Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Come to the End

Message from Daniel, Jerusalem

Father, everything is going to run out in the near future. Around the world, everywhere there will be mass confusion. People will be walking around in shock. They do not realize what is happening, but they know something is wrong. They feel the ground shaking beneath them, and know that it is going in directions that are not healthful. They are being led in directions that they think feels good, but it is not. Who is leading them and deceiving them? The wicked! Whether you call them the devil or the New World Order or the Pope or whatever, they are trying to pull us into another world, a world that you cannot recognize.

Once, life was relatively simple, we knew what can and cannot be, more or less. There were people who were walking in improper directions, leading us in improper directions and kept it a secret. Today's planned evil is different - the forbidden is allowed, and permitted is forbidden. Even if we are Orthodox Jews or people who know what is allowed and what is forbidden, there is confusion and concern about how children could grow up with such confusion.

Now Dad, the evil ones are beginning to show themselves amongst the Arabs, as well as in Israel. We are beginning to see who belongs to what. Now the villains have become more courageous and show us who they are.

We have an upside-down world; a world that is enough to make one just sit and cry. Only a few Jews know that the Vatican is partial owner of the land in Israel, and the owner of many holy sites. Not only that, they also sold parts of the old city with the Temple Mount, along with David's tomb! Did you know this? They do not show it, but it's a fact, and you will see soon that it is true.

The star is coming; we will not be waiting too much longer. The ground has been shaking around the world. There are massive earthquakes which are generally more powerful than reported, because they do not want us to know how severe it is. And yes, they know how to change the weather to a certain degree, but it will not help them. For example, if you want to hit a city near the coast, they know how to detonate a nuclear bomb under the water at a certain distance from the shore and it could cause a gigantic tsunami that would cover an entire city. The detonations are not as powerful as the evil ones think, but they still can do damage. There are eruptions of volcanoes all over the world every day. There is a change in water temperature. The oceans are with so many dead fish, and I'm sure it's because the star. There are also many giant sinkholes in Siberia and around the world, and they are growing all the time. There are meteors that are falling on us, but they are still relatively small at this time.

A number of rivers have water that has become completely red. The approaching star has been heating up the Earth's interior, melting the snow and ice at the poles and raising the sea level of the oceans. We see floods in many places where the sea is coming up to homes themselves. There are places where there once was a beach, that are no longer beach areas. There is great fear of weather of very high temperatures in the western US and tornado storms appearing in places that have never seen such activity, such as China.

The NWO has done strange things. In China, for example, they have built several large cities that presently are empty! They have a plan that we do not know. Know that the huge underground bunkers with all the luxuries are in the USA, Russia, Europe, Australia and even Israel. For whom are they? They were prepared for the very wicked. The military and the police who are helping to guard these places and keep us out will also be left out. (Note: These built bunkers and underground cities will be for the wicked to hide from the effects as the star as it approaches the Earth).

The evil ones believe that they can eliminate the population they do not need, and keep for their agenda what they wanted from the beginning. According to their plan they desire only 500 million people on Earth out of 7.4 billion (present population size, which is too many). And after the star devastates the world population, those who survive will be brought to the camps where the evil ones will decide who lives and who dies, who can work, who can be serve a purpose for their agenda. Their plan includes the majority of governments around the world, especially in the West including the Israeli government (who will be needed and who will be eliminated).

Dad, I'm tired; I pray all the time for our people. I worry very much for our people, because I know how hard it will be; how the Jews have become accustomed to and enslaved by their materialism, and how much they do not want to believe that there is such a threat from a star approaching, even though many people have already seen it with their own eyes.

The star is very close. I just want to explain to our people that the only way to save ourselves is to have complete confidence in Hashem. Even if you move into a bunker, have weapons, food, water and everything you need for a few years, it will not help you without Hashem. And, if you do have Hashem, He will take care of you; you will have food, water, electricity and everything you need. Like the Jews who came out of Egypt, the plagues did not affect those who had Hashem.

I want to explain to you that most Jews simply are afraid, and don’t understand that we have come to the end. Moshiach will soon be revealed, but we'll have to first go through the most difficult thing. Hashem is going to destroy two-thirds of the world. This is something that must be. People cannot do such destruction, only Hashem can do that. Do not think it will be because of a nuclear war? It could include one, but it will not be that people could destroy the world. As we have said many times: “Hashem created this world, only Hashem can destroy it.”

