Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Very Simple, but Profound Message

We say in prayer every morning: “Blessed is the one who trusts in Hashem.”
In the Artscroll Siddur there is a commentary at the bottom of the page:
Who trusts in Hashem: In direct proportion to the extent that someone trusts in Hashem, Hashem will be his security (Chidushei HaRim) (of course that is also her security).
I have been receiving many private Emails recently telling me how frightened they are about Nibiru and other events that are forthcoming. They live in an area that is seeing activity with the military moving in a large amount of equipment; they are seeing a great increase in the number of videos talking about Nibiru and great devastation coming; they are seeing horrible signs of the economy about to collapse; they are seeing an increase in terrorist activity and violence worldwide; they are seeing a very large increase in Jew-hatred worldwide; they are witnessing unbelievable craziness from their governments and their leaders; they are seeing many people dying from dangerous weather systems happening; and more.

They realize that all this is prophesied for the time before Moshiach and the worldwide redemption, but they are still feeling that they may be deficient in the amount of Teshuvah, prayer, Torah study, unity with their fellow Jews, commandment performance, etc, that they do on a daily basis.

I have stated repeatedly what Hashem is telling us is the solution to all our concerns: Turn to Hashem and completely put your faith and trust in Him, and measure for measure (in direct proportion) all will work out very positively – guaranteed in writing.

The simple prayer mentioned above is part of that written guarantee.


  1. Thank you. Please don't tire of reminding us till it sinks in.

  2. We absolutely need to increase our emunah. We have to trust that Hashem will not punish us for things that we did not do. His correction for each of us will be tailor made and will be given exactly what we need to complete our tikun. Hashem has been giving me certain corrections for the past few years, and if it was not for my faith in Hashem I am certain that these corrections would have driven me mad years ago. Like many of you, I am anxious about what will come, but I am not letting what has not happened make me become inactive through fear. We must do teshuvah, we must continue to give tzedakah, we must continue to study Torah and to try to come as close to Hashem every minute of every day. We must trust Hashem because He only wants us to become the best we can. If we are doing our very best, then the correction that we need will be tempered with the mercy of a loving father and we have no need to fear.