Sunday, July 31, 2016

Torah Codes are Very Tricky; Plus What is with Nibiru?

One of my favorite subjects is the hidden codes that are found in the Torah. Why? Being an Engineer, I have always been a skeptic, who wanted proof about everything before saying that this is the absolute truth (there's one of my favorite expression).

But, since everything in this universe is in the Torah, can we use it to predict the future? Absolutely not!!! It is not the purpose of the codes. What is the purpose? Since I have written about this many times, I thought I would save myself lots of typing (I really dislike typing) and refer you to my previous posts on the subject. Here are three available to answer your questions:

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It is important to know how codes are found. We do not have software that we just ask “When is Moshiach going to be introduced?” even though that would be great. Our searches happen by us putting possible words and phrases into a program, and see if we find it in the Torah. In other words, we suggest the information. The facts, that we see, are always after it occurs, we can verify where an event was found in the Torah and how significant it is statistically. Even the Statistical Report done on the famous Rabbis (in my post Torah Codes above) still required the doers of the experiment to put the Rabbis full names into the computer for the search. The fact that they found all 66 names was good evidence that everyone and everything is in the Torah. But, to find their dates of death (and birth in a later iteration of the same experiment), was only possible because we already knew their birth and death dates. Finding all this information wasn’t predicting the future, it was verifying the impossible fact that everything is in the Torah and that the One who gave us the Torah knew all this before the fact. I can find an individual in the Torah, but I can’t tell him when he will die, even though it is there. I have to know the date and look for it, which is not known until it happens (and then he really won’t care anymore).

Why am I telling you all this? Besides the fact that it is fascinating, it puts a different perspective on many videos that we have seen that seem to be predicting the future. Let me be specific about one that just came out, and then I will explain the trap that we fall into with such information. Recently, NASA made a statement that Nibiru will make its closest approach on 24 September 2016 (21 Elul 5776). Rav Glazerson did a Torah codes search and sure enough, he found it. First watch the video and then let me comment on the find:

The Threat - Nibiru 24 September 2016
My first question that came to mind is: did the evil global elite, who have silenced NASA since 1983 when they first saw Nibiru, do Teshuvah? Did the evil ones start to feel bad about their deception and come clean to try to help the people of the world? My answer, after I stopped laughing, was NO, NO, NO, NO (and a thousand more NO’s)!!!!!!!! Am I saying that this seems to be another deception from the evil global elite to possibly help them get into their underground cities to safety, while we are disastrously killed on the surface? YES, YES, YES, YES (and a million more YES’s)!!!!!!!

But wait a minute, it was found in the Torah, so it must be true. Right?

I have already stated that everything is in the Torah, everything. What was actually found in this video? That a date is parallel to Nibiru with many letters in between. Should we conclude before the fact that the date found is for Nibiru?

I did some additional searches in the Tenach just out of curiosity. I found:

NASA – 106 times with a letter separation of 100 or less (many with a very low, significant ELS)
Deception – 17 times with a letter separation of 100 or less
I did not look specifically at the location of these words, since I am not sure how it would be worded. It could be something like “NASA lied,” or “NASA does not do Teshuvah.” My point is that everything is in the Torah including the date that NASA said Nibiru would occur. It does not tell us when Nibiru will occur, since the search that was done was strictly the NASA deceptive date. Here again, we really cannot tell until after the fact.

I found Tammuz, the present month that we are in, 386 times with an ELS of 100 or less. I also found Menachem Av 3 times with an ELS of 100 or less, and 11 times with an ELS of 300 or less (just Av would be statistically insignificant and would produce thousands of finds). Were any of these months near Nibiru, 5776 and other significant words for our purpose? I am sure they are, but meaning what? If there are events happening due to Nibiru such as an increase in earthquakes, it is in the Torah. I cannot tell the definite date by guessing and seeing if it is in the Torah. After all, I am not qualified as a statistician to be able to evaluate the probability of its validity. That means wait until after, and I’ll tell you (once again, who cares once it is done?).