And true, the star will come. The star belongs to Hashem; all the stars belong to Him, even the sun belongs to Him; everything belongs to him. Even the wicked belong to him, and soon they will learn it.

Our people are tiny compared to the world population; all real Jews do not take up much space. There is something like 14 million Jews around the world. Some who do not take it seriously, are not Jews at all. We do not know exactly how many Jews are real; only Hashem knows. Many Jews, who think that they are Jews, are not Jews because of all sorts of reasons. We can write all kinds of sources before Moshiach comes, but the majority of Jews would find they are Erev Rav, the mixed multitude. There are real differences between secular Jews, and it will all be clarified soon, who is what.

Jews should be related to Hashem. Each of us should make a separation between materialism that is unnecessary, while believing and trusting only in Hashem will bring us livelihood, He alone! No one else. No matter who gives the physical livelihood, it is only through Hashem. Although the employer appears to provide work and pays his employee a salary, it is Hashem who arranges for the worker's employer to provide work, and get the employee paid for It. Everything comes from Hashem – everything! There is nothing outside the system. There is nothing in our hands. Not at all. Hashem directs everything. Only one thing that we have: the desire to do the will of Hashem. This is our choice and nothing else. All is under the control of Hashem. And, even the desire to do the will of Hashem; even that depends on Hashem, since Hashem helps us with that. Hashem wants us to reach success, so He helps us; He guides us with everything. He loves us; He is our father, and He wants His children to be close to Him. He wants us to understand what is right and wrong, and how to choose the best over evil.

Now, the big change that is about to happen in this world. We live as human beings in this the first human world which is temporary. Hashem will raise us up much higher than what was in the Garden of Eden. After all wars, the star, etc, we move to another dimension; Hashem will raise us to a better, higher place, like the next higher world of Heaven where souls await after death. It will be higher with more spiritual pleasures.

I'm very sorry that we have to pass tests that are so difficult now. The money and all the material things we have become accustomed to will go away. We'll live only with the truth. We will not have to go to work; we will not have to go scrounge; we will not care each month about our electric bill; we will be with Hashem - literally. And He will give us everything we need. We will not need anything more than that. No need for a car; no need for a fancy house; only the need to be with Hashem Who will give us everything we need. We will be without an evil nature, and it will be a pleasure, with no barrier between us and Hashem. We will come closer more and more to Hashem, and this approach will include spiritual pleasure indescribable.

NOTE FROM ME: The message continues on for several more pages but not with anything that is so vital for us now. The above was translated by me, and was quite time consuming. It was very reassuring to read such information that matches what I have been covering for a while. Knowing that Daniel can only get such information from Hashem is the reassuring part. Take his message seriously, since we definitely seem to be running out of time. How much time do we have? I do not know for sure, only my very rough calculations, but it is all the reason to do everything we can now, today to prepare for what is imminent. Hashem is the source and He is obviously giving us such messages to let us know we have “come to the end.” Take care of yourself and your loved ones with the greatest effort you can, it will be too late, soon.
I highly recommend that you go to Shirat Devorah and watch the short but powerful message from Rabbi Alon Anava. It is just shy of 8 minutes, but says much:


  1. Rav Menachem,
    Cannot be grateful enough for the time that you took to translate this message. Only Hashem can repay you.
    I have a mixed feeling of fear and excitement. I guess that is normal - considering that I'm a regular human being...
    Another thing that is a bit unsettling is the fact that Daniel says most Jews are not real Jews and are very likely part of the Erev Rav....Could that be me? I try so hard to be Hashem's precious daughter and do His will to the best of my ability.
    Thank you again for everything!
    May Hashem protect us and save us B'Rachamim from all the impending disaster.

    1. Having feelings of fear and excitement is exactly what Hashem wants from us. Excitement about how close we are to the worldwide redemption, and fear that we have not done enough to prepare. When we talk about having fear of Hashem, it is more of being in complete awe of His omnipotence and omnipresence and the system He gave us to help us be completely happy and successful. Our fear is that we are not wasting time on nonsense, when we have so much that we can still accomplish before the great day of Hashem.

