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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukas, 27 Sivan 5776 (7/3/16)

G-d, Father of Mercy, cries with the people of Israel for the girl who was brutally murdered; it is the pain of all the Jews in Israel and the world. The girl was innocent, a special soul. The people of Israel and Jews all over the world grieved. She redeemed a generation, like one of the 36 righteous men, and harsh decrees were cancelled thanks to her.

The people of Israel are before the Messiah, there is a big and harsh war with the ancient snake, between purity and impurity, between good and evil, because the Messiah needs to come forward any moment and protect the people of Israel. Obeying the commandments and looking out for yourselves are powerful tools to defeat the power of impurity. The people of Israel need to be vigilant and not expect miracles; pay attention wherever you are. The hard period that the people of Israel in Israel are going through is our choice, to save Israel and ourselves and bring forth the Messiah. We have the ability to stop all of the hard decrees, we have the ability to redeem ourselves and bring forth the Messiah now!

All of the countries outside the Israeli borders are in chaos and Armageddon. G-d is striking them again and again, it is out of their hands; it is in the hands of G-d. G-d is striking them through natural disasters, economic destruction and internal conflict. The difference is, in Israel we decide what happens, the gentiles outside of Israel cannot decide a thing, only G-d.

Parliament members and ministers, you are sitting in a holy place where the people of Israel are managed, you must protect the homeland! The people chose you, and you must be truthful before the people and create laws that are healthy and right for the protection of Israel and its soldiers. It cannot be that every person in Knesset has the immunity to do anything they please. A man becomes visible in his anger, when he speaks out of anger, those are the real words coming out of his heart. When a man is angry, the truth comes out. Don't make up excuses and say that you were angry and didn't mean it - anger reveals truth.

The IDF soldiers must be supported, and their morale must be lifted. They are our soldiers, our children and grandchildren; we are all connected to each other. G-d is warning: "I am protecting the borders of Israel! There is a cloud of fire around the borders and I am above! You must also make an effort, a combination of heaven and earth works!"

You must be vigilant in East Jerusalem; that is where the terrorists come from.

Their leader, the head of the snake, is in Hebron. He sends out terrorists. Every terrorists writes in WhatsApp or Facebook that he acted alone to confuse Mossad and Shin Bet, so that they think that he wasn't sent. That is a lie, the Palestinian leaders and Hamas sent him. There are Arab youths wandering around looking neglected - they are spies.

The people of Israel must be strong, watch over yourselves and don't think it won't happen to you. Be vigilant and don't trust any gentile because they are all listening; one plans openly and the other plans secretly to harm the Jews.

ISIS - you kill 100 and 1000 more come. You kill 1000 and another hundred thousand come; you cannot kill and destroy them, they multiply like worms.

Britain has left the EU because it didn't support Israel. It supported the Arabs to suffocate Israel, to take parts of Israel away and create a Palestinian state. G-d gave them the thought to leave the European Union. It is only the beginning, one of the foundations. Countries that will continue to act to create a Palestinian state and take land from the holy land of Israel will fall economically and culturally and there will be conflict. Every state or person that wants to take parts of Israel away, woe unto him, his soul, and his offspring. G-d is telling everyone: "This is my holy land! Beware, countries of the world who mess with it! People are still paying the price for Gush Katif!" Jews have nowhere to be, and there are seven billion people attacking them and banishing them from Europe, the US, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The state of Israel grows by one centimeter every day.

Dear Jews, listen well, millions of Jews you don't know will come; Jews who didn't know themselves that they are Jews and they will convert. You should come to Israel and the Jews in Israel should stay in Israel. The holy land is safe and protected.

The US is waiting for the election results, that is what interests them now; the competitors are having a hard time. They will continue to bother the Jews in the US to send them away to Israel.

Turkey is bleeding and will continue to bleed for disrespecting the IDF soldiers. G-d has sworn that they will continue to suffer; ISIS will attack them even more!

Iraq has nothing, no life. There are a lot of groups there that want to take control.

In Syria there is almost quiet, no one interferes because there they think there is no mass murder. The truth is: every day, people are murdered. 100 here and 100 there, sometimes 1000, and only when there is a big event does it hit the news. Now it is routine. Syria doesn't interest anyone in the world anymore. Everything people did to help didn't work; it is in G-d's hands.

Russia loves the Jewish mind, they are always surprised at this small and powerful place - the Jewish mind does everything. Russia is smarter than everyone because they appreciate the Jews and that will be their success.

Jordan is a stress bomb. Refugees and infiltrators come and ISIS will enter and take care of them.

Egypt is hungry, Sisi has no power; he doesn't not trust his bodyguards, and is afraid they will attack him; he knows they want to. G-d is telling him: "Don't touch my holy land! Don't interfere and promote a Palestinian state by taking parts away from Israel! I, G-d, am telling Sisi that if you do this, you will be harmed. If you do this, Egypt will be gone from the world!" In the Sinai desert, they smuggle ammunition to Gaza. It is one of the reasons they want to bring Sisi down, so that it is easier to make a mess; they want to bring down the regime.

Lebanon wants peace and quiet, they are ready to have Syria and Hezbollah fight each other the rest of their lives.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah think that Syria will get better - that will never happen!

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels and receive ammunition and rockets; they are waiting for the day to surprise us. All of their rockets are aimed at Israel.

Abu Mazen is watching over himself and saving money for himself and his children. Do not believe him, he is a liar! He is sending murderers to harm Jews and steal money for the Palestinians.

G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF and revealing the ammunition coming from Iran to Syria and Hezbollah and blowing it up on the way.

There will continue to be natural disasters, winds, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This week, there will be very bad earthquakes and the conflict between countries will continue.

All of the people that steal and take bribes will be revealed. They will continue to be revealed, many un-kosher public establishments that aren't managed right.

Parents, watch over your children from assimilation, gambling, alcohol abuse, and drugs.

The Messiah will continue to work and protect the land of Israel until the blessed day comes. Jews, we are at the end! The seventh key is with the Messiah! He turns and turns, a little bit each time, until it turns completely and there will be quiet in the holy land of Israel! "Their swords will turn into plowshares and their spears will turn into hooks and shovels. No nation will lift a sword against another nation and they will know no war!"

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
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