I was so impressed when we found the Adar date that Gill Broussard predicted. I even found in Hebrew 26 March in the area. When I did a search of certain other words, here were my results:

Broussard I found 128 times with an ELS of 300 or less, and 46 times if I cut it to an ELS of 100 or less. Is the Torah telling us the date of Nibiru as 26 March, or is it telling us that Gill Broussard will guess at that date? Everything is in the Torah, so you know the answer to that question.
I need not go into more detail, nor do I need to search further. The truth can only be seen for sure after the fact. I am not here to try to predict the future, but I am certain from the many sources that we have (besides Torah Codes), that we are close to the time of Geula and of Moshiach. Are the videos of Rav Glazerson fascinating? Without a doubt, I look forward to the next one. Is it a prediction of the future? I have no idea until it happens. Should I rely on dates seen to live my life? Definitely not!!!! 

The messages that we are receiving from Hashem through prophesies in scriptures, the Facilitated Communications individuals, the Rabbis who have Ruach Hakodesh, the Mekubalim who have been very accurate about what is coming up, etc, are all reassuring that we need not wait for any further proof. Now is the time for the best repentance, prayer, Torah study, charity, helping others and a very concentrated effort to do the commandments.

My prediction is each individual will be taken care of measure for measure according to our efforts NOW. I didn’t see that in Torah Codes, Hashem has been telling us this necessity for thousands of years. The closer you try to come to Hashem and do His will the better the prediction will be for your personal outcome.

I could not end this without giving some analysis to the coming of Nibiru and at the same time Moshiach. One very strong message that I think we can rely on from NASA and the evil ones is that it will be before 24 September. If their deception is strictly to allow them to take cover, which it appears to be, then we are talking probably at least a month before. The biggest fear that they have is that the world is going to realize the danger and how their leaders are cowardly running to save themselves, and at the same time, hoping to kill as many of the world population as possible.

There are many other signs that we are getting closer. The movement of military equipment has been staggering. The purchase of ammunition and equipment for riot control is unprecedented. The great increase in plastic coffins being purchased and delivered to the FEMA camps is disgusting. The probability of the worldwide financial collapse is becoming apparent.

Then there are signs from Nibiru. The earthquakes continue at about 30 to 40 a day, but with an increase in intensity. In the past week, there have been many more earthquakes in the 5 to 7.7 (in the Northern Mariano Islands) range of intensity, more than we have ever seen. To have earthquakes greater than 6 and not have it reported in the news is very unusual, unless the evil ones want to keep this indication quiet. To have one 7.7 and not see it in the news is unbelievable.  There is a great increase in flooding, fires,
large numbers of birds and fish dying and hazardous weather systems around the world. There seems to be an increase in radiation level worldwide (I am just starting to pay attention to this indicator). I also believe that the large increase in terror activity with a staggering amount of deaths is all false flag occurrences since the CIA financed and trained ISIS is proudly taking credit for the horror. There is great provocation occurring worldwide for a world war, including an increase by many countries in troop movement as well as missile testing.  We also cannot ignore the great increase in Jew-hatred around the world.

I could go on, but I am not fooled by the fact that this is all implementation of the global elite New World Order agenda. On a positive note, I also see the plan of Hashem to use all this to bring the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. When? It is as close as Nibiru, and I do believe Nibiru is approaching rapidly.

I have said that the commentary from Balaam's prophecy of the Star of Jacob states that the star, which is Nibiru, is the Moshiach.  That means that when the star does its flyby, it is the likely time for Moshiach to be introduced. 

So when is Nibiru going to be seen by the entire world?  There have been so many videos from very unprofessional sources that give me no confidence in their findings.  The only action for me is to try from photos taken to try to guestimate the size of Nibiru and to estimate its possible arrival time frame.  Here are some pictures from Mexico that were taken last week.  The first two are the same photo with the second enhancing the color to see it better:

 Two additional photos from Mexico:

All these photos and many more that I have seen are saying that Nibiru is appearing to be two to three times the size of the moon these days. 