      There is no such thing as Hashem wanting someone to follow Him and he got away. Hashem knows who are the real followers, who are the pretend followers and who are completely on the wrong path. The real Jews are the ones who truly want to do Hashem's will. That is why we are going to find out how many non-Jews in the world are actually with a Jewish soul. As I said the 1/3rd that will survive, is about 2.5 billion people. With the approximate number of Jews being 14 million, we have no way of telling who is a real Jew and who thinks they may be, but couldn't care less. Anyone who is worried about his or her status with Hashem is a real Jew, and will be very happy in the near future at what it means for eternity.

  2. The real Jews are the ones who want to do the will of the Creator of All. Totally correct! But the will is not religion. The religious will hate the coming messiah who will be for the world, the emissary of the Creator of All.

    1. Correct. His will is simply to correct ourselves according to the system He created for us. One might wonder why so many people fight the system that makes them totally successful in life. It is actually because of what you said. Hashem's way in this world is not a religion, which is nonsense made up by people. People who live strictly by their own devices, strictly by their flawed human logic, strictly by made-up religions are losers. We have been given a gift of a system that works and makes us winners and they choose to throw it all away.

      Following Hashem's system is following His will, since Hashem wants us to be happy. Through in some love and gratitude for Hashem giving us such a precious gift, and you now have icing on the cake.

      Why will people of made up religions hate the coming of the real Moshiach? Because they have their own false, made-up Moshiach who doesn't even exist or died thousands of year ago. Some people are sore losers who could have had it all, but are stubborn enough to lose it all including a very joyous eternal life.

  3. Thank you again, Rav for your response.
    Like R' Anava has said last chance now to cash in on investments that yield the greatest dividends!!!
    As it is night-time for me here on the East Coast - I can go to sleep now with a relative calm. We are being well taken care of.
    Thanks again.

  4. Rav berland explained many years ago that the autistics come from the side of din. So even if they are saying truths they only come from one side. We have to start spreading love and showing thevJews the great rachamim of Hashem instead of all this fear. As well the tzaddikim sweeten things for us in this world. It is not so black and white as you are presenting .

    1. The Facilitated Communications individuals are coming to us with the messages from Hashem. With us being so close to Yom Hadin, the day of judgement, it is extremely necessary, if you want to save Jewish lives, to only be on the side of din now.

      Rav Berland is correct and it is exactly what Hashem wants from Daniel, Ben Golden, Moishele, Menachem, etc at this vital time – the end.

      Hashem has been infinitely merciful, but there are not too many Jews who are catching on. It is time for staunch discipline; the Rachmanus will be abundant after Yom Hadin.

  5. Nibiru..I reside in Monsey NY and have lately noticed a greater reception in the Frum community to this whole idea of Nibiru...A slow...slow... opening up... to reality
    Even though anyone can now make a google (Ding, Startpage, yahoo, or others)Search of recent nibiru videos now being posted daily worldwide Clear valid photos of this Fearsome planet Kochav Meyackov AKA Arival of Moshiach!
    It is now High time to take stock of all this data being hidden from us , And to study ourselves for what we really are and to CHANGE for the best that we can Be : maybe we will be Zoicha to see Moshach....

    1. Thank you so much for this excellent comment. It is so interesting to see some activity about what is happening in the Frum world. A friend of mine recently visited me from Lakewood, and didn't have a clue about Nibiru or any other events happening. Unfortunately, Jews still look at the mainstream media and think that is the truth about the world.

      You are so correct about taking stock for ourselves, but also letting others know that time is running out. Many sense that things are changing and that the world is chaotic.

      I just wish more would realize that the craziness in the world is all messages from Hashem and the fulfillment of prophesies, with Hashem telling us to prepare for the near future.

      I had some thoughts about the three weeks coming up and its possible significance to our situation these days. I should write a blog post, B"N, about it since "history repeats itself." Is this another hint from Hashem?

    2. Being that I am also from the typical 'heimish' community in Brooklyn, this comment was a little spark for me. I felt like, "Ah ha, so there's one more heimish 'crazy' person busy with this stuff like I am. Although people generally feel that Moshiach is closer, that's where it ends. He's just a little closer than a he was 50 years ago..... Most real true G-d fearing people, especially those who have no internet access, have no clue about Nibiru and definitely don't beleive anything about it. That leaves me wondering..... does Hashem really need me to be on the web to find all this out????

