rav a message not to pray at the graves of Tzadikim outside of Israel, we should not question it, just obey.

  8. The ressurection of Tzadikim started already.
    To light yahrtzeit candle and pray in the merrit of a tzadik is ok.
    To go out of Israel for this right now is foolish.
    The Shechina is HERE.
    I reccomend to any Jew
    1. Come to Eretz Israel in any way you can.
    2. Observe fully Shabbat in every way you can.
    3. Get all the blessing from Shechina by observing Shabbat lovingly with your family and friends.

    Shabbat shalom.

  9. There where 36 "points" (tzadikim) all around the globe in a very rythmical structure to keep the Earth in balance.
    By the proces of Arriving of the Star of Jaacov, Shemesh Tzedaka, they all returned to Eretz Israel.
    By this the Earth is "shaking", the nature how we know it in this life, is changing.
    The Shechina left the outside world for one reason.
    The klippot will fall any moment.
    Thats why we will see/experience/live a new reality.
    The foundation Stone will be left up. While the Shechina will shine the Light of the Torah in all directions like a bright Star, by this LIGHT concentrated in one place, the evil/klippot/amalek .... Will die.
    The evil of the ancient snake will be rooted out.
    No more free choice to do evil.

    The Great Shabbat will start.
    The meal of The King.
    Your invitation is real Tshuva.
    Accept it.

  10. I found this on my own blog and thought it would be interesting for some people to read it, to clarify some things:

    The Basis and Reason for praying at kivrei tzaddikim:

    The Rema wrote in 'Hilchos Erev Rosh Hashana'[1]: "There are places where the custom is to go to graves and say many techinos there, and they give there tzedaka to the poor ('Kol Bo'). And the Mishna Brura there explains[2]: "As the cemetery is the place of rest of tzaddikim and prayer is more easily accepted there. But he should not aim his prayers at the dead[3], rather he should request from Hashem to have mercy on him in the merit[4] of the tzaddikim who are dwelling in the earth'. And the Rema writes the same regarding Erev Yom Kippur[5]: "There are places where the custom is to go to graves and give tzedaka".

    In the 'Sefer Chassidim' of Rabbeinu Yehuda haChassid[6] it says: "The dead derive pleasure when their dear ones come to their graves and daven for the good of their souls, and this makes it better for them in that world, and also when requested from them they pray for those who are alive"[7].

    And in the 'Mateh Ephraim'[8] it says: "It is a great zechus to daven at the graves of tzaddikim".

    You can read more here:

    1. Thank you. I have seen those references before, but it has been quite a while -- it would have taken me a while look them up.

      It is comical that I recently solved a dilemma that I had by finding an answer on my blog, and now you find an answer to your question on your blog. I guess we need to read our own blogs more often.