The size is an important aspect in gauging its closeness.  The fact that it is getting so big to the naked eye tells us that it is close. I spent hours searching for accurate information to calculate its present distance to Earth, its speed and its possible arrival.  I believe that since there is no true way to guestimate, I am taking this as a message from Hashem not to try.  I know that it is close, much closer than a 24 Sep deception, but the actual numbers that I have settle upon are not what I would call statistically reliable, and therefor I am not going to give a prediction.

We are in the three weeks of consolation; a time that has been disastrous to our history. All these horrors that we are seeing seem to fit right into this solemn time of mourning and reflection. Is Hashem telling us that the Teshuvah that we should be increasing during these three weeks is much more needed this year? Is Hashem telling us that the end of the three weeks, which is Tisha B’Av, a fast day of pouring out our hearts to Hashem for help, is going to result in a feast day of celebration? It is brought down that when we get Moshiach and the Geula the 9th of Av will change from a day of mourning to a day of celebration, a day of fasting to a day of feasting. I have always wondered about the word fast and how it changes to feast by just adding the letter “e,” which I guess stands for “eat.”

I take everything as a sign from Hashem. I know that I have said that each date that comes up is another possibility for the happy ending (happy for the followers of Hashem). So I am not predicting, but requesting your help again. If these three weeks are truly used as a time of reflection, repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, helping others, observing the commandments, etc, than we together can bring about the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. I can’t stress enough that this is not a wait and see, but a tremendous opportunity to save the world and bring about the best of all possible worlds; the world as Hashem intended it to be.

Let us all take this opportunity, and put the e into fast (I definitely prefer eating to fasting). We can do it. Also, there was a Torah Code recently that said that Tu B’Av, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av is when the third and final Temple will fall from the sky. Let us make this Torah Code totally correct, since the Temple will come after the redemption, the return of all the Jews and the lost tribes, the elimination of the evil of the world and the crowning of the King “Moshiach.”

I have received over Shabbos another message from Hashem that is very encouraging, even pointing to the possibility of Moshiach being introduced (Nibiru coming) prior to Tisha B'Av (feast, not fast).  I am still investigating my findings and will report it later this week, B"N.


  1. Rav, when you say "(happy for the followers of Hashem)" who are you refering to, being more specifically? Everyone that has good intentions? Thanks

    1. The 2 1/2 billion good people that will survive the devastation of Nibiru (Zachariah 13:8).

    2. Wasn't it 2.5 billion people? (Sorry for my bad english)

    3. They are the same number. 2 1/2 = 2.5

  2. A very timely post to uncover misunderstandings that have and do appear in some blog posts, Especially about Mashiach and the Geula.

    1. There have been so many videos made recently predicting this and that and it doesn't happen. I once heard years ago that, if someone makes a prediction that Hashem doesn't want said, the date will be changed, if the prediction was correct.

      Hashem states through the prophet Daniel that these things are sealed until the end time. In other words, until Hashem wants to unseal the event.

      We are also told at the end of Malachi, right after the very pertinent words about the coming of a star of righteousness: "Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of Hashem."
      We have been told who will deliver the date that we are so much wanting to discover -- any other individual predicting the date will probably be wrong.

  3. When you say that you received a message from Hashem, by what method do you receive these messages? Is it a dream? A strong intuition? A form of applied kinesiology questions and answers? Please elaborate.

    1. The answer is yes, all of the above. I just happen to be studying something unrelated to the above subject and there just happened to be a very strong message in the text related to the subject. There is no such thing as coincidence, so I know that Hashem sent me a message.

  4. You're right with your assumption that it will be before Sept. 24. A very prominent person in my family recently had a dream that Moshiach is coming. And a while ago I dreamed that Nibiru will pass at the end of Av (Aug). I was shown the exact date.

    1. There is no such thing as coincidence. You are the fourth reader that has mentioned a dream about the imminent coming of Nibiru and Moshiach. Hashem works in mysterious ways, even the way He sends us messages.

  5. I love your posts, thank you for the much needed chizuk!

    1. Thank you. Just be aware that when I ask questions myself, and research the absolute truth, I get plenty of chizuk also.