    3. In the near future there will be about 5 billion people on Earth that would like to be as crazy as you.

      We have so many messages from Hashem that 5776 is the year for Moshiach and the worldwide Geula. Our wait is very short and can be at any time now to the end of the year. I believe we are seeing signs that point to Tammuz or Av as the more likely time.

      In the near future when the world sees Nibiru and all your Heimishe neighbors are asking: "what is that?" You will be the authority to tell them what it is and where in the Torah Hashem has told us about it. That may be the only reason you are on the web, it is not because of all the lies in the news. Read seforim, it is much more productive.

    4. I am from monsey in the Yiddish speaking part!
      We have been posting flyers in our shul created by yovel ovadia in English Yiddish and Hebrew
      People are slowly ...slowly waking up!
      Don't give remember our Mantra Google Bing Yahoo...etc many other search engines are you friend to find out the truth
      Yes We must now use the internet .
      MOSHIAch is on the Horizon.....Teshuva/closeness tom Hashem.... is now the order of the day

      The fist response was to tear them down !
      but as the message started to sink in we succeded in creating meanigful disscusions with quite a few poeople opening themselves up to this Preposteris ideah thatmaybe oshiag

    5. I thank you for your comment, it is such good news to hear that the wonderful people of Monsey, NY are paying attention to Hashem's messages.

      I have some very dear friends in Monsey that I would love to see move to Israel. This awareness should spark an interest in leaving Monsey and coming home.

  6. I'm a baal teshuva, shomer shabbat and shomer mitzvot, but my parents don't keep anything. Can I save them with my merits?

    1. It absolutely helps them, especially if you pray to Hashem that your efforts, your lifestyle should benefit them. Hashem already knows, as He does in advance with all prayers; He just wants us to acknowledge the fact, ourselves.

      I always pray for others in the merit of Moshe, Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, etc, they have much more merit than I.

      I have mentioned that the craziness in the world will get them in the near future to question you. When the world sees Nibiru, you have the opportunity to show others where it is in Tenach and the fact that we have known about this prophecy for thousands of years. That should get some very good conversation going and spark others to turn to Hashem for more answers.

  7. Are we able to share our recent challenges, successes and suggestions as we prepare for the rapidly approaching time? A permanent forum to further support and encourage each other as the trials and tribulations seem to be increasing exponentially for our own tikkuns. I am taking some active steps to correct my deficiencies but compared to a frum person i fall short. So frustrating but i am grateful to be a Baal Teshuva. Rav Menahem this blog has helped all of us in so many ways. With Much Gratitude, Ms. AP

    1. I have noticed you efforts through your comments. Keep up the good work, it is exactly what Hashem wants from each of us.

      This blog is always available to discuss matters. You may have noticed how I have answered comments with a separate blog post. If I see an excellent comment or question or suggestion that would benefit others, I like to spread the word. I have had posts almost completely written by a reader. I invite you and all my readers to bring up topics that will be beneficial to others.

      NO NEGATIVITY IS THE RULE. Everything happening in the world is positive hinting from Hashem to help us endure the upcoming. Negativity is not His intention, nor mine. Let us be nice to each other. If a reader disagrees with something I posted, send me a personal Email, not a controversial comment that would help nobody. I have been getting that more recently; people telling me: my Rav said this and disagrees with you. Since I try to cover Hashem's opinion, you know the absolute truth, let your Rav argue with Hashem, not me. If one doesn't think it is Hashem's opinion, show me in scriptures where I went wrong, but not blaming it on your Rav.

      I am sorry to use you excellent comment Ms. AP to give this message to my readers. It had nothing to do with your efforts, but just anticipation of comments to come, since I am suggesting input from my readers.

    2. Thank you Rav..(Moses of our times)
      Thank you Ms,AP.. you have helped me in so many ways.
      Thank you to so many here whose comments i have read, and they have many times answered something that had been bothering me at that certain time.

      All i say now is.. Hashem bless each and all of you... may we only live onwards now to help each other grow and become the best we can.

      This is Noahide.. with much to be grateful and thankful to Hashem to Rav Menachem (Moses of our time) and all you lovely people.

      Hashem bless you all and also all good peoples of the world where ever they be. AMen.


