Monday, July 25, 2016

A Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Pinchas, 11 Tammuz 5776 (7/17/16)

G-d is telling the world, for 7 years in a row, that He is purifying the world and making the earth pure and holy without conflicts and fighting. He is turning the world from a world of hate into a world of love - this is G-d's will. To humans, it sounds like a lot of work, it sounds strange, but nothing is strange with G-d, what He says happens. G-d is tired of the old world, a world of filth, adultery, murder, theft and abuse. He is using the forces of nature, volcanic eruptions, floods, fire, winds and storms so that the world repents and so that all of the Jews around the world come to Israel.

G-d continues to strike with conflict and complications all of the people or countries that want to take land away from Israel to establish a twisted Palestinian state, heaven forbid.

G-d is warning the people in Israel and the world: "Do not mess with my Holy Land!" The Holy Land belongs to G-d, the Jews living in it and the Jews who should come live in it. Woe unto any person or country that wants to take land away to create a twisted Palestinian state. A stolen Gush Katif and Gaza are not an invitation to take more, just the opposite - all of Gaza will return to the Holy Land! Sounds strange? Father in Heaven likes to make strange things real!

Jews from all over the world need to come urgently to Israel; there will be trouble throughout the world. Stop being delusional, that it will go away. It will not go away, it will be worse. ISIS is all over the world, you kill one you get 100. Jews, how long will you live a lie? How long will you live in hiding? How long will you hide your kippah in your pocket? How long will you pretend to be gentiles? G-d has sworn an oath in Heaven and Earth that He will tell all of the gentiles who the real Jews are so that they are banished to the Holy Land! Soon, all of the countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa will banish the Jews from their countries, it is a holy act! G-d has put hatred of the Jews in the gentiles so that they banish them! The Jews have nowhere to go and must come to Israel.

In the entire world, there is no place pure, holy and protected like Israel! In Israel, you have everything; you have four seasons - fall, summer, spring, and winter - but only in Israel. There are rains, the best fruit and vegetables, the best army in the world, there is gold, iron, gas, oil, diamonds, stones and metals. Patience, G-d will reveal all slowly. When business people do things for the good of Israel and the Jews there will be abundance! In Israel, there is work, if you wish to work. There is no shortage of work in the Holy Land, because work is in the hands of G-d.

Every person with a family will earn for his family with honor, every work is honorable. Even the Torah greats and wise men worked half a day and studied half a day, they were shepherds, shoemakers, etc.

Some of the Israeli Arab citizens are very dangerous and they work with the Palestinians. Thank G-d that they discover factories with explosive materials in the villages. There are weapons in Hebron, East Jerusalem, and West Bank, hidden in homes and under rocks. They send terrorists from Hebron everywhere, and Abu Mazen is the top of the chain, he knows and is responsible for everything.

G-d is warning all of the nations: "Don't touch my Holy Land, you have been warned!"

Hamas is busy digging tunnels 24 hours a day. The IDF must be vigilant to prevent terrorists from emerging from some tunnel, heaven forbid.

Sisi is kissing up to Israel, as if he is clean and pure, because Egypt is hungry and he wants knowledge from Israel, and help and guidance on dealing with ISIS and Hamas. He wants to let go of the responsibilities and give it to Israel to take care of. In Egypt, there is chaos; there is no quiet for Sisi. He is afraid for his life because of ISIS and extreme Islam.

Syria is being eaten away; G-d has sent the ten plagues on them, from the sea, land and air. G-d is doing this.

Lebanon is always in fear.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no wings, legs or hands. There is no one to help them; they are eating away at themselves. It is clear to everyone that they are frauds.

Iran is the only one left to help Hezbollah; they know that every time they send ammunition, the IDF blows it up if ISIS or the rebels don't get to it first. Iran, listen good, G-d will bring you more fires and tragedies because you think bad thoughts about Israel. All of the gentiles know that G-d is protecting the borders of Israel!

In Turkey, there is destruction and complications. It is a warning to the Jews living in Turkey to run urgently from there and come to Israel! Not to Europe or the United States - Israel! There won't be any more warnings and it will be too late to prepare for aliyah, this is your last chance to run! Jews, be careful, do not travel to Turkey.

All of the Jews in the world must be very careful, terrorism is everywhere. Dear Jews, if you didn't know, gentiles enjoy harming Jews. You have been warned.

Jordan was promised a Palestinian state to throw all of the refugees there. They can keep waiting.

Iraq is a Babel Tower, a place of ruins. The Arabs are eating at each other, a snake eating a snake.

The US is fighting over who will be the next president and they will all be surprised from the result. Whoever gets elected will not harm the Holy Land and will help Israel.

Putin is very smart and knows who to love - the holy land of Israel and the Jewish mind. Russia appreciates Israel. They know that Israel, the Holy Land, and the Jews in Israel really do love peace and want peace.

So long as France continues to talk about taking land away from Israel for a Palestinian state, they will have tragedies and the ten plagues. Jews in France must run from there urgently, it will not end. The hatred for the gentiles will increase, because this is G-d's doing.

All of the Jews with factories and business in China should move them urgently to Israel; you've been warned! China will be destroyed and you will lose all of your property.

Anyone who cheats Jews and lives off of them, steals, sells bad product, etc. will pay a heavy price. White collars, religious, secular, conmen - all will be caught red handed.

Jewish parents, watch over your children from alcohol abuse, drugs, gambling, and assimilation.

