Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Bechukotai, 14 Iyar 5776 (22/5/16)

Holy G-d is the Leader of the world and the earth belongs to Him. The world has a Leader and He is our Father in Heaven. The Creator created the earth just for the Jews, meant for them to clean, purify and sanctify it. If there are no Jews, there is no Torah; and, if there is no Torah, there is no world and the world will go back to chaos.

There will not be a third world war; there will not be world destruction like in the time of Noah. There will be difficult things in the world, things that are hard to describe, floods and rain, snow and ice, winds and storms, fire and heat, and earthquakes. All four forces of nature: fire, wind, water, and earth listen to G-d the Creator; they do not have free will like man. G-d, the World Creator is using the forces of nature and the conflicts and complications between countries to purify the world so that everyone obeys the commandments.

Anti-Semitism is increasing in the world. Its purpose is to expel the Jews out of the exile countries so that they live in the holy land, to settle the Negev, the Western Galilee, Samaria, Binyamin, and Golan Heights - this is called the Land of Israel. More Jews will be discovered around the world.

Millions of refugees and infiltrators will continue to come to Europe. Every state, country, man, president, or world leader that wants to create complications for Israel or take parts of the holy land away - G-d Creator will harm that country and you will see, transmitted live, what happens to a country that wants to harm the Holy Land.

In Egypt, Sisi wants to make peace with the Palestinians because he wants to get rid of Hamas, ISIS, and extreme Islamists. His goal is not peace; he is looking after his own interests. Sisi wants Palestinians to settle in the Land of Israel and destroy it, because he thinks that if a Palestinian state rises, heaven forbid, he will have peace in his own country - the revolution in Egypt will come faster than he thinks.

France is next in line, it is interfering by wanting to establish a Palestinian state and it will pay a heavy price! France will go up in flames and there will be endless complications: on the roads, transportation, ships, planes, and among themselves. The penetrators will continue to "work" in France, as will ISIS. This is the end of every country or state that wants to create a Palestinian state, because of their own interests without really caring about the Holy Land.

Jordan is waiting for the US election results. It won't do the Jordanian king any good, he will keep waiting. He silences the refugees and the Jordanian citizens and puts out fires, but the refugees are eating away at Jordan. On the other hand, he wants to continue the peace with Israel because Israel protects him.

Syria, There is nothing more to say about Syria, it is all destroyed, there is no peace, there will be no peace, and there is no one to make peace with.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah - the IDF is following them and bombing any ammunition that arrives from Iran or Syria. If the rebels or ISIS fail to get them, the IDF bombs will not have to intercept. Hezbollah is afraid to fight against Israel, because they don't have any more Iran and Syria by its side; they don't have anyone to help them, and they are fighting to conquer Lebanon.

Hamas continues to dig the tunnels toward Israel and Egypt; they are quietly making a mess. Hamas is keeping the ammunition, they don't want to fight against Israel because they are afraid of losing their ammunition and then ISIS will conquer Gaza. Hamas has no problem with Israel, because Israel wants peace, not war, but they do have a problem with ISIS.

In East Jerusalem and around the area there are conspiracies by terrorist leaders who send suicide terrorists to harm the Jews. Every Jew must be vigilant and careful, must open his eyes and will not ever be harmed.

Iran is sending representatives or soldiers to Syria and Hezbollah to help them - it won't do any good. Iran is afraid of harming Israel directly and does so indirectly until G-d the Creator strikes them like Syria.

Russia is waiting for the election results in the US. Putin does not want anyone to bother his peace and ways.

The US is only interested in the elections, they are slandering each other.

In Turkey, ISIS is growing. Arduan doesn't know what to do. He wants peace with Israel, but it is not peace, it is fake peace for his own interests. Their plan is to destroy Israel and they are working together.

Iraq continues to be destroyed.

China will be destroyed financially because G-d does not want the Chinese to buy even one factory in Israel, or any other country. G-d has decided to take China apart, it will be destroyed financial as well as many European countries. The Jews abroad will run and fly to Israel because life is priceless.

The government of Israel and all of the Jews in Israel - do not get excited about talks from Turkey, France or any other country, they only worry about themselves and not the Holy Land.

Dear Jews, invest in real estate: homes, lots, stores, and businesses - only in The Land of Israel! Don't believe commercials and don't be tempted to buy homes abroad - they will take them from you.

The government of Israel will never be stable. They want to expand the government so that the prime minister has more authority to make more significant decisions. We pray that a Palestinian state does not rise, because they want to take parts of the Land of Israel away and destroy Israel, heaven forbid. We the Jews do not have any other country; this is our country, the Holy Land of Israel! Members of parliament and ministers must be united; we don't have any other home. G-d is protecting the holy land; He wants to crown the Messiah King in public and wants to build the Temple!

Watch and remember: every country or leader that wants to harm the people of Israel or take parts of The Land Israel away, G-d will harm them forever! Gush Katif belongs to Israel and it weeps! Until now, anyone that wants to live there has no peace and no quiet!

The citizens of Israel, parliament members, and the IDF must protect the Holy Land. Israel has strength like no other country! There is no country in the world that can defeat Israel! G-d is fighting for Israel and protecting it!