  6. Thank You Rabbi Robinson for this blog a breath of fresh air .Please announce this important message :
    Everyone can take your own picture of NIBIRU with a cell phone You Don't need to rely on others just point you Cell phone at the sun when it isn't cloudy (ahem)and click you will see nibiru and its Star of moshiach
    I you dont have Cell camera then make a search with any good search engine for RECENT videos of Nibiru and you will find videos from all over the world seeing the same picture . of the Nibiru The Star of Moshiach.
    Its Real!!

  7. As stated above, Thank you once again for these very encouraging posts.
    I would like to suggest that the "e" stands for "Eliyahu HaNavi". We should bring him quickly, "FAST" so that we can "feast" on increased understanding of H's holy Torah.
    (Mostly everyone enjoys a good meal. In general, [G-d forbid not here], I find it "distasteful" (pun intended) theoretically when food/feasting is emphasized w/ regards to the fasts/ Geula Shleima!!)
    We have been working millenia for this moment - food least on the hierarchy of what the Moshiach experience will bring. Meaning, it's not about the physical fasting or "feasting" it's about wholeness, completeness, TRUE Simcha, joy and happiness - forever. A world where H' will finally have an Eternal Edifice (more E's)and we will be able to truly live lives that emulate His holy ways. THAT's what Geula is all about...
    (I'm speaking to myself and in general. I'm not giving anyone mussar, certainly not the writer of this blog.)
    Respectfully, Anonymous

  8. Correction - the "E" the I wrote above should be for "Elokim". Eliyahu HaNavi being sent by H' - H' Hu HaElokim Ein Od Milvado" - HaShem is G-d - There is none other, He is the "Echod, Yachid, U'M'Yuchad"..." He is One, the Only One, Singular and Special...
    I ask the writer of the blog, how would one better translate "M'Yuchad"? Special, Unique (in His Oneness)?

  9. Hi Rabbi Robinson. Rabbi Kanievsky has repeated many times that the Moshiach is already in Israel and that he will surely reveal himself this year which is the time also predicted in the Gemara Sanhedrin as Motze Sheviit. Rav Kanievsky has also said that all we have to do now is wait.

  10. Mainstream media is starting to talk and admit that it will be in August, but trying to fool us that it's 2 years later - 2018.
    NASA Spacecraft Set to Explore Giant Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth

    1. Good find. That is really useless reporting. Maybe next they will get into the story of aliens coming to Earth.

  11. Is Dead Sea Fulfilling Bible's End Times Prophecy?
    The report further notes that in 2011, a team of researchers from Ben Gurion University in the Negev sent divers to the floor of the Dead Sea where they found fresh water flowing in from craters that were 15 meters across and 20 meters deep. These craters were "carpeted with mats of microorganisms, showing that the Dead Sea was not entirely dead."

    "Scientific research has proved the existence of life at the bottom of the Dead sea, but due to a unique set of circumstances, signs of life have begun appearing on its very shores, precisely as it is written in the Book of Prophets," the report claims.

    Zechariah 14:8 reads: "On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half to the Dead Sea and the other half to the Mediterranean Sea. This will happen for the summer as well as the winter."

    Ezekiel 47: 8-9 reads: "He said to me, 'This water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the Arabah, where it enters the Dead Sea. When it empties into the sea, the salty water there becomes fresh. Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.

    1. Everything that happens fulfills Hashem's will.

      The Ezekiel is really talking the flow of Torah to the world, which has been fulfilled. Look at the Rashi on verse 8, it says that the water will flow all the way to America. Wow, Rashi wrote America about 400 years before Amerigo Vespucci even lived (the guy America is named after). Did Rashi get info from Hashem? Absolutely!!!!!

    2. see this also:

  12. see this:

    1. Very good. I believe this is one of the planets in orbit around the sun, Nibiru. It is too small and too blue for Nibiru.



    1. Another fascinating find by Rav Glazerson, and a beautiful message from Hashem. Thank you Hashem, Rav Glazerson and Greater Monsey, for sending this to us.

    2. Another fascinating find by Rav Glazerson, and a beautiful message from Hashem. Thank you Hashem, Rav Glazerson and Greater Monsey, for sending this to us.