Every Jew that gives "ma'aser" and is honest, G-d will multiply their income! G-d is asking the righteous in the world to always pray to Him and for Him; to look to G-d in the heavens and say "there is none like Him."

G-d lifts, blesses, heals and provides. Life and death are only in the hands of G-d. A Jew with a head on his shoulders does not look left or right, but goes in full faith with G-d, believing that all that happens to him is for his benefit and every bad thing is for the better.

Every Jew that has a birthday on his or her Hebrew date only, G-d takes time to listen to all of his or her requests.   G-d loves His children and is happy when they ask for things. Every year, on your birthday, there is a renewal of you as a Jew; it closes the year and starts a new year.

G-d wants the Jews to obey the commandments and give into Him. He has messengers in Israel with the Messiah King, in control; blessed is he who is blessed by Him! Everyone who believes in redemption and the Messiah will be enlightened by the heavens. The Messiah is working to save Israel and harm all of the nations outside of Israel. The Messiah feels the pain of the honest and clean Jews, and for the rest of the Jews he asks G-d to give them wisdom and knowledge to repent. The spirit of the Messiah gives life and the Jews breathe from the spirit of the Messiah, who will soon be out in the open!

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  1. Why does he still talk about the election in the USA as happening when that will already be in 5777?

    1. I have no idea. I once asked him about Nibiru. He said he was aware of it, but did not have details.

      If he is not aware of the great changes coming, he might be thinking like the RAMBAM, who said that after Moshiach is introduced, it will be business as usual (changes more gradually).

    2. Perhaps he is talking about it is because it will happen.

    3. We will see, but it is very unlikely. I have many, many reasons why it will not happen, including the US of Magog not even existing in November, and Moshiach as the King -- no other governments will exist or be needed.

  2. Author of this blog, what do you think about the apparent contradiction between Rabbi Ben Artzi who always speaks in favor of Israel as a country (I assume he's dati leumi) and the autistic kids who always bash Israel and Zionism, specially Daniel and Biniamin? I know all of them are tzadikim who struggle for the same holy cause, but which one is more right in your opinion? I'm quite confused. I want to know if Hashem agrees more with Rav Abraham HaKohen Kook who said that secular Jews that sacrificed themselves for the cause of building up the physical land are sacred or the Satmer who consider all the other Jews are garbage, including those datim and haredim who don't think like them (datim leumim, Chabad, Breslev, Shas, etc). I guess we will have to wait for Mashiach to know the answer, but in the meantime I'd like to know your personal opinion. Thanks in advance.

    1. There is no such thing as a country being only one way. Every country has good and not-so-good in it. The Tzadikim in Israel make this place a wonderful place to live and the safest in the world for a Jew. The Erev Rav, the ones who are running this country now, are the not-so-good group and create great problems. The worldwide redemption will solve it all since under Moshiach the entire world will only be good.

      I wish to not comment on any individual or any Jewish group or their feelings about Israel or any other topic. One, it is Lashon Harah, two, I don't think it is important. I am only interested in Hashem's opinion, and what is coming up.

  3. Rav, I have one question that maybe you could answer. Are ALL the jews going to be part of the Redemption? Or is there going to be a selection? Maybe you can tell me your opinion. Thanks
    And sorry if this has nothing to do with the post's thread

    1. It is Hashem's opinion from scriptures that all Jews will be redeemed. What is being brought out more these days is that we don't know who are real Jews. History has confounded the world population.

      I have said that from the Zachariah 13:8, 1/3rd of the world population will be saved and redeemed. That is 2.5 billion people. With an estimated 14 million Jews in the world, that means that over 2 billion non-Jews will also be redeemed. I suspect that the lost tribes will be billions of people meaning their will be over 2 billion people who will come home to Israel and be called Jews.

  4. I have an answer for all who want to feel more humble and more loving towards their each fellow Jew. Quote: There used to be true Tzadikim and true Rashaim (bad people). Nowadays there are no Tzadikim on the high level like then but also no true Rashaim. Each Jew has Mitswot and aveirot. Good deeds and less good or bad if you will. "The Lubavitscher Rebbe". This will hopefully create the achdut (unity) we so desperately need and bring down the people that think their it and bring up those that don't think much of themselves.

  5. Rabbi Ben Artzi said that SOON the Moshiach will be out in the open. Well if this is true, why does he want all Jews to move to Israel now? Why not just wait for the Moshiach to come before moving to Israel?

    1. According to the commentary of Balaam's prophecy of the star of Jacob, the star is Moshiach. They will happen together. The devastation that will strike the world will be outside of Israel. The only safe place for the Jews will be Israel.

      Will the Jews survive outside of Israel? Probably, but with much more hardship than those in Israel. What will be the final result? I really don't know, but I believe all Jews and righteous non-Jews will be saved (per several places in scriptures). After all, if 1/3 the world population will survive, or 2.5 billion people, that far exceeds the Jews of the world, including all the Jews in Israel.

  6. I ask you Rabbi Robinson please click on this link check out and please consider posting Rav Berland is ahuge tzaddik who is connected to the geula

  7. Judi. I have a very extensive answer to your comment that I would prefer to hold off. I have received similar comments and would like to handle them all with one blog post, probably early next week.

    With Moshiach coming, I may not have to answer it at all. If you send my a private Email, I can give you a preview of what I plan to say.


    1. I believe August is the time, but before the 29th.