All of the officials who are white collar criminals, religious or secular, people who take bribes and steal, you will all be revealed one after the other.

Jewish parents: watch over your children from assimilation, alcohol abuse, gambling, and drugs - they are the future of the Holy Land.

G-d of the Universe is telling the Jews in Israel and the world: there is no time, repent! Kindness comes before Torah! The Commandments have all of the solutions that man needs: joy, peace, prosperity, and long life. The bitterness, complaints, and evil go away. Any person that tries to obey the Commandments will never be harmed. The Commandments have it all, the crowning of the Messiah King and the building of the Third Temple. When everyone obeys the Commandments, the world will be complete, and it starts from a special place – The Land of Israel; and, from Israel it will spread it to the world!

The Messiah is working. G-d of the Universe has chosen the Messiah, has chosen the mother that gave birth to him, and has chosen him from his mother's womb like all other prophets and leaders of Israel for thousands of years. A man is not a Messiah from the middle of his life; he is a Messiah before he was born. The Messiah's freedom of choice is the most limited in the world. He protects the Land of Israel; he brings all of the Jews in Israel and the world to repent and brings them closer to G-d. Dear Jews, there is no time! Come closer to G-d because there is nothing but Him! Many Jews are repenting.

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  1. Reb Menachem,

    Rav Nir, saying there won't be a third world war, contradicts the words of the Chafeitz Chaim, the FC communications (who say where already in the third world war). My Mashgiach Rav Nosson Wachtfogel ZT'L told me he was there when the Chofeitz Chaim said it, and it will be a physical war.

    1. Actually there is not contradiction. The Chofetz Chaim told us that the 3rd war, which is the 3rd battle of Gog and Magog, will be a spiritual war. That is exactly what is happening now. The conflict between Edom and Yishmael and their desire to destroy Yaakov is exactly what is happening as every source has talked about. Rav Ben Artzi and the FC individuals have talked about great upheaval around the world but not in Israel.

      War in this world has been continuous for over a century since the global elite do it intentionally to make money and eliminate population. That is why the US through their great diplomat Prescott Bush (Gog's father) set up the financing for hitler so he could have his world war. WW2 made a lot of money and would not have happened if Magog didn't make it so.

      Do you know that the US of Magog presently has military units in 84 different countries. Are they all enemies or even allies that need help? No, they are all countries to make money by forcing them to buy American military provisions (junk).

      Yes, there probably will be a war since the conflict with Iran is building up and has not really happened according to Yoma 10 and the Yalkut Shimoni. Whatever happens, it will not include Israel, but may be part of the prophecy about the 2/3rd group.

    2. The Rambam in the Mishnah Torah states that prophecies for good must occur, but any prophecy for bad occurrences are giving conditionally (tanai). It seems incumbent on us to do our part to nullify decrees for bad.

    3. Absolutely. We have already seen that concept with the attempted attacks on Israel from Iran in 2008 and 2010. There are other situations where the obvious intervention of Hashem curtailed disaster.

      But, we also have to understand what is good and what is not-so-good. The wiping out of 2/3rd of the world population sounds horrible. Every place that alludes to the event including the Zachariah 13:8 is telling us that it is the elimination of evil in the world. In Malachi it tells of the healing of the righteous at the same time of the wiping out the evil. That sounds good to me, since Hashem's plan for Geula is to leave us with a world of goodness and an end to evil. The numbers seem staggering, but so did the flood leaving only the righteous family of Noach and the good animals.

      Hashem knows exactly what He is doing and it is for the good. We just have to make sure as individuals that we are with the right people.

  2. Dear Reb Menachem, Thank you for your amazing blog. I love all the information we are receiving and anticipate every day new postings. Just a comment on today's R. Artzi message, he says:"there will not be world destruction like in time of Noah." What about 2/3 being destroyed and Nibiru etc...Please comment. Thank you. Shlomo B.A.B.

    1. The flood at Noach's time was the entire world. It may be subtle but it is brought down that the great upheaval of the end of days will be most of the world, but not the entire world, which is what Hashem said would never happen again.

    2. If you look in Beraishis Rabah, in Parshas Noach, the Medrash says that when the day comes which is called Yom Yevodah L'Hashem, a day which is not day nor night, then Hashem says I will bring the flood to to the whole world. In other words when the seasons stop functioning (see the words of the medrash) then, that's basically, the world's expiration date! Also Rav Yaakov Emdin, in Sanhedrin on the chazal that the 7th thousand is Hashem's day of Shabbos, he says: "it seems to me, that what the chazal mean, that the world will fill with water, and the Tzaddikim will grow wings and fly upon the water for one thousand years, means that Hashem will bring the world back to the way it was Sou vovouh. Also, the Yalkut Reuveiney, brings down in parshas Noah, in the name of the Galey Razia (Talmedai Arizal) that approximately 250 years before the end of 6,000, the Tehom (the waters of the deep) will flood the world, and Eretz Yisroel will float like Noach's Ark, and travel to the source of the 4 rivers mentioned in Berahishis, where then, the entire world will transform to a higher spiritual level. Rav Avraham Azulai ZT'L in his sefer Chesed L'Avraham also speaks on this topic.