    3. Dear user S/C, I understand from a previous post that you wanted to convert at some point in your life to Judaism You display and show a love for the Jewish People in your posts. You undestand that all of the worlds knowledge is contained in the Torah., and you wish to learn, you pocess and have shown the desire and passion for the Truth. Tomorrow go to a Rabbi, find one and look into his eyes, and tell him that with all your heart and soul, and MIGHT" that Hashem has put me on this path today so that I can search and find you Rabbi, that you may help me convert to Judaism, to become one with Hashem, and Isreal and the Jewish Nation, I ask you Rabbi please help me."....Dear S/c It is never to late..Please do this, if your heart and Soul has given you this spark to convert. Here is a question for you to seek the answer,...Where in the Torah does the Mathmatical Equation for Pi exist..? Which is infinite? Placed in the Torah, from the Beginning. I will post the answer at a later date. May you have the courage and strength to follow your path to converting to Judaism. Please note that the Jewsih people are not allowed to go to non-jews and tell them to convert, or in any manner.,but based on your posts, I just want to say to you that it is not to late.

  8. Is it possible that Bibi Netanyahu is the Moshiach ben Iosef?

    1. Anything is possible, but this seems unlikely. He is too relaxed with the giving of land for peace, which MBY would never do. I also believe that MBY is a G-d fearing Torah scholar who would appear observant, not secular.

  9. Replies
    1. It is not a mystery that there are billions (if not trillions) of planets out there surrounding just about every star (sun) the exists. We have known about it for decades. Why are we hearing such news now? The same reason as the election, sports, the entertainment business, the weather, gay nonsense, police killings, terror attacks, medical problems, FEMA camps, racial tension, Martial Law, dumbing down of society, etc etc, etc, all diversions from the problem at hand, a solar system getting close to the Earth that will devastate much of the planet.

      The global elite want us dead. They do not want us to prepare and get out of harm's way, while they secretly go into their underground cities. They want to take our mind off of the problem, and occupy us with things in world that are either already known, or being created to take sway our interests off of the real problem.

      It is all allusion that can be combated by simply turning to Hashem and learning the truth. That is our salvation.

    2. It is not a mystery that there are billions (if not trillions) of planets out there surrounding just about every star (sun) the exists. We have known about it for decades. Why are we hearing such news now? The same reason as the election, sports, the entertainment business, the weather, gay nonsense, police killings, terror attacks, medical problems, FEMA camps, racial tension, Martial Law, dumbing down of society, etc etc, etc, all diversions from the problem at hand, a solar system getting close to the Earth that will devastate much of the planet.

      The global elite want us dead. They do not want us to prepare and get out of harm's way, while they secretly go into their underground cities. They want to take our mind off of the problem, and occupy us with things in world that are either already known, or being created to take sway our interests off of the real problem.

      It is all allusion that can be combated by simply turning to Hashem and learning the truth. That is our salvation.

  10. Do you think this is true? Read the comments from the links on this site. Some believe it without doubt while others claim it to be a hoax. What do you think?

    Netanyahu Begs Obama: Don't Let Putin Disclose Nibiru

    1. I am seeing this for the first time. Since I don't believe most of what I read in the news, I have no comment, that I can make. If this is another message from Hashem about Nibiru, it is very interesting, but without any analysis, I am at a loss for words (some of you may say: he is at a loss for words? That's a new one).

  11. Shalom Ever Green, and thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    if i had an email address i could write and tell you more of my travel on the road to Judaism. I did not achieve what i truly wanted, for many reasons..

    so i will have to be content as Noahide.
    Perhaps when Mashiach comes, He may allow those like many like me to then join the Chosen Nation?
    Perhaps.. perhaps..

    Thank you again, and Hashem bless you and all who come to this Absolutely wonderful blog..
    Here. it feels like we are all family...:)
    i shall wish oneand all a peaceful and Happy Shabbat Shalom!!


    1. Dear S/c, my name is Dovid, a later date when I create an e-mail and site to provide you, perhaps then, you can tell me your story., better yet you can tell your story to everyone here. Hashem is the Creator of things, created. Hashem knows your heart and Soul, and every thought you have ever had and will have. Need not worry,...Hashem is with you and will bring you into the the world to come.